HOME: Toby, Murray, Zlaty, Bucky, Mark, Stevie and Borry

Posted on 13 September 2017

We are happy to share our greatest joy with you – the lucky souls adopted here in Bulgaria.

It is such an amazing thing. To see your once unwanted friend being chosen for a life of love and care by good people. To be the witness of those precious first moments when the spark shines – a little look, a wagging tail, warm hugs, smiles, tears…

We love you, dear adopters!


She was brought to us in April – hit by a car and completely paralyzed. A scary sight. Zlaty lay immobilized for a whole month, she couldn’t even manage to drink by herself. After weeks of physiotherapy and treatment with corticosteroids our brave girl won the battle and stood on all fours:

To our horror, Zlaty was one of the dogs in the quarantine department where we had an outbreak of Distemper in May. With her immunity weakened by the long treatment, she became the first dog to become infected from the puppy that brought the illness to us – Benjamin. And although it was crucial for her to move freely and use her muscles, Zlaty had to remain caged another month – whilst we fought for her life.

Zlaty is a true fighter and loves life like no one else. Despite all the odds being against her, she managed to win the battle with Distemper with no permanent damage to her health. Zlaty took all the hardships with an open heart and when she was finally healthy and vaccinated, we moved her to the dog’s building, alongside funny guy Ruben.

And today… Today Zlati’s life is completely different. And that is thanks to Rossen and Julia Gajinski who made her the biggest gift – a family of her own. Rossen and Julia weren’t completely sure about the adoption and initially took Zlato on a foster’s contract – to have her for a while and see if they can manage. That happened on Friday. We were thrilled when they called us on Monday to say: “Zlaty is our dog and we are her people!”


One of our 7 black bears – Borry got a wonderful family too! He was adopted by Steve Hoborough – to the joy of his three wonderful, kind daughters.


Tiny Stevie was brought to us by a gentleman and his daughter. They had watched him roam about the neighborhood for a few days. Dogs like him cannot manage outside, but we literally had no space. We tried to convince the people to take him back vaccinated, just until he builds an immunity, but the father didn’t want to hear of it. In the end, the little girl cried so hard that one of our keepers – Joro, took Stevie home, despite already being full of shelter animals…

But, these are the last adventures of the little hero. Now 10-month old Stevie is the most loved dog in the home of Nicolay Genov – cuddling on his own sofa and being spoiled just as he likes!


Another happy and loved little baby – sweetheart Toby has a home! He is now the greatest pride and joy in the home of Joanna and Ivan Alexovi in their apartment in Banishora district.


Darling Mark was abandoned alone outside as a tiny baby. But – he was lucky to be picked up by a kind man, who raised him hoping to find a good home among his friends. Unfortunately, Mark grew up and never met his people in the process, until it was no longer possible to stay at his fosters and he had to come to us.

And just in time! Because Mark had the chance to stand in front of Toma Vasev and his wife. They loved Mark from the very first moment and decided to give him a home, a bunny and… a wonderful boy – so they can grow and enjoy their lives together!


Murray has already been abandoned twice. The first time he was brought to us as a puppy – they had bought him for a toy and never expected the damage he made in their home. As you can guess there were plenty of people who wanted him and we chose a good family where we thought he would be trained and well cared for. A year later Murray was returned to us – nervous and biting. We were both desperate and angry to hear how “he is like this, because he is from a shelter” and put him back in the cage.

This time, he had really lost his marbles. Little Murray had become a strong, dominant male with no respect for people – one of those that remain behind bars forever. But, as we have already made clear, Murray is Distiny’s favorite and she sent him Sofia Kalinova.

Sofia recognized our nut from their very first meeting. She and her mother had a crazy Dobermann until recently and the faith of our unwanted hooligan touched them deeply. Things became certain when Murray tried to bite Sofy’s mom and she made such a calm and timely correction, we were filled with hope. How hard we prayed for them to come back for a second visit…

Today Murray is living the life of his dreams alongside a person who truly understands him. He is still trying to show his temperament, but he gets the right guidance from Sofia (and occasionally her horse’s hooves) and is getting better every day.

