Mother’s tear

Posted on 05 May 2017

Update 18/05/2017

Distemper took our angel Mathilda…
She is gone.

Original post

It is a dark night, but the highway is not sleeping. The lights of the passing cars and trucks illuminate some small puppies and the attempts of their panicked mother to gather them, to save them.

A truck driver stops to have a coffee in the nearby gas station and notices the puppies. He feels sorry for the dumped family, but what can he do? Some minutes later he goes out to see the broken – hearted mother standing near the corpses of her, killed by the cars puppies. She doesn’t seem to care, whether the highway will kill her as well. It is just a matter of how long – how many minutes, hours – before she looses her life in agony too. He doesn’t know how to help, what to do. He remembers had heard of a dog shelter near Sofia,  “The Farm” shelter, so he sets off, not knowing what will happen next.



It is a dark night. Two human hands take the newborn puppies away from their mother’s warmth. In his heart, the human knows that what he does is wrong and this is why he chooses the night for his accomplice. He throws away the unwanted puppies near a road, but no one sees him – his hands are clean, his consciousness – calm.

Someone finds them. Not knowing how to help, what to do. He remembers he had heard of a dog shelter near Sofia,  “The Farm” shelter, so he sets off, not knowing what will happen next.


It seems that the cry from the box took Matilda out of the apathy she felt when she arrived. One look was enough for her to realize these were not her babies. But it was just another quick look for her to decide they can become hers.

It was destiny gave both Mathilda and the 7 tiny newborns a second chance. And this was how faith in humanity was restored…


The arrival of mamma Mathilda and the 7 puppies happened shortly before the cases of distemper were found in the clinic. Dr Marincheva and Dr Ilieva are fighting the black guest, but we all know the chances of puppies that are so tiny are not very big.

But we also know that without Mathilda’s care and the warmth, without her milk and love, they will be doomed.

Mathilda is happy to be their mother, she likes loving them. Although sometimes, just sometimes, we can see the sadness of her loss in her eyes.


16-heroes happy in Holland!

Posted on 02 May 2017


It’s been a week since we last waved goodbye to the 10 veterans and 6 puppies of Transport VII/2017.

The group has arrived all safe and sound at two destinations – Astrid’s shelter, where 10 of our adult dogs are given a chance to be found by loving families; and Danielle’s foster home, where another 6 little mice will be rehomed to good people.

Well done to Marty and Valio for this quick and untroubled journey.
And here they are, our lovely souls, who are now somehow completely different – smiling in Dutch…

The adults

Let’s begin with the bestest of the news – the first ones adopted.

18236321_1360267140730888_1655985125_o 18254451_1361387113952224_1082814024_n

Rayna was the first one to go home!



The second one was Boyko the funny yellow boy.









The journey was a little rough for Masha, she has some troubles with her legs. Astrid’s team is taking extra care of her and she should back on all four in no time.


18254285_1361387050618897_768105937_n 18254553_1361387130618889_157146890_n 18254684_1361387027285566_209769269_n

Kali – smiling as usual….


18217747_1361386940618908_667376695_n 18217778_1361387070618895_203559124_n






18254282_1361385230619079_437746472_n 18253752_1361385103952425_1558625281_n





The youngsters

Danielle is one extraordinary person. She has already rehomed hundreds upon hundreds of our puppies. Here you can see the youngest travelers – riding the train with her. For socializing!

Danielle brings each one of the puppies she fosters to all sorts of places. They don’t only ride the train, they also go shopping in all kinds of stores, they take car rides to the lakes nearby, meet and greet other dogs, cats, people and everything that is good in the world.

Thank you for giving them this new life, dear friends!

On the way back, the van didn’t travel empty. It brought back food, treats and toys, raised by our long-time friends Betty and Aleidus Koers, the adopters of Sandy. You can see him send you regards on the photo. We rescued Sandy from the Municipal pound of Seslavci as a death-row dog, 7 years ago…

18235991_1502891539756031_879619059_o (1) 18194181_1501825613195957_6669957376368094614_n

Sending 16 good dogs home!

Posted on 25 April 2017

UPDATE 28/04/2017

Farewell, dearest!
The best of luck to you!!!

UPDATE 27/04/2017

на път СМЕ

We did it! This group of sweethearts is going home ASAP!!!



This week we have a short window of opportunity:
11 big dogs from the Farm’s kennels can travel to the shelter of our wonderful colleague Astrid in Holland.

