Greeting from Lars

Posted on 17 March 2012

A greeting from Lars – a friend of yours who is still recovering after the complicated surgery you gave to him. If you remember – D-d Zlatinov wasn’t completely satisfied with the way the surgery went, some corrections were necessary.

In the shelter we joke that Lars liked the shelter too much – he is not trying very hard to recover. All his other wounds and pains have healed, it is only the leg that still needs treatment. Lars is not unhappy about it – he just melts in our hands when it’s time to change his patch or go out for a walk – stands still and just quietly enjoys his favorite thing – human company!

Lars wears a special collar to prevent him from licking and tearing his bandage

Our mighty hippo – Dick, went home!

Posted on 15 March 2012

This is such a great news! Dick will have his own couch to snooze on and his own yard to run in with the loving family of Nikolay Marinov!

The story of this glorious hippo is the following – nine long and happy years he was looked after at home. The couch is his – not that he doesn’t share it, on the contrary – he is dealing quite well occupying just half of it when someone else is sitting there. However, a person that does not like animals needs more than that.

His story is complicated and comes down to one point – the dogs becomes abused, beaten and neglected. Dick was beaten and beaten hard. This is how, one wonderful day, during the serial beating, the boy was not staying stunned while the hitting was getting harder, so he bites the stool, with which they hit him. And – that’s it! He is aggressive, dangerous, stupid, and not obedient to me – therefore I don’t want him in my home. However instead of finding him a new home or a different solution to the problem, the owner decides that he would euthanize a healthy, energetic dog that did not deserve that in any way. So they brought him to us, we refused, and they left him in the shelter.  At first he was very worried and anxious, but he quickly relaxed and became absolutely adorable, sweet and affectionate.

But who would want to adopt a 9-year old dog, a pitbull!? There simply are no such people. It was a keeper from the Bogrov staff who decided to give Dick a chance – he couldn’t stand the thought of such a good himmpopotamus being left behind. We are very happy and so is Dick!

Dushka – shot with a live cartridge needs HELP

Posted on 14 March 2012

EDIT: 17:00 ч.

Dear friends,
Our warm thanks to everyone who was touched by this good dog’s destiny – your kindness really helps a wonderful creature!

Send her a happy thought so she recoveres quickly! Dushka will surely do her very best, simply because she is a kind sould and beleives in everything that is good in the world!

When we found her with a bone sticking out, we thought Dushka (kind soul) was hit by a car. Her leg was hanging lifelessly, bones piercing the skin in every direction, but she was anyway wagging her tail and trying to give us a kiss. We thought she was hit by a car – it made sence to us. Such a skinny dog must have been tied up somewhere, and when she somehow got loose – she was hit by some vehicle.

But we were wrong. She was shot and shot with a real bullet – a live cartiridge. It came into the back of her leg, tearing her bone to pieces just above the knee joint.

My name is Dushka, it means Kind Soul and that is just who I am!

Although we are very short on money – we could not pass her by. Dushka was operated in an emergency at the Central Vet Clinic. Metal plates were inserted into her leg to stabilize the bone – they will have to remain for months. There is not a very big chance to keep her leg from an amputation, but there is a chance still.

At first, doctor Zlatinov – her surgeon wasn’t sure what to recommend. If the dog had been older and with a grumpy temperament – an amputation would be the only option. But her kindness and devotion could be her way to keeping her on all 4. It is now all up to her – if she will trust us enough to go through the phisiotherapy and all the pain in order to be able to walk again.

And this is my poor poor leg before and after the surgery

Tyesterday a kind volunteer (who also donated 200kg of food for the dogs, but prefers to be anonimous) walked with Dushka for 3 whole hours. The poor thing was so happy with the attention and care – she stepped on her leg a few times, wich is very encouraging.

So this is who she is. A little sceleton full of love and life. Skinny, abused, unwanted 0 she remains a kind and gentle soul.

Her operation costs 350BGN (185E) – money we don’t have. If you want to help her – you can DONATE for her.

Thank you so much fro helping me! You’re the best!

This little dog was disfigured by a human – perhaps as fun – from behind, just left there to die of her wounds or hunger – whatever gets her first. You are the one who can help her turn this nightmare arround. She still beleives in us – people, she still thinks we are good, let’s not dissapoint her!