Thank you Sofia for giving him this unique chance to be your obedient dog!


Just as there is nothing better for children than to grow up with a dog – so they can become kind, caring and responsible people, there is nothing better for puppies to grow up with children – so they can become loving, patient, good animals.

Maya Baltajieva did the best thing for two creatures – her lovely daughter and the little angel Bucky. The two are inseparable in their games and quiet moments. What a happiness…

All the best!

NEW LIFE: Dushan, Rosie, Ruby, Laura, Bo, Oriana, Lassy, Buddy and Rita-Krivka

Posted on 11 September 2017

We showed you the lives you gave to 43 puppies from the Farm in the past weeks. To our great joy, despite the huge effort to rehome a maximum number of youngsters, we were also able to send some adults to their new families.

We thank Yvonne for finding homes for them, and you – the people who support Animal Rescue Sofia for caring. Our heroes from the cages are now enjoying their lives as pets, running about the amazing nature of Westphalia…

Rosie and Ruby

Two lovely sisters, abandoned in the snow in the middle of winter got the biggest gift they could get from their foster parents – a life. Raised at home from the age of 1 day, these little ladies do not know about hunger and pain, as they would have if they’d lived in the street.

The sisters waited for a long time for luck to smile at them, but finding good homes for breddless dogs in Bulgaria is a hard task. After 10 months of waiting for a Bulgarian to see them for what they are – clever, pretty, good girls; they swapped the motherland and became Germans.

Laura, Bo and Oriana

Lucy Irvine is an English writer and adventurer, who has chosen Bulgaria to be her home. What a mistake to make if you love animals. Some years after Lucy began rescuing desperate, ill and abandoned dogs in Strupets and its surroundings, our dear fellow country folk turned against her.

Neutered, vaccinated and looked after in a rented plot outside the village, Lucy’s dog became the biggest problem of the mayor and villagers. Administrative terror was unleashed on her and Lucy decided to give up her work. She had to quickly find solutions for her 60 animals. Bo, Laura and Oriana are three of them.

It would take 3 days to tell you all about this campaign against Lucy. The most important now is that the girls are at home in a totally different reality. As Bulgarians – we are ashamed.


Such a dear girl! Lassy came to the Farm from her fosters in April. Together with her sister Katy they were found by kind people and raised at home for their vaccinations. Katy found her people just two weeks after we admitted them, but Lassy didn’t share her luck.

Several adoptive families were choosing between her and another puppy, but she remained here for 6 months. We are really glad we managed to send her home, she is awesome and will make her family proud. A dog like her doesn’t deserve to spend her youth behind bars.


It took Buddy 5 months to fight off a very stubborn case of demodecosis, but he made it. Such a funny enthusiast – full of energy and curiosity. Buddy was the saddest puppy when we took him in, what a pleasure it is to send him off so good looking and shiny!


The best. It’s as simple as that. A dog you would rarely meet, he took our hearts with him. Every person who ever met him has come to love Dushan. He really has a golden soul.

He spent a whole year with us and no one wanted him. We will never get this. No matter how big and black he was, it was obvious to anyone Dushan is the best guy in the world. How is it possible no one would want him in a year? But must have been for the best.

We are sending loads of love to the German family that adopted him and thank Yvonne for giving him this amazing chance to show his quality.

Rita Krivka – now at Dierenthuis

Rita won nothing less than the Jackpot. After months of efforts and thanks to Julia, she was admitted to the best animal refuge we have ever seen or heard of. The Dierenthuis shelter in Holland.

Rita Krivka who had no chance of recovery and lived years in a cage, crippled by her pain. Rita who has spinal hernia, a damaged liver, broken pelvis, life-long severe pains that would make her bite anyone trying to touch her.