Astrid is a seasoned dog-rescuer and the conditions in her shelter are excellent. She has already provided homes for 10 of our dogs. Unfortunately, she works mainly with dogs from Romania, where they are culled on a national scale at the moment. The situation with our neighbors makes it nearly impossible to find homes for the poor Bulgarian dogs – understandably, the rescue community is trying to save as many lives as possible.

краси6 IMG_0110

To the great luck of our dogs, currently Astrid has some space available. If we manage to react immediately, she could accept these pals for rehoming:
Levon, Kally, Lady, Meggie, Houdini, Jay, Krassy, Masha, Rayna and Boyko.
Added together, these 10 heroes have spent a total of 17 years in a kennel.
12 of them belong to our loving veterans – Krassy, Kally and Maggie…

To fill in the space in the van – 6 homeless babies from the Franziska clinic quarantines can go to the foster home of amazing Danielle, in Holland as well. Helping the Sofia dogs for years, Danielle has rehomed hundreds of our dogs already, and she continues to do so every day.

The problem is – this is not a planned transport. We don’t have the money to send them.
To be able to make the journey – we have to raise 750E till Friday afternoon.
If we don’t – they will lose these spaces and the golden chance of having a family and love.
Could you help them get home?

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

This is them – the dogs that hope for your miracle:


краси2 краси1 краси4

Kind, clever, friendly and obedient, Krassy’s “sins” are that he is not young and that he is large. This is a great opportunity for him to finally find a home after 6 years in the shelter.


kali kali1

We took this little meatball in as a starving skeleton from the Kremikovtzi plant. She deserves all the love in the world, really a golden lady. In the shelter since 2012.


Meggy F (3) Meggy F (4)

5 years of prison, punished for no crime. Maggie is one of these dogs that never caused any trouble – always healthy, always kind with the others, always in a good mood. We know she will be adopted quickly if she manages to reach Holland, she is a perfect dog.


levon (1) levon (2) levon (3)

This funny guy has lived with people and then had to come back to us. It’s always the saddest to have dogs adopted and returned, because they know what they are missing…


masha 10yo (4) маша (2)

Dear granny was someone’s dog all these years, before she became useless as a guard and was kicked-out. She has a gentle and kind heart and this is her last chance to be loved at this old age.


бойко (3) бойко (4)

Boyko came to the shelter along with 5 other little pet dogs in distress. The others were quick to go home, but he needed some time to adjust to the environment. A good guy, he has waited over 6 months already, and in Holland – he will be quick to go home.


худини (1) худини (3)

You can understand he earned this name by managing to escape every enclosure we tried to put him in. A good guy, so very good that your heart melts just to look at him. When he came in he had a bad knee condition and went through a lot of pain during his recovery. Hopefully, he will get to go home and finally be loved as much as he deserves.


джей (2) джей ло2

She came in in January with an old trauma to her leg. A car must have hit her a month ago and a complicated surgery was necessary. It took Jay over a month to recover, and she grew up infront of our eyes in the Franziska clinic. The best dog in the world, but also large and dark – she looks like one of those souls people overlook.

джей (1) джей1

Here they are – Jay and Rayna, it’s not a good video, but words are never enough to describe how good our dogs are:


райна 1 (1) райна 1 (2)

Rayna came in in early March with two “babies” (Rossen and Renny – bigger than her). She had a big wound on her leg and everyone was very frightened, but with loads of work and love everyone of them is on the right track to happiness. A little lady like Rayna has a hard time in the shelter environment, ot would be great to send her home quickly.


лейди2 лейди

A girl who sets an example!
It took Lady 2 months at The Farm (with a little help from her friends) – to recover form a car accident; get over her fears; make many new friends; be vaccinated and neutered; and find a way out of the shelter. We can only hope this works for her, for her and many others…


черни 5 черни4

Four black angels from a litter that was tied up to our fence one winter morning…

черни1 черни3 черни2

Hope they can get to go home, black dogs really need to be rehomed as puppies or it becomes nearly impossible for them when they reach 6-9 months…

турбо бебе турбо

Cutie Turbo and little Fifa are the other two lucky pups that can leave on this journey if we manage to find the funds.


Could you help these angels reach their homes?

A new home: 18 stray Bulgarians become 18 loved Dutch pets

Posted on 20 April 2017


IMG_0042 IMG_0087 ваня и поли от годеч приемен бяха много луди социализираха се (2)

We did it!
Transport VI/2017 – successful!

