The legs of Ronja, Baby and Mootsunka

Posted on 25 July 2017


 IMG_1861 IMG_1882 IMG_1858

The girls are successfully recovering after their surgeries! 




Dear friends,
the funds needed for the surgeries of the three angels have been raised!

We hope we will be able to give you good news on them as early as tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for the babies, these are complicated surgeries, especially the one of tiny Baby who weighs 0,7 kilos…

Original post 25/7

So many things are happening in the Farm right now…

  1. We’re building a Puppygarten!
    Thanks to you and the help of In Time, the construction begins! We were going to start pouring the concrete, but had unexpected problems with the canals and sewage. We will be able to finish them on the 27-28-th and hope the rest of work will not take long. We will inform you all about it first chance we get.
  2. We managed to send TRANSPORT X/2017 to Holland!
    With the absolutely amazing help of the people who work at Sofia Airport Center we sent 29 puppies and 5 kittens to their destination Happiness! They already arrived, and we still haven’t had the time to tell you the story, we’re very sorry…
  3. We’re launching AnimAle!
    This Wednesday – 26.07 is the premier of our super-cool dog beer – AnimALE. It’s an awesome initiative that we’re able to put through thanks to 100 BEERS. Doggies from the Farm, who have waited for their owners for a long time now, will smile at people from the labels of a special ale. We will see you THERE. And keep your fingers crossed for them!
  4. We’re swamped with animals – healthy and ill…
    The shelter is in great distress with too many dogs. But the biggest issue is with the ones who need urgent orthopedic surgeries which we cannot provide for them. Here we introduce you to the most urgent cases – the dogs that cannot wait for a better day, in risk of losing their legs, if they are not treated by orthopeditian Hristo Nikolov immediately.



Ronja was found on the road near the shelter, with a broken leg. We found out she was abandoned on Saturday night, right next to our fence, along with her sister. They got out of the box. Ronja was hit by a car, and the other baby fell victim to the homeless dogs of the area.

ronja1 ronja2

We have no words, but have to take care of little Ronja. She has a broken hip bone, and just like Baby, it is close to the joint. D-r Nikolov will have to put a needle into her bone to fix it. If that doesn’t happen, the leg will heal in a wrong way and cause her pain every day, for the rest of her life.

The price for Ronja’s surgery is 250 BGN (125E).


IMG_1730 IMG_1750

Gentle Mootsunka comes from Nadejda 6 district. She was hit by a car outside of 635B. We admitted her with a pneumothorax and a luxated hip joint.

m2 mucunka 1

Mootsunka s a lovely, quiet, lovable and kind animal. She is in a great deal of pain and cannot get up. The surgery she needs is very complicated and has to take place immediately if she is to keep her leg.

The price for Mootsunka’s surgery is 400 BGN (200E).


IMG_1756 IMG_1758

We admitted a litter of 7 abandoned puppies, under a month old. A handful each, terribly frightened and really, really small. One of them was screaming in agony. And no wonder – the little Baby has two broken back legs.

baby1 baby2

One has a broken tibia, very close to the hip joint which makes the surgery quite complicated (because she is so small). The other can be healed without surgery. Baby is really tiny and if she is to keep her leg, she has to be treated right away.

The price for Baby’s surgery is 250 BGN (125E).


If you have any possibility – however small it may be – please, help them. The surgeries have to happen as soon as possible, as the patients are young, in a great deal of pain and their chances for recovery grow weaker every day.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Thank you for caring!


HOME: Berk, Pancho, Poppy, Nico and John Doe

Posted on 17 July 2017

Every dog in the shelter has different chances of adoption. It’s not the same if you’re small or large, a puppy or a veteran, fluffy or bald. And it definitely matters what color you are.

Two colors are doomed for a life behind bars by our human aesthetics. They are those brownish-gray dogs we call color “homeless” and of course – the black guys. Especially the large ones.

Shelters abroad call them “sticky cases”. The meaning comes from the fact that they seem to be stuck in the shelter. Being a large, black, homeless dog is something like a regular prescription. Pure and simple – no one wants you.

Generally, we would swear on this.
It’s just that the recent adoptions at the Farm prove it wrong!
We don’t know what kind of magic has happened so that these exact animals were chosen. But we can only hope for it to last…

Noble Berk

Berk came to us a long time ago. When we admitted him, he had already went through a month of treatment in a private clinic. Although he had improved from his initial condition, he had an unclear diagnosis, was very thin, hairless and fragile:

berk berk-19

We treated him for a long time, symptomatically. Supplements, baths, medicines…

berk (13) berk (16)

But there is no medication greater than love. And Berk started to gradually improve on it. Until he became a huge, hairy, strong dog – with a wonderful, kind temperament.

He would chase balls and sit on command. He would walk perfectly in line and look you in the eye. He would stand quietly by the fence, not to scare the adopters, giving them a paw to shake. And they would pet him “sorry, dear boy, you’re just too large”…

berk (1) Berk M (3)

Stefan and Renny Todorovi came to the shelter looking for a medium-sized female dog. But they were kind enough to ask us first – if we knew a dog that would suit their lifestyle. A dog to follow them around faithfully, sleep by the foot of their bed and love them.

We Brought Berk to the office. For a moment he hesitated at the door. And then he sat by Renny and put his huge head in her lap. And they whispered something to each other, promises were made. Although we couldn’t hear so well, the conversation was about love and loyalty, about protection and kindness, we heard “forever” and “waited for you” being spoken.

берк (5) берк (7)

Berk has only been home for a week now, and Renny and Stefan cannot stop praising him. When we talked on Friday, the three were just having tea under the pine trees. With cookies for the best boy…


Joyful Pancho

Pancho comes from School 144, he is about 1,5 years old. Little kids found him limping, but full of love and found us to help him. When he arrived, it turned out he had an old, badly recovered fracture to his tibia and couldn’t walk. Thanks to you, Pancho got the surgery he needed to be able to walk and recovered completely.

панчо2 панчо1

We were worried that Pancho might turn out to be another unwanted black Farmer. But the Petrovi family didn’t let that happen. Three generations – a grandmother, a mother and a daughter came to the Farm to choose a dog. With a very specific request – that it would be white. And these same three generations of Petrovi, liked and loved our dear black Pancho from his very first kiss.

pancho (1) pancho (6)

All the best to you, dear ladies. We know your good boy Pancho will love you from all his heart!

