Posted on 19 November 2013


If anyone had truly loved him, maybe he wouldn’t have ended up in the street – punished for a bold back. He wouldn’t spend his days trying to get very person he meets to like him – jumping and being an acrobat, licking hands and if none of that helps – by looking at you in a way that makes your heart skip a beat – shy and friendly at the same time.

We called him Barnie, because he is small and kind and always has a smile on his face. With his massive 5 kilograms he can easily fit in any human lap.

Barnie is a very young boy, he could have had a whole world ahead of him, a world full of adventures. He could be handed over from a hug to the next by the volunteers, just waiting for his new person to show up. He is such a cheerful fellow nothing can bring him down. And why should it, he is one of those dogs that see the plate half-full…

…The only sad thing remaining is his poor hearts knowledge of the fact he is not loved by anyone. No one wants him in their home.


It is too late to dream of warm evenings at home, cuddled up next to his people. It is too late to imagine a little winter coat and a walk in the park. Because Barnie has cancer. His enthusiasm will fade month after month after month and he will not know why the other dogs are chosen and go home whilst he is left alone in his cage. He will try to jump higher and lick people’s hands even more enthusiastically, but whatever he does – he will lie down in his little bed all alone in the evening. He will wander what he did wrong to deserve this. He will do his best to climb in someone’s lap begging for love with his smiley eyes. And in a year or two – he will die. His story will be yet another one of a dog unloved and unwanted, that died without ever truly living.

But what if we are wrong? What if little Barnie has someone out there waiting for him? This person could exist – someone who’s pain of losing Barnie will be an ounce smaller than the joy of giving him a happy life, someone who would not think skin cancer is disgusting. This person would feel with all their heart that Barnie shouldn’t spend his last days in this world alone…

Where are you, Bernie’s friend? He is waiting for you, all his love and gratitude packed. He is waiting every single moment. Where are you?

IMGP7561 IMGP7570

If at first you don’t succeed with Rex…

Posted on 13 November 2013

Here is the living proof of a great Bulgarian saying “every evil that comes is for the best”. It has now been over a year since Rex the husky came to us out of the blue. It was one sickness-surgery nightmare for all involved.


And when the surgeries were finally through and successful – BOOM – a food allergy. The amount of rice we fed this poor boy actually made him look just a little bit Chinese. When we finally got it under control – WHAM – he got hemorrhoids. Not a pain to die from, but it makes it kind of hard to find someone willing to have his pooping dog scream all over the park every day…

391535-10151366444019498-1505385136-n 1376213_10201635961295248_244916026_n

This situation didn’t disturb Rex one least bit. After all – anything is better than the hen house he used to inhabit before the shelter. Walks in the field every day, games with his best buddy Lilly and not a single f**c about anything else – Rex felt this was a great way to spend your days on Earth. Meanwhile a worry was eating us up on the inside – that we might not make it with Rex. There’s not a single dog-person in Europe who hasn’t been informed about Rex’s hemorrhoid issue. And then, suddenly as… hm-m, something very sudden, suddenly as that came Birgit. Birgit the husky power!


There lived in Germany a lady, who loves Northern dogs and cares for some of them at her amazing farm. Some are rehomed with good people, others stay with her and run about the farm just as this type of dogs need it. So, this wonderful lady decided that she wants to take our little singer – Rex. And even better, along with a Northern friend. And why not, since we are already making the trip to her, add another couple – Rex & his friend for Birgit and two more souls for rehoming.

Having Caprice and Christo in our shelter we didn’t have to wander for long. But how to find Rex a blue-eyed friend, when his heart was loyal to Lilly and no one else?
And what would Lilly do without her best pal?
(Stay put for the final sequence where the mystery is revealed)

1381054_10201605858982709_2050892_n kristo

Ladies and Gentlemen!
It is our pleasure to officially announce, that: in a German farm, with one amazing Birgit, there are 4 of our little monkeys safe, sound and happy – Rex and his friend, Christo and Caprice! And whom might this mysterious friend of Rex be, you will ask (or not ask, but you should, that makes it more dramatic)? Well, Lilly of course!
Although absolutely of NON-Nordic decent (make that a Southern blood to be exact), Birgit has felt no prejudice on inter-racial marriage and adopted them both together!

And here we are today, hearing news about great big holes being dug up about Germany, Rex and Lilly running and having fun like they ought to!