A happy future ensured for: Melody, Polly, Nadya, Richard, Sunny, Bella, Norg, Ben, Brashov, Bran, Bragi, Bodra, Bistra, Vanya, Elada, Simo and Malnia!


IMG_0063 IMG_0067 IMG_0081 IMG_0095 IMG_0097


These here are the faces that got a life in the land of tulips last week!
Hugs for their foster parents – here and in Holland; hugs for the donors, doctors and volunteers of the Farm who gave them this new life.


IMG_0071 IMG_0076 IMG_0086 IMG_0104 IMG_0122 IMG_0131


Their golden hearts weren’t born to fertilize the ditches and although it’s a little sad that even our dogs are emigrating – we are really glad to see them smiling in their new motherland.


This avalanche of joy is the lovely litter of Bodra, Ben, Bistra, Brashov, Bragi, Bran – found and fostered by a kind family in Bistritza. Our hearts melt away to see them doing so well:

бистричани (1) бистричани (4) pri moreen
бистричани (2)

From all the possible options of being homeless – the worst is to be an abandoned puppy. Born in some yard by a guard mommy, nursed till 20-30 days of age and then dumped somewhere far away.

IMG_0158 IMG_0161

Whilst they were still born outside to stray mothers they still had some sort of a chance. A mom can protect you, feed you, and teach you all about life. But alone outside in this age… it’s a miracle if they survive a couple of days.


Fluffy angels Vanya and Poli didn’t want to leave us…

IMG_0144 IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0135 IMG_0153

But it’s only because they didn’t know what sort of Paradise awaits them!

ваня и поли (2) ваня и поли

18 out of 200 dogs makes 9%. And although it may seem funny to someone, we feel these journeys as huge events. Transport after transport, after transport – so many souls saved, so many lives rescued from a certain death…

IMG_0110 IMG_0115

As we walk by the cages, taking out one, shutting the door in the face of the others we hear them call our hearts: “Send us too! We are also good dogs! We promise to listen!”
And your turn will come too, darlings, it will.

There has to be a kind person for every kind dog in this world:
17968444_10213336226588783_656485732_o 17968861_10213337080130121_1199756361_o 18009633_10213363311065878_966264501_n

Easter… antibiotics, Part II

Posted on 18 April 2017

Tens of animals pass through the hearts and hands of d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva every week at the Franziska clinic. Here is Part II of the friends we want to introduce you to – typical cases, and yet just a small part of the many animals you give hope and health to at the Farm shelter.


IMG_9673 IMG_9897

What a sweetheart! Mangy, emaciated, chased away from everywhere, but always in such a good mood: Food – hurray! People – hurray! My own bed in the clinic – Hurray! Being alive – Hurray! A very insignificant and yet – a heart-melting fellow.

IMG_9910 IMG_9907

Besides the demodex mange that left him furless, the little guy also carries his own pack of stomach issues. He is getting bathed, sits in quarantine, drinks antibiotics in better days and takes infusions on the worse ones, but in the whole – he is planning to make it, and we hope he will, because he is the most awesome buddy around. Fingers crossed!

Our worst enemy – heartworm

We hope you are treating your dogs against heartworm every month. It may not be considered a threat and the drug for it isn’t registered, but the local authorities must have forgotten to tell the dogs we don’t have it in Bulgaria, because we find it all the time.

Unfortunately the treatment also takes time and money.

IMG_9730 IMG_9734

Sweet Roshka is an abandoned pet. Kind people took her in and got her ready to enter the shelter (she is already vaccinated). Unfortunately, it is at the door that we found out she suffers from heartworm.


IMG_0057 IMG_0056

You know dear Billy who was living outside the shelter for a while. He used to be the guard dog at the warehouse behind us, but when they sold it, he was abandoned there. We untied him, neutered, dewormed and vaccinated Billy and he found a way to cope. We would have probably taken care of him outside still – if it weren’t for a group of weird-looking people who tried to tie him and drag him God knows where. We stopped them, took him, but… it turned out he needed much more than a shelter. Billy has the heartworm too.

Sadly, although both of them are in the curable stage of the infection, we still haven’t found sponsors for the treatments of Billy and Roshka. We’ve began pre-medicating them.


