Troll and Celeste went home together!

Posted on 16 December 2012

We have horrible photos of wonderful news – two of our dogs who had very little chance being rehomed here, let alone together have been successfully adopted! A wonderful British x-pat family has opened their hears and home to Troll (you know him as he spent a long time at the clinic) and his mother – Celeste!

Robert and Irene Smith live in a village not far from Plovdiv. Irene tells us that Celeste (who is now named Clowie) and Troll (who is yet to find his new name) are doing great. Both have been washed and seem to be crazy about their regular brushing. The Troll is still jealous of his Mom and invites her to play anytime someone scratches her back. He needs more time to lean that the two will always be loved and he will never be left out…

We are so happy for these lucky two!

Those poor, poor dogs

Posted on 14 December 2012

Poor Lola, she has such a hard life since she was adopted from the Bogrov shelter… She has to wake up every morning, go for walks and even fetch a ball…

As if all the suffering wasn’t enough, she now has a brother too. Poor Lola, instead fo being alone all day, she has another poor dog to be miserable with… Oh, how sad, how very sad…

Those poor dogs Karaman, Boil and Dora – sent to be skinned alive/sold to laboratories in a most horrible foreign country – Holland.

The monstrous fosters are forcing them to play all day long, and even worse – they brush them, teach them to walk on a lead and shake a paw… Oooh, those poor creatures, will there be no end to their suffering?

And what about poor Boyko? After he was poisoned in the street now he must face an even scarier destiny – a family with a child, who can’t stop torturing him with their love and attention.

Oh, the poor, poor fellow, how will he stand all that love, treats and games? We don’t know. But we hope he is strong, because these scary people have decided to torture him in the same way all their lives…

And what about Max? Poorest Max – instead of living his life in the streets of Sofia he is now forced to endure a life in Holland where very day he is walked and hugged.

Poor Max must go through regular play sessions with children. And a rabbit!? Oh, the horror… No, there is no end to the sadness of these poor, poor dogs…

Yes, they are very sad. But the saddest of all must be our blind kitten Nina. The poor creature must endure daily massage and play sessions and is not even allowed to fall off the stairs. Her new owner has made a soft cushioning and now she can’t hit her hear anymore, the poor girl…

Oh, the grief of her life, oh, the sadness and despair. Was it not enough to be blind, that Nina had to face such a life in her permanent home…


A CRY FOR HELP: Home for Christmas

Posted on 12 December 2012

Dear friends, the necessary funds to send 20 other doggies to their happy new lives have been raised! We will organize the trip for next week

. And you – be blessed for all the good you are doing!!!
We will keep you informed. Meanwhile we will introduce you to the lucky souls on the last two transports we hadn’t the time to show you.

We used to love the winter. Cuddled up at home in a warm place, looking at the snowflakes out the window with a best friend snoozing at our feet…

We no longer love it. There is no comfort in the warmth when you know so many of your friends are outside in the freezer. There is no Christmas spirit when your only wish remains unfulfilled – so many of them are still homeless…

So, this year, after we closed down the Vivacom Puppygarten for the winter, after we stuffed the inhabitants back into quarantine, killing the only chance dumped puppies in Sofia have, this year we decided – we don’t want puppies at the shelter for Christmas.

Our youngest inhabitants who were vaccinated were photographed and their photos sent throughout Europe. The begging, the whining, the pleading – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that many babies have found homes – permanent or fosters outside our fatherland.

The relentless bus didn’t stop for a rest. We organized three trips one after the other and now 21 new Germans, 31 new Austrians and 26 new Dutch can enjoy the snow from their warm beds…
But their brothers and sisters are still here.

Our desperate cry for help touched many of our partners abroad, but for a third journey this month – both our and their pockets are empty.

For this reason we ask if you can make a Christmas gift. Not for ourselves. For the little ones. And their long journey home.

Please, help us raise the 400E we need to send 20 more dogs to Austria, Germany and Holland where Christmas miracles await them.

Please, dear friends, donate for them! Become their Christmas angels!
If you can help, even with the smallest bit, please, DONATE FOR THEM HERE. Thank you!

Boo, Joe and Shika in their new homes!

Posted on 09 December 2012

Congratulations to the new owners of three of the sweetest cats that we have ever had!

Joe and Shika are two pets that were dumped in someone’s yard a while ago. There were three of them, but the first lucky white dove found her owners immediately. We could say the same about Shika and Joe – Joe found his new owners the same day we published the ad and Shika was placed even before that from a Facebook photo. Life can be great when you are pretty and kind…

Joseph (Stalin) was adopted by Ivelin Pashev and will be enjoying a rich social life! We are sure he will be very happy, as Ivelin got a recommendation by a most objective character – Bella the cat who usually hides when strangers are near. Instead, when Ivelin came round she came to get a hug from him and expressed her support for him.

Just as friendly was the meeting between Joe and Ivelin, so we can be sure – things will be going great with the two of them. We are very pleased!

