URGENT: Fosters for 7 babies

Posted on 29 December 2012

These little angels are urgently looking for fosters!


We will provide all the necessary food and vaccinations (they already have two), we will look for homes for them in the future. All they need is a caring, loving person to take them in until there is enough space for them to enter the shelter.

If you want to foster one or more of the little angels, please call us on 0879 022 675

Holiday greetings from old friends!

Posted on 28 December 2012

CIMG4608 CIMG4578

Rippy has got a new brother this year!!!

CIMG4601 CIMG4593

Снимка0103 Снимка0104
Desiree finaly knows love and is cared for as if she was a tiny poodle!

Снимка0100 Снимка0102

Jackie (3) Jackie (2)
Dobi is fostered because of her ill lungs and is having the best time with her new friends!
Jackie(5) Jackie (4)

DSC_0999 DSC_1042

Happy lady Shika has 3 girls as her best friends!

DSC_0969 DSC_0991

6  7 5

And wonderful Murphy thinks he is a cat!!!

3 2 1

Plamen – a shepherd from the sewers

Posted on 27 December 2012

We all know that the famous Sofia “sewer” (which is another name for the Perlovska river) is a home to crocodiles. What we didn’t know is that these crocodiles sometimes come in white and with the kindest of hearts. At least that is what we found out a couple of days ago when worried people called us – some dog has fallen into the sewer and has no chance of getting out on his own.

Just out of the sewer

We had no one to send, the shelter was a mess, but the people rang and rang – they couldn’t to it themselves… Miro and Valko dropped everything and went to see what’s going on at the Orlov Most sewer. When they arrived – holy-moly what a surprise! A 60-kilogram middle-asian shepherd was waiting for them down there – with the cut ears, tail and “terrifying” gaze…

When they went down to it – what a sweet guy! A wonderful dog – very confused and worried obviously, covered in mud, hungry and extremely glad to see our boys. We will not be telling you about the crazy white crocodile rescue up the steep slope. The three boys came back covered in mud, but very satisfied with the outcome!

DSC02629 DSC02630
Miro and Plamen

Miro, who often likes to say “there, I’ve saved another dog” named his new buddy Plamen and put him in his own enclosure in hope some of you may recognize him. We don’t know how Plamko has lived – he lays down scared the moment you lift your hand. But he is otherwise a most wonderful dog. We haven’t tested him with other animals yet, we will let him settle down first.

Hopefully this crocodile is not a dumped one. But if he is – we will be looking for his new friends in two weeks.

Rocco’s Christmas gift

Posted on 26 December 2012

Rocco is a dog that spent two long… months at the Bogrov shelter! To be honest – we thought he would be one of those dogs we have for years – since he had no special story or looks to get him through in the crowd of 500 lonely hearts.

You’ve probably never heard of him, he was never published on our website – like many other wonderful dogs we have. Rocco is a great pet that was well looked after for years until his caring owner passed away. So, in memory and respect of their relative, the living family members dumped Rocco on the street. He is a mutt, after all, that is where he belongs…

We don’t want to think what could have happened with Rocco if it was not a pure coincidence. We miraculously had space at the shelter (we always try to find space for dumped  pets) and thus – Rocco was admitted to the Bogrov shelter.


Instead of spending years imprisoned and behind bars, Rocco proved to be smarter than we thought. He somehow managed to work his magic and find his person – Tzonko Vassilev who came to the shelter with a clear heart and no prejudice – in search of a real friend.

So, it was the Christmas day when Tzonko came for a last, third visit for Rocco, he signed his adoption contract and took him home to Katina village where they will live happily ever after!!!

10 things you should learn from your dog

Posted on 25 December 2012


1.   When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
2.   Run, romp, and play daily.
3.   Let others know when they’ve invaded your territory.
4.   Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
5.   When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
6.   No matter how you’re scolded, don’t buy into the guilt thing.
7.   Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
8.   When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit closely and nuzzle them gently.
9.    Never pretend to be something you’re not.
10.  Be loyal.

IMG_5157 IMG_5153


Christmas impossible: Zoran’s side of the truth

Posted on 24 December 2012

EDIT 06.01.2013
Only two weeks later your friend Zoran is as good as new!