Can you help them out, even by very little?
The funds for Billy’s Immiticide drug are – BGN 166;
Roshka needs another BGN 124;
The pre-medication of both will cost the clinic BGN 220. We are desperate. With so many animals in need, we just don’t have the means to treat these two. Please, help them out if you are able.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

It is the difference between life and death for them…

cveta1 IMG_9694

Granny Tzveta and kind lady Cara were here before Roshka and Billy. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do for Tzveta. Old and in a very advanced stage of the heartworm, she was at the end of her strength when she reached us.

IMG_9840 IMG_9841

Lovely fat Cara, who has the same diagnosis, is stronger. She has friends who have sponsored her treatment and is being taken care of at the spot. Keep your fingers crossed for her, she is already at the end of her treatment and doing well.

So many babies…

A litter with isospores, a litter with enteritis, a litter with the corona-virus… the usual day at our clinic’s quarantine. The Farm is the only shelter that admits puppies, and work with them is enough for a whole separate shelter…

IMG_9760 IMG_9759

These babies are lucky. Tens and thousands of little ones just like them, dumped by irresponsible owners, fade away in the streets every day from all sorts of trauma, illness and hunger. Widespread Spay/Neuter is the only way to solve this problem – we have neutered too many pregnant animals this month, there are more than enough options for free or subsidized castrations in our city.

IMG_9758 IMG_9754

This sweet old lady found help in the very last possible hour. She was brought to our clinic with pyometra on the brink of bursting. This is an infectious process where the uterus gets filled with puss – it can progress fully in the matter of days and is often deadly.

IMG_9743 IMG_9742

To this little granny’s luck d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva managed to remove her uterus hours before the worst happened. If she manages to get stable (which she has sworn to do), the old lady will have a good few years ahead of her. A spay surgery is the only way to ensure your female dog a life free of the risk of pyometra.

Over the rainbow

The authorities always seem to be surprised to see our monthly reports, because we try to always have a big fat ZERO in the “Died and euthanized” chart. Unfortunately, this month granny Tzveta isn’t the only friend we had to say goodbye to.



We couldn’t help Elza, a lovely old cat that came in with huge mammary tumors. Doctors Ilieva and Marincheva did all in their power to provide her with a little more life, but she was too weak to make it.

We will see you all again, dear friends. And when we meet again, you will run and you will purr, that is sure…


The last results we were waiting for were those of Daphne the cat came in like horrific news. The reason for her condition was a very aggressive malignant tumor. We needed some days to be able to part with her. But finally, we found the strength to let her go.

Have a rest now, dear girl, and please wait for us there, somewhere close to the entrance, we will not take long to be together again. You are ours and we are yours, dear Daphne, and we will always love you.

A bundle of life from the trash

However much pain and sadness a person’s eyes may see, they can never get used to the sight of newborns in the rubbish. Separated from their mother at birth (their belly-buttons still wet), these babies found themselves suffocating in a shopping-bag amongst the trash in the first day of their life.

IMG_9771 IMG_9769

But what can we do for newborn kittens in a shelter with 200 dogs? Who will take the task to feed them and help them poop 8-10 times in a day? To keep them warm, massage them, help them grow… Who? Dimi:

IMG_9787 IMG_9792

The little babies have little chances of survival, but still – they do have it. And Dimi has decided to give it to them. Keep your fingers crossed they all make it thought the hard weeks of nursing. Hope they have the will to make it!


Ochko says “Hi”

18012602_1985777374989756_846894697_o 18042976_1985777371656423_655188850_o

Ochko’s knee surgery had to be re-scheduled, because of the holidays.
Keep your fingers crossed for a fast recovery!

Easter… antibiotics, Part I

Posted on 13 April 2017

It is an honor to introduce you to some of the patients who find help at the Franziska clinic these days – buddies that don’t know it’s a holliday.

Kind hearts who need us here and now. And the Farm is here for them.


What is that on the pavement? A quick look… is it a tire… no, seems like a rug… wait… that’s a live dog! Yordan lay like this at least two days after he was shot, before we accidently stumbled upon him:


Paralyzed. His eyes wild with fear. Someone gave him bread.
It will take more than bread to get Yordan going.
From the many shot-pellets in his body – the one in the spine is the worst.
The pain is paralyzing, but there is no option for a surgery – Yordan is too old:

12644_46886_4_s0 12644_46886_2_s0 12644_46886_1_s0


D-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva didn’t give up and fought for him. And just when it looked like nothing more can be done for him – Yordan stood up and made his first steps. Those were difficult, painful steps. And he only did it for us, not that he wanted to live all that much, he just didn’t want to disappoint us.

