A CRY FOR HELP: An amputation and shelter for Phoebe

Posted on 20 January 2014

EDIT Apr 07

Phoebe is a big girl now

EDIT Feb 11

Phoebe after her successful surgery

EDIT Jan 22

Phoebe has parvo



I… Am thanking you very much! I promise not to cry and not to be in pain! Max and Cuba said the doctor is good and doesn’t beat us, besides you just sleep in a nice warm room while they cut you, so it’s not scary to be cut at all, because you have friends… 3 for good luck, that’s what they said… I could use some luck… So this is why I am thanking you, that you send me this moneys for the surgery and that DeeDee will take me to her home after they cut me, I will be warm! Don’t worry, because I am not afraid. I am thanking you… they will cut me today… Is it going to be scary? I will write you… so please cross your fingers for me!

There are so few problems when you have a mommy to keep you warm, feed you and clean you. It must have been something really good in the beginning. Maybe at first Phoebe even believed that Humans are her Best Friends and the world welcomes her Bright Future with arms wide open… 70 days. This is the approximate life experience for Phoebe, and that is if we count those first two weeks when she could not hear or see anything.


She is nothing more than a silly 2-month-old puppy. Still, she is much too wise for her age yet. She has already been hurt so badly that an amputation is necessary. She is so starved by the hunger and parasites that her immune system has fallen offline and she has a skin illness. She may just be a baby, but she already knows to value life and is ready to go through all the pain in the world if only she would have the chance to stand on her feet again.

Phoebe was brought to The Farm by… a woman. Armed with the line “but you have already helped me before” she refused to hear us out and understand that there is no shelter in this place yet, that we not only can’t, but are not allowed to help out. But… she had already spoken to all other clinics and shelters, everyone denied help, everyone told us to find it with us… We talked and explained and talked and explained and after we lost so much time… we found Phoebe abandoned by the gate, with her leg hanging on a thing thread of skin.

1003175_10202334514257895_1207168833_n 1601322_10202334514377898_310140507_n

So… Phoebe might only have 70 days of life experience, but she already knows what it’s like to be hit by a car, to be found and dumped. She may not have much, but has already made friends – the gentlemen Hunger and Cold and the ladies Pain and Loneliness have been her buddies all this time. We cannot leave her outside and we cannot offer her much, but we can try to take care of her. Would you help?

To perform an amputation on Phoebe we need a minimum of 238BGN: 120 for the surgery + 30 for x-rays + 88 for 2 nights of stay at the clinic.

If you decide to be a friend to Phoebe CLICK HERE – you could donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia.

And just to be clear about the situation: there is not only no clinic, but also not even a toilet in the Farm yet. We still do not have warm water, and the cold water springs out on one location, directly from the ground source. There is no heating. We currently lack the most basic conditions for a normal life, let alone a clinical practice. The animals and the staff have a hard time coping every single day, but are clutching their teeth until the reconstructions are finished. Situations like this aren’t simply un-helpful; they put animals in danger, risking our name as an organization. We are not allowed to keep injured animals at this point – it is illegal. There is nothing in the world that we would toy around with our animals’ chance of happiness for! Thank you for understanding.

Glavka and Ushka – two British ladies

Posted on 09 January 2014

Two very “difficult” dogs are already at the start of their new lives outside Bulgaria – our former heart-worm hero giant Glavka and the little scalped Ushka are in the UK with lovely people!

Glavka is one of the shelter’s biggest dogs. She is not the heaviest, but she is very tall and intimidating, of course – she is also the favorite dog of d-r Stankova. In the two years we have had her there was only one adopter who was interested in Glavka and for a life on a chain too. And the poor girl seems to think she is a poodle-pug mix that would love nothing more than to be with people who are addicted to cuddles. To top her brown color and huge size, Glavka also turned out to be infested with heart-worm that could cost her a life, and is bloody difficult and expensive to treat…

glavka1 glavka2

It was your great help that gave Glavka a parasite-free heart, and then our friend Candace Sasse came to the rescue. Today Glavka is situated at one of the best no-kill shelters in the UK hanks to Candy. She lives in a warm room together with a friend, receives visitors and adoption candidates and cannot wait for the best to be chosen, so she can finally go home!