Now our tortured old lady has her own physiotherapist and gets acupuncture. She swims in a warmed-up pool, sleeps in a special bed and feels well for the first time in years… What can we say? There aren’t such words to describe how we feel about this…

We only hope she has years ahead of her, to be able to enjoy Heaven in Dierenthuis. The shelter is also home to other dogs we have loved together, her is a little “HI” from some of them:

Granny Alma – still incontinent, but walking and full of love…

Our donkey Zverski who is no longer biting and has become a spoiled little meatball…

And of course – Bolt, the amazing puppy with 5 legs – the most loved boy in the shelter – with a million friends, both people and dogs…

CELEBRATING: 1000 dogs adopted in Bulgaria! The story of Vashko-Rocky

Posted on 07 September 2017

We have a counter we really love at ARSofia – the one that counts the number of dogs we managed to rehome (in the upper right corner of this page). For us, it is something like the beating heart of the shelter – we started at 0000 in 2010 and just went over 5000 a few days ago!

This is the total number of dogs we have rehomed in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany and Holland. And the ratio of dogs who found homes in Bulgaria to dogs rehomed abroad is 1:4.

For the dogs who were adopted locally, we have another separate counter – the numbers on our adoption contracts.

We are proud to introduce you to our Bulgarian dog #1000!

How it all began

He came to us in April. A tragic, starving puppy, full of kisses and parasites. He had so many lice, we started calling him Vashko (“vashka” is the Bulgarian word for lice).

We took off what was left of his matted fur, started to treat and feed him, freed him of parasites and the boy became one of us. Unfortunately – his treatment postponed the vaccinations, but we thought the quarantine was safe enough for him.

Vashko and Distemper

In May, there was an outbreak of Distemper in quarantine 1. A puppy similar to Vashko (Benjamin, who was also immune-suppressed and with a skin condition) had the virus and became ill. The weakest dogs in the ward – Mommy Mathilda, Zlati and poor Vashko quickly followed.

So, the boy who was already quarantined for two weeks, had to go into quarantine for another month, whilst we are treating him for distemper – far from the other dogs, alone and isolated. No other way…

The foster home

We managed to cure him, he was a true hero. But not because he was so strong or healthy, poor guy had additional infections to fight, but because he is so lively and kind, that life didn’t want to leave him, no matter how hard illnesses tried.

Distemper is a tricky thing. The dogs that had it can still spread the virus through urine months after they have been healed. So our vets had to make a tough decision – to keep him isolated for another month.

But keeping a puppy in a box for 3 months is a crime. Even if it weren’t an angel like Vashko. So, when an opportunity came for a foster home – we were ecstatic. In the beginning of July a wonderful family took him home temporarily – so he can recuperate, gain some strength, learn to run again and get better in the sun.

The adoption

And so, August rolled by and the time came for the girls to go to school and for Vashko to come back to the shelter. But when they came to leave him we couldn’t find any Vashko. A new dog called Rocky was standing in the shelter yard!

Leaving Rocky at the shelter wasn’t easy. However hard we tried to persuade them that they saved his life, that they did the best for him – hearts want what they want. His people didn’t want to part with him, nor he with them.

And so: our warmest congratulations to Rocky, Salzitza Galabova and their whole family! Rocky will remain forever theirs and they are the bearers of our Medal of Honor:

Adopters of Animal Rescue Sofia’s dog #1000 in Bulgaria!

We thank you, dear family and wish you health and happiness. May the world always be gentle and giving to you, as you have been for Rocky (former Vashko)…


August report: Homes for 43 babies from the Farm in Holland!

Posted on 06 September 2017

August was astonishing for many reasons. The overcrowding and the problems at the shelter were so hard, we wish we weren’t born. We admitted 100 abandoned puppies in July, and then 50 more were admitted or abandoned at the shelter in August. You can imagine how that is, more so knowing that we also have a full waiting list…

Despite all this, or maybe because of it, we are thrilled to inform you that we managed to pull of three transports in August – with dogs who found loving homes in Holland and Germany!

