The first to be adopted through Pets&U!

Posted on 20 December 2013

Last weekend at Pets&U was something amazing! Meeting so many awesome people who came to meet the dogs and buy calendars and promotional food was so motivating and reassuring! We loaded up on good emotions to last all the way until the next weekend!


Two lovely ladies have went home! The first one was Lisa – a soft, kind, sweet little girl that we found dumped along with her brother and sister 3 months ago. Margarita and Vladislav Marinovi came only to see the doggies – of kindness and curiosity. But, when they saw the little sweetie they simply forgot to leave. Later on in the day they came back again, but this time with one of their sons and their 6-year old lady beagle and it was clear – Lisa is their dog!

DSC_1890 DSC_1965

So, Lisa is now with her loving new family. She will not be alone during the days, because the boys in the family go to school one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so there is always someone at home. Congratulations! We are so pleased for the little bear!

Kally the pug had many candidates – just as expected. There were a few families that were suitable for her, so she made the choice herself – Kally chose Nikoleta and Stanimir Stavrevi from Sofia.

DSC_1857 DSC_1905


They turned out to be very prepared for a dog of this breed, so she was lucky in her choice! Kally will be loved and cared for as a the little princess she is, what a lucky little lady!

HUGE THANKS to the amazing team at Pets&U! They are really remarkable people, we are happy and lucky to have the opportunity of working with them. Many hugs to the groomer Cvety who washed and polished our sweethearts before they went home – we had never rehomed dogs smelling so good before!

DSC_1772 DSC_1865 DSC_1955

This weekend at Pets&U there will be two doggies waiting for love – Anton and Punktchen  – both friendly, sunny, clever creatures who do not sleep at night, but dream and pray for Lady Luck to look their way and take them home this Christmas:


Pets&U are continuing their support for the animals in trouble – until the end of December the shop will donate 10% of all purchased Royal Canin foods and 15% of the adult Brit foods! Do go there if you need to stock up – they have a parking space available and if you get your food there you will not only be feeding your dog, but ours as well! Many hugs and greetings to those who have already bought the homeless-animal-support brands at Pets&U!

LOST! Kujo and Aura

Posted on 16 December 2013

Dear friends, please help Aura and Kujo – 2 dogs from the Bogrov shelter – go back to their owners – SHARE!




Kujo went missin in the Boyana district, he is afraid of people, although he is a very large St.Bernard mix. If you have any information, please call:

0899 285 307 PETAR



Aura the semi-blind labrador was stolen from South Park and has been seen taken away by a young girl in an unknown direction. She was wearing collars with name tags, but has not been called in, so we assume she will be sold somewhere. If you happen to see her or have any information, please call:

0893 737 173 KATYA

A real Christmas Fairytale

Posted on 11 December 2013

Told by Eti Dancheva

Maybe you remember one of the very sad cases at the Bogrov shelter – Petar, a dog that was smothered in acid.

В Богоров

Pepi had an owner who kept him chained on a meter-long rope for over a year and a half, often left without water and only fed dry old bread. The stench, the cold, the hunger, the loneliness – they were his partners in his miserable life.

The owner was often away and whilst off the chain Petar managed to dig a hole under the fence and escape to look for food and friends.

One day he returned with a huge bloody spot on his back, one that became covered in puss only in two days. He hid and began to patiently wait for it to go away. There was no pain in his eyes, only loneliness. The same loneliness we would see when he was kicked away by the owners of pure-bred dogs, the same one you’d see when he was chained.

I thank Animal Rescue Sofia and all the donors who helped this wonderful creature. If it was not for their help he would have met the destiny of his best buddy – he was poisoned the next day after ARSofia took Petar in. The two were very much alike in looks and it is most possible that he was the intended victim.

Петър в 16 клетка Петър залят с киселина

Petar spent 11 months patiently waiting in cage 16. Those who have walked dogs in Bogrov know that he liked and got along with every dog, he loved to hug the people he met.

