Shatzie – happy in the home of Ceco!

Posted on 04 February 2013

Our kind-hearted keeper Tzvetan adopted a wonderful, but very hard to place cat from the shelter a while ago – the huge tiger we called Kasparov. Now, after getting to know her and loving her for who she is, Ceco has also adopted the old girl we called Shatzie.

Even if you’ve not seen her, you may remember Shatzie – she became famous in our blog as we named her the dog with the largest tumors we ever had. When we took her in, this is what she looked like:


Shatzie now has a brand new, careless, chain-free life in the yard of Ceco! The good granny is no longer skinny and sad – she is much more round and energetic. She spends her time as a professional nanny to three dumped puppies Ceco sheltered in his yard until they get the vaccines they need as there was no space at the shelter for them. The gang spends the days in non-stop mischief and has no clue of the luck they had in finding their way into Ceco’s heart.

Congratulations to Ceco and Shatzie! We wish them loads of happiness, they have surely earned it!


Homes for Pepitto and Vaza

Posted on 03 February 2013

popito (1) popito (2)

Kalin Penchev and Katya Stefanova adopted Pepito!!! There are too few people who want to take a black dog home, so, special regards to this lucky fellow whose new name is now Lord!

Pepito-2 Pepito-1

We got this affectionate fellow a year ago – he was just a blind puppy pack then. Lord entered our shelter along with his mother and big litter of black doggies. Suprisingly – the mother was the first we managed to rehome, then all his siblings but one, who is a bit sickly and has issues still. Let’s hope he follows his family’s footsteps soon!

The other lucky lady in this story is miss Vaza! A sweet little kitten, found starving in a freezing winter day. The little Vaza was adopted by Nina Radoeva and Radina Kostadinova and will live a very, very happy life in an appartment in Sofia!


Vaza said goodbye to her friends in the foster home where she was greatly loved. She will be missed most of all by the wonderful Kon-Tiki (former Yoda from our shelter), a true friend and helper when it comes to our cats.

Our greetings to the people who chose to adopt!
You have saved the life of your best friend!

News from Chocho, Popeye, Mira, Kimbo, Sivcho and Katya

Posted on 02 February 2013

Dear friends, a week ago we asked for your help regarding 4 good animals that needed urgent surgeries. Here they are – all fixed and shiny, thanks to your help:

Here he is – new, 3-legged Chocho. Amputation is a very heavy surgery. When it comes to people it take years and years for the individual to get used to his/her new condition, mostly because of the psychological trauma. In dogs – things are not burdened by stigma or shame – Chocho is already moving along with his life with that typical wobbly walk that new 3-legged dogs have in the beginning.

DSCN4685 DSCN4686

When a dog has an limb amputated – there is one big risk: the risk of a crooked spine that might cause pain later on in life. So, in richer countries, dogs are provided with a prosthetic to help them move along.

Huge lady Mira was operated and has remained under the watchful eye of the good doctors at the Central Vet Clinic. When a dog so heavy has a surgery the recovery is always slower and more difficult. We thank you from our hearts for helping this kind lady! The good news is that she has people interested in having her – a Bulgarian family living abroad. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Finally, an end has come to the orthopedic saga of sweet lady Katya. The metal plate has been removed and we have moved her file to “exceptional dogs, ready for adoption”. If you haven’t met the lovely Katya yet, you can do so HERE – she is one of the sweetest, kindest and most adorable dogs that have passed through our humble facility. Let’s hope a wise person will see her and chose to take her home!

We only have photos of Mr.Popeye entering the clinic for his surgery – here he is with his personal orthopedician – d-r Vassilev. As we have told you – the good Dalmatian mix was dumped with an old trauma to his leg that was very painful. Thanks to you Popeye has received the treatment he needed so badly and he will hopefully soon be running around on all fours.

Together with all these animals we took Sivcho for yet another corrective surgery.  You may remember him, he is the one who was supposed to have the support of his whole neighborhood when we admitted him with two hind legs broken.


We had to do the surgery on credit, but we couldn’t just leave the good boy like this. He went through too much already, it would be a crime not to help him through to the end. We can only blame ourselves that we believed the empty promises…

We also have news for Kimbo – his diagnosis is out and… it is demodecosis after all! The parasite ran so deep that our samples couldn’t isolate it. The silly boy now has a new medication scheme and we are waiting to get some positive results in a few weeks.

One more time – a huge THANK YOU from the dogs that you have been caring for day by day – it is through your generosity that we can provide them with a roof over their head, food in their bellies and adequate care. The shelter is only there, because so many of us want it to be.
500 lucky dogs salute you!