Poppy the prisoner

This is not the first time we’re admitting a small dog who had lived in a people-made prison cell. Blind Anton, naked Nando and now – tiny Poppy, from a car dealership. Just a tiny little girl, why did they have to isolate her? We don’t know. A quiet, calm little girl… she was put in some dark room, in a self-made confinement box, no sunlight, no people, just some food being dumped on her from time to time.


A kind person saw her by accident. And it accidentally turned out her “owners” didn’t want her. Accidentally we had space for her. And in this total accident – she was lucky to find her happiness. Poppy hadn’t left quarantine when Valentina Belkina came to look for a little baby for joy and company.

poppy (1)

The little angel went into Valentina’s lap and… became her dog right away!

Proud John Doe

джон1 джон2

The shelter’s pure-bred dog came here in the first day of winter. Well bred, well raised, the boy had started to cough and he was brought to the vet. The situation was unclear and he was left there for more tests. When the vets called to tell his owners the dog is infected with heartworm and will require a long, expensive treatment – they simply stopped answering the phone.

джон доу (3) джон доу (5)

And that’s how John came to us. You donated for his treatment which took three months, but the boy made it. And the wait began. They say GSD is one of the smartest breeds. But John never realized loud barking and ecstatic jumping isn’t the fastest route to adoption. Another three months passed.

джон4 джон6 джон7

Until Katy and Svetoslav Ivanovi came to the shelter! Today John is living happily under the reign of their daughter in Poduene!

Sweetheart Aver

Ochko’s awesome friend, the little giant we here call Utred or Nico turned out to be a loved pet dog. We too were amazed – how such a cheerful, healthy boy appeared in the street. And he was a run-away!

нико6 нико (3)

We hadn’t posted an ad for him, as this is the first time someone bothers to come looking for a lost mongrel dog. But we didn’t even have to. Zvezdan Ralev – his owner – came to look for him at the Farm. It turned out the pretty boy also has a pretty name – Aver (friend). And you cannot imagine how happy he was to see his owner again after the separation!

A Puppygarten for our puppies


You have probably heard of this already – we’re trying to raise money to build 4 baby-yards, so we can help more puppies at the same time, and also have a space in the sun where our puppies can finish their quarantine.


Please, if you can help, even very modestly, join us!

HOME: Peaty, Jekyll Junior, Simonyc, Roshka, Grum and Dalmy

Posted on 10 July 2017


Grum, the boy from the power substation

They were brought by two electric-workers. Grum and Malnia (thunder and lightning), two tiny gray mice someone had managed to squeeze into a tight opening of a working power substation. They were dehydrated and very frightened, but nevertheless – alive. We needed about two months to get them ready for adoption and they even got people who wanted to have them in Holland. But it so happened, that just before take-off, Grum started to limp and had to skip the journey, his sister left alone. It was almost immediately after that we realized it’s a tiny problem on his paw, but it was too late and no one was waiting for him at the other end of our Life-Line.

гръм Grum (10)

We were very pissed, but it was for the best. Some months later Grum was found by his people here, at the Farm. They are Radostina Georgieva and Georgy Varbenov – two kind-hearted young doctors who devoted a lot of time to choose the right dog to be their best friend in the years to come. And they did:

“We really want to thank you for the care you provided for Grum! We have no difficulty walking him – he is wonderful with people, dogs and even cats. He doesn’t pull on his lead, does all of his business outside and is even quickly getting rid of the fear he had of stairs.

We never expected things to be so easy and problem-free. We will be forever grateful to you for giving us this great happiness!”

Grum (1) Grum (2) Grum (3) Grum (5) Grum (6) Grum (8)

Peaty – mommy was a Pitbull

A wise puppy, nothing less, such a stable and balanced guy! Peaty lived with us for 2 months – and he had plenty of reasons to feel abandoned and confused. Not Peaty! Quarantine, vaccinations, neutering, new cages and cage-mates, volunteers, doctors… nothing can shake-up clever Peaty.

пити9 пити10

Today the Cleverman is the pride and joy of Joro Ivanov, his wife and daughter at their home in Mirkovo village. It worked out great for Peaty, he now has a dog of his own as well – a tiny sweetheart who takes turns to play the pillow in their amazing friendship. Best of luck to you!

пити2 пити4 пити8

Jekyll Junior

Sweetheart Jeckyll spent his whole quarantine time peeking out of a vary-kennel in the hallway. He might be a tiny little fly, but there was literally – no space available. Minding his small size and the way he appeared, it’s most likely someone got him for a pet and then decided they do not want him. Weighing 3kg, “making it” alone outside was out of the question…

джекил джуниър IMG_0989

Altunnay Boshnakova and her family came to the shelter several times. We always have plenty of puppies, but no one was right for them. Until this tiny fellow was released from quarantine. As soon as they met – it was clear they were made for each other. And now our sweet guy is a loved family dog in Tserovishte!

Roshka, who had heartworm

Abandoned outside for no apparent reason, Roshka found support in the dog-people of her new neighborhood. She was not coping, they started to feed and protect her, looking for a way to get her off the streets. This is how Roshka reached the Farm, and on entering – we gave her something of her own. A diagnose, one of the worst, heart-worm.

roshi1 roshi2

Thanks to the great help of the donors, we managed to purchase the expensive medicine she needed. She went through a month of pre-medication and was already in the small box we have for dogs with heartworm (they need to be immobilized for quite a while after the shots), when Irina Giocheva and Rumelin Marinov came to the shelter. We don’t know how they managed to see Roshka in her dark corner, but they saw her right through!

рошка (1)

Irina and Rumelin have always had rescued dogs. Their last lady – Roza, just passed of old age and they decided to give happiness to another soul in need from our shelter. This way Roshka got the most wonderful family and a chance to finish her treatment in a loving home environment.

Sweet Simonyc

The two kids of Borislava and Georgi Nedelchevi are now the proud owners of a rare black pearl! They made no mistake by choosing Simonyc for their best friend – such a gentle and clever little girl of 3 months.


The big family waited for Simonyc to be all ready for adoption and all headed off to their summer home. They will stay there until it’s time for school again and then they will come back to their Sofia apartment for the cold months. We wish them many sunny and happy summers together!