September 2011 Petar also took a part in the famous film “300”. The people from the production wanted a dog that had an owner, because they wouldn’t trust a shelter dog. So, none of them knew that the patient actor who spent 6 hours on 2 square meters without a word of complaint was actually homeless. Coming back from the film set Pepi was crying. But when he realised that he was going to the shelter again he began to jump happily, he recognized the place, he was brought HOME.

Today Petar is a part of a wonderful German family. Before he departed, for only a month in a foster home he learnt the basic commands in German and according to his tutor became “a perfect dog”.

petur1 petur2

Petar’s story was written by many people – ARSofia who sheltered him and saved his life, the donors who paid for his treatment, miss Ruseva and her colleagues who helped him depart, and of course – his wonderful new owner Mrs Wendt who chose him. When she learnt his story she promised one thing: “I will love him dearly!”
Seven months after his adoption she writes:

“I want to send you a few words about Pepi. He is handsome and charming. He is really wonderful. He is grateful for life. He is intelligent; he always wants to please you. He is very social with my other dogs and a gentleman. I would always take a dog from an animal rescue – he is a dream dog. I love him, the best animals come from shelters. Yasmin

В приечния дом 2

This is a little Christmas story about what we can achieve when we act together, when we believe and keep doing Good. Thank you, Kind People!!!


Draw a Holiday mood with good news from our cats

Posted on 08 December 2013

Just before the holidays some of our beloved cats found their forever homes where they will be loved and adored.


The first good news is about Shelly. Do you remember the cute Persian kitty that was abandoned by his owners? His (yes, we only realized it is a male kitten when the time came to neuter him…) story was a bit different from most of the cases of abundant cats. He was left alone by his owners in an empty apartment for weeks without food and water. Only Shelly knows how he has survived the rough conditions. Eventually he had to jump out of the window and do his best to survive in the street. Shelly survived the jump out of the window and he managed to live for some time in the streets, however, his big fur was not an advantage for the hard life of a homeless cat. His fur got so dirty and tangled that it created a nest for flies and caused a skin infection on his leg. Thanks to all of you who donated the money for his treatment, Shelly spent weeks in the clinic where doctors did their best to heal his skin. A few weeks ago Shelly was ready for adoption. It was really hard to choose the right family for the little one, because there were many families that wanted to become his home. Shelly is now adopted by Dessimira. He lives with another cat, Jujo and as you can see from the pictures, Shelly is a very happy and loved kitty. Congratulations to the whole family for their new member, Shelly.

sheli8 Shelly

Hi Tedy, Today is a special date for us and Shelly. He wanted to tell the special story himself. This is from Shelly:

Tarram-tarram! Today is a special day for me! It is exactly one month since I live with Dessi and her parents! If you could only see how much food I eat! I have a friend that is like a big brother to me – Jujo. He is very nice to me and we play together all day long when we are home alone during the day. I am still a bit shy and avoid being cared and petted. However, people are so nice to me that I trust them more and more. You can see it in the pictures. Thank you all, wonderful people, for the shelter that cared so well for me. And to you, Tedy! I sent you kisses and please, don’t forget me!”


Sivi grabbed the heart of his new owner Vallentina! It is said that he is “the calmest cat in the world”!

sivi 4 sivi5

The handsome guy has lost his previous owner and was left back to his rescuers who were caring for him years ago. She wrote to us and the same day we announced Sivi for adoption. Now the big boy is happy in his new warm and cozy home and he is sending to all of you purring greetings for the holidays.


Adriana Adriana1 Adriana1a

The beautiful Adriana was waiting for months for her people. As it turns out, she will not wait any longer because her foster family cannot imagine their life without her. The beautiful gorgeous cat is purring, playing and enjoying her life in her home where she belongs to.


Nathan, the handsome, charming and outstanding cat grabbed the hearts of many of you. It was really difficult to choose his family but finally we did choose Tatiana. He feels greeted in his new home with the company of a beautiful Persian kitty Lissa.

Nathan nathan1

The moment our vet d-r Stankova got a hold of Nathan she felt a little lump in his leg that turned out to be a bird-pellet. The operation to remove it was performed straight away and Nathan went home with brand new and very pleased!

8 cats left Bulgaria  for happy life in Germany!