Shelter’s little Fox finally found his home

Posted on 13 March 2012


If you have come to the shelter even once, we are absolutely sure that you have noticed Richard. He is one of those kinds of dogs that capture your eyes and heart right away – with his expressive but a little sad look; with his timidly wagging tail in front of the volunteers; with the insight battle of his own – whether he can trust you and let you walk him, or he will let the fear prevail and will stay all alone in the pen – away from the games and the laughter, away from the love he dreams for…

Yes, this is Richard – one of a kind. The destiny gave him the fortune to stand out amongst the shelter’s less noticed- because of the color- inhabitants, but it also gave him the misfortune to see the bad side of life while still a little puppy. Richard came in the shelter with a terrible skin infection, scared to death of people. Thanks to the perseverance, the patience and love of all volunteers who worked with him week after week, he transformed into one very gentle and smart dog, still a little quieter and more shy than most of Bogrov dogs.

Alas, that wasn’t enough for Richard. He spent in the shelter more than a year waiting for his human to show. We already started to think that because of his timidity no one will dare to ask for him, to see in him his best friend and give him all the love that he deserves… Well, we are happy that we were wrong because Richard finally walked the long way to his new life. Richard – now Fox – was adopted by Dimiter Surlev and his two daughters. This amazing dog captured their hearts the first time they came to the shelter so they asked to adopt him. They didn’t gave up of him when we told them that he is a little timid and he will need more time, love  and care to let them through his heart. On the contrary – they showed us and proved to Richard that they are ready to give him all the time he needs and that they will deserve his love. Dimiter and his daughters spend a few weekends in Bogrov working a few hours a day with him. And just like that with patience and infinite love the won a place in Richard’s suffered heart.

We can’t describe you how happy we are that Richard will never ever be alone and sad but always and forever very loved and cared! We are sure that in his new home and with his new family he will finally show his real self and will be the most wonderful pet ever!

Tihomir’s new home

Posted on 12 March 2012

The happiest of ends has come for the saddest of stories. Tihomir – the doomed Bulgarian Speherd that we took in last summer sends gretings to all that love him here in Bulgaria.

Tiho explores his new territory

Tihomir’s new name is Goober and he has his private little ranch – a few acres of land, his own swimming pool and a gardner! My goodness, we so mish that we could show these photos to the people who abandoned him to die just 6 months ago…

Tiho greeting his friends

Our regradrs to our colleagues at Ovidefarm, Holland who are working miracles for the dogs in Bulgaria!

What a long way to go for Tihomir!

Happy ever after for a Teddy bear

Posted on 11 March 2012

This is Teddy, or Terick as many call him. A sweet boy whom you’ve never heard of, unless you’ve come to walk dogs at the shelter. But the Senior volunteers know him very well, because it has now been more than a year and a half that he greets everyone with a wagging tail and sticks his paw for a greeting between the cage bars.

But we would love it if you remember him the way he is in these photos – melting in happiness with his owner  Tania Dimitrova! A bit shy, but absolutely excited for his new life outside the shelter – the way we never saw him, little bit afraid, but very careful and eager to shine next to his new best friend. You would know if you ever walked him – this guy is a real ball of energy!

Oh, we can’t even imagine what an adventure is now ahead of Terick and Tania! SO much to learn, so much to be happy about! Terick, dearest, we knew this moment would come for you some day, we knew luck hasn’t left you, but was just looking for the best person for you.

Sandra went home

Posted on 10 March 2012

There were 4 identical puppies that we called Heart, Spade, Club and Diamond. 3 girls and one boy. They were dumped in a trash bin by the cruel owners of an un-neutered female dog.

There is a bulgarian saying “Mother, make me lucky and you can throw me in the trash.” and it applies 100% to the story of these four. They were found by a very kind person who nurtured them back to life, hand-reared them, warmed them, loved them until they beceme big and strong little puppies.

They grew, they were vaccinated and then they came to Bogrov. Four identical puppies, all identically kind, loving and friendly and all with an identically uncertain future ahead of them.

Can you tell how many puppies there are on this pic? Yes, all 4!

Time passed and the boy – Diamond/Emil was the first one to go. He went to Holland where he is happily adopted with a kind family. Today we have good news for one of the girls (God knows – we are unsure which one got adopted!) – Sandra!

I will be loved!!!

Sandra was sooo happy to be found by Suzana Ivanova who will take a great care of her and love her always!