Dalmy, 5 years in a cage

It was in the cold beginning of 2013 when we admitted Dalmy barely alive to our old shelter. He had a severe urinary infection and was heading to the place of no return. Back then he was a stong guy, at his prime – strong and good-looking. And back then we were the naïve volunteers who were sure his resemblance to a Dalmatian will bring him home.

dalmi8 dalmi7

As you can guess – it didn’t. What is more, he basically set roots in his cage. Thank god for his best friend Jeckyll who helped him by sharing the burden of boredom by barking and always being there. Day after day and month after month… Until October last year when a special person entered Dalmy’s life – Jilly from the UK. She didn’t know him, but she did something great for him – pubishing his profile in the British Dalmatian rescue website.

dalmi1 dalmi3

And through that website Dalmy was noticed by Karen Agate-Hilton – a wonderful person who has given happiness to many Dalmatians in need through the years. Many emails were sent in both directions, but to be sure – Karen decided it would be best to come meet him. And she did! And when she came – it was love at first sight! So it was decided – Dalmy is going to the UK!

dalmi4 dalmi5

We will not burden you with long stories of logistic mayhem. The important thing is that now our boy has his place under the sun. On the black couch by the TV in Karen’s living room, alongside her, her husband and their other Dalmatian – Meg! Dalmy is happy, Karen is happy and we are thrilled!!!

dalmi1 dalmi2 dalmi3

Wat is het ras van uw hond? Bulgarian street dog – my favorite breed!

Posted on 05 July 2017

Oh, joy! TRANSPORT IX/2017 – successful.
The bus travelled another 2300km to Holland (and just as many back) – this time with 20 angels on board – and everyone is safe and sound!

Of course, it didn’t go without problems – each and every journey is a nightmare of administrative and bureaucratic problems. The ARSofia transports have to be the most inspected thing since Lehman Brothers, but… at least this keeps us in shape. The fact that we rescue dogs and work instead of the government with money from donations is our problem. The government doesn’t care.

But however much we whine and wreck our nerves, and promise to never, ever do a transport again, so help me God, it takes just a couple of photos from our colleagues to focus our minds on the happiness our little babies will have in their lives from now on. Because they deserve it:

Ricky, Dicky and Donna

Dicky Donna Ricky

Three of Mommy Mayra’s babies – a sweet beagle mix that was abandoned pregnant in the winter and gave birth in the home of a lady who sheltered her. They grew up in our quarantine – so sweet and funny, we wish them luck!

19222898_843610559135794_7663520038018326007_o майра1 майра2

Mayra is already home, with a German family living in Sofia. The third brother – Nicky is still with us, although he has Dutch adopters, he has cryptorchidism and will have to wait for his neutering before he travels to them.


Litter D

Dara Dirk

Another bag of abandoned puppies – 7 identical boys and girls – so gentle and loving, but… dark and large. It is the “breed” subscribed to our cages for years, they have to be rehomed as early as possible.

Dana Derek

Born in someone’s yard, they were allowed to suckle from mom until starting to eat on their own. As soon as that happened – they were put in a box and driven away. Becoming no one’s responsibility.

Deron  Dessy

You’d probably find this strange, but this is a side-effect of the better treatment animals get in Bulgaria. People cannot force themselves to drown the babies as newly-bourns as they used to. But, sadly, they haven’t learnt to spay their females yet.



We asked our colleagues in Holland to take Renny (Rayna’s daughter), although she was shy. We hoped a home environment would help her show her real self.


Reny’s foster mom Danielle sent us a message when they arrived: “Do all your shy dogs follow people around begging for hugs?”

18492315_719901948196261_1823953794_n 19206596_1732490046779427_797633261_n

The shelter really isn’t suitable for every dog.
And Renny really is very happy in her new environment.

Joya and Lucy

Joya B2

There are two newly-German ladies on this transport to Holland – two lovely sisters. Raised by kind people who tried to do the best for them. Vaccinated, socialized, friendly… but still, unwanted by anyone here.

joya01 (1) Lucy (2)

Lusy and Joya have a third, equally sweet sister who has a fungal infection and had to stay behind for treatment. And these two are feeling great and wagging their tails under German sky!

Bianka, Neshka and Durga

Bianka and Neshka are two soft hearts, raised from new-bourns in the home of wonderful people. You can always recognize the puppies with human “moms” – so gentle and lovable.

Bianca Durga Neshka

Their best friend Durga who was like a sister to them at the shelter, is also raised in a foster family. The three were inseparable and we’re really glad they got to be fostered together in Holland.

Blaga and Blagoy

Lovely little angels – clever, friendly, curious – two out of four puppies, abandoned to die in the middle of nowhere.

блага благой

Kind people found them and brought them in. They were making drone photos outside the city and stumbled upon this:

благовци1 благовци3 благовци2

The puppies in Sofia and about it aren’t born outside to stray mothers anymore. Now the babies come from the yards of people who have un-spayed females giving birth twice a year.


We’ve been together since his third month, and he is now two years old… When we met for the first time Sivcho had the biggest black eyes you could fall into. He also had a severely broken leg and it took months before he could start using it again.

sivcho2 sivcho1

Back then the Farm didn’t have a clinic and everything we did happened in what we call “the office” today. Surgery tables, boxes of patients, papers, people, and above all that… the ringing of Sivcho’s enthusiastic barking!


Our black-eyed boy spent his childhood in a cage, but it was worth it. Now he is running on green fields and learning about the world in Holland, with his new owners.


Sweetheat Lucia lived at the Lukoil gas station. She never hurt a fly, but someone reported her as aggressive and the municipal catchers came for her. We couldn’t have that and took her to the Farm.


5-year old, gray, homeless – not exactly the dog that gets tons of attention. She has our friend Selma to thank for her happiness. Lucia is already with her new family in Holland!


DSC_0010 Curry

Found abandoned in the middle of nowhere, Curry didn’t turn out as the poodle-mix we thought he was at first. He must have had a Bobtail parent, because our boy will grow to be huge! And that is something his new Dutch family to enjoy.