Aro and Leo 2jpg aro i leo

The two cute little brothers Aro and Leo are now playing, purring and enjoying their time in Germany. Their brother and sister were adopted in Bulgaria, but the faith had other plans for the cuties. Everyone there loves them.

Jessy (1) Sesslava

Jessy and Sesslava-Mia are also adored in Germany! They feel great and loved just as it is meant to be.

Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara (3) Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara (4)

Two sets of sisters are playing and having fun in Germany as well. Milla and Maya and Mara and Kisha are 4 beautiful cats that will find their happiness and loving homes in Germany.

Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara (1) Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara

Look how gorgeous they look in the pictures sent by their foster home in Germany!

Guardian’s work

Avion-1 Kimba

Kimba and Avion found wonderful families thanks to their guardians that never stopped looking for the best adopters for them! We always advise the rescuers of cats and dogs to be very determined and creative in posting messages and ads for the animals that are looking for home. The more the better… The happy ending depends on you.

Harry and Nira’s lives restarted!

Posted on 06 December 2013

Finding good owners for homeless dogs is not the easiest task in the world. Sometimes you are incredibly lucky and you cannot believe the luck that a dog has had, spending very little time at the shelter and finding a lovely new family to love forever. But more often than that you sit and wander – how is it possible that such a wonderful dog cannot find a home for so long!? Harry and Nira are the both dogs who have lived more than 2 years with us, both have good characters, both wanted nothing more than an opportunity to love and be loved. Today, with great pleasure, we announce that both have finally received it!!!


Everyone has their moments of bad luck, but Harry turned it into an Olympic sport. Two years in a row – 2011 and 2012 Harry won the “Jinx of the year” title at the shelter. Without one single inquiry from local adopters and with 7 (seven!) failed attempts to travel to new owners Harry was about to “win” the title for a third year in a row, but… not this time!

haralampi 1 haralampi 3

Here is how he came to live with us: we were in Ovcha Kupel looking for a dog that was ran over by a car. But during the whole racket someone had left the car door open, so when we came back to it, we found a very sweet brindle little boy sitting on the back seat of the car and smiling at us. He was so sure that he has to come back with us that we couldn’t refuse. There was no way this guy would have trouble being rehomed, right!? People like small enthusiasts, right!? Nothing of the sort…

To make a long story short, today, thanks to the AAFA mister Haralampy (now only Harry) is happy and spoiled in his new English environment, having a great time on walks, running about the yard, getting spoiled and snoozing on beds and sofas! HURRAY!!!

harry1 harry2 harry3


Miss Nira came to the shelter as a tiny baby, along with her mother Naomi and a whole litter of little cuties. As the time passed we managed to find homes for all of them, even mommy (Naomi now lives happily with A.Jonev), but Nira had no luck. It turned out she has a mild form of hip dysplasia – that wouldn’t be a problem if she were a pet, but in the cold winter shelter with its concrete floors – Nira would always limp. The first winter she found some wonderful foster parents who did what they could to keep her pain-free, but the girl suffered separation anxiety and quickly came back to us.

969427_431357916964432_1226234119_n 1467463_432131350220422_1133248580_n 1477396_431357870297770_1366193627_n

You can imagine that the sentence “Hi, I have this great dogs that happens to have a little hip dysplasia and is kind of a tyrannosaur when left alone, do you want it?” gets no positive replies. Not even one in over 2 and a half years. But since we are telling this story you have already guessed – Nira is on the fast track to happiness – her life started anew!

We have K9Rescue to thank for the new beginning Nira got! She is already with them, although she doesn’t yet have a new family, she has her own warm room to spend the winter nights in comfort and coziness and plays all day long in the yard with all her great buddies, waiting for her new British family to show up an look for her! She has become much more calm and content, and she is probably no longer so afraid of being alone, but still – our colleagues will only rehome her to a family where  she will never be alone and miserable!! Good luck, girlie!!!

1397627_648921731795193_523138869_o 1399316_648919815128718_653554460_o

A hospital at the end of the city – November 2013

Posted on 05 December 2013

The shelter has stopped admitting new animals before we are finally closed down, but life goes on here, pretty much the same as it has for the last 4 years. Despite the huge efforts to fund-raise that have drained all of our energy, we continue to do our real work – helping the saddest critters from the streets of Sofia.