64238_690243517660001_2125248298_n 544140_690256774325342_90987678_n

Thank you Birgit! Good luck with rehoming Christo and Caprice and congratulations on your two new dogs – Rex and Lilly!

Of course, congratulations to all of us and the 4 heroes! Venceremos!

576591_690244520993234_1641048388_n 1463052_690240754326944_694090137_n


560086_690256264325393_407345566_n 1459327_690256324325387_793848744_n

P.S. In case you are wandering, yes, this is the same miracle-making Birgit that adopted poor Mecho and Missy – two dogs from Sofia that a monster tried to kill by pouring acid in their ears.

Run Bruce, run!

Posted on 09 November 2013

Run away far from the menace of your owner!

Run with no memory, don’t turn around for the people who have no love for old dogs!

Forgive the fact that the only good time in your life was the one you spent at our shelter. Forgive us for not being able to find your real human friend at the dawn of your life. Forgive us for letting you walk away without ever knowing what home feels like. Forgive us for being all alone when the Black Messanger came.


We hope that the love we had for you would be of at least some comfort to you. We hope that the love you had with your most favorite shelter people has compensated at least a bit of the suffering you had to endure in your life.
Run, boy, run under that rainbow bridge! They say that the old dogs there play like puppies. They say it is all joy and happiness there. And maybe, just maybe, that will be your place to be loved and love back.

Run, Bruce!

Popeye, the happy dog

Posted on 08 November 2013

You know that rehoming animals with disabilities in Bulgaria is a difficult task. So far, with so many permanently disabled animals only the following have been adopted locally: three-legged Linda; the blind Bob (Marley); the blind Labrador Aura; three-legged Rottweiler Santra; the blind kitten Nini and Momchil the tripod. All of these stories can be crowned “miraculous”, more so having in mind that all these animals got a happiness they had never even dreamed of. But still – it has been almost 4 years of work and with such a huge count of disabled animals – we haven’t done too well. For this reason, and also because we love them so much, we are in a very festive mood and feel grand every time a Bulgarian decides to adopt an animal with an obvious, striking, incurable problem.

DSC_5583 Photo0026

Our dear, our beloved, our special semi-Dalmatian Popeye has found his happiness here in Sofia! He has sailed on with Ana Vaseva, who simply could not refuse the kindness in his eyes and had to bring him home. We want to share two notes from Ana, so that you can enjoy this event as much as we did:

…Popeye is now with me. He is still worried and only sleeps in his bed, refusing to enter the other rooms (perhaps fearing a bath or another mean trick). He goes out with a great pleasure, we went to the park. On our second walk I took him around the neighborhood so he can get to know our neighbors and see our friends. Without being very sociable, he is very good and kind. He took his bath as a hero…

We read and re-read this little letter so we can enjoy every word of it. After everything he has been through, after all the suffering, loneliness and pain Popeye finally has his Home, his Human and his Happiness.

DSCN4140 DSCN4158
Popeye then

DSC_5560 DSC_5588
Popeye now

Take a look at the words below, they are just a few, but somehow make us forget all the bad things life has to offer:

Excluding his suspicion to the hallway (perhaps, because it is slippery) Popeye is now feeling completely at home. We walk in the park and he goes off the lead (he comes when he is called, except in the times when a soft-hearted lady offers him a biscuit which makes him fall in love immediately), he loves to play with empty plastic bottles, he runs, drools all over my boots, loves to cuddle and has friends and fans – everything is perfect.

Thank you, Ana, for giving us the notion that Bulgaria is full of good people! We look at him and hope that someday – there will be no more hopeless dogs for us to save…

DSC_5576 Photo0019

A home for Pavlinka, the little old pug

Posted on 07 November 2013

Pavlina is an old pug that was dumped outside in a horrible condition. Besides being at least 10 years old, she also brought along a terrible infection to the eyes and ears, as well as mange.

Pavlinka is not the first and definitely not the last pug to enter the shelter. But she was lucky – the minute they heard that we had her, Alessandro Bonzanini and Milena Rangelova came to Bogrov. They loved her immediately and wanted to help. We explained that the dog is too old and of a risky breed to be neutered at our center, so she needs to undergo the procedure at the CVC. So, they went to pay for her surgery on the spot. Afterwards, it turned out she has already been neutered, so she was spared this operation at least. Instead, the lovely couple made a radical decision and decided to take Pavlinka home! They are continuing her mange treatment and she is loving the company of their one-year-old pug Max.