Lucky Jackie

Posted on 01 February 2013

Jackie is a pet dog that was duped in Novi Iskar. She is a cheeky lady who is full of energy, about a year and a half old. We named her Jackie, because she is a true Jack-Russell Terrier on the inside – a lively, fun thing that is always bouncing around. We were hoping people with a dog would come looking for a friend. And our prayers were answered:


Jackie is now in the home of Liudmila Boneva and her daughter Maria! And she has company too – a small little wildling like herself!!! It is so wonderful when people decide to care for two dogs, instead of one, we are so glad that Jackie will never be sad or bored!



Posted on 31 January 2013


Orlando, or Andy for short, was hit by a car. Not too hard, as to kill him, but just enough to destroy his life forever.

His eyes popped out causing him not only blindness, but also intolerable pain. Orlando stood by the road 48 hours before people contacted us. He was brought to the shelter where we had to remove his eyes immedeately.

DSC02890 DSCN4577

Now Andy is alone in the darkness, in a little cage in our office. He is an abandoned pet and has excellent manners. He is calm, kind, loves people, but is not at all pushy.


Meet you on the other side of the Atlantic

Posted on 30 January 2013

Take a good look at these two dumped dogs. Two kind and gentle darthaars, abandoned in a horrible state at a different time and place here in Sofia. One of them is an old dog with a skin problem, the other – a young, but already partially paralyzed dog who also has heartworm:

DSCN1308 DSCN1495

Former Astor and Raphael share a common, absolutely amazing destiny – they now both live on the other side of the ocean – in Canada. Their new home, besides a pack of recue horses, also has a gang of 14 rescued kurzhaars and drathaars from all over the world. Blind, 3-legged, tortured animals – all dogs that wouldn’t find love anywhere else in the world.


From the Bogrov shelter on through the Atlantic, all the way to the maple country – here they are the two little Bulgarians. Current sirs Hermann and Moritz were unwanted mutts here. Now they live the life of their dreams in a wonderful family amongst a fantastic nature and a bunch of excellent friends…


The happiness of Alice and Ronnie

Posted on 28 January 2013

Ronnie was just a little pea, hit by a car, broken and with no future. Or, to be correct – he had the future of dying in great agony somewhere by the roadside. But, as you may already know, this is not a future we can agree with. So, after a very complicated surgery, Ronnie had to be found a foster home. And since there are just too few people willing to help us with temporary homes, Ronnie had to travel hundreds of kilometers to a city where one of our fosters’ parents took care of him.

After a long, really long recovery, the time came for Ronnie to come home to us. He was no longer the poor sad baby we knew – in the past months he had become a beautiful big dog, full of energy and enthusiasm for life. And, as you may imagine – he didn’t like the idea of shelter life one bit.

ronny 1 - Copy RONNY

The new year brought Ronnie what he had wished for the most: an owner to love and be loved back.  He was adopted by Alexander Minkov. Alexander came to the shelter looking for a friend who would share his enthusiasm for nature and the great outdoors. We think that this is the absolute, perfect home for Ronnie to find!

The other happy dog in this story is miss Alice. Alice is the baby of a mother, who was killed and left 4 babies behind. We couldn’t do anything for the poor mother, but we took in her poor babies. One of them died shortly after we admitted them, the others we managed to save. Two of the girls we managed to rehome in Germany and Alice stayed behind waiting for luck.

alice1 alice alice2

A year passed since we first laid eyes on Alice – we had promised her love and happiness and were beginning to feel like total liars. Thank God, Rumen Gavanozov showed up. Rumen (who is obviously a man of sense)  didn’t take long to decide who his dog is. He quickly recognized Alice, went through the adoption procedures and took the lucky girl home. Hurray and congratulations!

Yotzo’s heaven is here, on Earth

Posted on 27 January 2013

Yotzo is wonderful. Kind, lively, playful, friendly… He used to be someone’s pet for sure.  Someone must have bragged about their lovely brown labrador once. But that was a long time ago.

Long, long time ago indeed. Because when we first met Yotzo he had been living on the street for quite a while. He had developed a horrible glaucoma – a painful, blinding, heavy condition. He has had it for years for it to get this bad. This is what he looked when we met:

Yotzo is about 9-10 years old. He is a terrific animal.

Although he came in completely blind, his condition was very painful – he really became so happy when he got rid of his painful eyes… Here he is with some of the shelter staff, enjoying his painless life:

yotzo (3)

6 months after Yotzo arrived at the shelter we have a two amazing ladies in England to thank – Kate and Julie – two angels who have provided a new start in life for the good old boy.

yotzo (7)

Here he is, now in the UK, in a home, in his own warm bed; on long, happy walks in the country; well fed and what is most of all – loved for who he is. A good old blind boy who is full of love to give…

yotzo (1) yotzo (9)

We are so grateful to be seeing this. There is so much pain and cruelty around us that we sometimes forget how many wonderful and kind people there are in this great world…