The story we are about to tell you is no Christmas tale. What is more – we don’t even know if it is completely true. Because we took a side in it. For this reason we do not claim we are telling “The truth about Zoran”. We will tell you about Zoran’s truth, just as he told us, facts only…

11 december - found
The first published photo of Zoran.
CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO we found – Zoran in the beginning of the month, wandering in a Sofia mall

Zoran is an Alaskan malamute, about 3 years old. Lost or dumped he found himself on the street. Someone found him and tried to locate his owners. Then, during a walk he loses the dog and Zoran is out in the street again. A few days later, the second man who found Zoran calls the police. He claims he is attacked by a dog and needs help fast. The policeman who went to investigate the call tells us that he found this person’s apartment covered in blood. The man had no signs of any injury. The dog ley in a pool of his own blood, helpless, pieces of cut-up skin hanging from his paws and face. The municipal catchers took Zoran to the municipal pound. That is where we got him.

18 dec seslavci
Zoran at the municipal pound

This is all dry facts. Our interpretation is of no consequence. It is a fact that no aggressive dog would allow anyone to butcher it alive without striking out. And that didn’t occur. No aggressive dog would let anyone cut off half their nose without trying to bit the hand that holds the knife. And no person in the world would assume a “defense-technique” of cutting off pieces of skin from his “attacker”. Which is exactly what happened there.

Zoran’s truth is that he is a kind boy with a wiggly tail and a crazy Northern temperament. He is also severely anemic, because he lost so much blood. Zoran loves walks, but they are a mirage for him now – his cut-up legs can’t carry him on, he can’t walk. Zoran is a curious boy who sticks his nose everywhere, but can no longer do it – half his nose is missing.

DSCN3129 DSCN3112
Zoran all stiched up and standing at our shelter yesterday

This is Zoran’s truth. And ours. But to find the truth about Zoran we have turned to a specialist. Pathologist d-r Manov has already examined Zoran and prepared an expertise for his condition. We will alarm the police and state prosecutors for this case of animal cruelty. We will wait for the court to announce what the truth will be.

Meanwhile we will fight for Zoran’s life. We will try to defeat the anemia, the infection and wounds. He needs strong food, expensive antibiotics and daily infusions. We will not beg you to donate for Zoran’s life, although we need it. It’s just not the right thing to do on X-mas.

One thing is clear – Christmas is impossible for Zoran.

Ara went home

Posted on 23 December 2012

Ара (1) DSCN1609

Ara went home to her owner – Kamelia Valcheva. Sadly, it turned out she lives chained-up in a car service station and she is allowed “walks” by herself. This is how she got lost.

We hope her people now understand the risk of letting their dog wander alone and will make sure her boring days are brightened by supervised walks on a lead.

A dream come true for granny Dora

Posted on 21 December 2012

Granny Dora is an 11-12 year old mittelschnauzer. She was brought to us by her owners. Everyone has a reason, perhaps people expect us to sympathize to them, but we cannot. We simply can’t when we see the horror in the eyes of a dumped old dog. Especially knowing that such old animals are least likely to find adoptive families…


The good old lady had a big mammary tumor that we had removed. We vaccinated her, microchipped her and… put her in a cage to wait. Half a year passed – and nothing followed. Granny Dora became a good friend with all her inmates, she grew a long hair, our colleagues cut off her beard… She stopped looking like a schnauzer and lost all chances of being adopted…

Winter is the hardest time for all oldies – but especially for the dogs. Every winter the group at the Old dogs’ nursery shrinks it’s size – one by one the old doggies head for the Rainbow Bridge. Granny Dora was cold even with the big coat she had on for the winter. We had nothing to offer her, but to sit and wait.


And it was worth the waiting! Our good friend and professional cynologist  Luba Zhivkova asked for a very special Christmas “gift” from her family. She asked for another dog in their home – an abandoned old pet that they could save. Granny Dora.

Today granny lives in her own house with three people who love her and a bunch of playful huskies whom she became good friends with. They are not allowed on the couch – but she is!