Cat stories

Posted on 09 March 2012

Since we have 500 dogs in Bogrov at any given time, and only 10 foster families for our kitties people often think we are only a dog organization. Not at all! Many cats have found help and happiness thanks to the work of Animal Rescue Sofia as well. It is just that cat people are just as delicate as their pets, they don’t brag all that much, haha!

Jokes aside, we introduce you to some of the lovely cats we have rehomed lately:

Kind Bobo went home to Nikolina Nedialkova!

Little Lambi was adopted by Prolet Velkova!

Dobranka is going to have a happy life with Ivan Nikolov!

But maybe the most touching of these stories is the story of Grandma Bobby – a 15 year old cat who had to be rehomed in an emergency. Being so old and not an “attractive color” she should by all chances still have an uncertain future. Instead she is living a dream life. Her owner Victoria writes:

During the winter days of course she prefers the warmth of the Rhodopes blanket. She also has her own bed, positioned strategically across the air conditioner, but in the moments when it is not turned on, the granny prefers the warmth of her owner, that is, she sleeps in my bed )). We hug while we sleep, because she snuggles her head in my armpit and shifts one of her paws across the tummy:-P. Sweetheart.

She doesn’t look her age at all. I tried to tie a Martenitsa on her for first of March, big silliness from my side. It’s such a game with these Martenitsi. It’s obvious that the wild nature sleeps in this granny, which otherwise has only 2 broken teeth. I say that, because everyone thinks that she has no energy because she is 15 years old. Well, I wouldn’t say she jumps up and down all day, but definitely no one gives her the old age of declining years :-P.

Actually, I am not surprised she’s so energetic at that age. She’s eating quite healthy. What do I mean??!! Of course she does not prefer the ready foods; therefore I strategically mix them with boiled chicken fillet and the water from it. Otherwise she eats what I eat. Cottage cheese, oat flakes and nuts chewed by me (hehehe). Nothing fatty, pastry or sweet. As a friend of mine says, with this regime, she’ll live until 20. And we may even improve the record (God wish).

You would see her on the photos, of course snuggled in the Rhodope blanket, which company she prefers during the cold winter days. You would see her exploring what there is behind the cupboards, you would see her basking in the sun, master of the sofa, as well as with her owner, that is ME.

CONTACT US if you would like to foster kitties for Animal Rescue Sofia.

Coming out of Kremikovtzi

Posted on 08 March 2012

I love you. You saved my life.

This is Maddy from Kremikovtzi – hungry, unwanted, doomed, hopeless…
Let’s start over:

This is Sherry. Sherry who just got her biggest dream fulfilled! Sherry who will be telling her new owner Iskra Asenova “I love you!” every single day. “Thank you for saving me!”
Besides a wonderful human family, Sherry now also has a pug friend to invent mischef with to the joy and amazement of their proud owners.

But what was her destiny? Where would Sherry be today if she hadn’t been among the ones chosen to be taken into the Bogrov shelter? She would probably be trembling somewhere in the snow with an emty stomach and a desperate heart.

I was so hungry for so long that I will never be able to control my appetite.” Belka was rehomed in Germany.

We’ve been working in Kremikovtzi since the end of 2010. Much was achieved during this time. With your help hundreds of animals received food and medical help in this man-made desert.

When we began working in Kremikovtzi the factory was still property of the state and had a handful of workers wandering about it unpaid and restless. Today the factory has been sold and the new owners know what the future is. And they are positive – it doesn’t iclude any of the factory’s own orphans – the dogs. It is forbidden to feed the animals inside and through a few wholes in the frnce, divided in small groups the skinny dogs leave their grounds in a final durvival effort.

Our work in Kremikovtzi is nearing it’s end. We’ve neutered many animals, but we can’t say we neutered “all of them” or “most of them”, because this barren wasteland surprises us with new lost children every time we visit even after all these months.

From here on we will concentrate on rehoming as many of these dogs as possible. Don’t pass them by – take a look at the latest group of survivours HERE. They may not be glossy, but they have amazing souls if you have the eyes to see them.

I was so small and so frightened, I need love to get over this nightmare.” Monique was rehomed in Germany.