Still, we think it is Ushka that got the Golden Ticket to happiness. Besides being saved from who knows what – she arrived in the shelter totally scalped, with no skin on her head. D-r Ilieva did all her best to help her recover, but made it. Of course, us being us, there are no photos to show you her miraculous recovery, so we can only show you a few accidental shots that were made – from the day we got her, during her recovery and on the day when a very special Santa took her to her new home.


Yes! Ushka is already in her forever home and bears a lovely new name – Tagan! She was adopted straight away and was lucky to go to a lovely person – Rachel, who is on staff at the shelter that welcomed Ushka! She is being good and we can only regret that we cannot be there to see her florish in happiness, comfort and love!

Huge thanks to Candy for the places she found for our girls, as well as for the miracles she is doing for the dogs in the Smolyan area! And to all of you, who gave these ladies health, care, love and shelter in a difficult time – loads of love. From us and from the two happy girls that would have never otherwise found happiness, if it was not for you, dear friends.

Happiness for Mecho, Jacky and Arya

Posted on 08 January 2014


Dumped out in the street, Arya and her siblings were lucky to get help from kind people who prepared them with vaccines before we could take the whole litter to the shelter. The good little girl was the last of her litter to be adopted – no one had chosen her all this time because of her dark color.


Arya was very lonely before Yordanka Karaivanova came to the shelter to adopt her, she is not anymore! Good luck, Danny and Arya, we wish you long years of happiness together!


Mecho the bear almost became American, but didn’t have enough points to get a Green Card. Well, sort of… his whole litter was dumped in front of the American Embassy in Sofia.


Mecho was very lucky to be adopted by Stoyan Chechov and his daughter! He is already the family’s best friend and a faithful guardian of their house too. Good luck, dear boy, stay smart and good!


4 sweet heads and 8 sparkling eyes were carefully looking at us when we first met Jack in a box with all of his dumped siblings. It seems like they knew something good was on its way. The little ones never know that often their colors and sizes are more important than their hearts and loyalty.


But, the good news is that Jack will never have to learn this sad fact of life, because he was adopted by Christo Prodanski and his girlfriend Maria! Today Jack is a greatly loved apartment dog and prays to the Dog Gods every night before he goes to sleep. He prays that there are no more puppies like himself and his brothers – dumped to die of cold, hunger and loneliness, he prays that everyone is as happy as Mr.Happy Jack! And so do we…

PETS&U: adoption weekend success for Martin and Echemishka

Posted on 07 January 2014

A third successful adoption weekend took place at the PETS&U store! Two lovely young dogs have found true happiness in a great family – Echemishka the little dumped puppy and Martin, a baby with a badly broken shoulder that you helped fix.

They have a home

What a stroke of amazing luck for Echemishka and Martin!!!
The two were adopted together and are already living happily ever after in their new Sofia home with Krassimir and Galina Stamboliiski’s family!!!


Krassimir and Galina have always looked after two dogs in their family – they know that life is so much easier with and for a dog when it’s not left alone all day. Dogs that live in couples are never lonely and sad, they grow up to be more balanced and obedient and are overall easier to look after. We couldn’t be happier that these two babies got this chance with the Stamboliiski, both of them so friendly, social and playful!

They will be waiting for adoptions on 11+12.01.2014

Three boys will be waiting for Lady Luck to find them this weekend at PETS&U. All three of them are very, very special lads:

cedrik marek kim

  • CEDRIC – 6 m.o. boy with the sweetest of temperaments – kind, clever, and obedient. He is the friendliest of his litter and spends his time daydreaming about a family that would let him love them. He is brother to Anton&Puntchken.
  • MAREK – a 3 m.o. boy who will steal your heart in a blink! He is kind, he is gentle, he is funny, he is sweet, he is cute, he is quiet and obedient, he is a treasure!
  • KIM – a 7 m.o. breathtakingly beautiful boy! Unfortunately – he is as luck-less as he is good – all of his siblings were adopted in Holland, he is the only one who remained and feels so lonely and sad…

The boys will be expecting their new families on the 11-th and 12-th of January at Pets&U!

