URGENT: A ticket home; SAILED OFF!

Posted on 30 March 2017

Edit 31/03/2017

Transport V/2017

A day later – our bus is leaving for Germany and Holland, carrying 21 little guys on board! On to a new life, to another reality, to places where they will be loved, not chased away.


Organizing this transport was a battle to fight, the fastest one in 7 years… There aren’t words enough to tell you how much we appreciate your help. What’s most important – these little guys really deserve it. We wish you all the best, we’re sure that the kindness you sent will soon come back to you tripple.


A very rare opportunity has come up:
20 cats and 1 kitten from the Farm can leave to find new lives in Holland and Germany right away, if we’re able to raise the funds needed for their journey.
Despite the urgency – we’ve carried out 4 transports in the last two months already and there’s no money to send them along. The worst thing about it is that our colleagues have free space now, and will not wait for us. We have 2 days to confirm the dogs and send them packing.

320E is still missing from the equation – only 8 dogs to go, after we wrote about it on Facebook last night.

Please, help them if you can, even by little, there isn’t much time – there are so many organizations like ours, looking for opportunities like these to place their animals. In this group of animals there are friends who have spent their entire lives in cages, babies, recovered patients…

jeff 2011 jeff (2)2012 jeff 2014 jeff 2017

Jeff has been with us ever since he was a tiny baby. We admitted him to the old Bogrov shelter 6 years ago, along with his whole litter – 8 little guys and girls. He was supposed to travel abroad, but was always left behind, and as he grew – he acquired a diagnosis that didn’t help him – spinal hernia. Finally, he has a chance to go home. We really hope our gentle guy will be able to use it.


steffie4 steffie (1) steffie steffie (5)

Steffie has been with us since 2012. She’s always been a kind and gentle creature, quiet and placid. She remained un-noticed all these years because of her shyness. In the shelter environment, it is always the dogs who would lick people’s hands through the cage that get adopted. And she wouldn’t approach strangers, wouldn’t dare to look them in the eye and say “I deserve love too”… We truly hope a change will come her way, 5 years in a cage is more than enough.


IMG_9520 15034187_10211079730895146_491384439_o nadejda

Nadezhda came to us with a horrid inflammation of the mammary glands. She had a very high fever and was really hanging by the thread. We didn’t think she’d make it. Today, 3 months after she was rescued from a gas station where she had given birth and lost all her puppies, Nadezhda has a real chance of becoming a loved pet dog in Germany.


IMG_7028 IMG_7234luli (1)

Leeoolly – a gentle soul, found all broken up in Liulin, most probably – hit by a car. You helped raise the funds for her surgery, and she recovered completely. She is now a lovely, playful girl, exceptionally kind. We have no idea why she didn’t find people willing to adopt her in Bulgaria from August 2016 till now. But if you decide to help her – she could travel to her new home in Gemany.


naty4 naty (3) naty (2)

Naty… Dear Naty. 7 years ago, her owner brought her to us for neutering and never returned. The phone-number he left us was fake and the girl remained in the shelter. 9-10 years old today, gentle Naty has been very lucky to be chosen in Germany. This could be her only chance. It is her stroke of luck and we pray she will be able to use it.

Three 10-month old girls also have a chance to travel to Germany – Tarah, Mazda and Nedelya. All three of them have been with us since tiny babies – eager to please and give kisses, but… large in size and dark in color. In Bulgaria that often means 0 a lifelong sentence in the shelter. We only hope the black kids in the video get a golden opportunity like this too…

These are the wannabe Germans so far. The would-be Dutch are all small babies. It is a great chance for them to be adopted as puppies, so that they don’t have to repeat Jeff’s destiny and spend their entire childhood and youth in a cage…



These here are Saultie (boy) and his sisters Pepper and Chillie. They’re an abandoned litter that grew up here at the shelter. Amazingly lovable and sweet puppies.


alk skoch alk whiskey alkk vodka

Vodka, Scotch and Whiskey – you know them from the shelter clinic. Dumped pet babies, they grew up in the shelter quarantine.


jana vandi chuckie

Tiny Jana, the lovely angel Wandie and little Chuck all have people waiting for them.


maya i raya (1) IMG_2012 - отгледани от дечица мартин и норман

Maya and Raya. Rescued by two lovely boys – Martin and Norman, who found them, fed them, and made them a little house by the block. When an adult destroyed the house and kicked put the babies, the boys came to us for help. The little pups now have everything they need to go home, and their brother – Sharo, has been adopted here, in Bulgaria.