What have we achieved during our 16 months in Kremikovtzi:

  • We fed the dogs 11 500kg of food
  • Neutered 131 female dogs
  • Rehomed 37 adults and puppies
  • Took care of 62 injured and ill animals

We thank all the generous and kind people who have helped in the past and are continuing to help today financialy. We are still in need of support for all the food, medicines and transport costs for our Kremikovtzi buddies. To help them – donate HERE.

With the kind help of our friend Frank Nadler we finally have a translation to Ivan Kulekov’s film about our work. It includes much about Kremikovtzi dogs. Do take the time to watch it if you have not seen it yet:

No need for breedism – a dog is a dog

Posted on 07 March 2012

I remember a remarkable story from last year – we made patheric effort to sneak in one of our shelter pups to be the doggie star of pupular TV Show Lords of the broadcast. We were hoping to make one more step into making breedless dogs more popular as pets in opposition to the common idea that only a pedigree dog can be a good pet. It took a long time to find someone we know in the TV show team, we talked much, made many arrangements and finally – the moment came! 2 people from the staff were sent to chose an appropriate puppy. It took them only one tour round the 120 puppies we offered to come back with a whiney grin: “But they are all mutts!?” And they were gone. Gone, to buy a little husky from a pet shop. A little pedigree baby born only to make money, whose mother lives somewhere in horrible condition and will be bred restlessly until she dies of exhaustion. But, pet shop dogs are a whole different story… I wanted to say something different.

Many Bulgarians make a very specific distinction between dogs that have a breed – suitable to live in a home; and dogs with no breed – OK in the yard or on the street. We do not judge them – it has been too many years of pedigree pets and mongrel chained dogs.

Bogrov offers shelter to 500 dogs that don’t have a home. People who haven’t been here often imagine a wild zoo of black and brown wolves in cages. “Mutts” – they are quickly labeled to no srprise. Whilst people have met many good cockers or labradors few have had a close communication with a stray animal to notice how good it is. The strays remain on their invisible sidewalk patrol, being noticed only if they bark too much or turn a garbage can over.


This here rediculous guy was left at the shelter by his onwers – they said he was impossible to control and will be euthanized if we don’t take him. Being such an amazingly cute one it took only days for someone to like him and take him home. Unfortunately his new onwers underestimated our warnings about him and recently he was returned to us.

No need to say that he quickly found new fans – the family of kind Mariana Stoichkova decided to give him a chance. Only this time we included a special term in their adoption contract. Tey are obliged to work with a dog behaviourist – a proffecional appointed by us – Mr Orlin Milanov, a true dog friend that has voluntarely helped with quite a few of our complicated cases.

And the news are great! Dexter is being very reasonable and behaving perfectly for now. Orlin reports that his new family is doing an excellent job and should have no trouble keeping him in line in the future. Our thanks to him and to Mariana for their serious and responsible work!


And here we introduce you to the Middle-asian Shepherd Johnny. As it often happens in our line of work – Johnny’s owner died and his cruel and irresponcible relatives threw his odg out on the street. A giant dog with chopped off years on the street? It was a matter of days before someone shoots or poisons him in fear.

Since even at the moment we have 3 Bulgarian shepherd dogs at the shelter – we were quite worried. WHo would eant this huge guy? Would he linger in the cages for years because of his size, just like our poor old Baloo?? We were sooo happy when Dimitar Georgiev said he would have him instead of the dog he originally came for!

Today Johnny has his own yard and a family to guard. He will never be chained as it often happened to him in the past. We are so pleased!


And this one here is Gabriel. The husky that got at least 30 e-mails, calls and notes, but only 2 serious inquiries on the spot. Young, healthy and beautiful Gabriel is also too enegretic, easy to excite, full of life and noise – a dog that can’t be rehomed with just anybody.

For this reason we beleive he is an exceptionally lucky tog to have found Kalina and George Tashevi! People who proved they are serious and responcible, people who would work hard and do their best to help him become a pet. It is not his fault after all, that his original owners only chose him for his looks, ignoring the strong will and abundance of energy that is typical to the northern breeds. Good luck to you, dear George and Kalina!!!

Yes, it really is more than great that more and more people are adopting breedless dogs. Dogs who were born homeless instead of dogs who were bred for proffit. But in the same time it is very difficult for us to understand some comments like: “You wouldn’t adopt if it had no breed!” or “Got a husky for free and is now even bragging!”