They donated whilst shopping


You raised a total of 702 BGN for our dogs in December – thank you so much for shopping at PEts&U!!!  And now – January has kicked in and a new brand is helping animals out at Pets&U!

This month you donate 10% of any purchased food of the HAPPY DOG & HAPPY CAT brands to ARSofia and 4 paws! Thank you for using this opportunity to help!

happy dog

The Britt donations are gaining in speed! The initiative is not for a month only, it will continue throughout 2014. When purchasing foods of the brand Brit *adult, 10-25kg* you donate:

  • 15 BGN of the 20 kilo bags (cost: 60 BGN)!
  • 5 BGN of the 3 kilo bags (cost: 15 BGN)!
  • 2 BGN of the 1 kilo bags (cost: 6,50 BGN)!

gergana trifonhova

Gergana Trifonova bought 2 packets of Brit for the homeless animals in the care of ourselves and our colleagues! Thus – she not only bought them food, but made a 5 leva donation for each organization!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK


We thank Pets&U for this incredible support and their principle position on the welfare of all animals!

We thank the adopters and donors for the miracles they do for our animals!

We thank you all for reading and hopefully sharing this initiative so it can reach a maximum number of people!

Cinderella and Juanita happy ever after

Posted on 06 January 2014

It is with great joy that we present you two wonderful news about two wonderful ladies! You know them both, they have both been through a lot of hardship until Lady Luck smiles their way and both deserve it more than anything in the world!


We named her this, because she was the saddest, most tortured creature when she was brought to our shelter over 3 years ago. Cinderella happened to be our first serious skin-illness case – she was our first time to see how amazing a transformation is when a dog is healing. Despite all the pain, cold and hunger she had suffered, Cinderella was and always will be a dog with a wonderful character – friendly, patient and smart. We thank Anita Ilieva-Shunina who opened her heart and home up for our girl! Her new name is Sara and she is already living her dream life in a Sofia apartment!


The lovely Juanita from Kazichene showed up at a time when we were not admitting. It was the sad letter of the child who used to take care of her that made us change our mind and she arrived at the shelter in one of our most difficult months. With your fabulous help and support Juanita got the surgery she needed and became a happy healthy young lady. We thought she will be adopted in an instant, but she must have been waiting for a special someone. Fortunately – that special someone has come looking for her! Juanita, now named Leah is officially the best friend of Alexandra Goteva and her partner. Loads of luck!

Four lucky Rottweilers

Posted on 04 January 2014

4 un-wanted Bulgarian rotties are now in their Dutch families – sadly, in the 4 years since we began work we have had quite a few Rottweilers  in need. You know these guys:

IMG_4346 IMG_4365

Ike – a boy who already left us once, but had to quickly head back. The diagnose he received here (of an in-curable chronic illness) turned out to be wrong and he was quickly returned to us for treatment. The operation that would have cost gold and diamonds in Holland was carried out here and successfully and after a couple of unexpected months back in Bulgaria, Ike finally took off to his adoptive family. Buy, Ike! Don’t you come back here for a third time, silly!

DSC04410 DSC04412

Granny Rott – you probably remember her too. She was dumped out in the street with huge mammary tumors. When we found her she looked at least a thousand years old, but when she was rid of the tumors and fed like a normal dog – she became a shiny, happy and most of all – healthy dog. Granny is already with her family and 3 other Rottweilers and not a thought in her head about the twisted motherland she left behind.

Brita DSC04396

Brita – you have probably seen her at the shelter, she had quite a long wait. Brita arrived with us after having spent all her life on a 120-cm chain since she was a 3-month old puppy. At the beginning we had some mis-understandings about the role of Dog in society and live chewing-gums, but we quickly settled our differences and Brita became yet another good bear at the shelter.

IMG_0685 IMG_0690

And finally – the lovely little Keiser – a boy we almost lost to a cunning pneumonia – you saved his life. At the beginning, when he was left with us (he was brought to the shelter by his owners – he was about 6 months old) he as a mess – scared, shivering, panicked… but that is now all in the past. Today Keiser is happy and spoiled with a lovely Belgian family who loves him dearly!