The last hopeful traveler came to us on his own – straight through the fence. The dogs went mad to see him, but he was not at all disturbed by their loud barking and insisted we take him in. Tristan, a boy.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Help us send them home, please.
Not only because of themselves. But also because our quarantine is full and the next generation of abandoned puppies from the quarantine needs to take their place in the shelter…

Thanks to the in-kind donors of the Farm

Posted on 24 March 2017

Everything that happens at the shelter and clinic is only possible, because a generous person has decided to make a donation for the dogs. Every little injection, every de-worming tablet, every kibble chewed-up, every brick here exists, because a specific person decided to do a good deed.

We need help at any given moment. And if it looks like we’re a very rich and huge organization, it is only because we do not steal, and we work hard. And every cent that comes in – goes to the animals. So they can live in health and happiness, and the Farm can become a better place for them.

And this isn’t just money. Our endeavor is one of thousands of people – everyone helps out in the way they see fit. We especially want to thank everyone who has made a donation from our WISHLIST for their support. For the lives saved. For the full bellies. For the warm beds.


бъди приятел (1) бъди приятел (4)

Thanks to our colleagues from “Podai raka – badi priatel!”, and special regards from our veterinarians. The donation really filled in on materials we urgently needed. Dog-kisses from the patients as well, for the supplements they received.


IMG_0373 IMG_0378

Hugs to A. and V. for the gift they made to the humans at our office this winter! After 3 years of work in a room without windows, we finally have light!!! And also – no need to run outside to check on passers-by every time.


каролине ветер конски попони (3) каролине ветер конски попони (8)

Our horses were kept warm during the cold months thanks to the horse blankets that Caroline Vetter sent them.

Medical materials, cleaning and disinfecting detergents, bedding and of course – food, are amongst the items people chose to donate for the dogs at the Farm most often.

We had no idea back in 2009 (when we began helping the dogs at the municipal pound) that we could do so much for the dogs. Now, nearly 5000 lives later, we look around and realize how far we have come. Thanks to you.

Untitled design

Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear friends, for helping us help them!
We continue on 🙂

A new life for 25 homeless angels!

Posted on 24 March 2017


Transport IV/2017 – successful.
Our little bus crossed Europe, travelling 6000 kilometers there and back, carrying 25 innocent souls on board.
On the photos here you can see the kids you know from the Farm – today in Holland!

17349214_1631331863561913_1288822966_o 17356778_1631209973574102_718466706_o 17372980_1631331986895234_563343730_o

In the middle – the famous puppy Viva

Sending dogs for rehoming abroad doesn’t solve the stray dog problem. The logistics are insane, the paperwork – indescribable, the costs – large.
Why do we do it then?!
Because it saves the lives of the dogs who travel.

Sofia – Amsterdam. A lifeline for thousands of homeless friends already. Group by group, babies from the Sofia gutters turn into mix-bred pets in our shelter and then find loving families through our colleagues.

17373146_1631331963561903_280491264_o 17407640_1631331946895238_745277868_o 17373201_1631338326894600_1487130645_o 17373213_1631330420228724_156060644_o

Because no matter how much we love them, how well we look after them, and however ready they are to go home and be the best of dogs – there are no homes for them here. The abandoned animals in Bulgaria are times more than the people willing to adopt…

17408186_1631347993560300_2039187688_o 17407731_1631330983562001_632047685_o 17408127_1631331893561910_28514384_o 17408138_1631331930228573_223384227_o

A real home and a family – that is everything our little guys need. We work with wonderful colleagues in Germany, Austria, Holland – countries where people have the culture to adopt, and aren’t ashamed to have a Bulgarian stray walking beside them.

We’re dreaming of the day, when there will be no need to look for homes for our unwanted kids abroad. The day when all the babies in the Farm will be wanted in Bulgarian families. (In those dreams also half of the cages are empty, because there aren’t that many dogs in need of rescuing.)

17408301_1631330246895408_699033073_o 17408501_1631331910228575_1767127144_o 17430798_1631330636895369_1362940649_o

25 little babies. In flesh and blood. Our lovely friends, whom we managed to steal from death and pain, now doomed to be… loved and happy. Thank you for giving them… A LIFE.

17408141_1631330793562020_986414916_o 17408362_1631331923561907_1987991983_o 17430819_1631330426895390_1748233749_o 17431038_1631331756895257_75834587_o

Sherlock’s illness

Posted on 22 March 2017

Raising an orphaned foul is a difficult task. They should remain with their mothers till at least 1 year of age. They need to be nursed and remain in a group, so they can grow normally.