Pavlinka has made herself at home with Alessandro and Milena, she is really flourishing and getting healthier by the day – it must be all that love she is getting. With a great joy we share with you a quick note we got from Alessandro about her:


I am sending you 2 photos of Pavlinka, so you can see for yourself how well she is doing now. She is very active, curious and wants to hug  (and climb the sofas) all the time. She is definitely feeling better!

At the moment the situation is better, she has a serious stomach problem, but it is under control. Her treatment will take a while, so we can fix her tummy and mange.

The doctors are sure she will be OK, because she is looking better and better every day.

pavlinka2 pavlinka3

In the photos, you can see her in the park and at the table with her new buddy – Max.

Regards, Alessandro

One nickel at a time…

Posted on 06 November 2013


Over 50 BGN were donated by Maya Ilieva in 1, 2 and 5 stotinki coins!
The unusual donation is of course for the purchase of a new shelter and it is made on behalf of Maya’s very special 13-year old friend that was found out in the street many years ago.


We cordially thank all out donors! We will make it, dearest and wonderful people, it is absolutely impossible that a dream desired by many good hearts will not become true!

Regards from Zhoro and Kiro

Posted on 01 November 2013

A letter from Nicolay


A year has gone by in a blink since we first met our boys. We are used to living together and have our daily routine life. Maybe you will remember that we found Zhoro 2 years old in Cage 1 – good-looking, curly-tailed and always ready to play. He had no idea how to climb stairs, what a car is and why people live in boxes. Then, we still didn’t know what an amazing kind heart this lovely black boy has. Today – either walking or out in the car, we can recognize the Zhoro in many different homeless souls. Our hearts shrug with the thought of the difficult lives these angels must endure… how little other people know of them.

A few weeks after we took Zhoro, life put Kiro on our path. He still had his puppy teeth and was just coming out of sedation for his broken leg when we first met him at the clinic in the Bogrov shelter. We were coming for the Sunday walk and when we saw him – it was like a little miracle. In a fraction of the second his yellow eyes caught us off guard and we didn’t even ask ourselves if we have the strength to care for two dogs in life. After that was taken care of – everything went on as it should. As a naturally-born hunter, Kiro quickly showed his interests in everything that flies. He started to stand in a hunting-posture, sniff the air with his ears up and many other hunting tricks no one has ever shown him. And just a few quick words to the person who abandoned this puppy: You should regret this deeply, buddy! The yellow-eyed hunter is not only born for game, but also very clever and quick. He would have been the perfect hunting dog, but – it was never meant to be. As a reminder of all he went through Kiro now has a small scar on his leg – nothing else.


If you ask Zhoro, he’d probably tell you Kiro is one total nut – a creature that needs constant parental guidance. When the two first met his response was something like “you look like a total wuss” and a quick retreat to the couch where a spot had to be guarded. Despite all the class-differences between the two, the boys quickly developed a language of their own and became great friends.

Zhoro is not an artistic fellow. He is the dream-dog of anyone in their late 40-ties. Calm, well behaved and very clever, he is the perfect friend. He somehow became the big man when his silly small brother came along. He became somehow shinier, but also began to look smaller than his accelerated “little” brother. Still – he will always be the older one! It has happened that some buddies have gone over the line when they were wrestling with Kiro. Then, the dark gentleman would drop whatever he is doing and come to the rescue! He is like the Dark Lord when on a mission – nothing can stop him and he never makes a step back. He has even jumped a dogo argentino three times his size, thank goodness he is so convincing he has not ever been bitten whilst intimidating other dogs. But don’t you ever for a moment thing these two are perfect. They have their bad moments too, and an occasional ear munch happens from time-to-time. But they are never alone when they are at home and they don’t need any other dogs in the park to have a good time.

Yeap, it was all a big thing for us! The oldest in our pack had to get in a better physical shape – 4-5 kilometers of walking is a must every day. Health, less stress, a more positive outlook – these are all the results of a fine, long walk. The young people in our group became more responsible and caring – what could be better? And the youngest – Zhoro and Kiro – well, they are always amazing! They bring us joy every single moment we are together. The whole gang sends you our best regards and hope to see you move to a new place soon!

Hospital at the end of the city (October 2013)

Posted on 28 October 2013

EDIT 29.10.2013

Thank you once again for your help, dear friends! All the dogs you see here have found their caring sponsors and will get the best help possible! Fingers crossed that there are more good than bad news for the lot.