Here you can see the first moments after the van arrived in Holland – our babies in the yard of Danielle, with her awesome Pyreneans – the huge baby-sitters of an endless flow of Bulgarian babies for re-homing:

And some more photos – from the foster homes of our sweet babies, for you – the people who have made all this possible for them:

19143852_843611992468984_4706753438798440983_o 19143867_843610252469158_9160151797682694833_o 19149221_843611322469051_438117378543365879_n 19221469_843610479135802_6245859675132333939_o 19221697_843612072468976_5032423083942007393_o 19221846_843611105802406_6987841934894656473_o 19222571_843612529135597_1595393055566940181_o 19222584_843610269135823_3709062928779141657_o 19225431_843612689135581_2813834553897357518_n 19225504_843610592469124_6621471220242310484_n 19238004_843611332469050_369702517398783327_o 19238026_843611065802410_8123170086697146956_o 19275263_843612695802247_5469696939373536855_n 19489681_1744473428914422_986095683_n

19511721_1744474995580932_1258319143_n 19511779_1744475058914259_807977101_n 19512155_1744474898914275_962896099_n

Foster parents are selfish

Posted on 29 June 2017


“At first I was afraid. I was afraid they might be ill, that some may die. I was afraid that it will be too hard. And most of all – I feared the time of separation would bring suffering both to them and to me. I thought their little hearts would be broken if I brought them to the shelter after a month at home.

And finally, I realized, it is my heart I am worried for, not theirs. They were happy – exploring the world with their new owners, playing all day in their new homes, spreading love. And me, I was alone with my eaten-up furniture and a sadness in me…

It sounds selfish, but I kept on with my foster parenting for the joy of the fact – all of them, each and every one of these angels is happy because of me. They are playing, because I thought them how to. They’re exploring the world, and I am the reason they are still in it. They are spreading love, because I gave it to them.

стела3 19578053_10210199208202082_1265770622_n 13555822_10208952784390859_175143079_o

And I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s not. And every time I’m at the “Farm”, I feel like telling them “that’s it, this puppy is my ultimate and only friend and I’m keeping it forever!” They just smile at me and answer:

“Yes, of course you can keep it. And you will be its rescuer and you’ll be happy. But, the truth is you have already saved it, and it can be happy elsewhere too, it will forget you in a week or two.”

And so I cry and send my beloved puppy off to its new home. And then I take on the next litter of helpless babies. And I teach them to play, to explore and to love.

It’s only been two years since I first met the Farmers. And I always take breaks for a month or two after fostering a litter. And still, today I can proudly and happily tell everyone that I am the reason 86 puppies are still alive and healthy, loving and loved.

And I am not writing this to boast. I am writing it, because I rescued 86 puppies. What would happen if 9 more of us would join?

And so I invite you: dear friends, have no fear, become foster parents!“


We are posting the letter from I.Z. with a hope: not even 9, it would be enough if 3 people tried, even if only 1 of them decides to remain with us… then tens of abandoned babies that we wouldn’t be able to help otherwise could get the chance of life and health they deserve.

The duration of stay for the puppies is about 30-45 days, which is the time between their first and third vaccine. The time to build an immunity and a connection with people. The vaccines and de-worming are done freely at the shelter, if necessary, we can also help with the food.

Sadly, we have to turn back abandoned puppies every day – we do not have enough space in our quarantine ward for all of them. A single foster parent can save hundreds of lives. But even if it is only one life – it is still priceless. If you would like to help, please, send us your contacts by mail or on Facebook, so we can get in touch with you.

Orthopedic magic at the Franziska clinic

Posted on 28 June 2017

D-r Hristo Nikolov worked in the Franziska clinic surgery till late last night. All the surgeries were successful, and the little patients have begun their recovery.

Hugs for you and d-r Nikolov, and here is a short report from the dogs:


IMG_1013 IMG_1019

It was a complicated, double surgery to make and external fixture to tiny Trudy. It has been more than 7 days since the damage and the hip bone has begun to heal incorrectly. D-r Nikolov spent over 2 hours with Trudy, but in the end – the results were excellent!

IMG_1021 IMG_1075

Trudy will remain with the fixture for a month, and in the meantime we will do our best to improve her overall condition – put on some weight, get rid of the skin issues, hopefully also begin her vaccination plan alongside her litter-mates.



Second-time surgeries (as is the case of Nera who has developed osteomyelitis) are always difficult. Nera too has an external fixture, but also a drainage – d-r Nikolov cleared the infection and it now needs to be regularly disinfected.

IMG_1043 IMG_1055

The girl is in for quite a recovery time, but the pain will greatly subside in the days to come.

IMG_1067 IMG_1069

On the photos Nera always looks very frightened and sad, but she is a very sweet dog. It’s just that she has been through too much and really, really wants to leave the hospital already.


IMG_1024 IMG_1026

Lovely giant Archie was also in the surgery last night, although for a small intervention. He had to have his implant removed after a successful osteosynthesis to the hip bone.

IMG_1084 IMG_0839

This is Archie’s second stay in our clinic for the last 2 weeks. He saved the life of a little beagle – Sarah, who came in with severe blood-loss, fighting for her life. Our darling Archie is a rescuer!


IMG_1044 IMG_1046

There is no veterinary scanner in Sofia, so to have this test done for a dog, you have to make an appointment after hours in a humane clinic. Dessy has an appointment booked for this Friday.


With the help of our young volunteer vets from Holland, Dessy gets the physiotherapy she needs 4 times in a day and already there is improvement – she can lift her hear a little, and at moments you can see her tail wiggle softly. We only pray something can be done for her…

Thank you

We live in a civilization of objects. Everything around us screams “live carelessly!”, “have fun!”, to speak of friendship, duty and responsibility is so… old fashioned.

Today it seems people are being born to take bank loans, drink coke, eat McDonalds, wear Adidas, rest in Slanchev Bryag and drive a shiny car… Relationships seem to evolve around sex and benefits, benefits and sex, and nothing, really – nothing is more important than “having a good time”.

Thank you, dear friends, for staying in touch with the Good. That you are generous and compassionate, that seeing pain you do not change the channel, but decide to help. That you’ve been giving the saddest creatures all the health and chance they deserve.

We love you. And we continue on.

00 blagod


Hospital at the end of the city – June 2017/2

Posted on 23 June 2017

UPDATE 28/6/2017

The girls have had their surgeries!