Transport ХI/2017 – 02.08
Transport ХII/2017 – 27.08
Transport ХIII/2017 – 31.08

The bus took 18 adults and 43 puppies (and 7 cats) to their new homes.

Unfortunately we do not have the time to tell you each of these 43 puppies’ story.

So, we have another idea, at least as far as the puppies go. We invite you to take a look for yourself how their lives are going in the new motherland. This is what our puppies from the trash will live like from now on:

All the best to you, dear kids!

Hugs and gratitude to our amazing colleagues, who have been working tirelessly so that the abandoned puppies of Sofia can find love and care with Dutch owners.

We will try to find the time to tell you more about the 18 adult dogs that left Bulgaria for Germany later on this week.

Food Fundraiser

Posted on 01 September 2017

UPDATE 12/09/2017


Thank you, dear friends!!!

Your help has provided good food for 200 puppies and adults at the Farm for a whole month to come!


UPDATE 05/09/2017

Dear friends, WE DID IT!
The funds needed for a whole month of good food have been raised! We will be making the order right away and write to you when the food arrives. Our food containers are already waiting like soldiers – to be filled:

Right now we have a horrid number of puppies – 1/3 of our dogs are under 6 months of age. Thanks to you, there will be good food for all of our babies and this really is health for them.

You are amazing, thank you for your support…
Our dogs are lucky to have you!!!

Original post

Dear friends,
our warehouse is empty, but the shelter is full. There is no food and the money we have will not be enough to make a purchase at good prices.

Please, help us deal with this crisis, make a donation for food for the dogs of the Farm, if we get together and make a large order, the price will be cheaper and no dog will go to sleep on an empty stomach for a whole month.


We have the opportunity to buy 500 kilograms of high quality food for the tens of puppies we have at the shelter. To get it at a good price we need 1350 BGN. Give them this present of health, we have been feeding them garbage the whole summer and it is starting to show…

If you prefer to buy puppy food yourself:
The best option would be to order from Richter Pharma. Our contact there is K.Bossilkova. You can pay directly by bank and then the puppy food can be delivered directly to the shelter. The bags are 15 kilos at a price of 61 BGN.


We can buy 2000 kilograms of good food at the price of 1,60 BGN.
Unfortunately we are short of 1200 BGN from the 2 200 we need to be able to purchase the food at this price.

If you prefer to get food for the adults yourself:
We always look for the better quality, but anything you get will make the hungry dogs happy. If you decide to donate soft, canned food the oldest of the dogs will be really happy, as we feed it to those who have no teeth left.


2 550 BGN are missing from the equation.

It is a large sum, but if every 30-th person on our Facebook page decides to donate just 1 lev, there will be plenty of food for the puppies and adults for the whole month to come.

Please, help if you can:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

If you’ve never been at the Farm, you will find our address here.

We believe our babies will not go hungry till they have you.

HOME: Strong, Tana, Petty, Topsy, Bella, Era, Rana and Johnny!

Posted on 25 August 2017

It’s not the breed that makes a dog and this is not just propaganda. Loyalty, friendship, the desire to please are a dog’s essence, no matter if it was bred to bring us birds, guard sheep, protect us, or simply by accident. The gentle hearts of the shelter angels beat as warmly for their owners as their pure-bred friends.


Rana and her sister – Tana were born in someone’s home and abandoned to die outside. To their great luck they were found by kind people who gave them shelter for a month, whilst they were vaccinated. It is so important for puppies to be close to people in this early age!

Dessislava Genova came to the shelter with a happy daughter in each hand. She said: “I read something on your page. That every child should have a dog and a mother that would allow it, so I decided to come here and adopt.” Wow!

With over 60 puppies on the shelter grounds the kids didn’t know which way to look. But when they stopped at Rana’s cage, it was love at first sight.

A detail will tell you all you want to know: when we brought Rana out to meet her new family, the smaller of the girls who was hiding behind a big stuffed rabbit threw it aside, said “no more artificial rabbits!” and hugged Rana with all her heart….