The clinic is full and the dogs that have been admitted for treatment will enjoy the care of our vets till the end of the month when they should all be feeling better and our roads will part again. We have chosen 3 cases to share with you today, sadly they are all very typical of what we do.

The Gypsies

They are 8 dogs from Sofia’s largest Roma district – Filipovtsi. They came to us through the Municipal dog-catchers, we have a mutual spay/neuter program for the Roma districts in the city. When the dogs were offloaded from the bus and put into quarantine we realized they all look too bad – runny eyes and noses, droppy movements – it was obvious they were all ill. We ran them a quick test for distemper and there it was – all 8 dogs are infected, so they all came into our infectious-disease quarantine.


All of the dogs are young. The oldest is about 1 year old. The horrible fact about them is that they all howl constantly. The poor souls don’t want to be cage, but will have to put up with it if they want to live. Yesterday, unfortunately, we had a huge scandal with a Roma family that came looking for one of the dogs (blue-eyed), worried that we will sell their animal and not give it back. We tried to reason with them, promised the dog will go home after it was cured and neutered, but they were totally dis-interested and took the dog home after signing a paper that they are aware what they are doing, which we are certain they were not. Unfortunately, when it comes to dogs that are someone’s “property” we can do absolutely nothing.

IMGP7688 IMGP7691 IMGP7689


Rayna is a mangy dog that came to us at the end of November from Knyajevo. She is 1,5-2 years old, absolutely bold and very, very skinny. Looking for shelter from the freezing cold, Rayna had found a run-down toilet near the woods and hid there. It was there that the people who called us in found her. We picked her up immediately – a dog like this cannot survive outside for long.

IMGP7626 IMGP7646

We have many mangy dogs for treatment with us right now and we would continue to admit them, but unfortunately with the now 7 infectiously-ill dogs at the clinic admitting immuno-compromised dogs is too risky. We had to refuse admittance to an animal that really needs help now:


If you can offer support in the form of a foster home whilst she is treated, please contact Tihomira AT THIS LINK.


Mikey is a 2-months-old baby. Passersby heard him cry in Liulin district. When they took a closer look they realized the fingers of his front paws are missing and have been cut at least for a few days. We cleaned his wounds, bandaged him and sent him to the CVC for x-rays so we can see if the bone tissue is still healthy and what rotten parts need to be removed. We cannot be sure what happened to him, but we assume he was perhaps ran over by a tram somehow.

IMGP7670 IMGP7674

We hope that now with the dead tissues and broken bone particles removed, he will be able to heal on his own and perhaps even run one day, although not very elegantly, but he is a little bear anyhow. Mikey is a wonderful, wonderful little boy – never squeaked or made a sound during all the procedures and has been friendly and patient through it all. Still, he spared no effort to proclaim his dissatisfaction with the fact he has to be closed in a crate at night and made quite the fuss – he is so sad to be alone, oh, how happy he would be if he could spend his Christmas in a foster family…


We go on forward, dear friends, we thank you for your continuous support for the saddest animals in this city!

Only temporarily… but how temporally temporal exactly is it?

Posted on 04 December 2013

A story by Nadia

Four months ago exactly baby Zeus took a piece of my heart and my home temporarily. With all his health issues, puppy mischief and husky mischief I can now say in full honesty – this little blue-eyed creature turned my world around.