Summer. Adopters, volunteers and donors are on vacations, but the dogs needing rescue are here. They come carrying their pain “help me, friend” and don’t know that people are on or saving for a brake, and sunny days are not for sad dogs.

Dear friends, the clinic has so many ill animals and so little funds that we’re currently unable to provide help to all of them. Desperate patients are waiting for urgent surgeries, unpaid bills for medications are piling up, disabling us from ordering more, and we’re not even able to buy the disinfectants we need…

These friends are not getting the help they need in urgency:

Trudy – with a crushed leg

Tiny Trudy is from a litter of puppies abandoned in the forest with a skin infection. Very frightened, skinny and full of parasites, the puppies were and still are in a very bad condition.

IMG_0019 IMG_0016 19477885_242651019573259_1160704614_n

It’s worst for the tiniest of the litter – Trudy. She has a broken tibia and hip bone on her left back leg. She was maybe kicked or lifted harshly by the leg, we can’t know what happened to her. But the fact or the matter is that her leg is destroyed.

The little girl keeps her leg tied all the time and has severe pains. The worst thing about it is that at this age, she needs an immediate surgery, otherwise her leg will heal in the wrong way, causing pain till her last breath.


Trudy has to have surgery right away. But it will be a very complicated one, and even with all the discounts we get from d-r Nikolov, it will cost 460 leva.

Trudy is only 2 months old, but she already knows more about pain than most of us. Would you help her grow a happy and healthy girl?

Dessy – paralyzed

Fully paralyzed and in a bad condition, Dessy has anaplasmosis and most probably polyneuropathy.

IMG_0012 IMG_0011

We’ve had the girl for a week and she needs intensive, constant care. We have to turn her every 4 hours, she takes strong medication and physiotherapy 5-6 times a day. She is a very gentle and kind soul, grateful for every touch she gets.


To be able to treat her properly, Dessy needs an urgent MRI scan, which costs 200 leva… What can we do?

Nera – with complications after surgery

Nera needs to be operated immediately, otherwise she will lose her leg.


Found hit by a car two months ago, she was treated in a private clinic, but her recovery didn’t go right. She arrived at the shelter with a deep fistula and the x-rays we made showed she’s also suffering osteomyelitis. No wonder she is so sad and unhappy – Nera is in very, very big pain.

If she is to stay on all four, Nera needs a new orthopedic operation. The implant she has must be removed, an external fixture has to be built, she needs antibiotics and washing of the wound through a drainage.

12486_46899_4_s0 12486_46899_7_s0

Unfortunately, the girl also has anaplasmosis – a disease spread by ticks which causes a bacterial infection in the blood – which she is also being treated for.

But only her surgery costs 480 leva… Will we be able to provide it for her?


Please, if you have the means, send them a bit of help, they desperately need it:


101 patients

Tens of dogs and cats found medical help at our Franziska clinic during these last weeks, it was like an avalanche hit us when we lifted the quarantine. We introduce you to some of them:

IMG_0936 IMG_0937

Kind Deddy was most likely dragged by a car. He has deep rope wounds on his neck and a huge peace of tissue missing on one side. To his luck, he has friends who haven’t left him feeling alone during the long treatment.


kotik1 kotik3 kotik2

A litter of babies that came with a combination of Calici- and Herpes-virosis are now finally healthy. The treatment was very long, but we’re really pleased that everyone survived and not even one of them has gone blind from the illness. It’s time to vaccinate them, but we don’t have vaccines…


IMG_0625 IMG_0636

Cyril and Methody are two little brothers that were getting eaten alive by worms. Shaved down and with a first vaccine, the two little guys have the privilege of being treated in a foster family.


IMG_0887 IMG_0891

Benny, a lady with a skin-disease is one of the nicest dogs we’ve come to now. She suffers from pyoderma and demodex and is facing a long treatment ahead of her.


IMG_0060 IMG_0063

Little Buddy has negative skin samples, but is an obvious case of demodex. When he arrived, his whole body was covered in scabs and naked, but now he’s feeling much better and occupies one of our yards – as the sun is doing miracles for him.



Your friend Tinkerbell was operated, but had a strange high fever. It turned out she too has anaplasmosis, we’re treating her with antibiotics and they’ve already kicked in. We can say she is away from harm now and recovering well after her osteosynthesis.


IMG_0580 IMG_0924

Warm regards from Teddy, the baby suffering a huge head wound, as well as our amazing, brave little Steffie. Both are now fostered by d-r Ilieva where they can get all the attention they need.



Tiny baby Johnny came in with pneumonia and was hanging by a tread for nearly a week. Today she is in a much better condition – playful and eating. Unfortunately his blood work shows he still has a massive infection, so his treatment continues.


IMG_0906 IMG_0911

Although we have no way to look after them properly, we’re currently the proud mothers of 2 litters of abandoned nursing pups. We bring them home, then we bring them to work… We’ve talked about this monstrous act many times before, so… Let’s  just hope they make it.


IMG_0029 IMG_0283 IMG_0932

Puppies, never ending puppies, like always… Only now we have just 2 fully vaccinated babies. There are 38 more – in the shelter and in foster families – waiting. What will we do with them? These are 850 leva just for their vaccinations…


Friends, will you help us help them?
It’s a lot of money, but then – we are a lot of people.

If 1 in 10 people reading this decide to help out just a little – everyone will get the treatment they need and the Farm will continue to work full speed for the dogs in trouble, like it always has…


HOME: Foxy, Fritz, Serena, Ayra, Billy, Moyra and Rossen

Posted on 19 June 2017

Every adoption is a magic, born in a kind heart. A miracle made possible by the generous thought: “I want to save my best friend’s life”.

Dogs come into the shelter in every possible way – some from a ditch and others from a box, but whether they are injured or abused, they are in the Farm, because they’re unwanted. And despite all our efforts to turn them into healthy and loving pets, their true salvation lies with the adopters.

We wish you good luck, dear kids. Stay loyal to your people, they are the ones who changed your story from a horror to a happy new beginning…

Babies Foxy and Fitz

Although we really cannot look after nursing babies, a litter of 4 new-bourns was dumped at the shelter grounds. Keeper Dimka made a choice to become their mother for a month – sacrificing her sleep and bringing them to work every day. A huge effort, but with a great result – four lives saved. Two of the babies found homes in Holland, and the other 2 were rehomed locally:

foxy (3)

Foxy went home with Victoria Georgieva and is now called Raya.