Topsy and Bella

As with the most puppies that find their way to us – Topsy and Bella were found by kind people. They got in touch with us looking for a shelter and home for the little ones and had to keep them a month, until they have two vaccines and can come to the Farm.

A month isn’t a short time for loving. And when the day came for Topsy and Bella to stay with us, Ivona and Andrey could no longer imagine their lives without the babies. We tried to persuade them to keep fostering, but luck was on the puppies’ side.

Happy Topsy and Bella continue to live their lives with the people who rescued them and saved their lives. There is a Bulgarian saying “throw me in the trash if I am born lucky” – completely counts with these two!


The story of 5-month old Petty is hard to believe. In short – she entered the Farm after a month’s stay in a dog hotel, where she had been put a by a foreigner who had rescued Petty from a group of Gipsy boys that taken her by force from a young Gipsy girl a week earlier…

Ghetto dogs are the best. We will not speculate how this amazing selection has happened, but the truth is – only the kindest dogs make it out there. No exaggeration – Petty was the shelter’s perfect puppy. Noble, gentle, smart, delicate… and by the law of Murphy also grey, bearded and huge…

The Universe doesn’t make dogs like Petty for nothing. And when Veronica Solakova came to the shelter looking to adopt her first dog with the words “can you recommend a puppy to me?” we knew we are going to show her Petty right away.

We thank Veronica for allowing us to introduce her to Petty, we are 100% sure she will be happy with the decision to adopt her every single day of their lives together!


Kaylie Argirova and her mother are Australian, but have already lived in Bulgaria several years. They came to the Farm to find the best friend for their other dog – Daisy. So the two can have the best life, spent in games and joy at the family house in Rudartsi village.

Little guy Strong (formerly – Max, an abandoned and unwanted baby) is enjoying his new life as if he was born for it. And so are we, seeing him happy and safe in such wonderful hands!

Stiliana’s list

Stiliana Ravelska is a Bulgarian violin player who lives and works in Finland. This year she devoted her entire Bulgarian vacation to organizing the adoptions of 3 dogs to her Finnish friends.

Funny Johnny (on the left below) came to us with his sister Liska – abandoned by their mother’s owners. He was a step away from Death with Pneumonia, but survived. And what an attitude! Even in the days when he couldn’t stand – he would wag his tail at everyone. Today the boy is sharing his days with Johanna Anikki – in green fields and a whole other, wonderful way of life…

Dumped by the garbage cans in Dragalevtsi, sweetheart Era (right) had a destiny to fulfill. To wander lonely and lost in the streets, freeze and starve outside for a winter or two, give birth to 30+ babies outside, die alone and in pain… Destiny – cancelled! Instead, she will live happily ever after with Hilja Heiskanen in the land of Santa…

Tana is the sister of Rana – also an incredibly kind animal – no doubt made of love and sweets. We wander what the cruel person who abandoned them was thinking of their future? Most certainly he would have never imagined that Tana will end up in Finland with Ria Rantanen. We find comfort in the thought that Tana will most likely have a much better life than the monster who abandoned her once…

This isn’t the first dog Stiliana has helped rehome perfectly. Last year she came to the shelter with another friend – Mina Huttunen, who adopted our tiny epileptic old boy – Hercules. Do you remember him? This is his life today in Finland, he is doing great, drinking his meds, and feeling truly loved:

Although the organization of the journey was tough and through the effort of many people, documents and nerve-wracking logistics, Stiliana succeeded in uniting Johnny, Era and Tana with their new owners. On their way to the airport Stiliana promised the Farmers she will not forget them and will come back for them next year.

Three lives saved at once… We’re speechless, Stilliana!!!

News from your friends at the clinic

Posted on 24 August 2017

A week ago, thanks to you, three dogs – Irish, Dublin and Heidy got their second chance in life. Here they are today – happy and calm after you reached out to them!

You gave Irish an orthopedic surgery – for his luxated hip joint. Unfortunately it turned out that his close encounter with a car also badly damaged his other leg. He also had torn lateral knee ligaments.