IMG_9851 IMG_9853

After the first unstable days, granddad is already at his feet and you can see hope in his eyes. There is a long way to go yet, before we can say he is OK. And being a granddad in a shelter with pellets in your body isn’t exactly “OK”. But it much more than being a paralyzed old dog on the pavement.

IMG_9927 IMG_9929

We believe Yordan didn’t cross our path just accidentally. His destiny was to be happy. Age is not a crime.


IMG_9888 IMG_9920

And yet… Old age is no rose. Old lady Ruska is at the end of her road…
The quiet fox never made a full recovery after d-r Marincheva removed fast-growing tumors from her body at the beginning of winter. Although the surgeries were successful, she doesn’t have the energy to fight anymore. She is now in peace and quiet at the clinic, the vets give her strength and the keepers – love, but it’s getting harder and harder for her to stand.

15540884_10157905729435335_3873144301574082891_o vanka

Ruska’s daughter – granny Vanka (the two were the beloved dogs of an old lady) lives in the dog-building with Deddy and Sarah. If anyone has a quiet place for a kind old girl at the dawn of her days – it would really be a wonderful miracle to see her spend the rest of them at a quiet, soft place…


Mommy Mayra was abandoned in the street very pregnant. Confused and frightened, she found a kind person to take her home. And on the next day – there were already 5 dogs in need. She gave birth to 4 lovely puppies. But in a tiny apartment that was already home to two sick old dogs…

IMG_9697 IMG_9847

We took Mayra in urgency. She had an infection which is already under control. The puppies are healthy and well – we already gave them their first vaccine shots. And mommy is well too, we’ve started rearing the little ones, she only nurses them in the morning and evening now.


The best news is that Mayra already has people who love her and come visit every day with their little daughter. When she is ready – she will go directly to her loving home.


Young Rizhko was brought to us with severe bite-wounds. The people who found him thought it was dogs, but if a dog had caught him – he wouldn’t be with us now. Rizhko got in a fight with another male cat – the fight for genetic immortality is fierce.


The boy came in with a double hernia and swelling of the soft tissues. He went through a successful surgery and is already recovering.

IMG_9917 IMG_2117 IMG_2118

Spay/Neuter isn’t only important for the homeless females – it also extends the life of homeless males. The wounds and infections that males get in the fight to reproduce are often severe and cost them their lives.


The little angel’s recovery, after the complicated orthopedic surgery you gave him, is going very well. He’s already at the end of his recovery month and in a much better mood!

IMG_9860 IMG_9950

Toshko is a very gentle and kind soul, one of the best. Whoever choses to adopt him will pride themselves with a real black diamond.

Greetings from the puppies in quarantine

As always – the quarantine is full of abandoned puppies.

IMG_9868 IMG_9871

Tiny sweethearts, born in the yards of irresponsible female-dog owners.

IMG_0001 IMG_9992

Innocent souls, dumped in the middle of nowhere to find their own way. And they cannot.

IMG_0011 IMG_0007

These eyes are shining and will continue to do so, because you are there for them, dear friends.

Hugs from 200 little farmers!

(Part II coming tomorrow)

VIDEO: Disability is a matter of perception – Bogi

Posted on 11 April 2017

This is Bogi exactly 2 years ago:

11094032-10205394571477413-1458101985-n-1 DSCN7041

Bogi was the saddest creature in the world.
But you were there for him.

DSCN7347 DSCN7316 IMG_7275 bogi (3)

Could you recognize him today if you saw him in the street?
Probably not. But then… you couldn’t just bump into him.

Why? Because he is really happy to be living in his German foster home:

17820729_10209502358181267_1792197087_n 17760605_10209502360061314_865129322_n 17793030_10209502362741381_1715105836_n 17813894_10209502358541276_5218072_n

We love you, Bogi!!!
Farewell, friend!!!


LIVES ABROAD: Tripod Magda, husky Zara, Mommy Slance, Vishnu, Miranda, Peppa, Sarah, Jojo and Vidra

Posted on 08 April 2017

It’s really important to us that the puppies who come to the Farm don’t grow up in a cage. The huge number of dumped babies and the fact we’re the only shelter that works with babies, destines our transports to be loaded mostly with youngsters.

Big dogs are harder to place, and not only in Bulgaria. The colleagues we work with abroad chose the animals they can rehome, and when it comes to adults there usually is an adoptive family waiting on the other side. Logistics are insane, the large dogs take up more space in our van, and we always try to use the little money we have to save more lives…

Here is a group of lucky angels that we managed to send to their new homes in Austria, Germany and Holland – with the help of many wonderful colleagues, foster parents and volunteers. Our best regards to everyone who participated, because the happiness of this gang was worth all the efforts!