Фриц (3)

Fritz is now Alexandra Alexandrova’s loved boy and lives in Tarnovo.

We wish you long years of happiness together, dear ladies!

Shy Rossen


Alexander Blagoev and his wife Maria came to the Farm looking for a small-sized puppy to fill their days with joy. They looked into every cage at the shelter and opened their hearts to the melancholic Rossen, one of the puppies that came with mommy Rayna, a female we took in with a severe bite wound.

Alexander and Maria worked hard with Rossen and he is now a different dog. When trainer Elena visited them at home, she found him walking well on a lead and having a great connection with his new owners.


We wish them a continued progress – with the way they are going, soon the little guy will have no memory of his sad past. He also got a fabulous new name to suit his new life – Krum!

Playful Serena

Sweetheart Serena is a little baby that found itself abandoned one night at the Post Office at Bogrov, along with her 2 siblings. The two found families in Holland, but she didn’t have to travel so far:

serena (3) serena (5)

She was chosen to be the companion of Stanimir Peev, and the two are already taking long walks in the Western Park here in Sofia. She also has a lovely new name – Amara, which means “loved”, and that is exactly who she is…

Mommy Moyra

Abandoned in the cold at the end of this winter, little Moyra found shelter in the home of a lady who had already taken in 3 ill street dogs. Without noticing her pregnancy, a few days later she found Moyra had given birth and the dogs in need at her place were already 8…

IMG_9679 IMG_9847

We admitted Moyra to the shelter nursing, at the beginning of Spring, and it was a long fight to prepare the colorful family for adoption. Today Moyra’s babies are in the hands of their Dutch families, and she is in her cozy home here in Bulgaria, but with a lovely German family!


Irmina Wendling and her children waited 2 months until Moyra reared her babies, got all her vaccinations and was neutered. During this time they came to visit her every week, brought her good food and took her on walks, and she came to love them even before they started their life together!

Playful Ayra

The new home of cheerful Ayra is in Nadezhda district, in a big, happy family where she is treated like a princess!

ayra (8)

Ayra’s adopter – Mariella Georgieva works in the Municipality, and when we said goodbye to them we all had the same thought: “If more people like Mariella worked at our municipalities, we’d be living in a better place”. We wish them both to keep smiling always!

Billy, doomed to live

We’ve known Billy for a while now. He was the live door-bell of an empty warehouse right next to our Farm. Tied up to a worn-down wooden house through winters and summers, he spent his days barking, hungry and thirsty, but always on guard. Until the security guy was fired, and Billy was set lose. This way, he became one of the dogs living in front of the shelter.

IMG_0056 IMG_0057

We do our best to keep the homeless dogs around us vaccinated and dewormed. But before vaccinating Buddy, d-r Ilieva decided to take his blood for testing. Sadly, the good bear turned out to be infected with the worst of parasites, the heart-worm. And so Billy came to the Farm – one more patient with a horrible diagnosis.

Thanks to you the boy began his treatment immediately. And although he is not young and attractive, the good bear won the heart of his human – Svilen Stoykov from the first moment they met.


Billy stayed with us for his pre-medication and Immiticide shots, and then Svilen brought him home for the final month of recovery – the time necessary for the parasites to be absorbed into the blood flow, without clogging the heart. It takes a month and the dog has to be as calm and quiet as possible. And what better place to be immobilized than on your own couch with people who love you?

Be happy, Svilen and Billy!

Greetings from Bubka

Where would be sweet Bubka today if Dimka Stoeva hadn’t appeared in her life like a magician? Most likely she wouldn’t be able to send you these gentle regards from her warm bed in Belgium…

z bubka

A hospital at the end of the city – 06/2017, part 1 – updates

Posted on 16 June 2017

The “Franziska” clinic is working full speed, d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva cannot sit down for 5 minutes in their hard working days. We start with a report on the heroes whose treatments you provided last month.

Steffie is doing well

The amputation is a fact, but Steffie still has high leucocytes in her blood count and the vets will continue her antibiotic treatment for a few more days. She will soon be all right and ready to start her vaccination scheme.

IMG_0560 - Copy

We will wait for now the last leg we haven’t treated – there is some crepitation in the joint, but it’s possible she will grow out of it in the coming months. Right now it’s most important to take her out of her box so that she can start to walk little by little.

Tinkerbell is walking

Tinkerbell’s surgery was successful – d-r Hristov performed an ostheosynthesis on her shoulder bone. Unfortunately she came up with a high fever the day after. All the tests we ran on her are negative, she is on symptomatic treatment as the vets try to figure out the source of infection.

IMG_0803 IMG_0812

There’s no way we will let her go like this, she has too much love to give and she must make it.

Best regards from Ochko

IMG_0860 IMG_0857

The wonderful Ochko is in the end of his recovery after the complicated knee surgery you gave him. He still needs to be easy on it, although he is one bouncing character. But he is doing very well in general.

John Doe, Grant, Billy and Roshka – the war on heart-worm

john doe grant billy

John, Grant, Billy

Our boys’ hearts are all now beat freely. Everything is all right with them, they’ve all finished their therapies successfully – ready for a new life ahead.


Only Roshka left. She finished her pre-medeciation and will be taking in her dose of immiticide (the drug that kills the adult worms in the heart) in three doses next week.

Poor little Teddy

For a second day now Teddy is in the foster home of d-r Ilieva. Not because our 8-month pregnant doctor doesn’t have tasks in her little personal time. But because he feels and eats better when he is with her.


He is still critical. And if he makes it, he will need surgery on his badly broken front paw. He is too young and fragile for any of that now and needs to concentrate on surviving the head injury.

Mathilda’s puppies

They aren’t exactly her puppies – she never gave birth to them, she nursed them as hers. She gave them a second life… and maybe that means she truly was a mother to them. Distemper took our dear Mathilda, but the puppies she cared for survived.

IMG_0843 IMG_0851

Today we have 4 healthy, happy heroes. They are still in quarantine, but have already started with the vaccines and it will soon be their turn to go out in the sun.

