From Holland with love

Posted on 20 August 2012

As you know, the Bogrov shelter hosts not only Bulgarian volunteers, but also people from other countries. This month we had people coming over from Italy, Belgium and Holland! It is about our 4 wonderful Dutch friends that we will tell you about today.

Meet Maria Jansen and Felicity Barnett – two wonderful veterinary medicine students. The girls came to live and work voluntarily in Bulgaria for a while, helping the doctors at the Bogrvo shelter by assisting in Spay/Neuter surgeries and treatments. This is a good opportunity for the young Dutch vets to gain experience and in the same time help the ones most in need – a wonderful idea that is sadly not shared by their fellow students from the 2 veterinary faculties in Bulgaria.

We meet many and wonderful volunteers. Only this time, together with Maria and Felicity we also waved goodbye to two of our sweet animals. Doggies Sivcho and Rory were adopted by the girls and went home with them!

Roro is a boy who grew up at the shelter; we took him in as a little abandoned puppy. Today he is 2 years old, but amazingly – he never managed to become a part of the big Bogrovian dog family, not a single dog wanted to bond with him closely and Roro remained an outsider in his group. This fact seemed so sad to Felicity that she quickly turned all her attention to him, whilst he immedeatley and desperately fell in love with her.

Maria found herself another sticky boy. Sivcho (Gray) is a 30kg large boy who is with us for the second time. His throat had been cut. A wonderful, calm dog – why would someone hurt him? We don’t have an answer to that, but it was clear that it would be a great risk to put him back outside in the same spot. So he lingered in the overcrowded shelter, in the corridor, to be exact – as a result of the total lack of space. This way he got the chance to meet and stick to Maria, following her around like a shadow, being a perfect friend until her heat melted completely…

The two boys and their fabulous new owners are already safe and sound in the land of tulips, where they will be greatly loved and spoiled for long, happy years in the hands of the talented young veterinarians.

Our other guests from Holland – doctor Robert van Goor and his wonderful friend Nick were also quite the event at the shelter. This is the second time Robert visits us, he was here in the beginning of the year and promised to spend his summer vacation helping us at the shelter. And so he did!

Together with his kind friend Robert stayed and worked with us, helping our doctors to neuter many animals, treating, walking and even cleaning after the many dogs in the clinic! And Nick didn’t stay empty-handed as well – constantly finding useful things to do around the surgery and exam rooms – no questions or complaints, just because he loves animals so much.

Every day we tell each other – we are truly blessed to meet so many wonderful people in our work! People like Maria, Felicity, Robert, Nick and you  – the donors and volunteers that help us make little miracles every single day!

A heartworming letter from Ronya’s new family

Posted on 17 August 2012

Hello friends!

A few days ago we returned from our summer vacation with Ronya and are quick to share the joy of our journey with her. We hope this photo sequence will tell you better than words about how we spent our time together and in the same time bring a holiday mood to you.

We can’t even begin to tell you what a wonderful dog Ronya is, we will just say that our holiday was impossible without her, although we did have a place to leave her, she would have been well taken care of there. So, our leading choice for a hotel was – a dog-friendly place, thus – the journey began…

It was a long trip, but totally worth it.

Ronya proved to be a true beach-lover. She spent her days under the umbrella, digging holes in the sand, making friends with everyone. She was even careful not to step on anyone’s towel, so people forgave her when she sprayed them after swimming.

Ronya quickly befriended the cat of our relatives and learnt that it’s great to have a four-legged friend at the beach. Both animals stayed sober and didn’t lose themselves in endless beer-drinking as every person around them seemed to do.

Although swimming wasn’t the favorite part for Ronya, she did enjoy the refreshment…

Swimming may not be as nice as they say, but Ronya loved the idea of a boat ride – she loved the wind too! Just as long as she was tightly hugged, of course.

Even the best stories end eventually. Let’s now gather our strength for the next joy ahead!

This is our story in pictures, we hope it brought you joy!
Best regards to everyone on the ARS team!

Somlevi family (Or Ronini, as many now call us)


A CRY FOR HELP: Surgery for Meteora

Posted on 16 August 2012

Dear friends, the funds for Meteora’s surgery have been raised. She will be operated the first days of next week. Thank you!


Anyone who has been to Bogrov in the last month has noticed her. She is Meteora – a wonderful and sweet-tempered one-eyed girl who spends her days in the clinic or tied at the shelter entrance, because she is too friendly and curious to stay at the Puppygarten.

Meteora was born with a rare defect to her right eye – it is blind and deformed and stays constantly closed. This is not a painful condition, but  there are issues with it. Her eyelid doesn’t fall on the eye in a normal angle, so tiny bits of hair scratch it constantly causing chronic infections.