Anton and Puntchken have gone home after the adoption weekend at PETS&U!

Posted on 26 December 2013

A second successful adoption weekend took place at the PETS&U store! Two wonderful young dogs that would have otherwise sat in the cold shelter today hoping for love are already in their new homes with wonderful families in Sofia!

They have a home

1501099_591718224234276_895244407_o 1519595_591374300935335_982076842_o

Anton was adopted by Radoslav Stanchev! The good boy is now running around his own house with a yard, his drawer is full of toys and treats from PETS&U and his heart is beating to the beats of a lovely family!

1502186_591718090900956_483158087_o 1537864_590732857666146_1328887668_o

And Puntchken is in her home as well – with Teodora Shalamanova and her sweet little daughter! She didn’t find her family in the weekend, but her plight crossed the path of Teodora and that was enough to bring her to the shelter a couple of days later!

We hope Anton and Puntchken bring luck to their whole litter! Amen!!!

They will be waiting for adoptions on 4+5.01.2014

This weekend there will be no adoptions at PETS&U, because everyone will be busy moving the shelter to the new Farm. But our babies will be expecting you again in the store on the 4-th and 5-th of January 2014! The first heroes of 2014 will be:

  • Mikey, the puppy with the cut-up front paws
  • Martin, the puppy who got a surgery from you for his protruding elbow
  • And Miss.Echemishka, a little girl dumped like trash in the street who was raised in our foster care

echemishka martin mikey

They donated whilst shopping

With just a few more days left of December the Royal Canin Charity Month is coming to an end. This month you donated 10% of any purchased food of the brand to ARSofia and 4 paws! Thank you for using this opportunity to help!

The Britt donations are gaining in speed! The initiative is not for a month only, it will continue throughout 2014. When purchasing foods of the brand Brit *adult, 10-25kg* you donate:

  • 15 BGN of the 20 kilo bags (cost: 60 BGN)!
  • 5 BGN of the 3 kilo bags (cost: 15 BGN)!
  • 2 BGN of the 1 kilo bags (cost: 6,50 BGN)!

ralina i janina panovi

We thank Ralina Panova and Janina Panova who purchased a bag of the charity food each, thus donating 15 BGN both to 4 paws and to the dogs of ARSofia! Our kindest regards and appreciation for everyone using this donation scheme to help the homeless animals!!!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK


We thank Pets&U for this incredible support and their principle position on the welfare of all animals!

We thank you all for reading and hopefully sharing this initiative so it can reach a maximum number of people!

Tripods Riccardo & Chocho and Dushka have become Brits, Cyril, Dudana, Strahil and blind Barry will follow!

Posted on 25 December 2013

We already shared some of the miracles performed by our kind friends at Blind Dog Rescue UK for our animals in this difficult time. Their immense help has provided happiness for so many of our “hopeless” cases already, but there are more!!!

Chocho & Dushka & Riccardo

You know them more than well! All three are totally irresistible. The moment your hands touch their soft heads, the moment their deep, grateful eyes turn to you with a look of endless hope and trust – you know your heart is theirs forever.

Chocho /now Kevin/ – the three-legged puppy with the softest and sweetest temperament – a creature filled with so much joy it makes you feel ashamed for being in a bad mood. Although a tripod, although homeless and grown up in a shelter Chocho was and still is the most human-loving, life-enthusiastic, full of joy and happiness creature in the Universe.

tracey beasley

08 1463709_10152124550708885_482255238_n 1474573_10153564991920582_1042325148_n

Today our boy is as happy as ever in the arms of his new best friend Tracy Beasley, a relative of the fabulous Lucy who adopted blind Misho and Johnny the giant! Chocho even visited with them for a short while and according to Lucy recognized them immediately, greeting them with a few typical jumps and an enthusiastic “Ooooh, there you are, guys, I was wandering where you were hiding all this time!”


One more disabled boy found a new life with the help of Lucy – it is our Iron Man Riccardo! The lovely boy was left with a permanent disability after a close encounter with a tram.