Another month passed and we haven’t admitted new animals for a permanent stay at our shelter, but urgencies will be urgent, so our clinic hasn’t stopped working for the homeless dogs of our city every single day. These are the most important cases of the weeks passed, we really hope you will be able to help us finish the treatments of a few dearly loved babies as well as two new souls – a sad granny and a lovely Conrad, both of which wouldn’t be living today if we had denied them help…



We start with a moment of silence for a lovely, smart, kind creature that we were unable to save. He came to us on suspicion of a heavy pneumonia. We started him on antibiotics and infusions straight away and it seemed like he looked better right away – everything seemed to be going predictably in the right direction. When we came to work on the following morning, he was gone. Sadly, this magnificent friend was poisoned and the noise in his lung were his body’s last efforts to fight off the poison… Rest in peace, dear angel, please, forgive us for not being able to help you…

The newly-manged

IMGP7189 IMGP7352

Adina is a hound-mix we took in for treatment – she has the demodex mange. She is very lucky to have people waiting for her when we are done with the treatment. Adina is a great dog – very sweet, about 5 years old – smart and good. We hope to quickly repair her and get her outer appearance in harmony with her inner glow.


The old female with mange must be at least 101 years old. She is someone’s tortured old dog, dumped heartlessly in a horrible condition: very weak, very thin and with a bad mange. Someone had dumped her on the road and she was walking slowly to Nowhere when we found her. She is now being fed and treated. Besides the usual stuff for her pains, she is also getting d-r Stankova’s magic potion – a creepy cream containing stuff that is bad for the mange and good for the skin that has helped many naked souls get their fluffy cover back.

IMGP7230 IMGP7232

For the newly-manged we ask for your help: we need more of our precious Ivermectine (the drug that treats mange), it costs 28BGN. And if anyone would be willing to donate some Omega 3 acid supplements to Granny, she would be greatly obliged.

Needing check-ups at the Central Vet Clinic

DSC_8190 DSC_8193

Brave boy Martin is in a difficult situation after his successful surgery. The healthy leg he has left in front has been taking all the weight of the operated one and is becoming crooked. We need to make x-rays and consult a good orthopeditian to figure out what we can do about this.

_VLA5911 IMGP9435

You may not know DiCaprio unless you’ve been at the shelter or read our dog-adds. He came to us through the Municipal catchers – ill with distemper which has left a small tick on his front paw. Now he has started to limp a little bit with the other front leg and we need to have him x-rayed and see what’s going on there.

_VLA5932 IMGP9465

The situation is similar with Bay too. She is a small little lady that was dumped in front of the shelter a while ago. Unfortunately she has problems with both her front legs, so we need to have her checked by a good vet who will need at least 2 x-rays on both legs.

Kalina2 snejina

Other than these, we have Snezhina and Kalina to visit their surgeon for a follow-up. We are only waiting for d-r Zlatinov to return and hope to be able to bring them to him.

The check-ups and x-rays of our lads and lasses will cost the total of: 5х20 + 10х15 = 250BGN

The guilty

IMGP7193 IMGP7202

Conrad (new life- new name) is a boy of 1,5 years. We were called by people in a village not far from us where a dog had been tied outside the house without food or water, being beat up very aggressively by the owner who wanted “to get rid of it”. The dog itself was described as angry and dis-trustful. But when Polly and Kremi went there to pick him up the clever guy quickly figured they mean him no harm he quickly relaxed. He was very nervous the first 2 days – jumped up in fear every time someone raised their hand around him and he was very hard to be touched on the head, but he is a totally different dog now!

On the first photos you can see him right after we took him, he was constantly trying to hide under the doctors working table. He was very hungry, the bones are nearly protruding from his skin, but you can’t see it on a picture, because he is black. His eye has leaked, his ears all torn and scarred and it’s no wander he didn’t let us touch his head – he has holes in his scull that can only come from a very severe beating.


As far as we were able to understand, Conrad’s only “crime” was his crazy appetite for chickens and ducks – what a surprise in a hunting breed. Now we need to get him to put on some weight in order to be able to operate his eye. We will be doing an expertise on his condition, to bring his sweet owner at least a visit from the local police.

To have Conrad’s head x-rayed and take him to a neurologist we need: 75 BGN

How you can help

These brothers in arms deserve a second chance and will be loved one day. Only now, they are in the worst part of their fairy-tale, the most difficult one where a magical friend is needed to make things right. And for that – they only have you to depend on, dear friends.