Meteora’s surgery is not a life-saving one, but is not arbitrary as well – it must be done. The deformed eye has to be removed and her eyelid stitched up so that no bacteria can get in and all hairs are pointing outward.

The price for Meteora’s surgery is 250BGN (~128E). We are sure that Meteora could find the needed amount in only everyone who was touched by her gentle, friendly presence would pitch in a little. Although Meteora is not a sad looking animal, but on the contrary – a dog full of life and joy, ready to live happiness to the fullest.

If you have the means – DONATE FOR METEORA.
On her behalf – we thank everyone who will pitch in. 25 people who would be willing to spare 5E for her health are just enough – can she find as many? We believe she will, because we believe in you!

FOSTER HOME FOR: Aurora – semi-blind Jack-Russel terrier

Posted on 15 August 2012

Dear friends, Rory has found her loving foster family, thanks to everyone for the support.

We have another blind baby looking for love – little Felicity, maybe Rory will bring her luck…

Imagine the sweetest possible creature. Now multiply it x5. Even then you will hardly imagine a being sweet, gentle and good as little Aurora.

With her colossal weight of a whole kilogram the little pea carries the weight of an illness and abandonment in her.  But it seems to not have harmed her at all! Because despite all the difficulties that she had to go through – marvelous Aurora remains one of the most heart-melting creatures on this planet.

Aurora is named after Aura – the blind little Labrador we rehomed in the beginning of the month. Sadly, her destiny is repeating again:
She was purchased from a pet store. The new owners took her to the vet where it was made clear – the puppy is blind. The pet store didn’t take the dog back or refund the “purchase”. So Aurora was taken back to the vet and left there.

Rory underwent a treatment and began to see somewhat. Although not too well – it was enough for her to get around and have a perfect orientation. A diagnose was made as well – juvenile epilepsy.

Rory’s condition is curable – she hasn’t had a seizure since she is taking medications. In time the epilepsy will wear out – the doctors can’t give a 100% estimate, but it should take 2 to 3 months to cure her. The only thing that isn’t 100% sure is if they will be able to recover the baby’s eyesight to 100%.

Aurora needs a foster home – she can’t be admitted to the shelter, as she is not vaccinated and is too small and fragile. She doesn’t need much care – she takes her medication 2 times a day, the rest is love and hugs. She is a quiet, obedient and absolutely irresistible!

If you want to have Aurora as a forever or foster parent, please – write us at

See Aurora get around:

Boxers Ike and Tara went home together!

Posted on 14 August 2012

Do you  know Ike and Tara – a mother and her son? The two of them came to Bogrov 2 months ago. Ike is 5, Tara is 8, they had a good life and were well taken care of – just the regular Sofia pets. We talked to some neighbours and even the vet who had cared for their health – these dogs were supposed to be safe and happy…

Suddenly, a month ago – their owner left the country and simply dumped them on the street. What kind of person do you have to be to do such a thing – we can’t even imagine it… The dogs were wandering around the street together, bedazzled and confused, but never leaving each other. Kind neighbours brought the lost couple to us.

Photo 1: Ike and Tara; Photo 2: Tara; Photo 3: Ike

We immedeately begun looking for new, loving owners. We wanred to keep the two together, as they really love each other. Both dogs are very social, friendly and housebroken – we never expected to keep them even for a week – the two were excellent pets. But – we only got inquiries after Ike – because he is younger, noone wanted Tara, not to mention the two of them together…

And the dogs were really a family – so close and kind to each other, a pack of 2 that withstood all difficulties life threw at them. So, we dedcided – the two can only go to a home where they can be together.

Dear friends, Ike and Tara are now happy in Austria! They will never be separated and will have the most wonderful lives together!!!

An update on Raya (Dushka)

Posted on 13 August 2012

See all about Raya (Duska) here

Alas, Raya’s days in the hospital were not over after the last time we told you about her. She’s still living with Kon-Tiki and two cats (and the occasional six-toed puppy), but her leg had to be operated on yet another time. Her bone got infected and couldn’t heal properly, so she had to have a bone implant and walk around with her familiar plastic cone on the head and some not-so-familiar metal nails protruding outwards from her leg (hence the cone). She bore the ridiculous plastic contraption on her head bravely for three whole days (the joy in her eyes when it was removed!) and extracted millions of promises from her human friends that they will never ever ever leave her alone in a hospital ever again. In return, she promised to start getting better on the minute and hasn’t failed her friends since.