Thank you

Our warmest regards to all the guardian angels who donated for the treatment of these sweethearts! We will introduce you to the new patients in the clinic this month in our next post.

Meanwhile – the senior volunteers will be expecting you for walks this weekend. Welcome!

HOME: Boris, Elvira, Lincoln, Allegria, Chase, Katy and Oliver

Posted on 13 June 2017

Friends often ask us:
How is it that you are such bloody optimists?

And the answer is simple:
Because we have the honor to witness so much kindness!

Deaf Boris, with worms in his heart

It’s not exact to say we found Borko in a village, as we almost ran over him with our car. Completely deaf, the kind angel didn’t hear us approaching and made us stop to see what’s up with him. He was all bones, confused, but very friendly, Borko was probably abandoned at that very spot.

boris1 boris11

Deaf animals cannot survive alone in the street. And dogs as kind and lovely as Boris also should not. We took him in. D-r Marincheva carried on his test and blood-work and… our gentle boy turned out infected with the deadly heart-worm.

Marina Yordanova came to the shelter with the idea of adopting a young, small-sized dog. She put her hand in Borko’s cage, stoked his velvet little head, he looked at her with his huge kind eyes and… a true bond of friendship appeared out of nowhere.

boris12 boris (8)

Thanks to your kind donations, Boris received the complicated treatment he needed to get rid of the heart-worm. It was one month of antibiotics, then the Immiticide shots, then another month locked up in a tiny cage (so that the dead parasites wouldn’t clog his heart)…

Boris went through too much hardship. But it was not for nothing and he was not alone. Today the deaf, doomed to die from heart-worm Boris is the loving friend of Marina. Living his second (or third?) life next to her…

boris (5)

It’s simple, right?
How could we be pessimists?

The abandoned Katy and Chace

It was the end of this winter. And they were 3 tiny little angels, abandoned between the living blocks in Banishora district. Just reared from their mother and left to die in the snow, three bundles of desperation and hunger – brown and simple, worthless and unwanted babies.


Puppies of this color are often overlooked. But these three had a destiny to be happy. Turbo was adopted in Holland. And Diezel (now Chace) and Mercedes (now Katy) were adopted together in a most wonderful family! Just as a child really needs a sibling, there is nothing better for dogs than to grow up with a friend.

merzedes diesel (5)

So, the Daumesnil had two children, and they now also have two dogs! We really thank Francois Louis for his wonderful choice and wish everyone in their household long years of happiness together.

Tiny Elvira

Lovely little Elvira was left in the shelter by her owners. They decided to give her a de-wormer, she threw up a roundworm and they decided she has the tapeworms and everyone will now die. We tried to explain that this is normal, there is nothing to worry about, but – they left her.

елвира elvira

Of course, such a tiny angel, so friendly and sweet is bound to go to a wonderful home. Even before she was out of the clinic, Elvira met her true friend – Evgenya Savova. We’re sure their life will be full of laughter and fun!

The amazing Allegria

No need for words. You can see for yourself on the photos – the happiness that Alexander Mihaylov brought home to his sweet daughter Raena…

all2 all1 all3

All the best to you, dear kids!

Ill Oliver

It was the fall of 2016 when we picked up Oliver from the Bogrov municipal shelter with a severe skin problem. The kind granddad spent long months in treatment until he was finally “rewarded” with a diagnose of chronic illness. That is another way of saying “eternal shelter inhabitant”…


But this was not the faith of the kind granddad. After a long life of trouble, the boy found his salvation in the heart of B. An amazing person and friend of animals whom we can only look up to.

B. doesn’t like to be thanked or tell anyone of the many animals she rescued. So, we will only say: “THANK GOD YOU EXIST”. And wish Oliver a long and happy life, as he couldn’t be adopted in a better place.

Lincoln the Fireman

We at ARSofia really love firemen – in the years of work we’ve met many noble man from their ranks. We admitted Lincoln on January the 10-th – our heroes had dragged-out our huge boy from the bottom of a very deep shaft.

IMG_0948 linkoln (2)

Amazing! So kind, so playful – a young Caucasian Shepherd with an amazing attitude to the world and the creatures that inhabit it. With a big adoption issue – his HUGE size… It took Lincoln half a year of clowning about for every potential adopter, but nothing happened. We wondered what this bad joojoo was – and he was waiting for his people all this time.

IMG_2741 IMG_9626

Today Lincoln lives with the wonderful family of Nya Doychinova-Petkova. His home is in a horse stable with 30 horses and another huge shepherd dog, with which they are of course – first buddies.

IMG_0410 IMG_0543 IMG_2683

We went to visit them. And what else can we say, except “I wish I was Lincoln!


21 sweeties in Holland

Posted on 09 June 2017

After a month without transports and adoptions, the first thing we did in the end of the quarantine was – TRANSPORT VIII/2017.

We sent 20 angels and the sweetest mommy in the world to a new life in Holland – where they will be loved family pets, and not unwanted mutts.

The journey was successful and 21 tails greet us like flags from the homes of their foster families. At the start of a brand new life, 2000km from here.

We thank all our friends, colleagues, volunteers and donors for their support – it takes so many kind hearts  for a puppy to cross over from the Ditch to the Dutch…

So here are the little mice you gave happiness to this week – the way you knew them at the Farm and in the first steps of a happy future they never even dreamed of…

One-eyed Mommy Ella and her 5 babies

Abandoned outside a village, mommy Ella gave life to 6 furry babies. Emaciated, nursing and very, very hungry, she listened to her instincts and started stealing hens. But although she looks like a fox, she is not at all cunning, and the villages quickly found out.

18235959_1991885897712237_695249324_o IMG_0193

The next time she tried to find something to eat, Ella was severely injured and lost half of her eye. One of the puppies was also killed. Then, a kind neighbor stepped forward and hid the rest in his basement, looking for a solution for the whole family.

17834895_10158554833095335_3399872256612541228_o 18077324_10158554833070335_1215410112179764767_o

Elly came into the clinic with a badly infected eye and very thin. She had to go through treatment and keep nursing at the same time. And she did such a fine job! Huge, fluffy, joyful and healthy – her pups are an example of good mother care.

eta (3) eta (1) eta (2)

D-r Marincheva removed Elly’s eye and closed it, we reared the little ones and she finally started to put on weight. We’re so happy that the whole family travelled together to their foster home – this way their adopters will be able to keep the family close.