The Bill:

Check-ups  250
Conrad         75
Granny         28

If you decide to donate for one of these angels CLICK HERE – you can donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia

Three women and a dream (To say nothing of the dogs)

Posted on 27 October 2013

“Some women met in an online forum” may be the opening scene for a number of Bulgarian initiatives and organizations. The one that we are talking about here is about a few girls and a lot, really and truly a lot, of dogs. This is a story about the beginning and the end of the dog shelter in Bogrov. A tale about love, hope, bravery, kindness and of course – the dogs.

ot segashnia ni priut (4)

Once upon a time there were three girls. They happened to meet in an Internet dog lovers discussion board. Although completely different, they had a couple of things in common – the love of dogs and clear understanding that a lot of work is required to ease the pain and suffering of the stray dogs living on the streets of Sofia.

At the beginning they all had jobs and devoted their free time to tend to the dogs in the municipal dog shelter of Seslavtsi – finding people to take care of the dogs temporarily here in Bulgaria, looking for suitable adopters in the Netherlands, organizing transport and sending them off to a new life. Other members of the discussion board tried to help as much as they could and slowly a supportive group of working dog lovers emerged and started changing the world around them. One dog at a time.

It happened that one day the girls got the golden opportunity not given to everyone in life – to fulfill their dream, if only they can muster the courage to do it. It was 2010 and the city council were looking for someone to work for 3 years in the biggest, at the time, dog shelter – supporting up to 500 poor souls. Our three heroines thought about it, fretted over the decision, then took a deep breath and jumped in. This is how the adventure called Animal Rescue Sofia started.

ot segashnia ni priut (5)

A lot has passed since then, our girls grew up to be the crazy dog ladies that always lurked somewhere in them. They don’t have the security of the regular work hours and good salary now, but how inspiring it is to know that everything depends on you? I know it, because I am one of them – the crazy ones, the ones that believe the stray dogs’ problems can be solved only by people who care. We have laws, we have methodology, the only thing that is left is to put the work in. And there is a lot of work to be done.

For the three years Bogrov dog shelter is functioning we managed to find homes to 2300 dogs from the streets of Sofia and to neuter 5400 more. Written down these numbers seems unreal, but try to count to 2300 and you’ll see – we’ve taken care and cared for thousands, each having their place in our hearts. So many doomed and unloved strays now have their own family in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany or the Netherlands.

volunteers (8) volunteers (14)

You may be wondering how we pay for all this without the help of the government, EU support initiatives or an international charities. Believe it or not, the whole shelter is funded by only private donations, people who know us and believe that everything they donate will be used in the best way to save animals, slimming down the number of strays on the streets and bettering our city. And those people are not rich – our highest donation is 130 euro, with the bulk of them being between 5 and 20 levs (3-10 euros). The secret is in the community spirit – everyone gives within their means, so we can all help our little silent friends.

Whether because we believed and continue to believe that Bulgarians have big hearts and we can solve our own problems, or because enthusiasm is contagious when it yields results, but somehow we can reach people. The shelter is open 365 days a year and in addition to the doctors and carers a lot of volunteers give their time to work here. I dare think this kind of self-driven community spirit is the civil society that we wish for in Bulgaria.

ot segashnia ni priut (1)

But enough said from the human perspective. I thought long and hard whether, like many of my colleagues, to tell some deeply upsetting and heartbreaking stories that will touch your soul and leave a mark. Like the one of the little baby Mook – a puppy, that got two of its legs cut off by some mindless maniac – now a loved companion in a wonderful home in Canada. Or the one of Zoran, the malamute, who we got from the police cut in pieces, confused and angry, who is now enjoying life in his new home in Sofia. Or Mecho and Missy, now “citizens” of Germany, who had suffered someone incredibly evil pouring acid in their ears. Or the one about Tihomir – the living skeleton… And hundreds upon hundreds of abused, beaten, tortured, sick, broken, agonizing dogs that had came to us on the brink of death, who now live a second life in a new home, with no memories of their past misfortunes.


But no. I am not going to emotionally blackmail you. We decided to be the people who take care of the unwanted and unloved and we will continue doing it. Now, three years after we started our journey, when we have proven our ability to deliver results, the end of our contract with Municipality of Sofia is near. We have to leave the shelter by December and are left with no place to continue our work. There is no point in whining about all the hurdles we had to overcome to get the land for the Bogrov shelter. Our time is running out, there are 2 months left to fix a new deal and we know that the only way for something to happen is if we do it ourselves.