She’s turning into even more of a sweetheart with a calm manner and quiet dignity that make her great for comfortable evenings together on the couch. Don’t be fooled, though, Raya has plenty of spunk in her, ready to defend her friends in any problematic situation. She often takes up the rear and defends Kon-Tiki (who’s not big on conflict), aforementioned six-toed puppy, and humans from hostile stray dogs. Despite all she has been through, or maybe because of it, Raya is the wisest, most composed, easy to live with and love dog that her humans have recently seen. She deserves a permanent home that will match her nobility of spirit and unconditional loyalty.

A home for Bamby!

Posted on 12 August 2012

Bamby is a puppy who lived in a foster home. After she got all the vaccinations she needed and it was safe for her – we admitted her to the shelter. The days went by and the foster parents began to understand that however lovely she is, Bamby has a long wait ahead of her. They thought about it long and hard and came back. The fosters’ sister Tzvetelina Yordanova took Bamby home – this time – forever!

News from Betta the rottweiler

Posted on 09 August 2012

We have the most wonderful feedback from Betta the Rottweiler.

Betta is a dog who was left to die of starvation at a dog hotel – her owner had not payed and the hotel-owner decided to starve the dog as punishment. Betta spent a while at the shelter and was then rehomed with a wonderful person – Martin Christov.

Today Martin writes that Betta has the most wonderful life – being a good girl, going to training, traveling everywhere with him! We are so happy to see the photos, what a job well done for Martin!

Blind labrador puppy Aura – REHOMED

Posted on 08 August 2012

Blind little Aura now has new guiardian angels – Katya Genova and Boris Gulev! The little one is now home with the kind people and is very, very happy!

Boris and Katya have 4 cats who are gradualy getting used to the new addition. For now they are busy ignoring each other, but we hope they will become great friends.

We thank Katya and Boris for adopting a blind dog; for being so megacool; for giving their best in caring for Aura.

Katya, Boris, people like you remind us that Bulgaria is a good place, that we have a chance to make things happen, that nothing is hopeless. We hope you are very, very happy!

Our thanks to the generous donors who helped us with the large bills for Aura’s treatment. Your help has brought this happy ending to this unusual, sad story.

HELP: A tumor larger than it’s host

Posted on 07 August 2012

Dear friends, thank you for your kindness – Mimi’s needs have been covered, bless you!
The little one even stood up – happy that she can stand on her feet again, despite the stiches and anaesthetic.

You are trash. That was the sentence of poor little Mimi – a pet dog of about 10 years. Why wuld they need an ill dog anyway – she looks bad, can’t walk… To the trash, that’s where she belongs. That’s where she was found.

We admitted Mimi on an emergency. Even though the shelter is overflowing, even though we have to refuse admission to tens of dogs every day, we couldn’t leave her in the garbage.  We grabbed her and her tumor, or should we say – we grabbed her tumor and her and got them straight away to the Central vet clinic for tests.

We couldn’t believe it when the results were in – 0 metastasis – she can be operated… On the moment we took the decision – Mimi’s life does cost the 250BGN (175E) her surgery costs. She will make it, just as she has made it through all the hardship already.

We didn’t leave her in the trash. Mimi was operated by d-r Vassilev today and the surgery was successful.
Now comes the hard part: to raise the money for her operation.

Mimi beleaves in you, dear friends – she is sure that of all the people who will read this story, 25 kind people will be found to donate 5E for her life. If you are one of them, please DONATE FOR MIMI. She will be grateful to you for all her long, happy life!

URGENT: Foster home needed

Posted on 06 August 2012

Thank you dear friends, a brave foster mom has stepped-in for the whole litter!

These 9 dumped puppies need to find foster “mothers” urgently, or they will not survive. They are about 25 days old.

We will provide all the necessary food and vaccinations, we will look for homes for them in the future. All they need is a caring, loving person to take them in until they are old enough to enter the shelter.

If you want to foster one or more of the little angels, please call us on 0879 022 675

Noel – adopted after 2 years in waiting

Posted on 05 August 2012

Loads of luck and happiness to the wonderful Kozarevi family who gave love and friendship to our wonderful, kind, smart, gentle and reasonably fat boy  Noel.

Noel spent over 2 years in the shelter. During that time he didn’t do a single mischief, he didn’t get into a single fight, but also – he didn’t get to touch anyone’s heart. He simply remained caged with all his kind nobility.

This is an END, and a happy one too! After 800 lonely days at the shelter Noel will be the faithful, loyal friend who gets to be spoiled and adored at the Kozarevi home. We are deeply grateful to them for the joy they gave Noel!

Be happy, dear Noel!