15086778_10211079726495036_1618782098_n 15095566_10211137361815883_7894602956318396156_n 15232256_368854460131002_1303065119154802518_n

Lovely tripod Magda sailed off directly to her new family in Austria!

IMG_1300 IMG_1308 IMG_1316

We admitted her to the shelter with an old trauma – a broken leg left untreated for over a year. A kind farmer gave her a home after she was injured, but lacked the funds and knowledge to do more for her. So she spent many months chained and in pain, her condition deteriorating slowly.

15288451_10157779383075335_5652117805363939956_o IMG_1402

D-r Marincheva amputated her painful paw successfully in January, the little clown recovered well and three months later – she is the pride and joy of her Austrian family.



00 мама слънце1 00 мама слънце2

Astonishing mommy Slance, a lady who arrived to the shelter with a huge litter of giants (all now re-homed), left for Germany. Her intimidating 50 kilograms made her a wanted dog here – but for a life on a chain. And a lady like her was made for love, not for barking. Our German colleagues will find her the best family to love and cherish her till her last breath.



zara october zara sept

Lovely Zara arrived at the Farm at the end of last summer – very thin, with a high fever. Her life was on the line for a while, but doctors Marincheva and Ilieva paid off – she became a healthy and very beautiful lady. After 6 months in the cage, hoping someone would like her here in Bulgaria, a couple of photos were enough to secure her a place in a lovely German shelter.

00зара1 00зара

This is how she was introduced to the potential adoption candidates. To no surprise, she was chosen and re-homed only a week after she arrived at our German colleagues’.



14425375_10157451320425335_1860395120879185893_o 15780795_10154661611014504_6726472735453115493_n

Miranda spent almost a whole year at the Farm. We took her in as a young lady, neutered by the municipal company, but returned to the wrong place. She had no idea how to live a life in the street, so we assume she must have been someone’s dog at some point. Unfortunately, no one was ever interested in having her, no matter how hard she tried.

00 миранда 1 00 миранда 2

Beautiful, gentle, kind, friendly to anyone – Miranda was adopted almost as soon as she stepped on German ground. All the best to you, baby, auf wiederzehen!



17192412_10158336407785335_8840524076713842364_o пипа видра

Peppa, Vidra and Sarah – three little ladies who come from different backgrounds, but share the same destinies – that of abandoned pets. They don’t know how lucky they are – little ladies like them never have to wait long. Small, kind, young – as soon as the girls were prepared for the journey (healthy, social, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, with passports) – homes were found for them in Holland.



вишну2 вишну5 вишну6

Little monster Vishnu – a very perky guy who gave his best to drive the keepers, volunteers and coach Elena crazy. “Oh, look at how small and sad I am! Now try my tooth and see what happens if you touch me!” He is now a calm and balanced pet in Holland, far from the shelter stress. Not easy being the smallest among 200, you can be sure of it.



17039305_10158295933815335_5271889698516739284_o ДЖОДЖО

The last lucky new Dutch in this group is Jojo. We cannot tell you what happened and why he wasn’t good enough for Bulgaria – such an amazing dog. We used the first possible opportunity and sent him to his people near Amsterdam! He is happy, and we – even more so.


Dog by dog, together we are changing this world for the better.
Thank you – adoptive families, colleagues, volunteers, donors, Humans…


The new life of Hayo – the boy who was biting his tail

Posted on 07 April 2017

One of the wonderful adoptions we had last month was Hayo’s. A young Jack-Russel Terrier, adopted and abandoned many times, with a serious behavior problem – hyper-activity and tail-biting.

Hayo spent long months with us. For treatment and correction of the behavior. Huge thanks to our trainer and helper Elena Alexandrova for her effort; to d-r Marincheva for the adequate treatment; and most of all – to Mariana Manusheva, his adoptive mother, who wasn’t frightened by his problems and gave him the biggest gift – a family to love and put up with him.

осиновяване хайо 01

This letter from Mariana is for us, and everyone who grew to love Hayo whilst he was with us:


I am sending some information about the little dwarf that filled the list of pets at our household – Hayo. The kids and I were wandering if you named him after the little dwarf from an old cartoon? (Yeap, that’s right!)