Joe’s sister – Shika went to a place just as great! Her new owner Raina Beneva has three kids who are now wondering how the family survived without a cat so far. Shika’s transition to her new home was stress-free and it seems as if she has always lived there.

Actually, Shika turned out to be such a wonderful animal that her new owners decided they should take home her brother too. But – it was not meant to be, her brother Joe had already met his new loving owners in the meantime. But, hopefully, the family would open their hearts to other good cats in trouble.

Boo! Out sweet Boo Wilhelm Ulsson, a greatly loved little friend who was dumped in a yard in Sofia together with his brother when they were very, very small. His brother didn’t make it, but Boo did and under the loving, gentle care of Grado the poodle Boo became the most loving little boy.

Boo was rehomed with Kamelia Ivanova in Rousse! He is a favorite to everyone who knows him already. We wish him luck and love and hopefully, a purring friend in the future!

Every day we are contacted by people who are looking for help for cats in trouble. Sadly, we have nowhere to place these animals – we work with foster homes and only have a few people helping permanently.  If you would like to join our efforts and foster cats for Animal Rescue Sofia – contact us. Your help would be saving lives!

A home for Molly

Posted on 08 December 2012

Molly came to the shelter with a whole bunch of mustached siblings. They were dumped ourside – tiny and fragile – so we had to look for foster urgently. Such small puppies have little chance of survival at the shelter, they need special care.

This is how Molly met Rody Constantinos. She went to live with her and the two went through the most enchanting months of a dogs childhood together. Day after day the two grew closer, until a point was reached when there was no possibility of parting with each other.

Congratulations, Rody! And thank you!!!

URGENT: Foster home needed

Posted on 07 December 2012

These little angels are urgently looking for fosters!

We will provide all the necessary food and vaccinations, we will look for homes for them in the future. All they need is a caring, loving person to take them in until they are old enough to enter the shelter.

If you want to foster one or more of the little angels, please call us on 0879 022 675

A home for Nino

Posted on 06 December 2012

Kind baby Fiut (former Nino) resides in his own house with a yard! The little angel was supposed to be fostered in this home, but we knew from the start his family would not be able to part with him ever.

The Gergushki family are actually the kin of our second Spay/Neuter vet – d-r Ralitsa Gergushka! The kind people report that the sweet little Fiut has been doing great in his new life, immediately learnt to keep his things clean and is a smart, playful and fun dog!

What it’s like to be a cripple…

Posted on 04 December 2012

The sad story of little blind Ninja touched many hearts.
But there was only one person brave enough to make the step towards her.

Rozetta Bicheva is the new owner of tiny Nina, and this here is her message to all the people, afraid to adopt a crippled animal:


What it’s like to be a cripple…

It is a label we put on people and animals around us whenever they are out of our public physical or mental normality. Few of us have given a thought to the many abilities nature have given us to compensate any shortages and keep us balanced with ourselves and the world around us.

In my life I have many times been in contact with people who had a physical disability and I have always admired their spirit and lust for life, the understanding they have of others. The MAN of the highest quality I know had been bound to a wheelchair since he was 19, but that hadn’t stopped him to become one of the best math professors in Bulgaria and help thousands of young people get into the University.

When it comes to animals a disability is usually a death sentence with a delayed execution. At least for the ones out there in the streets…  But the animals that lack one thing – can always compensate with another and lead a normal life. All they need is someone to help them out at the beginning, to love and support them. And assist them, of course. Just the things a human would need. Just the feelings and attention any of us need in our lives, whether healthy or not.

When I read Nini’s story my first and immediate thought was: I want to adopt her! But, after I read the Facebook comments I was left with the impression she was already rehomed…
Thank God I decided to try and call anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Now, in my living room, happy and comfortable on my couch, I have a sleeping sweetie – a brave and playful soul. Who, despite the blindness has fit in perfectly to the new environment. She brings confusion to the calm spinster environment of noble ladies Lora and Misha. And she teaches us all not to complain when we fall (which happens to her quite often), but to shake it off quickly and go on with what we were planning. Because that is the only way to achieve what we want. And in the case of Nina (she is slightly renamed) – it is a new friend, ort a toy, or her food bowl in the other side of the living room. The girl has an astounding appetite and is full of energy. We all enjoy her, her infectious liveliness, her perseverance and creativity to manage any obstacle.

Perhaps every person needs at least one disabled friend – to at least learn to appreciate their own luck…

A final chapter to the story of Spas

Posted on 03 December 2012

It was almost a year ago (February 2012) when we published that sweet boy Spas is our dog #1000 to be re-homed.

We are re-posting the information below, but first, we would like to share with you a wonderful letter we received this week from Miranda, Spas’ new owner in Holland:

Dear Animal Rescue Sofia,

Browsing through the internet today, I found your story about Spas.What a wonderful surprise to read the story about the first two years of Spas’ life.