Our best regards to everyone in the chain of rescue – in three months we managed to turn a village tragedy into an Amsterdam fairy-tale for 6 good hearts. Healthy and smiling on the green grass…

Venus and Williams from Gorni Bogrov

We admitted two tiny scared sisters who were dumped in the village center on a spring night. We named them Serena and Venus. A day later, we stumbled upon this tiny little guy at our door – so very alike them, there was no way he isn’t their brother. So, we raised them all together and named him Williams.

18644235_223773184794376_1008131713_n 18643566_223774418127586_2006865512_n

Besides looking alike, the three really were a close family. They lived in quarantine for quite a while – vaccinations, neutering… and no complaint ever. Serena was adopted locally, and Venus and Williams found their people in Holland.

The Scotts

keeva (3)

Silky Keeva (above) Fynn, and Marshelly are three puppies someone dumped in a trash shoot. When they were brought we had no room and the same family kept them at home for vaccinations.

fynn (1) marshelly (2)

Such gentle and clever souls, very loving and smart.

Litter D

daniel daniella
Daniel and Daniella

8 huge black monkeys (with a white sheep in the heard – Donny). Of course, dumped from someone’s back-yard. It doesn’t cost anything to just abandon a box of pups in the trash, and why not repeat it in 6 months, and then again…

deyan didi
Deyan and DeeDee

The 2-month work with a litter so large in numbers: 24 vaccines, 68 deworming pills, 200 kilograms of puppy food, 8 spay/neuter surgeries. (and this is without counting the re-vaccination during our quarantine, the food supplements; the treatments for 3 of the babies; the time that the vets, keepers and volunteers invest in keeping the puppies happy and people-oriented.)

diliana dimiter
Deliana and Dimiter

True luck. Because for puppies this large and so dark it’s crucial to be rehomed at the youngest possible age. If they grow over 6 months of age on the shelter, this usually means they will stay here forever…

dolly doni
Dolly and Donny

Martha and Masha

Found abandoned in the village Bistrica, the sisters are really lovely – two of those most cuddly and friendly babies.

18643927_223770071461354_757923863_n 18643472_223770331461328_1621756050_n

There definitely is a connection between the color and attitude of dogs, as the sweethearts of this type are always very cheerful and friendly creatures.

In Holland

18742253_10213764595697743_263568728_o 18745210_10213764639218831_90711088_o 18765349_10213764668259557_203151645_o 18767193_1708856845809414_544374944_o 18789171_10213764716020751_2134539294_o 18926941_10213854079654786_856728077_o 18927348_10213854070174549_486301601_o 18949036_10213854074014645_1742784005_o 18982946_10213854070614560_119848307_n

We continue

A big hug for our logistics masterminds Vivi and Nadia, for doctors Vicky and Polly, for drivers Marty and Valio – each journey on our “life-line” is such an amazing adventure, sometimes makes your hair turn gray.

IMG_0197 IMG_0199

It might look like “yet another” but we know it is “the Journey” for the dogs on it. And it’s worth all the nerves and problems, the tons of paperwork and crazy organizing of so many people, thousands of kilometers away…

Teddy, Steffie, Tinkerbell

Posted on 07 June 2017

Update 03/07/2017

Update 09/06/2017


The funds for the three angels have been raised!

>  Steffie’s operation will be carried out ASAP.
>  Tinkerbell needs a couple of days to fight the infection before her surgery.
>  And Teddy is starting to eat on his own…

Keep your fingers crossed for them!!!

Initial post: А CRY FOR HELP

We admitted so many new dogs to the clinic for stationary treatment this week.
Most of them are going to make it, but these three angels need your help to survive…


What happens when a one-ton car drives through a three-kilogram puppy?
– Something very bad. And in Steffie’s case – all your legs are broken and you are left to agonize by the road bank…

steffie before

Lovely, gentle Steffie arrived almost hopelessly broken, but turned out to be a true fighter. She already went through one very difficult surgery before the quarantine – d-r Hristov applied an external fixture to her broken right hind leg and it has healed.

18318023_1670640649632557_581571915_o 18289886_1670640399632582_1589431547_o 18318204_1670641089632513_1693863095_o

Now it is time to amputate the front left leg – the shoulder joint is completely luxated, the nerve damage is 100% and the condition is final. There is nothing else that can be done, the leg has to be removed.

IMG_0558 - Copy

Steffie cannot get up. Despite this, she always tells us when she needs to pee, so we can take her out of the bed. Steffie is in horrible pain. Despite that, she always kisses the hands that are touching her, grateful and loving. Steffie will fight for her life like a lioness. As long as she gets a chance.

The costs for her surgery will be BGN 200.


Lovely. Kind. Smart. Gentle. Tinkerbell is a dog with a huge heart and an even bigger problem. We don’t know exactly what happened to her, kind people from her neighborhood brought her – unable to stand and with a badly broken shoulder.


The fracture is very severe and a complicated orthopedic surgery has to be performed. The recovery will also be uneasy. Still, the girl has every chance to make it, as long as we’re able to provide her with the operation she needs.

tinkerbell x ray

Her friends in Druzhba district have already raised 140BGN for her. 380 BGN more are needed. Please, help her walk again if you can…


There is nothing scarier than a baby, fighting for his life…

Teddy теди

Dumped in a trash shoot with an unimaginable trauma to the scull, Teddy’s life is hanging by a thread.

The little guy needs 24-hour care and goes home with us every evening, so that we can continue to give him his medications every 6 hours, feed and water him with a syringe.

IMG_0316 IMG_0553

We are fighting hard for him, but Teddy’s condition remains critical. He really needs NutriPlus Gel, and Autrauman silver patches.

The additional materials will cost 60 BGN.
(If you want to purchase the things directly – you are very welcome!)

If we manage to save him, he will also need help for a plastic surgery of the paw, as he is missing a lot of tissue there too and the wound couldn’t heal by itself – a skin transplant will be needed. We only hope to be able to get him there…

Can you help?

The total amount needed for Steffie, Tinkerbell and Teddie is BGN 700.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

We can only hope that you decide to make a miracle for them – once more.
Thank you!

IMG_0564 - Copy