01 шерлок

Sherlock was left without a mother at only 1 month of age, he has many problems. Besides the anemia he came in with at the very start, it turned out he is also suffering from Wobbler’s Syndrome – or cervical spondylomyelopathy.

This is an inherited condition which deforms the spinal cord, causing neurologic disability. The condition is incurable.

03 шерлок

Sherlock’s therapy has become more complicated. Every day our vets have him on 6 bottles of a glucose serum designed especially for him. The results are immediate – he is now much better and isn’t falling down as often as he used to.

Feeding has also become more difficult. His special milk has to be combined with 8 different supplements, he eats 6 times in a day. Despite the huge efforts we’re making, he still weighs under 80 kilograms.

The struggle for Sherlock continues.
Any help desperately welcome.

04 шерлок

Sherlock and his “mother” Svetlio

Hospital report from your pals

Posted on 21 March 2017

Pancho and Toshko

IMG_9565 IMG_9615

Our awesome “clones” with similar problems – broken bones after close encounters with a car, are recovering simultaneously and very well. Hopefully, in a few weeks we will be able to show you a happy video for the two of them running happily with the rest of the youngsters!


IMG_9505 IMG_9493

Unfortunately – there is no good news. One by one the results are coming in – everything is negative for now. This probably means that the last test we’re expecting – a biopsy – will be positive.

It the meantime the girl is doing well, feeding, seeking attention, she has even gained a little weight. Sadly, this can be a result of the very heavy drugs she is taking. In case her biopsy comes back positive for a malignant tumor, we will hug her all she wants, feed her a fantastic meal and then help her move to the Next Place in dignity and love.


IMG_9482 IMG_9483

The sweetie is now rid of her external fixture and is like a new dog – happy, cheerful, jumping about!
All she needs now is a place to call home, and we promise her she will have the best one.


IMG_9554 IMG_9552

Lady is recovering very well and also starting to enjoy life here a little more. Such a gentle and loving Lady she is!

The puppies with pyoderma

IMG_2091 IMG_2093

The four little monkeys that drained our clinic in terms of resources and efforts are now well. Their last samples are here – negative!

Their bald little group should be moved outside for a life under the sun. The family spent 2 months in captivity and will now enjoy the sunshine for a while, so they can grow hair and stronger muscles. Hopefully, they will look much better in a short while.


IMG_9549 IMG_9548 IMG_9544

Our deaf angel has his special heartworm drugs ordered and is into his third week of premedication. He has become good friends with Atilla and makes sure to go along with him for the walks. He is so lovely and sweet – as always.


IMG_9618 IMG_9621

Regards from the youngest of our patients!

HOME: Partzalka, Hayo, Mirko, Roshka, Arte, Nero, Siggy, Ichie and Ronny

Posted on 20 March 2017

We have to admit it – our favorite kind of dog is the “Adopted in Bulgaria!” kind! The number of dogs adopted through shelters continues to grow. We are happy to be part of this magic – a generous, true friendship. Meet the people who chose to adopt their friends from the Farm in the last ten days:


15731754_10154915818467360_4390166972506260911_o 15800136_10154915818492360_1633855398839669147_o

Hayo spent months with us, after he was brought in extremely nervous, biting his tail, explosive and hyperactive. At first it seemed he would have to be put on a medical treatment, but our dog-coach Elena worked hard with him and in time he began to form a bond with people again. Attention and structure did a lot for him. He stopped biting his tail and reacting aggressively to human touch.

Hayo no longr bites his tail and the collar he has is too small to stop him from doing it – it’s just used to remind him tails are not for biting

Today, the unusual Jack-Russell terrier Hayo is the dog of Mariana Panayotova!
Maryana has known him for a while now and she knows there is much work to be done in order to have an easy and calm life with crazy Hayo. We will keep in touch and help out at any given moment. It’s a pleasure to see how seriously she takes the task of helping him be his best self. He will not waste this opportunity. We wish them luck and success!


mirko (5) mirko (10)

Little angel Mirko found a lovely family! He was chosen by Lidia Matveeva – so their sweet little girl can have a friend to grow up with. As we like to say: every child deserves to have a dog and a mother that would allow it. Kids that grow up with animals are healthier, more responsible and generous people when they grow up – that is a proven fact. We wish you all the best, little ones!



Roshka – such a tender and kind soul. She came to us from a foster home and wasn’t very happy to live in the shelter, but didn’t have to wait long. The little angel quickly  met her real person – she was adopted by the cheerful Radina Voykova. Radina gave her a new name – Lexy. All the best to them!