The boy did well and thanks to d-r Nikolov he is already walking, although little by little. With the pain gone Irish turned out to be a great fellow – very friendly and loving, with his huge bear head and smiling eyes!


Poor Dublin also got another diagnosis to go along with the two he has – anaplasmosis and heartworm. He has severe arthritis on his shoulders as well as a merger of three vertebrae. Pain-relief gave him such a true relief it’s hard to recognize him.

Dublin is being treated for his diseases, he is no longer in pain and is hungry as a wolf – he is already putting on weight. Dublin is still in shock when you stoke him –  you can see how he loves it, but just cannot believe it. Right now his nose is completely clogged from the anaplasmosis, but that too will go away. One by one…


Little Heidy will wait a few more days for her surgery, as she had a higher leucocyte count than normal. At this age and after being through so much, she needs to be in her top form to be able to recover from anesthetic and surgery. We will wright when there’s news for her.


You get the warmest regards of  little frog Baby, who had a near-magical surgery on her tiny leg performed by d-r Hristov. We can now say she has completely recovered!


More, and more, and more abandoned puppies – our puppy crisis is still on the go. The number of puppies in the clinic, shelter and foster homes is horrid, but we are fighting with all the resources we have to find them homes abroad. We have over 160 puppies right now…

As always at the Franziska clinic – tens of sad destinies every day… Dogs and cats find injuries and illness in every corner of our city. But, most definitely, our toughest patient this week was this kind Grandpa. Not because he had the most complicated surgery or diagnosis, but because he is… too heavy!

Grandpa came to the Farm with a gangrene on his back paw

D-r Marincheva amputated him

Wish him a quick recovery!

To everyone that feeds old dogs near their homes or work:
please, don’t overfeed them, it’s not good for them. Old dogs don’t move much and don’t need that many calories. And when they are overweight they completely stop moving, because their joints hurt more…

For the lives of Dublin, Irish and Heidy

Posted on 15 August 2017

UPDATE 05/09/2017

Heidy is back and well, thanks to d-r Maria Savova at NOVA clinic!

We are so happy for her, she will not go blind, thanks to the surgery she will be able to keep some of her eyesight.

UPDATE 24/08/2017


See how well your friend are doing!

UPDATE 17/08/2017


The funds are raised!!!
Thank you for not letting them suffer, dear friends!

Irish’s surgery is scheduled for Monday – unfortunately it turned out he has a thorn knee alongside the joint luxation and that will make his recovery time twice longer and more difficult.

Dublin is in the start of a long combined treatment for anaplasmosis and heartworm, he needs a special heart ultrasound too. We checked his chip and he was neutered in H.Dimiter district in the summer of 2016. But this doesn’t help us solve his “mummy mystery”.

Heidi sends you a worm old greeting and her gratitude – her appointment will be scheduled for next week. Until then she and her friends of Irish decent will be expecting you for hugs and treats at the Farm shelter clinic…

Initial post:

Three innocent dogs have already gotten their death sentence from people.
Will you help us turn thing around for them?
Can you help them live?

Dublin, tied up an left to die

He was found in the park of Orlandovtsi. All tied up with a rope and an old scarf – like a horrible voodoo doll. An emaciated and mortally-ill dog that can barely move – tied up like an ancient Inka mummy and abandoned to die in the bushes.

We had only seen something like that once before – our sweet guy Lisko was found like this, but he at least would have the strength to run when he was immobilized. And Dublin…

IMG_2474 IMG_2533

Dublin doesn’t have a thread of muscle on him. The hunger has eaten away everything he had. If he manages to stand, he is folded in two like a lancet – his stomach, stuck to his spine and in great pain. His nails are very long, he was locked up without food somewhere for longer.

Dublin has anaplasmosis and heartworm. Not one, but two deadly illnesses. But even now – Dublin has a chance to live – if he gets the treatment and food he needs so badly.