Luba says that Dora is the kindest, sweetest and best in the world. She has even begun frowning when she is served kibble – she wants to be cooked for! But she gets soaked dry food instead – Luba doesn’t want her gums to hurt from all the chewing she mush do…

What a dream come true for this oldie! Good luck Dora and Luba!

A hunt in the city

Posted on 20 December 2012

Bagira was found on the street badly broken – whether she was beaten or hit by a car – we don’t know and it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that two girls with kind hearts came into her life, found the money to operate her and a good foster home where she could recover. Until last week, on a chilly day, the foster slipped while walking Bagira, fractured her own leg and… dropped Bagira’s lead.

And this is the beginning of the saga – Bagira used this opportunity to disappear into the streets. With a Victorian collar and a huge outside splint. For more than a week the dog wanders the streets in pain and unable to eat and drink.

Bagira wouldn’t let anyone near her and somehow managed to survive 

Even with her splint broken Bagira remained faster than her hunters. Day after day the “scary hunters” chased after her, some getting sick, others missing work, but – there was no success. And the dogs condition deteriorated.

The last evening – full of hope and crossed fingers in waiting for the “heavy artillery” – Animal Rescue Sofia’s own genius – Svetlio Petrov. He joined the effort with all his might and… finished it!

Now Bagira is back at the hospital, very dehydrated, with a ruined orthopedic surgery, but – alive! The girls will have to put a hell of an effort to recover the damages, achieved in this little adventure, but at least Bagira will not be a rotting little cloth, somewhere under the snow.

Well done, Svetlio! We know you are the best!!!

Lost and… adopted!

Posted on 19 December 2012

We have introduced you to these doggies – both of them found – one of them at the Vitosha mountain, the other on Botevgradsko road. We were hoping someone would come up for them, but no one ever asked for these two and we didn’t find any ads for them either. Finally – we got the message – these dogs must have been abandoned. Well, we thought, that’s not a tragedy – after all such lovely animals will quickly find people who want them.  And we were very right!

The new name of our German Shepherd is Ronnie! The lucky guy won a cozy place in the heart of Monika Koburova. She, on the other hand, decided to reward him with a non-less the cozier spot in her home! Ronnie now has his own house with a garden. He lives inside and is being a good boy! Well done!

This bloody Botevgradsko road! You have no idea how many animals we have picked up at that place – it’s as if the dogs were springing out of the ground… We found this one confused and bedazzled and took her in. She never managed to get used to the life in the shelter – the noise, the crowds, the sounds and lack of privacy were too much for her. Luckily – only a month later the sweet lady found her loving person! She was adopted by Maria Boneva, two days after her birthday! Happy birthday, Maria!

Happy moments…

Posted on 18 December 2012

Can you recognize these two? Think really hard and if you can’t guess – check the answer down below!

The elderly boxer lady Alma is getting her special massage from a specialist, after being adopted in Austria by Claudia – a member of a boxer rescue group.

Tashunko, who was adopted from us, and Maliunchik, who will hopefully fly to Germany soon – snoozing peacefully by the radiator.

Sweet guy Marto inspects his family’s Christmas tree and wishes you happy and warm holidays!

– – – –
Answer to the riddle:
These lucky boys are Willow the dwarf and 3-legged sweetheart Kosta – adopted two years ago from our shelter by two families of friends in Austria!

Kalcho’s new tires

Posted on 17 December 2012

Kalcho getting his tires changed

The medium lenght of a journeys we make to Holland with our bus – Kalcho is calculated at about 4 500km. But they quickly become 6 when there are a stop or two on the way – in Germany or in Austia. Sometimes the lenght can climb as high as 7 000km for a single trip.

This means that:
a) we have a great appreciation for the work of the boys who drive our dogs to their new homes safely and quickly.
b) the bus, and mostly it’s tires – get worn out quicker than  you would imagine.

Eevery driver knows what an expense winter tires are. Especially for a bus this size.

For all those reasons we want to cordially THANK our new friends at Kristo 2!!!

The kind staff have DONATED 4 brand new winter tires for the little Ford and made a big discount for the new tires of Kalcho!!!

God bless these kind people and may all the good they do – come back to them triple!

The little Ford showing off his new tires at Kristo-2