Dimitriana’s birthday fundraiser

Posted on 26 January 2013

Dimitriana is the mother of a large, lively household. She had a birthday earlier this month and decided to ask her guests instead of bringing her flowers, to bring a small donation for the dogs and cats of Animal Rescue Sofia – 145BGN in total. We greatly appreciate such initiatives; because besides gathering funds that will be saving lives, they are also helping our cause reach more people. Here is what Dimitriana decided to share with you about her wonderful idea:

rd dimitriana

ARS was recommended to us by friends. I have been a sponsor for a while, and since the fall we have also adopted the sweet, gentle Mookie. When she is outside she plays with our (recently neutered) shepherd and at home, she keeps Mozart, the death cat a good company. We had some excellent holidays this year – you’ve seen the photos we sent. We had loads of gifts and even more to eat (especially the dogs).

So, after such celebrating, I decided I don’t need any more gifts, sugar or flowers, but I would love to see my friends and their children. The people loved the idea of a charity birthday and although many couldn’t make it to the party, the few who did were generous and also took home adoption brochures. After all – what is a family without a pet…


The best part about the idea is that when you have a birthday so soon after the holidays, it is very simple to help your guests out and ask them not to bring presents. We have more birthdays coming up in the summer and I think we will do it again then.

Our family believes that we shouldn’t miss holidays or a chance to be together. Mookie is now used to this and wants to come with us always.

PS I am sending you a photo of Mookie with her friend Mozart who will be neutered soon. They have begun to become true friends, a true Yin and Yang duet. Also a photo of spoiled shepherd Toshi after her surgery.

mookie mozart (2)

Mozart and Mookie

A CRY FOR HELP: Chocho, Mira, Popeye and Katya need you, friends

Posted on 25 January 2013

EDIT 02.02.2013

Four lives have been put on the scales. The lives of dumped, unwanted, abandoned dogs.
On the other side of the scales – ourselves, the people who love dogs – hundreds, even thousands of us.
It would take a simple gesture to solve the problem: will these dogs get a chance, or not.

Dear friends, here they are – another set of Bogrov heroes who have no clue that their lives depend on personal commitment each of us makes. They live their innocent lives thinking their problems are solved – after all they have shelter above their heads, food in their bellies and someone to hug them when they are lonely. Sadly – things aren’t as simple as a dog’s heart. In a world ran by money a wagging tail means nothing. Or almost…


Chocho got this name, because he is brother by destiny to little Chichi (who is happy in her new Austrian home). He is just a little boy, extremely sweet and friendly, whom we found on the road with a necrotized front leg.

DSC02383 DSCN0790
Chocho when he arrived

Noone can tell what happened to him, but the facts are clear. Chocho is only 5 months old, but his faith has been set. He will walk his path in life on 3 legs. And that is – if he is lucky.

This kind, lovable, playful and fun little boy needs your help. He needs 120BGN (60E) to be released from his dead leg and have his file moved to the “ready for adoption” folder. His chances are higher now, when he is still small and sweet, but they weaken every single day as he grows and becomes just another 3-legged dog in this world.

DSCN3855 DSCN3854
Chocho after a few days at the shelter



This is what Mira looked like when we took her off the street last summer. Bold also means hated, chased away with rocks, hated and in the end doomed to be killed if she doesn’t die on her own. We started her treatment immediately and the results were not too late. Today, Mira is completely healed from her skin disease and she has become a fabulous (huge) lady.

Before we can say Mira is ready – we have to help her with her last problem: an old trauma to her leg that gives her a lot of pain. She came with it – the x-ray showed Mira’s broken him joint had been broken and healed in a wrong way, leaving her bones in friction with one another when she walks. It is a very painful condition, so she doesn’t use her leg much.

DSCN1385 DSCN1382

Whilst she was ill with demodecosis Mira could not be operated – skin illness is a sign of a failed immune system. Only today Mira is no longer the mangy, skinny dog that came to us.  She is a healthy, huge dog that really needs all 4 of it’s legs to get around. The surgery Mira needs is very simple – a resection of the hip joint. But, it would cost the shelter 180BGN (90E) that we can not spare.

Mira is a dog that would quickly find new owners – she is very good and polite, and she also became very good-looking. But, with this limp, her chances grow smaller and smaller. Her happiness depends on the raising (or not) of the funds she needs for her treatment…


The kind, the most adorable, the gentle Katya is now fully recovered. Her leg has healed perfectly, the bone is think and healthy. Now all she needs is to have the metal plate she no longer needs removed from her leg. If it remains – it will cost her discomfort for the rest of her days.