IMG_2531 IMG_2535

The price of the medication that can save his life is: 370 BGN (190E). In the heat of August, with a clinic bursting with patients, it is a sum we don’t have.

Irish, a case of hit and run

It can happen to anyone – sometimes the dogs and cats really jump out on the road without a warning. Yes, you can be a good person and hit an animal with your car. But to do it and not stop? Not even slow down? What kind of a person are you then?

irish (2) irish (4)

Irish doesn’t ask himself these questions. He will not ask himself “why did this happen to me?”, and it seems he’s not even thinking “when will this be over?” The only question you can see in his eyes is “can you help me make it through?”

And we cannot. Because the price of the surgery Irish needs from orthopedist d-r Christo Nikolov from St.Antim costs 380 BGN (194 E). And there is no way the shelter can spare it for him – there are too many other dogs and too little resources for them…

20840256_270602720111422_1151159533_n 20906875_270602693444758_982267023_o

Heidy, left blind in the forest

There are no herds of free-roaming poodles in the woods. And Heidy probably never saw this much nature in her whole life. Perhaps if she wasn’t that old, ill or blind – her being dumped in the forest could even have been an interesting experience for her at the start.


But for such a tiny pet without eyesight, nature can only be terror and starvation. We saw her accidentally by the road and chased her terrified for long kilometers. Panicked to the bone Heidy flew with all the strength she could scrape up – far from the people who can only bring harm…

And just like every other abandoned small dog – she was biting and screaming only until two hands scooped her up and hugged her. This same moment she quietly put her matted face on Nadya’s shoulder, took a deep breath and fell asleep – a deep, death-like sleep after so much horror.


We bathed and clipped Heidy, we are treating her. We gave her a little cell to call a home, a warm bed and good food to regain her strength. But she needs more to have a chance of happiness in her last days.

Heidy has a progressing illness on both her eyes. If she is not urgently operated she will lose the little eyesight she has left (Heidy can still tell shadow from light). She will also lose both of her yes – soon they will become too painful and will have to be removed.

IMG_1156 IMG_1207

The surgery that ophthalmologist d-r Maria Savova from the Nova clinic has to perform on Heidy costs 500 BGN (250 E). She made a huge discount, but we are still unable to afford it. Heidy is just a few weeks away from the permanent decision – to have both her eyeballs removed, so they don’t make her suffer. It will not cost anything – we will do it in our own clinic. And dogs without eyes… they remain in the shelters forever…

Can you help?

These three dogs are sentenced to die.
Sentenced for no crime, by people like ourselves – worthless mutts that cost and mean nothing to anyone.

But you and us – we have those other eyes. The eyes that see not three doomed mutts, but three friends in great need. Please, let’s do our magic once again, let’s re-claim these three lives, let’s turn their lives around, and make things right, clear their destiny of evil…

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)


HOME: Toshko, Maya, Joojie, Deddy and Figaro!

Posted on 10 August 2017

“There is no greater legacy to leave than a beating heart, which would not have a chance, had it not been for you…”

Abandoned mom Maya

мая 7

We admitted Maya with 5 puppies from Levski district. Abandoned with them in the night, confused and frightened. To our greatest shock – our keepers recognized her. She was the yard dog of someone from Gorni Bogrov. She gave birth to unwanted puppies and the monster found a way to rid himself from responsibility…

мая (4)

Sometimes cruel deeds can turn into real happiness. Maya was brought to the shelter by a wonderful person – Stanislava Atanasova. Stanislava decided to adopt her when she has reared her young and she stuck to her word. Today the little lady is happy and well looked-after in a real home, and her babies are waiting for luck to find them too.

мая 6

Kind Toshko

Toshko came to us in March – with a broken leg. He was hit by a car and he couldn’t walk at all. You didn’t let him stay in pain and gave him the surgery he needed to walk again. After that, Toshi became one of our sweetest monkeys – playful and kind, energetic and curious young lad.