валери гоцев кутре женско (2) рони христина цветанова братче на гоцев братчета кашончовци(1)

Two tiny chocolates, a brother and a sister from a litter of abandoned pups found their new homes in the matter of days. Valery Gotzev took tiny Ichie, and Christina Tzvetanova adopted gentle little Ronny. We know these kind-eyed babies will make them very, very happy, they both made excellent choices!


IMG_1705 арте (2)

Arte the angel has her human too – she was chosen by Estelle Hadjiivanova. Estelle had initially chosen one of the puppies we treated for koronaviroses. But it already had people waiting in Holland, so fluffy Arte got to go home with Estelle instead. There are no coincidences in this world, this friendship was meant to be.


сага на сиги

Two tiny kittens went home together with Tsvetomir Alexandrov and his girlfriend. Kind heart Nero, who lived all his three months in a box at the shelter; and clever Siggy, who was found injured in the street and was raised in a foster home.
For the cats who cannot go out, life with a friend makes the difference between happiness and eternal boredom. Cats love their families too, they live in family groups and need friendship just as much as we and dogs do.


15894962_10154955850172360_3772869256925907623_n 15965117_10154955811902360_1172233901577541531_n

And finally, to top off all these wonderful news – an adoption we’ve waited to happen for a long, long time. The kindest and most tender dog in the shelter. Our darling, epileptic Partzalka has found her family!

We thank Natalia, her daughter Ellie and everyone in the family for giving her this chance. We are sure they will never regret it. The girl is happy at home with them, hugging and cuddling any moment she gets, here’s a short note from her people:

Bella (Partzalka before) is an amazing creature that waited nearly 5 years to enter our lives and teach us how to truly love despite any hardship. We had a few minor disturbances these 7 days, and are now building up trust. We also have a crazy 4-year old cat we rescued from the street… So, wish us luck!

17308812_10213051932036905_6569528379167478890_n 17352551_10213051930676871_1817478118967507210_n

We wish you luck – in any endevour that your kind hearts start!
Be happy, sweet Bella, and you too, kind Ellie!

17308735_10213051929396839_2881985094163055232_n 17353584_10213051933836950_7194339874439700554_n 17361683_10213051931316887_1807872089219870142_n 17362914_10213051927996804_8198222051654949648_n

Profession: Keeper – or – Dimi’s Gang

Posted on 18 March 2017

дими вива
Dimi and Viva

The work of a keeper at the shelter clinic, done by Dessy, Dimi and Maria, requires a set of many skills:

  • CLEANER – for 20-30 dogs in the clinic boxes (many of them puppies). This means cleaning and disinfecting by schedule, keeping different sets of materials for the quarantined, washing, change of bedding. Dessy is also our talented handy-man at the clinic.
  • KEEPER – each of the animals needs to be fed and watered, taken outside for a walk separately, get some love and attention, medications and supplements prescribed by the doctors, bathing for the dogs with skin conditions. Also the clinic keepers take care of the large storage, storing medicines and medical materials in the small storage.
  • VETERINARY TECHNICIAN – d-r Ilieva and d-r Marincheva have a huge number of patients, perform many surgeries. The keepers help them prep the animals, put on abocates, fluids, clean wounds, change patches, medicate the chronically-ill.
  • ETOLOGYST and PSYCHOLOGIST – most animals come to the clinic stressed out and can barely tolerate the procedures. Each one requires a special attitude and treatment, each one has a special trick. It’s the same with the people who come to visit. Sometimes in can be really difficult to communicate with them, and that part of the day can be nerve-wrecking.

There are no weekends, no illnesses, no chance to feel tired… Everyone at the shelter does more than humanely possible, and that is especially true for the keepers at the clinic. But – they are all very shy and don’t allow us to take photos of them or convince them to show you their smiles.

We still found a way to get around this stubbornness – in an indirect way, because they really deserve some respect. And we will do it through Dimi’s animals. Not the ones she has at the Farm, but the ones at her home. Many of them are farmers anyway.


Starting with a little guy you know well. The old dachshund Luchko spent almost a year in the shelter. Adopted and returned, rejected by our colleagues abroad, Lachezar had no future. He is just an old guy, some grumpy-ness noted, chronically ill – by all premises he should have spent his last days in the shelter. But he will not. Because Dimi was there for him.

After it was made clear that Lachko will remain a patient forever, she decided to adopt him. “I come to work with his doctors every day anyway, I will just bring him with me when he needs it.” And that was that. His last visit at the shelter was the day before. For the removal of his remaining useless teeth.