Do we really need this racism, people!? Just as we don’t want people to judge a dog because it has no breed, we don’t want the dogs to be judged because they do have it! A dog is a dog. And it has no clue what color it is, what shape his body has, or wether his grandma has beauty medals. It just knows that it wants to love and be loved back – that is all, nothing more and nothing less.

Gabriel, Dexter and Johnny were simly lucky to be born in a body that is easier to notice. This doesn’t mean that they were less miserable, unhappy, lonely, abandoned or suffering without their wonderful adoptive parents. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have any problems and everything about them is in pink roses. Having a breed is not enough.

And this certainly does NOT mean that the people who adopted them are “snobs” or “pretentious” or whatever else comes into the minds of people who think they can make such judgements. Wether they had a dog like this in the past or had seen and liked one who belonged to someone else – does it really matter??? A life is saved! Happines has come round!

Be proud and happy dearest people who adopt! No matter if you have opened your heart to a dog or a cat, to a breedless or a pedigree animal in need. Life is life and it has as much value no matter what the body that carries it looks like. And you have saved it, you you have leant a hart to an unwanted, lonely creature. Be blessed!

Sibir’s amazing journey and other stories

Posted on 06 March 2012

When we first met him – he was dying. But to be honest – his devastated, amaciated body was nothing in comparison with the sadness and despair of his amazing blue eyes. He didn’t want to go, but he was to tired to fight, it was time.

Sibir’s first days at the shelter

The first days in Bogrov were days of sleep and rest. He had curled up in his own little cage and was only eating, sleeping and gemtly resting in the doctor’s hands when it was time for his meds. In his own delicate matter Sibir recovered from his gastroenterites and joined the shelter pack. But there was still something wrong – he was just too thin and not putting any weight on.

When we tested all our dogs for heartworm it was a heatrbrake to us – Sibir was ill, very ill. The medication expenicve, the treatment extremely dangerous… Read for yoursef what a journey this was for him, a miraculous one

With his new owners and in our calendar

Today the news of Sibir are amazing! He has gone been adopted and is feeling fantastic – happy as ever, he is simply melting away in his new environment. Cosy, worm and deeply loved by his new owners – Sibir now knows what heaven feels like. And boy – did he deserve it!

Now, here is another fabulous event in his life – he was adopted by none else, but by two very special people – Denitza Stayanova and Michail Alexandrov. She – vice-winner of Miss Bulgaria 2011, he a young football player in the national team – both with a bright future ahead of them. And for this future – they have chosen Sibir as their faithful companion!!!

Moments from the photoshoot

What is more – the couple has decided to so something to help the many dogs in need of homes at the Bogrov shelter. They have began a campaign to engage more famous people for the cause of stray animals. Among them are Miss Bulgaria 2011 Vania Peneva, politian Emil Koshlukov, Tv hosts Yana Chinkova and Dimitar Pavlov and others.
The photoshoot is organized by photographer Kostadin Krastev – Koko and the dogs are loving it. See for yourself – Hannah and Lilly from the shelter enjoy their moments at the studio with Svetlio:

What an amazing life so far… and Sibir is only 2 years old… We wonder what is ahead of him yet? Hope it is all rozes, because he really deserves it.

15 lucky new Germans!

Posted on 06 March 2012

What a great week it has been with adoptions at Bogrov!
Not only did we rehome many dogs in Bulgaria, we also had a most wonderful transport to Germany, sending 15 unwanted sweethearts to a new destiny – a life with people who would value and cherish them till their last breath.

We must begin with Batta – a lady who was shot in the chest to be killed and had to have her leg amputated. Thanks to your generous support Batta recovered and learnt to live on 3 legs. She wasn’t friendly with everyone so we were quite worried about her rehoming. So as you can imagine we are very, very excited to know she will be well taken care of in her new German home.

A current photo of Batta and one from her worst days 4 months ago when we took her in

* * *

Katty and Kayla are two girls who would have hardly had any other chance of happiness. Both sweet, kind, loving, but also very plane-looking, noone ever showed any interest in having any of them. We are very pleased the girls will go to a place where they will be special and deeply loved.

Must sound very strange to you, but these two puppies were dumped at the shelter by no other than employees of the municipal company “Ecobalance”. We were shocked at the site, but there it was, a carton of unwanted pups on our hands, no quarantine room for them, nowhere to place them… hese two sweethearts were lucky, that’s all we can say.