Our little story can end here – without the happy ending, however anyone who cares can help us change this. We have found a property that is perfect for our needs and we can continue our work there – a big unused dairy farm. The only thing left is to find the money to buy it. The price is 210 000 euro – as much as a big apartment in the city, but still more than we can afford.

tajni ot priuta (4)

I believe that we can find more people with big hearts. I believe that this home for the unwanted can continue to exist. I believe, no matter how hard and un-achievable it seems, that “some girls” can find the funds and give shelter to the most miserable inhabitants of the city streets. I believe, because I can see the impossible happening every day. No one can help the whole world, but everyone can help a bit – today, here and now. Because there is no one else to do it for us and their fate is in our hands.

Stella Raycheva, “Women today” magazine, October 2013

How to help us?

ot segashnia ni priut (3)

Even if we are not rich, we have the numbers. If you think that ARS needs to continue forward, you can help. Every bit counts and even a small donation is of real importance – a matter of life and death for hundreds, no, thousands poor homeless souls.

CLICK HERE for online donations through and

Bank details of The Farm of Dreams:


IBAN (EU) – BG50FINV91501215999956

IBAN (BGN) – BG07FINV91501215999954

ACCOUNT HOLDER: “A R Sofia Foundation”

novia priut (1) novia priut (2)

1005BGN for the new shelter from Bea&Dante’s party!

Posted on 26 October 2013


The adopters of Dante&Bea – two huskies from our shelter – invented a wonderful idea to celebrate 1 year since their best friends left Bogrov – a charity party! Flavio and Elena invited the friends of Bea, Dante and Animal Rescue Sofia to a fund-raising celebration in the dog park. The results are 3 times better than anticipated – the guests donated over one thousand leva!!!

We are very grateful to their great team and to everyone who came to give what they can – our dogs are lucky to have so many good friends!

1385428_4882471079472_1184722228_n 1385851_4882476319603_1670148874_n

The event photos are HERE.

This is what Elena has to say about her life with Bea and Dante, two crazy huskies she and her partner Flavio adopted on October 24 back in 2012:




it has been a year since Bea and Dante came to us. A little after we adopted them we wrote to tell you how well we are doing and throughout the year you could see them at work – mushing and bikejoring.

I want to tell you a little more about the way this year passed. Maybe it was because they lived in the same cage when you had them, but they quickly became great friends. At first they even slept in the very same posture. Both are very loving, although Bea needed some time to start trusting us. She is distant with strangers, whilst Dante will do anything to get some love out of anyone. He will lay flat on his back to make the point if he must.


The two have very different temperaments. Dante is the most obedient of dogs when we’re home, but turns on a deaf ear from time to time when we are out walking. Bea is exactly the opposite – the trash is always at stake when she is near, as well as anything on the table, but when we are outside she is never far from us. To our great luck you introduced us to Sasho the trainer right away and he helped us a lot to deal with some critical situations – Bea’s little home destruct ions and Dante’s escape routine.

1371326_10201472798599470_1131217035_n 1388719_10201472799239486_1384188491_n

I want to tell you more about the past months – our family lived through a very hard time and Flavio had to stay in the hospital. When he returned we both worried that the dogs’enthusiasm to see him back will be risky to his many injuries, but we were wrong. It was like they knew he was badly hit on the right side and always approached him from the left with the gentlest moves possible.  There wasn’t even a single wild jump on him, unlike any other time, they never jumped on top of him like they used to when he lay down on the couch. Dante was so funny – he would come for a doctor’s visit and spend long hours in gently licking the fingers of Flavio’s badly hurt hand. It was Bea’s task to protect him and didn’t leave Flavio’s side for a moment until she decided he is well enough to make it on his own.


We thank you once again for taking care of these wonderful dogs until we came to find them at the shelter. We can no longer imagine our lives without them. They are so lively, loving and good that they give us a meaning to life in the hard days when it is not easy to find it.

Elena (and Flavio, Dante and Bea)


The generous donation made by the friends of Bea and Dante was sent to the new shelter’s bank account on the very next day – to be a warm reminder  for all our calculating hearts that cannot stop figuring out ways to raise funds and buy a new building for our shelter to keep working. Venceremos, dear friends, we will make it!