Lachko isn’t Dimi’s only hopeless rescue love. She also has blind Murphy, who is 14, found at Evropa blvd. 10-year old Roshko also comes from the streets, but from Liulin. And Sheeshee the cat. Who, by the way isn’t a huge fan of dogs, nor Lacho of him, but they managed to reach a truce.

Dimi is also a foster parent for newborn puppies that get abandoned or brought to the Farm. The ones that require 24-hour care, unable to survive without a mother. A litter after litter, doomed puppies survive on the price of her sleepless nights. The last lot – Arthur, Lancelot, Miriam, Morgana and the now famous Viva – with the big ears. Here you can see them as little balls of life at the start of the journey on December 24-th:

And here they are again, three months later, big and strong, vaccinated, healthy, ready to be adopted – as long as we manage to find homes for them. Lives stolen from Death. Once more 5:0 for Dimi:

вива1 моргана мириам артур ланселот

This litter is already at the Farm. What does it mean for Dimi? It means that she is once again “loaded” with a new set of newborns to look after. These four abandoned puppies will have a life, because she is there for them:

ново3 ново4

Or, it would be more accurate to say – they will have a life, because she will not sleep at nights for them. Dimi will wake up to feed them, get up one hour earlier and go to bed two hours later after a hard day’s work, cleaning more poop – the everlasting side effect of life.

This is the sort of people our keepers are. Dimi, Dessy, Maria. By the way, Maria became a member of our team after being a foster parent for abandoned pups too. Dessy, our Shiva with so many busy hands also has a little farmer at home – best regards from her daughter Ava and their friend Ally:

pri dessi

You don’t have to be crazy to work with us, but it really helps.
Thank you, Maria, Dessy and Dimi.
For your dedication, your hard work and most of all – for your kind hearts!

Schindler’s list: 68 homeless puppies now in Holland

Posted on 15 March 2017

05 04 02

From Spetember to February (5 very difficult months for the shelter), we weren’t able to send dogs on their way. The new European transportation rules stopped our “life-line” to colleagues abroad, where so many souls find homes each month. The Farm was terribly overcrowded all winter, and February came with 122 puppies at the shelter grounds.

January in the shelter

We thank all the foster parents who were patient to wait months for a place to open up, to everyone that helped us manage looking after so many puppies in one place – their vaccinations, treatments, raising and socialization. To everyone who was understanding when we weren’t able to take on as many cases – lacking space and funds.

01 03
08 09

We managed to cover the most-unnecessary legal requirements, go through every possible inspection, so that our animals can continue to travel legally. And with the help of our awesome colleagues in Holland, with the funds that were left of the calendar sales after we covered our debts, we organized three whole transports in succeeding weeks.

22 17149081_10154405216983947_595561677_o
12 25 29

In February, after an incredible logistic, for which we salute everyone involved, we managed to provide homes in Holland for 68 young dogs from the Farm shelter! They will not be miserable in the streets, nor grow up in a cage, they will be loved pets – as they deserve to be. With them, we also sent our 15 kittens, who spent months in clinic boxes due to lack of foster places. 7 adult dogs also made the journey, but we will tell you about them later.

23 31 32
07 10 13

Who are these 68 angels? Not just a number, but 68 of our kids. A huge heard of shine eyes and waving tails. Each one with a history, problems of their own. Some of them we’ve managed to show you. Most – not.

11 14 19
16 17 21

These are 68 destinies of good creatures, who came in as sad wretches, grew up in front of our eyes – smiling and cheerful youngsters. Each one has a history, we’ve invested months of love, care, it took a long preparation to reach a new life abroad. A life that they wouldn’t have if they were to stay in Bulgaria.

15 18 33 30 16936289_1603938612967905_1877745851_o 16935680_1604022149626218_99019495_o

The first adopted animals are starting to send their happy photos. What a joy it is to see them curled up on their own couch, walking on green grass, or in the hands of people who will love them forever…

16990071_1603950532966713_1939453355_o 17016428_1603966342965132_392875118_o 17036684_1604333859595047_992535638_o
17105995_1608939492467817_986215655_o 17142103_1611430715552028_2047316333_o 17159040_1370266066370275_1395586318310543197_o

Again – best regards to all the magic people who provided these angels with the happiness they deserve. The donors, foster parents, volunteers, colleagues in Holland, the drivers, doctors and keepers at the shelter.

17121839_1609145202447246_1953752866_o 16935410_1603950502966716_1780834372_o
17015142_1609145422447224_999207760_o 16665310_10211615875613627_7764934165017753201_o 16931265_10154386459903947_298617841_o

46 puppies await their turn of happiness at the Farm right now. We are already working on a next transport. Every little help matters.