* * *

Normally our staff doesn’t pick up animals off the street unless they are injured or for neutering. We are always overflowing with dogs and cats at the shelter and people spend many hours yelling at us why we aren’t picking up each and every animal in need… So, you understand why we are so keen on taking in as many dogs from the public as possible.

So you can imagine what Twitch looked like to be picked up by them… The poor guy was a tiny puppy with skin-illness, all boney and with big scabs all over his body. He was looking like he is just about to die there – sad and miserable. Thats how he came to Bogrov and got the name Twich. Today he is a shiny, furry happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He will be a great pet to the people who chose him.

* * *

Ember is a wonderful girl whom we’ve had since she was a tiny baby. Truly a sweetheart she was not noticed because of her simple looks and remained to be the last of her litter to be rehomed after so many months at the shelter. Congratulations, Ember! You so deserve to be happy!

* * *

Poor Breaker probably got his leg ran over by a car or something of the sort, because he had 3 broken fingers on his paw when we picked him up. He grew up to become a really lovely fellow, sweet, energetic, good looking and very friendly. A long and fun life is now ahead of him!

* * *

Now here is someone we are very excited to see leave off to happiness! Farewell dearest Flea!!!

She was a mother with her pups when she came to the shelter back in 2010. We hoped that her small size and perfect temperament would help her find a home, just like it did for the 5 puppies she raised under our care. But sadly it took us 2 years to be able to find a good place for her. Finally – the kind lady will be loved and appreciated as she deserves it!

* * *

Janka is yet another sweet mother who had all her babies rehomed and waited a long time for her own happiness. The only difference is that she came from Mladost district and was most likely someone’s yard dog before she was dumped with her newborns. A lovely lady as well she will make a wonderful pet!

* * *

Bettany is one very quiet little lady who was practically invisible inside the shelter. Her brother Hawk left for Germany a month ago and since then she was even more sad and quiet. So, obviosly – she had to go to Deuchland as well. We are very pleased she was among the ones chosen – she would be much more confident and cheerful in another more friendly environment.

Some dogs do great in the shelters, some don’t. And Bettany was simlpy not fit for a noisy spartan life. It’s great she will finally havethe possibility to live on her own pace and regime.

* * *

Needless to say what a lovely animal Daki is – her face says it all. Kind, calm, gentle, loving – this is one dream dog.

You wouldn’t beleive this if you had seen her when she arrived – she was a terrifyed, trembling thing that would not let a person come near and would scream in horror if touched. It was only through the great effort and care that the volunteers put in her that Daki managed to lose her fears and became ready for adoption.

* * *

This jewel is Dorothy -an impossibly sweet little dog, she and her siblings were dumped to die as newborns. We are astonished that we still have Dorothy’s brothers – Josh and Kevin. Take a look at them, how is it possible that they are still without homes!?

Josh and Kevin, Dorothy’s siblings who are still in Bogrov

* * *

Beli and Monique are two ladies from Kremikovtzi.
Beli was transferred to the shelter in the summer of 2011 – a wonderful, easy-going lady with a wonderufl temperament.
Monique was one of the last babies we took in September, she is a sister to Romul and Rem. Very quiet and gentle, she is a special little lady.

* * *

Lulu is also one of our shelter veterans. A small and tender little lady whose story, to be honest, we don’t even remember anymore… Was she dumped, was she ill, how she got here… we don’t know. Don’t judge us – it can be really hard sometimes to distinguish everyone from one another and remember each and every dog’s story.

The fact or the matter is that Luly has been with us for over a year and will finally get the comfort and happiness she deserves.

* * *

To the joy of every volunteer who has come to walk our doggies, here comes a wonderful peace of news!

Maskata, or Mally, has been adopted in Germany too!!!

Maskata has been at the shelter even before whe arrived to work here. She is one of these 60 dogs who have lived in Bogrov for 3 years.

Everyone knew and loved Maskata, she was one of the first dogs to be walked every weekend, because she is so good and kind and playful and friendly and perfect in every way! And now she is also a dog with a great future! How fabulous is that!?

Well, that’s it. We also had 5 dogs from Seslavtzi leave to their happy new lives with this transport. As you can see – it is yet another journey where shelter veterans are finally going to a safe and happy future. This kind of journeys we love most!

Kind regards and many thanks to everyone involved in this small miracle! Our colleagues in Germany, our staff, ou volunteers. Hurray for yet another 15 souls saved!