1496164_10152167231518885_852327004_o 1534778_10152167232308885_542879948_o

The boy is already in his home, and as they have it: “Regal garden tripod is… REGAL!” – not a small compliment, is it!? Riccardo was diligently bitten by envious in-mates before his departure, so there were a lot of worries and complications with his journey and he had to join his lucky group later on. But – with so many fairy-mothers he could not fail and is just where he should be – at his happy new beginning!

Besides the two “eternally ours” tripods, the lovely, the magnificent Dushka /her name means Soul/ is also with her lovely new people! After almost 2 years in the shelter, after recovering from one of the most complicated surgeries – she was shot with a live-cartilage in the thy – Dushka remained a little limpy on her leg and very, very lonely.

dushka dushka5

She spent long months in her outside enclosure that she shared with another dog we all love – Bruce. Today she is by the side of her wonderful family who know her as A Golden Dog!

Ready and steady: Cyril, Strahil, Dudana and blind Barry

Four other lucky dogs are already in the capable hands of Blind Dog Rescue UK – also dogs that have been with us for a long time, but somehow remained totally un-noticed in the shelter’s crowded society.


Cyril will be awaiting his British adopters in January. He came to us some months ago after a car had ran him over at the National Library /thus – his name is Cyril after one of the patron saints of the Bulgarian alphabet – the Cyrilic alphabet/. Thanks to you lovely Cyril was back on his fours in no time to become one of the shelters most loved dogs  – a boy full of gratitude, wits and good will!


Along with him went Strahil /sadly his semi-bold friend Sancho is not ready to go anywhere just yet/ – so smart, so calm, so patient… just the perfect dog. We know for sure he will be rehomed only a few seconds after it is announced that Lord Strahil has no family of his own. We love you, boy!


The lady in this group is a lovely girl who remained invisible for the adopters eyes in two long years at the shelter. The little /she only looks large in photos/ Dudanka came to us along with her whole litter and remained the last one to be un-rehomed. This gentle, hard-working, loving and lovable angel with the sharpest wits has so long deserved the happiness that is coming her way!


And finally – our passenger without a ticket, a guy who was by all means not supposed to be alive today is very much so and we should say – even kicking – it is Barry, the blind hunting dog. Thrown away like trash and far from his original home, Barry was not supposed to live, but the BDR-UK ladies thought the contrary. His case came along at a time when it was absolutely impossible to take him over, it looked like nothing would work out and Barry would be lost forever, but after some serious effort by many serious people Barry is on the Happiness Orbit in defiance of all odds and statistics!

We will miss you!

Чочи Душка

It was not easy to “let go” of dogs we love so much. But we know we have given them to people who will take better care of them than we could provide them here. Just as a memory – Milcho and Emo take their photos with the dogs they have loved most in Bogrov – Chocho and Dushka…

A whole lot of old mobile phones collected!

Posted on 24 December 2013

What a great response we got in the Reusum Charity campaign! We are now close to 3 000 collected mobile phones – what a success, people! For every old and broken phone the donation is 1 BGN, and the dogs will get more for the newer working models!


We are still collecting, dear friends! One container can only be sold to the recycling company full – this means it must carry 5 000 mobile devices, we have collected nearly 3 000 so far! These are a minimum of 5 000 BGN that will be donated by Reusum for the loan pay-up and a reconstruction at the Farm!

WE THANK YOU, for getting involved, friends! Also tell the people around you – let’s collect any and all mobile phones and do two good things at the same time – keep the environment clean and make the dogs happy!


Happiness for Batman too!!!

Posted on 23 December 2013

When we met this super-hero at the municipal pound in Seslavtzi it was in the midst of that half-dead summer mood that seems to get nothing done. When we first laid eyes on him he was a step away from despair – broken, confused, and wild with pain. After we asked around it became apparent that his owner had thrown him out of the window, but told the cops the dog jumped by itself. And no, he will not have it back, and yes, summer is a time for beer, not unhappy doggies…


And this is just what we were afraid of when we arrived at the Central Vet Clinic on crazy speed where we were told his surgery will cost the insane 600 BGN. Money that we were totally unsure we would be able to raise in the most un-caring and hot days of the year. Of course, we were wrong, and you did the miracle for Batman just like so many others before and after him. A fact that makes us eternally grateful.