A note: ALL of the puppies from our 2017 calendar now have homes!

17121741_1611433538885079_925263103_o 17036604_1611415942220172_1937630149_o

Toshko, Daphne and friends (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Posted on 13 March 2017

The funds needed for Toshko and Daphne at the moment have been raised.

Toshko’s surgery will take place right away, we will let you know when there is new information on Daphne’s diagnosis.

Once again, we cannot thank you enough…
The Franziska clinic is only able to care for so many only through the donations it receives from people – your help saves lives.


blur daphne

Our clinic is always full. An endless flow of suffering bodies to treat, so many destinies – every next one more sad than the other.
Besides Boris, Pancho and the puppies with pyoderma that you helped last week, our clinic houses so many other good hearts… Creatures, whose destiny was to suffer, get a second chance in life, thanks to you.

Two of them really need it:


We hadn’t seen an animal in such a horrible condition ever since Katy came to the shelter with half her face ripped off by a wolf trap. Daphne is a young cat with necrosis in the area of the mouth.

IMG_2451 IMG_9340

So far we have no final diagnosis for her, and she has been tested for everything you could imagine. The FIV and FELV tests were negative, the blood-count showed severe anemia, but that was visible to the naked eye anyway. Daphne most probably has a rare form of a fungal infection, but the results will take time.


For now, we have isolated Daphne from the rest of our animals, she has begun an intake of anti-mycotic drugs and antibiotics. Surprisingly – the girl has appetite and is trying her best to eat. She has been starving for quite a while, she is so thin she can hardly stand. Daphne is so lovable, and so eager to be touched. It simply brakes your heart to see her suffer like this…

IMG_9337 IMG_9352

So far Daphne’s tests and treatment cost the shelter 90E, and there are still tests to be ran.
Can you help?


Days after we told you about Pancho, we need to ask you for help for a nearly identical case. Little Toshko. The boy was most likely hit by a car, he has a fracture of the hip bone and needs an urgent surgery.

IMG_2459 IMG_9358

At his age broken bones heal fast. And his trauma is not fresh (he was dumped in this condition at a horse run a few days ago). There is a serious risk that it will heal badly and cause pain for the rest of his life.

IMG_9380 IMG_9391

Unfortunately, the price of his surgery is 150E.
We have so many animals needing care right now, that we simply cannot spend it just on him.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Can you help?


Clinic pals


These are tiny Rayna and her giant babies – Reny and Rossen. They come from Gorna Banya. Rayna was dumped outside in the winter and a kind old man gave her shelter in his yard. Two months later, she gave birth in his garden shed. Now the old man will have to move back to the city and their destiny was to go back to the street.

17148880_10209247960781491_542270933_o 17148998_10209247960941495_2078974740_o

We are treating Rayna for a large bite-wound in her thy. The little ones are socializing whilst their quarantine time runs.


IMG_2181 IMG_2182

Kind Lady has an old trauma, fracture of the ilium. D-r Marincheva decided she will be able to recover without a surgery and put her on antibiotics and pain-relief. The girl will continue a non-invasive treatment and should be able to recover completely.


IMG_1793 IMG_2144

Bearded Atilla came from Levski neighborhood. We took him in when people tried to kill him, but it turned out – they saved his life. He is positive for anaplasmosis.


IMG_1712 IMG_9545

Treatments of Melody, Henry (above) and Oliver still continue. Hayo’s and Psiha’s too. There are 32 chronically ill dogs at the shelter right now.



The last surgery of Amelie. After almost two years of struggle, the girl needs to be stabilized, keep your fingers crossed so that she travels to a new, happy home soon.



Little Jay’s recovery is going well. Along with Pancho’s surgery (hopefully, Toshko’s as well, if you decide to help), we need to also remove her external fixture. The x-rays show everything has healed properly and she should never again remember this trauma.


IMG_2025 - трите бебета от бояна растат IMG_2030 IMG_2036 IMG_2040 ванди IMG_2048 IMG_2060

And of course – puppies. And endless line of abandoned puppies…. Each and every little baby that comes to the shelter needs to get 3 vaccines, be dewormed, get good food, even if it’s strong and healthy, and they rarely are. Everyone you see here comes from a box – abandoned somewhere in the city and brought here to be rescued. Latest, but not last. Sadly.


IMG_2085 IMG_2087

Smiles from the little puppies who had the corona-virus. They are already healthy and live in cage 5 in the dog building.