DSCN2157 DSCN4115

The operation Katya needs only costs 80BGN (40E). But, Katya is one of 500 dogs at our shelter – we cannot spare the money for her. If every person that knows this excellent dog would donate just a little for her – next week our dear lady may be flying around all fixed without a single memory of all the bad things that happened to her before she came to us…


We introduced you to Popeye when we were reporting our last visit at the Central Vet Clinic. The boy turned up with an old injury that has healed in the wrong way. The surgery he needs is very simple – a bit of cartilage needs to be scraped off, and the bone under it should be smoothened.

DSCN4140 DSCN4150

It is routine operation that would help him start using his leg again. The cost is not too high – 170BGN (85E). If it was the only thing – no problem. But, with so many animals that need help – the calculations are not so simple.

Popeye needs your help if he is ever to become a loved pet. Whatever his life was before – and we can only guess how bad it used to be – we humans owe him that much. So far this is what he has seen from us, people:

Even though he was so badly mistreated, Popeye is a lovable, kind, people-oriented dog

Dear friends,
let us come together one more time and solve the problems of these excellent dogs. Each of them would make and excellent pet, as long as we are able to get them all fixed. It is not little money that they need, but also – we are not just a few people.
Let us give them a chance of a happy life! They deserve it!

If you would like to help these good animals with something, however little it is – please, donate for them through e-pay, PayPal or via Bank AT THIS LINK.
Funds can also be dropped off directly at the front desk of the Central Vet Clinic. Please, don’t forget to say that you are donating “for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia”.

We thank everyone who will not pass these good souls by from all our hearts!

A firecracker in a dog’s face (Graphic images, 14+)

Posted on 24 January 2013

Valya, from Voluiak is about a year and a half old. The volunteers who brought her say she used to be a pet, half a husky who was dumped in the winter streets a couple of months ago. Only she knows what it cost her to adapt to the life of a homeless animal. But the truly scary ordeal was still yet to come for Valya.

The New Year’s Eve was welcomed in Sofia with the sound of what some would think was the Third World War. The would-be forbidden and outlawed firecrackers were solved openly in the markets. Thousands of birds lost their lives as a result of this madness. And Valya… she “only” lost an eye.

We can curse, get upset or whine as much as we want, but the fact is still a fact:

  • A human freak, a monster threw a firecracker at Valya.
  • In the face.
  • It exploded right into her eye.
  • And the life of Valia went from pitiful, hungry and cold, to also being excruciatingly painful.

DSCN4182 DSCN4189

Our clinic at the Bogrov shelter cannot sustain complicated surgeries that require all sorts of expensive instruments. But, our chief surgeon d-r Marietta Stankova has the experience of over 6000 Spay/Neuter surgeries in her long career. Along with them – tumors, knife or gunshot wounds, hernia… There are so many different ways that a homeless animal can suffer.

D-r Stankova admitted good Valya already smelling of death – the infection was very serious and needed immediate treatment. The surgery took a long time – it was a gooey mess, all puss and flesh, and you know how dangerous a severe infection in the head can be.
Congratulations, Marietta! A job well done!

And good calm Valya, who really is an excellent dog, will remain in the shelter. She cannot go back into the reach of the human beast that did this to her “for fun”. The place of such good dogs is at home, with caring people. Let’s hope she finds them soon.


Katya and Lilly – the shelter’s bestest of friends!

Posted on 23 January 2013

DSCN3813 DSCN4046 DSCN4120

Katya and Lilly are two friends of the same age and destiny, living at our Bogrov shelter. You know them well – both were hit by a car, both had to be put back together, treated for a long time, but are back on all 4 again!


If you have been to our shelter, then you probably know that these two ladies can only be seen in a pair. They wander around in the day and share the shelter toilet at night – that is there current “home”.

DSCN3814 DSCN3835

These two are always together – they follow the keepers when they take the dogs from the quarantine out for a walk. They greet every shelter visitor (usually laying in front of the office door as live barrier). They play till they are out of breath in the nearby swamp or simply hang around the rest and meal room door hoping to catch a snack from the keepers, which they most certainly do… Whatever they do, wherever they are – they are always together.

DSCN9744 DSC01394
DSCN3827 DSCN1360 DSCN1358

Lilly is the leader in all the mischief. She will carry around left over cans, make her way to the food storage and help herself, eat up stuff that seems interesting ( a Christmas decoration on the photo above). And of course, she has thought Katya to do it all too!

But Katya’s most favorite thing to do remains to stand on her hind legs give you a big hug and just freeze like this hoping you would hug her forever. She is a magnificent young soul, who simply loves everyone.

DSCN3834 DSCN4115 DSCN4128


The two unique, golden hearts are about a year old. Neutered, Vaccinated, healthy. Lilly sometimes limps a little, but it is very hard to even notice that. They are fun, clever, good-hearted, happy dogs who are always smiling at you and would bring great joy to the person who would take them home together.

We don’t know if it is wishful thinking, but we hope that somewhere out there, there is a person smart enough to take these two girls home together… They are a pair, so to speak.