Since March this year, Spas is living with us in Holland and he is a true friend to each member of our family as well as to our other dog ‘Astrix’, a German shepherd, whom we adopted from Spain. Spas and I love to go for long country walks; he is wonderful company! He still is very playful and really likes to race around in the fields, together with Astrix. Spas is a real asset to our family!
I would like to thank you and your team for taking such good care of him, the first two years of is life. I’m convinced that your attention and care made him to the wonderful dog he is today!

Please find enclosed some pictures of Spas and his best friend, Astrix! I wish you and your team good luck in keeping up the good work you are doing!

Kind regards,
Myranda Spiljard

Thank you so much for writing to us, Myranda! And thank you for giving Spas this wonderful life!

Here is the story of Spas as we had published it 10 months ago. This is what his owners found on the internet and how they contacted us about him:

Spas as a tiny baby just out of quarantine – impossibly qute!

Congratulations to us! We now have rehomed over 1000 dogs from the Bogrov shelter.

It has been nearly 2 years since we started working here. We have helped really thousands of dogs throughout this time. Over 2300 dogs were neutered at our Spay/Neuter center. More than 600 dogs have received emergency treatment at our clinic. And now we can happily boast with a very special number – ONE THOUSAND DOGS REHOMED.

Spas as a puppy – trying to look cool for the photos. No chance -pink scarf 🙂

The dog you see on these photos is Spas. A dearly loved boy that we have had in the shelter since the very beginning. He is a nearly 2 years old male dog that came to us as a tiny abandoned puppy, remained for a long time and then was rehomed in Holland. The story of Spas is the most typical story of a dog in our care. Most of the dogs we keep have had or will have the same life story.

Spas as a wonderful young lad – can’t get any sweeter

Spas was only a tiny little baby when he was dumped on the street by the owners of his mother. Tiny and sweet, he was noticed and brought to our shelter. It was so long ago that we actually had space and admitted him.

This must have been one of the sweetest puppies we ever had. Perhaps if it was today and more people had known about the shelter back then – Spas would have never remained with us for so long. But the matter or fact is that we had ZERO adopted dogs from the shelter in the first months of our work there.

Time passed and Spas grew. As you can see on the photos he is one rarely handsome dog… He also became a very friendly and smart dog, easy to train and eager to please. As the weeks rolled by and the months piled up Spas grew more and more aware that there is a chance he will spend his best years locked away and alone.

And that was very true. Until last week. Thanks to our friends and colleagues in Holland Spas finally left the cage and set on a new life’s journey. He was chosen to be rehomed in Holland for his wonderful temperament and attitude – friendly and easy-going.

Spas as the big handsome boy he is today – how gorgeous!

This is a moment to thank all our colleagues from abroad who have done so much to help us find homes for our dearly loved, but sadly unwanted doggies. We hope to be saving many more lives in the future together!

Our kindest regards and congratulations to the 200 families here in Bulgaria that chose to adopt a dog from us in the two years time. You are wonderful people and we are proud to know you! We can only wish that there will be more great people like you to open up their hearts for the animals in need.

Donations not flowers

Posted on 02 December 2012

Margreta (right) and a friend with the donation box

Happy birthday to Margreta Panovska! She had her wonderful birthday party with her most loved people last week where she set up a great initiative – DONATIONS NOT FLOWERS!

Instead of buying flowers, she kindly asked her friends to donate the same amount of money for the dogs and cats of Animal Rescue Sofia. Thus, in the end of a very fun evening, 125BGN were raised for the animals in need.

What a wonderful example she is setting! This is a popular way of donating in Western societies, but is unfamiliar here. Who knows – maybe dog-lovers in Bulgaria may like Margreta’s idea.

Our kindest regards and thank you, Margreta!

Margreta’s cat supports the idea as well

Hamlet and Granny are now Swiss

Posted on 01 December 2012

Ta-daaa! Here are two lucky new Alpine animals – it is Hamlet and Granny who have drawn the lucky straw and left for their new lives.

Halmet was found wandering the road and was not in a bad condition, but no one ever came to ask for him. He spent over half a year in the shelter and we had expected him to go home quickly, but he couldn’t find a friend all this time.
Hamlet has to thank his lucky stars for the caring home he went to in Switzerland!

And this here the elderly lady who went off to Switzerland, she was lucky to be fostered here in Sofia, she was very unhappy in the shelter, although we had put her with the babies in the Puppygarten. The abandoned old dog is now safe and sound in the land of clocks and chocolate!

A loving home for Yozhi!

Posted on 30 November 2012

A year ago we picked Yozhi up from a subway station in Obelya. She was in this condition:

Before & After

The treatment was long, but successful and Yozhi became a lovely, merry dog. We waited for her to be noticed, but – the good things happen slowly. In this case – it took a year and a half. But, all is well that ends well – Yozhi finally found her loving family.

Yozhi (now named Dara) was adopted by the wonderful Totevi family (on the photo she is with one of their daughters – Diana)!

The best part is that Yozhi will not be alone at home. The Totevi family has one other female dog they adopted from an add a while ago. Her name is Lara, she met and immediately liked her new friend at the shelter!

Yozhi in the beginning