From all the patients in the Franziska clinic, best regards for the people who help.
Daphne, Toshko and their friends are counting on you…

This video is for the person who screamed at us that we should euthanize Daphne.
You know who you are, Daphne purrs for you.

Fiffy and Mika – from dirty mops to fluffy princesses

Posted on 10 March 2017

Being a little, white, fluffy doggie in this world can be a wonderful thing.
As long as you are the fluffy dog of a person, capable of love.
Otherwise things quickly turn in a fatal direction.

Being a little, matted, frightened, dirty dog in the street is a nightmare.
Every other dog, every kick, every car posts mortal danger.
Fluffy doggies have a zero adaptability in the street…

Meet two brave little ladies, who made it. Despite everything. And with a little help from their friends.


Fiffy comes to the shelter

Tiny Fiffy was abandoned in a village. Ill, dirty, very frightened, she didn’t let anyone come near her. When they managed to catch and bring her after all, she would panic at every touch, biting whatever she could grab.

fifi (7) fifi (8)
Fiffy and her vet – d-r Ilieva

D-r Ilieva gave her an age of about 8 years. The removal of her matted overcoat showed that she is very emaciated and also has small tumors on her neck. The little skeleton had a surgery, and d-r Ilieva took her home for a recovery. In under a month with her, Fiffy became a lively, attentive girl, a little shy, but still – curious.

fifi (2)
Fiffy and Rositza!

Daniella and Rositza Kostovi came to look for their first dog with us. And they came in the same day when d-r Ilieva had brought Fiffy to the shelter for neutering. The meeting was accidental, but they recognized each other straight away. Thus, princess Fiffy got to rule in her own kingdom – at Nadezhda district.


Who would imagine that an attractive dog like Mika can be abandoned? Rehoming her amongst acquaintances shoult take about 30 minutes and 5 phone-calls. But of course – it is much easier not to do anything. Only one condition necessary – not to have a heart.

Mika’s post on Facebook

When we announced that we have a tiny angel named Mika looking for a home – many people were interested. Some were strange – wanting her for a life outside. Others were fine – looking for a loved pet. But also The Perfect Candidate appeared for Mika. And that was Stanislava Todorova – the adopter of Isabella (July 2016).

бела1 бела2
Isabella’s grooming at PETS&U last year before she was adopted

Stanislava gave a home to the poor (back then, she is now The Rich) Isabella last year. She took her as a friend to her old dog, who sadly, didn’t make it through the long winter. The arrival of Mika in the shelter had helped her answer a difficult question – do I have the strength for another little buddy, after going through this loss?

20170309_121952 20170309_121552 20170309_121826

Mika and Isabella are already together, already friends and are sharing the joys of the couch in peace and fraternity. Congratulations!


Farewell, lovely ladies!
We thank you for this happy ending story!

Pancho, Boris and the babies with pyoderma

Posted on 08 March 2017

UPDATE 10/03/2017
борис данке

The funds needed for Boris and Pancho have been raised!
The pyordema babies have a bag of food promised to them, we hope more people would join the effort to help them, their treatment is successful so far, it would be a shame to neglect it.

THANK YOU! We will write immediately after Pancho’s surgery. And Boris has a month of pre-medicatication, then the actual treatment – all provided for!!!

Original post

IMG_2153 борис IMG_2132

Six kind hearts need your help urgently.
They are in a bad place right now, and have no one else to turn to…


Gentle Boris was dumped in a village near Sofia last fall. Kind people started feeding him and realized – he cannot hear. And deaf dogs do not survive outside. But the shelter was overcrowded and there was no space for him. His friends decided to give him a chance and sheltered him in their yard. So, Boris was enlisted into our Waiting List.


It took almost 6 months for his turn to come. Sadly, at his very entering the Farm it turned out that deafness is his last problem. The 4D test showed that the boy has a deadly parasite – the heartworm.

Boris is an exceptionally kind and gentle dog. Loving, cuddly, very delicate. But nevertheless – we cannot afford his treatment right now. Borko’s health is worth: 4D test – 15E; ultrasounds – 15E; premedication (30 days) – 25E; immiticide (2 vials) – 85E. In total: 140E.

IMG_1728 IMG_2055

If he is not treated, Borko will remain caged till the end of his days, and they will be short. The parasite is deadly. It will grow, until his heart bursts.
Can you help him? Even by little? He deserves it.