After Hayo left the shelter with his new family, he went to the pet store and also got a new bed, lead, feeding ball and a toy. No doubt, he immediately recognized all this was his, and didn’t wait to get home – crawled into his bed as it was in the car and played with his new rope toy.

17311194_10210987885545388_3532873021992210602_o 17311356_10210996213433580_1454165171955365545_o

The next day, the first one without medication, wasn’t an easy one, he even scared us a little. He was very nervous, threw up a couple of times, didn’t let us touch him at all and was constantly spinning in circles and growling. We noticed he was better when we weren’t there and gave him the afternoon to himself. When we came back he had slept a little and met us with a happy tail and jumping. Since that occasion, I think he is feeling well and at home with us.

We’ve already been to work together and he was fabulous with a huge group of kids there. He gradually started spending more time outside in the yard and playing with his big friend – our Caucasian Shepherd Dog. I tried to make some photos of him, but it’s really hard to keep him in one place without the lead.

In the evening he is quite tired and after a good meal, plenty of scratching and hugging, he goes to bed on his own and snoozes аway.


At times he has some isolated episodes, usually when I’m inside and cannot give him all my attention. He spins in circles and tries to reach his tail, but even with his collar off – he doesn’t hurt it. We still leave it on when he’s alone. He is incredibly quick to catch up with the changes and I believe we will be very happy together.

Thank you for entrusting us with this little guy. We will write again.
Best regards and hope you do well in your work,
Mariana Manusheva”

Once again – Mariana and Hayo show us that there is a person for every dog, all we need to do is find that person. We are really, really, really happy!

The other dog with similar problems in the shelter is cute Brainy.

психа2 психа5

Brainy today

She used to be a pet dog. She was found with injured back paws, and when she was brought to us (exactly a year ago), the people had no idea what those wounds were from, neither did we. We found out soon enough her problems were in her head.

IMG-4560 психа

Brainy in the beginning

Brainy spent months on medical treatment and with bandages on her legs. The perseverance of the keepers and vets paid off and after months of war – her legs managed to return to a decent shape. The girl lives outside, in our walking yards, she has her friends, most days she wears no collar and she has completely forgotten that muzzle she hated so much.

15826345_10211599673013374_2855680503545217342_n психа1 15822722_10211599672973373_2400180040296261650_n

We are now sure, her day of happiness will come too. Hayo found Mariana. Brainy will find her people too. She just needs more time.

The Faith of Ochko

Posted on 06 April 2017

UPDATE 02/05/2017


UPDATE 17/04/2017

18012602_1985777374989756_846894697_o 18042976_1985777371656423_655188850_o

Ochko’s surgery had to be postponed, because of the holidays.
Keep your fingers crossed for a swift recovery!

UPDATE 08/04/2017

thank you


The funds for Ochko’s surgery have been raised!
We will schedule his surgery with d-r Hristov for this week, keep your fingers crossed for a successful TPO and recovery. This kind giant deserves a couch and a chance to show his quality.


Original post

We should have called him Murphy (after Murphy’s law), not Ochko (means: Eye).
This is how we met:

17820122_10209503497289744_1010105823_o 17819919_10209503488249518_1716446680_o

Dermatitis, anemia, immune-deficiency, glaucoma in a very advanced stage. Ochko spent the first two years of his life chained up somewhere, before his condition deteriorated so badly that he was kicked out. He came to the Farm on 05.08.2014 and we began putting him back together. Minus one eye, plus loads of love.

Two years passed. Ochko became one of the handsomest, smartest, calmest and kindest dogs in the shelter. Even when he looked like a monster we were sure he’d find a home quickly – such a good guy, so smart and willing to please… No way that he’d be unwanted when he’s all shiny and well. You’ve already guessed, haven’t you? We couldn’t get a single person enthusiastic about Ochko.

DSC_2063 DSC_2065

But he must have a home! We made it our point to find him a place abroad. Nothing. “He is so smart! He is so bright! So nice!”… who cares? He is also huge, black, one-eyed and 4 years old. That is a crime dogs get a life sentence for in Bulgaria. Sorry to be so bitter. You will now understand why that is.

After 2 years in waiting and 4 years of a hard life, Ochko finally got his chance. Our colleagues in Holland agreed to take him into their lovely shelter, where he would have much larger chances of meeting his real people. On the next (the very next) morning, we come into the shelter and… see Ochko limping. Something bad has happened.