After his long recovery from the complicated surgery and thanks to the great work and effort on d-r Zlatinov’s side, Batman made it, and most unfortunately became yet another regular dog in another regular shelter, like so many others in this world.


But he is not a typical case, the flying boy! Batman was actually very lucky and is now happy in his home with Desislava Grigorova! The clever guy is living his dream life in a house with a yard at Katina village – where our d-r Stankova lives! As she says “we tell each other – good morning – every day, Batman an me!”

Hurray for Batman and all of his guardian-angels!

batman2 batman3

URGENT: A Foster home for mamma and her babies

Posted on 22 December 2013

We are moving to the Farm. For now we are fighting with waste haulage, next week we should have the temporary enclosures, the storage is being moved in portions. In this holiday racket (moving might be hard, but we are moving to our own new place, ye-peee!) we are a little surprised that people who know our situation are calling to have us take on new animals. It would be more than irresponsible at this stage, even crazy, if we took on more animals considering the current state of our premises, so we ask for a little understanding.

But who cares about understanding when children are at risk? It seems we have not been able to communicate our message to Mommy Danka at all – seeking a safe shelter to give birth to her babies at, she has wandered up to the shelter a couple of nights ago and given birth to a pile of life and hope in the shape of 200-gram babies in the bushes.

The caring for this litter currently has to be only – good food and short walks for the mother for a month. After that the babies begin to crawl about and it’s time for vaccines.


Danka and her babies have no place with us. In days we are moving to the new location where we will not be able to offer them even the most basic comfort. We beg for your help – mommy Danka and the babies need a temporary shelter in a safe place. If you can and want to give it to them, please call us at 0879 022 673!

Happiness for one-eyed Stefcho and the poor bald Wrinkle in the UK!

Posted on 21 December 2013

Despite the huge tasks that have overloaded us the last (and forthcoming) months, our main task as always is to make our doggies happy pets. The shelter shutting down (combined with unexpected fails by the Dutch veterinary authorities) put us in the difficult situation to have to look for other destinations for our kids. Finding good homes for homeless dogs is an adventure on its own, but when it comes to animals with permanent disabilities the adventure becomes prolonged and with an uncertain outcome. Today we have good news for two of our “sticky” heroes – the one-eyed staffie Stefan and the chronically-ill sweetheart Wrinkle.


We have seen many creatures moments before The End. Stefan is one of the most memorable and that says a lot. When he arrived at the shelter in the winter cold a year ago it seemed he is at least 100 years old, impossible to rehabilitate, a dead dog walking. But just like the other heroes of his breed Stefan showed us that a strong heart can do anything. He ate and slept and ate and slept, he recovered from his eye-removing surgery until one day he became a good-looking little barrel with a strong spirit and a permanent good mood!

DIGITAL CAMERA stefan predi predi

Seeing what a lovely dog he turned out to be we were fast to imagine an adoptive family picking Stefan up rather quickly. But whether for his missing eye or because there are so many stafies in trouble – Stefan just sat and sat in his cage without a single inquiry. We have to note, though, he never complained one least bit. This semi-prison seemed to him a true salvation from the horrors of the street, which is very kind and thoughtful on his side. He had become great friends with Valya – a girl that missed an eye on the same side as him – everyone was so pleased with their friendship, they really were a sight to see.

DSC04528 stefcho2

In the end – the miracle did happen (as Nadia says – every dog can be found a family, you just need to continue digging) and the genius ladies at Blind Dog Rescue UK found him a foster and planned him for a transport in the end of the summer. We ran all the tests he needed to travel and – OMG! Stefan turned out to have heartworm – an illness treacherous and expensive to treat that could cost him not only a home, but his life for good. It was your magic kindness and help that saved Stefan from the blood-thirsty worms: the money you raised for his treatment came to immediate assistance and Stefan was treated successfully!