Negarcheto has arrived in his new home!

Posted on 21 October 2013

Then and now…

We were thrilled to tell you about Little Mook’s happy outcome and you may remember us mentioning that perhaps our two-legged boy will not be the last lucky Bulgarian to join the happy crowd in Tom’s house – and so it is! We now have a treated and healthy for heartworm, shiny, friendly, beautiful Canadian – former Negarcheto is now a loved little Jeff!

Negarcheto is a very special and loved 3-legged boy that you helped receive an amputation after he had met the fast train on the tracks directly. That was a long, long time ago and Negarcheto had become accustomed to shelter life, living it without a tail, a front leg and any pretenses. A really noble, kind, gentle friend.

DSCN5450 IMG_2269 IMG-2219

You know how it is with 3-legged dogs. Only three of ours have found homes in Bulgaria so far – the German shepherd Linda; Rottweiler-mix Santra and now Popeye, but please, pretend you didn’t hear this, we want to tell you all about it later on. All the other tripods we have so far been able to rescue like Meery, Bata, Anechka, Bojka, Suzie, Tray, Mata, Pippi, Kosta, Chichi and etc. have found their loving families abroad, and with a herculean effort to it.

Being so amazingly ugly on photos, combined with his permanent disability, Negarcheto was one of the candidates to spend his life behind bars at the shelter. It was his kind eyes and lovely character that got him out – he managed to occupy his own place in the heart of our friend Susann and stay there for many long months whilst she was searching everywhere for a good person who’d have him.

IMG_3806 IMG_3809

Now, former Negarcheto and current Jeff has curled up in Tom’s lap at their cottage which is the size of a whole village in our part of the world, and by his side is a little bit jealous Little Mook who is wandering if Tom’s heart is so big as to fit not only his 6 Canadian doggies, but also 2 more former sad Bulgarians? The answer is firm: yes! Poor silly Mook, he doesn’t even know he was the second dog Tom chose, it was exactly Jeff that put Mook on Tom’s path, not the opposite.

IMG_3818 IMG_3816
A first meeting…

We thank Tom from all our hearts for his kindness and compassion! We thank Susann and all the lovely people who took part in operation “Bulgarian tripods on the move” with such a great success! The brave little boy was treated successfully for heartworm in Germany with all the great comfort that fact brings, and got on the plane to greet his new pack and packmaster to our great joy and satisfaction.

This is how his days will look from now on:

Louie and Jeff on Deck noname (1) noname

CLICK HERE to take a look at Tom’s webpage

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And finally, we have to quote Tom on this as he couldn’t have put it better in words:  “A dog’s heart isn’t in his feet so it doesn’t matter how many he has.”

Bogrov – 3 Alsatians = happiness for Gergana, Rita and Pishka

Posted on 20 October 2013

We already cheered about Rita’s re-homing once, but it was in vain. A while ago the girl was adopted by kind people who didn’t listen to us when we told them she would have a hard time in an apartment, that she needs space where she can move about freely… so we were not that surprised when she was brought back to us in a short while. It often happens with the dogs that have a breed – people like their appearance and forget there is much more to look into when a best friend is being chosen for life.


This time – there is no mistake! Rita went to the right place with the right people! She is now the guardian she wanted to be – in the lovely home of Emil Borisov and most of all in his spacious yard. We thank Emo for the trust and the chance he gave this little girl – it is a great joy to us that no one is regretting this choice and everyone is happy and content!

Gery and… Pishka (unfortunately it does mean “penis” in Bulgarian) went home together! Not in any place, but in lovely Bankya and in a 5 acres of fenced yard! They were quickly loved by Georgios Tsigarendas and after he wandered which dog he likes better for a while he decided: both! The two clever animals are now in their place – good and obedient.

Гергана и Пишка

Gergana is a girl, about 4 years old, we picked her up in Doganovo with her eye nearly fallen out of the socket – the investigation lead us to a grumpy old lady who responded to Gergana’s pleas for food with blows on the head with a walking cane. Pishka has been with us since he was a puppy (needless to say – a dumped one) – there was no way we could name him otherwise – his penis was inside his stomach and d-r Stankova had to make him a little opening to be able to pee. It healed quickly and he is OK now, but there it is – the name is Pishka and Georgios is keeping the name…

To our three lucky Alsatians: Congratulations! And to all adopters: hats off, we thank you for the happiness you are bringing!