12326_46718_1_s0 12326_46718_3_s0 12326_46718_4_s0

Ochko has torn the cruciate ligaments in his right leg, due to arthrosis in his knee. He needs a complicated corrective surgery (TPO). This is bad for two reasons. The first – it is a painful condition that is expensive to treat. The second – this might cause him the chance of adoption in Holland.

We write all this, because we don’t have the funds to treat Ochko.
There are two possible options for a surgery:
– an un-invasive TPLO  that would cost BGN1000+;
– and a more invasive TPO surgery, costing BGN 650.

Both surgeries have equal chances and terms of recovery. Of course – we would choose the latter. But we cannot afford it.

13308626_10156914682090335_1252395672922212488_o Ochko M (4)


If you can help, even by little, please – do it for Ochko. It’s a lot of money for a single dog, but he is already one-eyed, if he is also on 3 legs, there is no getting out of the cage.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Our Dutch colleagues would take him in if we are able to put him back together.
Do you think we could make the magic for him?
The boy will do all in his power to get well, this we can guarantee. He is no stranger to pain in endurance.

Ochko M (2) 17240445_10158336400520335_6211013902781681772_o

HOME: Mangy Bubka, Thor the golden, puppies Milla and Sharko, Izzy the kitten

Posted on 05 April 2017

02 bubka

This here should be a dog named Bubka, no matter that it looks like the result of an evil morgul magic. This is the way she used to be 10 months ago when we picked her up from the street with a heavy dermatitis and demodecosis. Would the people who kicked her off the sidewalk back then believe that Bubka found real friends? That there is a home for her too? We doubt it.


And still, we are very happy to tell you that our darling Bubka has found her family. She was adopted by Jonathan Huybs and Dimka Stoeva! They picked up their girl here, but then travelled far to their home:

Hello and best regards from Bubka! As of this Sunday, she is Belgian, she lives in a house with a big yard, where she loves to snooze on the grass. She is a little hero – managed the hard airplane journey, all the fuss and is now happy at home. Many Bubka-kisses to you all!


Farewell, Bubka, thank you Dimka and Jonathan!



Tiny snow-white Mila has gone home with Ivan Nikolov.



Sweet Sharko (brother to Raya and Maya whom you sent to Holland) will also stay in Bulgaria – in the hearts and homes of Boyko Lozanov and Vanya Dimitrova.


IMG_9602 IMG_9603

Lovely little Izzy left us for Massachusetts! She was adopted by Vera Shipunova, and here you can see her with a friend who will help her get home to the USA.


17692255_1630332036996752_2040295667_o ТОР

There is a home for our handsome, abandoned golden retriever boy Thor too. He was chosen by Vanina Radeva who thought it was more important that Thor is kind and lovely, than the fact he is already 8 years old.


All the best to you, dear buddies!
We wish health and happiness to all the kind people who chose to save the life of their best friend.

ALL SET! Our lucky angels in Germany and Holland

Posted on 05 April 2017


Here they are… Our group of lucky souls – they young Dutch and the grown-up Germans, the dogs that got the possibility to travel and be loved abroad!

02 14 16 15

The sunny faces from our cages, dogs that are considered unwanted mutts here – thrown out with the trash, will be the pride and joy of their new families. And the adults, some of whom spent their youth with us… we’ve been together so long that our eyes need to get used to seeing them in their new cozy environment.

jeff2 naty1
Jeff and Natty

luli1 nadejda4
Leeoolly and Nadejda

Maybe the biggest gift that dogs give us is after all – joy. The careless joy they have for everything that is good. Grass – great! Wind – oh, yeah! Mud – give me some more! Stick – it can fly! Friend – I love you, man!

amal2 ada1 tara (1)
Nedelya, Tarah and Mazda in Germany

07 1 07 рая
Raya in the shelter and in Holland

The Farm is a place where we return joy to the dogs who have lost it. And still – what are the odds for a litter of puppies, thrown to drown into the Beli Iskar river in January, to be running around a huge garden near Amsterdam in April?

04 05  08 06 12

Your support for the Farm has been the turning point for now thousands of dogs, who have swapped the lives of suffering homeless to loved and cherished pets. Not by a magic wand, but by love and hard work. With the hearts of many people who want to see the joy restored in their hearts, their tails, their kisses and pouncing. Dog after dog, day after day.

18 11
001 01
Saltie, Pepper and Chilly in the Farm and at their temporary home in Holland

Dog truly is a man’s best friend.
Thank you for being our dogs’ best friends.