стефчо апел

But… in his first English home Stefan began to act like a total idiot. Having his own people, home, sofa and happiness for the first time, he became greedy and began showing-off to the other dog in the family (who was an old lurcher and needed very little “assistance” to move on to greener pastures) so he had to be quickly evacuated before problems began to occur.

Shaking with distress we offered the BDR-UK to take him back. The answer was: “Of course not! He has been through so much hardship, no turning back, we will find a way out of this situation.”

994047_607153612681526_325073126_n 1477461_10152091607769090_1504339931_n

Today Stefan is the little shah in a new, wonderful, caring foster home – he is being a good boy and is better-looking and happier with every hour passed. We know he will only leave this house to go to the most caring and loving family who will love him just the way he is – a ball of enthusiasm and strength, energy and a sharp wit – just like a happy cannon-ball, full of curiosity and lust for life! Congratulations, Stefan! Stay smart, you little fool!!!


Anyone that has visited Bogrov the last one-and-a-half years knows Wrinkle. He was that very friendly dog with the infected skin that would jump about the outside enclosures like a little rabbit when a person would approach. Such a dear, kind, friendly boy, Wrinkle was one of the dogs with least chances of happiness, doomed to a caged life with his ever-sick skin.

krasti 2 krasti 4

Chronic demodecosis is not a dangerous illness, or at least it cannot kill a dog. It can “only” sentence it to a life of loneliness and suffering, because nothing puts off people more than having a mangy animal near. The worst part of it is that shelter life can only make it worst for demodecosis. Dogs with chronic illness need special care in a clean, quiet place where their own happiness would “feed” the broken-down immunity and have, so to speak, love and calmness be the growing grounds of health.

Such is Wrinkle’s life today thanks to Blind Dog Rescue-UK! Take a closer look at the photos from England and the ones from Bulgaria before that – his condition has improved greatly thanks to the care and love he has been getting in abundance. Some of us (and we have taken a vow not to reveal that very shamed person) couldn’t even recognize him and it has only been a month since the BDR-UK have taken him into their capable hands!

wrincle UK wrincle UK2

The Wrinkle is very happy and satisfied with his new British life and sends you his best. He is acting just like he always has – good and learning fast. But what is more important – he is getting healthier with every day passed, thanks to the effort of his great foster-mom, a good life and great food. We can only wish for the same luck to come upon our other chronically-ill misfortunates. Amen!

Special thanks to our friends at the Blind Dog Rescue UK

In the rescue world dogs are not divided by breed, but by being “hard” or “easy”. It depends on many things how a dog is assessed – the size, the color, the age, the temperament, but first of all – on the physical condition of the animal – dogs with permanent disabilities, no matter how sweet they are, find homes the slowest and most difficult of all.

Among the dogs with disabilities there are those who are the “champions of luck-less-ness” – the dogs who have no eyes. Although they are rarely seen in the homes of people, you can find them out in the street – people dump them, because they don’t want to go through the trouble, or worse – are ashamed of owning a blind dog.

In the 3 years we worked in Bogrov many blind dogs have gone through our hands and hearts. The fully blind Cheburashka, Granddad Yotzo, Rex2, Andy /all four of them left without eyes/, Harry, Bob Marley, Misho, Barry, as well as the one-eyed Meteora, Daddy, Stefcho and Valya. All of them /except Bob and the Cheburator/, as well as 3-legged Suzie, toothless Lena, the unwanted giant Johnny, Stefcho, Wrinkle and many more lucky souls we will be telling you about in our blog, have found their happiness thanks to the extraordinary work that the girls at Blind Dog Rescue UK do!


There is much to be said about the happiness they gave to many of our doggies on the eve of our Bogrov evacuation. Today we want to say a huge THANK YOU for the support, for all the “hopeless” dogs they rehomed with great families over the years, for the donations they collected for a new place, for being such lovely people with huge hearts, always ready to help a friend in need.

We wish you happiness and prosperity, dear ladies, we hope the good you have done for our dogs comes back to you many times in life, we are very proud and happy to be working with you, hats off to your gigantic efforts and successes!