These here are the three dogs we treated successfully for heartworm, you probably know them. They are all well now – John Doe, Nikita and Grant:

15823451_10211599654012899_4978764020828280334_n IMG_0957 IMG_9770

The puppies with pyoderma

IMG_2114 IMG_2098

Since almost a month we’ve had 4 babies with a very bad form of pyoderma in the large quarantine. The little ones have been getting antibiotics for 29 days now, we are at the end of their treatment, but we cannot finish it. The treatment of every puppy costs 5E per day, and that makes a total of 580E so far, that we have spent on medication only for these four.

IMG_2116 IMG_2136 IMG_2156

They are not ready, and we are in a situation not to be able to finish their treatment. We have the medicines they need, but ask you to help us with food and supplements that are necessary for their recovery. Special foods like Royal Canin Skin Support or another good brand. Supplements, medications like: Megaderm, Vetommune, Vetoxine…

IMG_1544 IMG_2093

The little guys really need your help. Would you make them a gift of health? They are still not safe, but have a chance of recovery. We cannot leave them here, their condition will quickly deteriorate if we don’t provide them what they need. They are just a bunch of sillies. They don’t deserve to suffer this way…

IMG_1668 IMG_1786 IMG_1794


Pancho comes from the 144-th school is Sofia, he is 1,5 years old. Children found him limping and contacted us. But, when we reached the school, their teacher didn’t allow them to come out and show us where the dog is. On the next day a kind father had already came into the picture, so the kids were let out to show us where the dog they named Pancho was hiding. We took him for x-rays immediately.

17195299_176847369486958_1002935676_o IMG_2010

Our assumptions were correct – the boy has an old tibia fracture. He cannot use his leg and has great pains. He needs a surgery and it has to happen next week. But we have nothing to pay it with. So far Pancho is taking antibiotics, pain-relief, he has complete x-rays. But a surgery will not take place if we don’t find him another 150E for the surgery.

IMG_2004 IMG_2129

Pancho may not be a student at the 144-th School, but he is just lke a little boy. He thinks that now that there’s no pain – he must be well, he wants to play… He doesn’t get that his life depends on this. If he remains on 4 legs – he will be able to find a home quickly. Could you help us find them for him?

Thank you

If you are able to help – even by little – please, do it.
We can be the shoulder for these angels to lean on. Let’s make another miracle. For them:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

From Borko, Pancho and the four bald babies – kisses for all People.
The ones who are able to help, as well as the ones who cannot.
They don’t tell a difference. They love everyone.

IMG_2160 борис2

Home: Sergio, Lilly, Norg, Lara, Jacky, Zanzibar, Sonder and…

Posted on 07 March 2017

More good news from the shelter – spring brought happiness to many wet noses. And to us too – there isn’t a greater joy than to see more and more people choose adoption instead of purchase for their new best friend. Here they are:


серджо5 серджо

Our poor Sergio, the dog with an embedded string in his neck, has his own yard and sister now!

серджо1 серджо2 серджо3

After his full recovery at our clinic, he went home to Plovdiv with Emilia Gallucci. She says he is being great (and we can confirm it!) and also – very happy with his new sister Kara. As you can guess – he will never be tied up again.


кутре лара

Tiny Lara (from a litter of half-pinchers, sister to Tiara) found her happiness with Rumiana Papazova!


джеки (6) джеки (7)

Fluffy little Jacky was adopted by Boryanka Pancharova – he will live a life of great comfort and be terribly spoiled, we are sure of it.


lili3 lili4

Tiny Lilly, 3 months old, is living the life of her dreams with Militsa Myhailova-Stamboliyska and Svetlin Petrov.

lili1 lili2 lili5

It just doesn’t get any better than this!


занзибар (1) занзибар (6)

One of the shelter’s smartest puppies – 6-month old gray girl whom we called Zanzibar – was chosen by Alexandra Yosifova to be the best friend of her lovely daughter.


лара лара2

Our kind-hearted hunting lady whom we picked up in a village near Sofia has her true home now. Lara is now safe and sound forever with Annie Pilibosian.


нина 3 (3) нина1

Nina Georgieva adopted a pet bear from us!

нина георгиева нина георгиева1 нина2

The little giant is having the time of his life with her, she’s even introduced him to another one of our adopted puppies – Boyko, who may look the same, but comes from a different pace. The two have so much muddy fun together!


leah hillard sonder leah sonder

Another lovely guy, 4 months old, has a new home and a new name. We soon expect him to take his SAT’s with excellent scores. Smiley Sonder was adopted by Leah Hillard.


последен негър norg

The last boy to go home from our litter of “nine little nigers” – the huge and lively Norg – went home to the family of Ilia Dobrinski.

All the best to everyone – adopters and adoptees!
We hope you enjoy very long, very happy lives together!