I wake up every morning with being shouted at: “There’s poo here! Get up and clean it!”. His refusal to understand the concept of an outside toilet, combined with his newly-found skill of peeing with his leg raised has been devastating for the home walls. Family drama “Mooom, Zeus broke my jedi sword!”, “OMG, Zeus swallowed his tooth! What if the Tooth fairy now puts a coin in his stomack!?” That’s my little son, the big one goes: “Maaa, Zeus is harassing my cat again!”… “Kids, do you want to go to the cinema? Only one of us has to stay at home to watch over Zeus.” And the fact that he has been going with me everywhere for the past 4 months, whether I will be visiting friends (“Yes, I’d love to have a coffee with you, you do know I am with Zeus, right?” is often followed by: “Oh, then let’s leave it for another time, OK?“), or at work (“Come into my office, please, ignore this things that is jumping all over you.”), or at a business meeting (“Your idea of a mutual campaign is very intriguing! Please, let me clean up this vomit from your shiny office floor and we will discuss it.”) And the adoption candidates were getting weirder and weirder “Well, I cannot have him with me always, he will be alone, but life is life, what can you do if he dies…” The fact that my two pet dogs sigh in sadness every time the Zeusozaurus walks over them. The fact that he comes with me even to the toilet, because the idea of a closed door between us makes him sad. The fact that there is no longer place for him on my lap, but it is the only way he knows to sit down with me… If only it was just him, but it’s not. With Zeus goes the throne of Zeus – his feeding chair that weighs 100 kilos, his bowls and pots of food, his emergency medical kit, the kitchen paper needed for cleaning his mischief, towels…


All this, combined with the definite refusal from my man who doesn’t want to keep him (“You cannot inflict this little monster on me!”) led to a completely logic and rational decision – Zeus is mine! Now and forever, Zeus is mine! Anyway, I am not planning to do anything “normal” with my life for the next 15 years.

And since no one is interested to interview me for a prospective adopter, I quietly filled in a form without telling anyone and  today I am saying out loud something that my friends have long known – Zeus is my dog and I am his human!


P.S. There is a slight chance that after this is published I might have 3 dogs and no man beside me.

All rights reserved for my option to use this blog for personal purposes in the style of “3 dogs and their lady-owner looking for a male-owner”…

Jack-Russels to the rescue

Posted on 02 December 2013

Most cynological clubs consider our sort of animals as “second grade” dogs. They seem to be forgetting a fact – when they are wrong about the buyer, we are the ones fixing their mistake – may it be a dumped dog, a lost dog or an un-registered litter.
For that reason we are very fond of the clubs that don’t think in this way and support us.


A warm thank-you to the “Jack Russel Terrier Club of Bulgaria” for thinking of us at their regular meeting and emptying their pockets for the dogs in need. A nice walk in the park and 110BGN raised for the homeless dogs!  Of course, we must thank Vlado Ignatov, who organized our lovely party at Mixtape5, for reminding his breed-buddies to donate!

And hopefully, the Jack-Russels will talk some sense into the heads and hearts of people at other breed clubs – that the love for dogs should not be only for the pure-breds. Just as we do not discriminate the dogs in need that have a breed to swear by…

Carry’s story

Posted on 27 November 2013

Told by her lovely adopters


Hello! We want to tell you a happy story, it is one that you are in the bottom of. It all began in a lovely summer day – July 26 2013 – when the whole family got into the car. After some wandering around Bogrov we found the shelter and in it – the sweetest creature in the world, a dog that used to be called “The Dwarf from cage 8”. There was no doubt that she was the dog we had always dreamed of. So, two days later Carry (we had to change her name as she is now twice the size of her friends) arrived in her new home.

осиновяване 28.07.2013 дни след осиновяването с Алекс

At first she was shy, her tail always down, as you can see on her adoption photo, but gradually she became the happiest, most social and curious sweetie. Everything was perfect until… a lump on her neck began to grow in a scary way. We went to our local vet where despite all the admiration for being so brave, nothing was done for the condition. So, we called you, you recommended the Central Vet Clinic and we took Carry there. A month after her adoption Carry had to go through not one, but two very messy surgeries – with the accompanying puss, blood, bandages and Victorian collars. But, fingers crossed, it is now all right thanks to the work of d-r Genov.

Ади и Кери с ново яке отново сега сега

What is the situation currently: During the day Carry spends her time chewing bones and cuddling with her best stuffed pall Bear (please don’t tell her dog friends about him, they will laugh). She is phenomenally clever and very obedient and already knows “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”, even “Shake paws”.

Ади и Кери с ново яке след втората операция с Алекс

Adopting a shelter dog is awesome! Still, when people stop to ask for the breed of our cute doggie we answer “She doesn’t have a breed, we adopted her from Animal Rescue Sofia”. The truth is – shelter dogs are the most unique, with the kindest eyes and biggest hearts.

Don’t stop! We support you, as well as so many other people and animals! We wish you luck!

Addie, Alex and Carry’s whole family

The happiness of: Richie, Irra, Sazhda and Doodie

Posted on 24 November 2013

Irra is a 5-year old Rottweiler brought in by her owners. A while ago they had given the dog to relatives, but they turned out unfit to take care of her.

DSCN9210 Irra

Now Irra has a new home with a great Rottweiler fan – Alexander Stoilov. We met him when we neutered and operated his 10-year old Eddie for a lip tumor. Now, Alexander’s female Rottweiler passed at 16 years of age, so he had to make sure Eddie doesn’t feel lonely. And he doesn’t, Irra is such a great companion!



Plamena Kamenova adopted sweet little Doodie!
Doodie was dumped in front of the shelter along with two younger puppies that were bigger than her back then already. It was obvious she would grow up to be a small dog from the very beginning, but perhaps because of her “unattractive” color – no one asked about her all this time. And she is really a sweetie – one of the best dogs.



Now one of the happiest too!


Richie, a boy that was  caught running on the highway, was adopted by Ira Anguelova in Sofia. This boy was a handful at the beginning – so terrified of people we thought we’d never turn him around, but the volunteers worked their magic and dismissed his fear of people for good.


Richie is 4-years-old and greatly loved and appreciated in his new family!


Sazhda used to be someone’s dog, she lived on a meter-long chain in a yard. Her owners brought her for neutering, but then complained it was no longer an option for them to keep her and her 1-month old baby.


So, the family came to the shelter. The baby found love abroad, and it was a wait for mamma. She waited and waited until finally her people came – it was Anna and Nicola Stamevi and their two children! They found her name (means COAL in Bulgarian) suits her greatly and she now lives in the city as a pampered pet, never to be tied up outside again!

New lives for: Carry, Nelly2, Chochie and Chara

Posted on 23 November 2013


Little Carry was found in the middle of July and in the middle of the highway. Unlike many other dogs at the shelter, she was destined to go home quickly – Angelica Dinkova and her family were quick to adopt her. Carry now lives in her own apartment where she grows by the day.


Katherina Jijeva adopted a little “cardboard box puppy”  we called Nelly2, they live happy ever after in a flat in Sofia! We can’t wait to get some photos of Katherina’s grown baby, we are very curious if she will turn out anything like NELLY.


Chara was a 3-month old puppy when she hit the jackpot with the Kulevski family! Tsvetomira and Miroslav loved her from the first moment they laid eyes on her and she is now a spoiled pet in their home in Sofia!


Anelia Radeva adopted the little sweetheart Chochie. She was the one to find her 3-4 months ago – lost and confused in Knyazhevo district. Usually small sweet doggies like Chochie are quickly re-homed, but no one asked for her in a while, so Anelia took this as a sign form Destiny – the person that was supposed to find her, had already found her… and Chochi will live happily ever after with Anelia.

Karamel’s happiness

Posted on 22 November 2013


Karamel came to us along with his brothers and sisters. They were dumped altogether as little puppies in the yard of a car-repair service over a year ago.

When Milvana and Evtim Kalvachevi came to the shelter it became clear what he was waiting for all along – it was friendship at first sight. So, it has been over a moth since our boy changed his scenery and it has been doing him real good and he is being good in return.

1420094_10202259163707857_1700875456_n Карамел2 1479827_10202259163387849_1378982702_n

Here is what Karamel’s new “mom” has to say about him:

Greetings from Karamel!!
The boy is healthy and happy, the best boy in the world!!
I am only writing you now, because I really wanted to make him some good photos and send it to you, but he is such a ball of energy that I give up trying to make him look like a princess.

Don’t worry about him – he is well and sending you many smiles. You have trouble on you mind, we know, but I hope you also know that we are behind you and our fingers are crossed that everything goes through with no problems.

When the snow comes we will send you some news. Until then – we wish you luck and success, kind folks!