тошко 6

There is a Universal law that applies to black dogs in shelters – no one wants them. But Toshko must have been destined for true friendship. And it came into his life thanks to Stefan Nedev.

Stefan came to the Farm looking for the dog that is his soulmate. Not by looks, but by soul. The dog had to be playful and friendly, and also – it had to get along with the young husky girl living with his cousin who is also a close friend – in the city and on journeys.

тошко (4)

After a few visits and many walked dogs, Stefan chose Toshi. We were so glad and proud to see Roshi follow Stefan around, and when his future best friend was brought for an introduction – the adoption was sealed! All the best to you, dear!!!

Tiny Joojie

Joojie and Boojie were two little sisters, dumped in the middle of nowhere near the rock-mine at Gorni Lozen village. They are most likely the offspring of a husky mom and an unknown dad – one tini-tiny Joojie and the three times larger – Boojie.

джуджи 11 (1)

Rossen Yordanov is one of the kindest people who have come to adopt a dog from us. It was an instant connection between him and the little dwarf – seeing her so tiny and thin among the tens of puppies in the cage.

джуджи (1)

Today Joojie is living a royal life with Rossen in Nadezhda district and will never again be unwanted. Instead she will be a cherished princess till her last day on Earth.

Deddy – dragged with a car

Luiza Tsvetkova found 10-year old Deddy in agony – with wounds that could only come from being dragged by car – a deep cut wound on the neck and a huge, scraped-off wound on his back legs. She immediately took him to a vet and his life was saved miraculously. The wounds were so severe that the poor guy had to remain in treatment for a whole month – and that would cost a fortune.

dedi dedi1 dedi2

We took Deddy in so his treatment can be finished, but with the shelter so overcrowded – we couldn’t provide him a permanent place. So we made a deal – to do everything we can for him, until he is ready to go home with Luiza.

деди (3)

Deddy is by far not the first and last problem on Luiza’s hands. Living with her own dog isn’t all buds and roses and she will most likely have to find another solution for the rest of his days. But he will always be able to count on her and will never more be left alone and in trouble…

Chronically-ill Figaro

Alessandro Molnaro and Federica Monticolombani are great, hearty Italians, who chose Bulgaria for to be their home. They came to the shelter last month to adopt a dog from us, but instead went home with 5 abandoned new-born puppies to look after.

We told them newborns rarely survive without a mother, even with the greatest care, that if they manage to raise even 2 out of 5 to the age of one months they would be heroes. We blessed them for their kindness and were full of gratitude, but never expected them to do so well!

фигаро (4)

Today “their” babies are already healthy and strong one-month old pups. They share the family’s apartment with one very patient cat, but we thought that after this amazing ordeal, they would never want to adopt a dog. Alessandro and Federica came to the shelter many times and got to know our buddies. But one of them stuck to them like a stamp to a letter. The chronically-ill husky Figaro.

IMG_0998 IMG_1010

We admitted Figaro in the winter early this year. He was abandoned in the deep snow of Vitosha Mountain – left to cope alone. And he wasn’t coping. Not at all. Once in the Farm it turned out he has an un-curable disease that will haunt him for the rest of his days. This is something like an anti-jackpot for a shelter dog, a guarantee for eternal imprisonment.

We told all this to Alessandro and Federica. That the boy cannot be cured, that he needs to take medication every day, that tests would need to be sent to a German laboratory every 6months to keep his drug doses to a par and keep him in shape. Just as we did for the puppies – we thought this will not work out.

фигаро (5)

We don’t know if we have become pessimists or Alex and Fede are magical people sent to us by a higher force. But the fact of the matter is that today Figaro is the happiest husky in the world – living his second life in Borovo, delicately pretending there is no cat and observing the growth of the 5 puppies…

фигаро (8) фигаро (12)

What else can we say, but to wish quietly for more people like them in this world – with tireless hands and endless hearts, which hold place for all – however hard things can be sometimes…

фигаро (9) фигаро (10) фигаро (13)

In memory of Shirley…

Posted on 08 August 2017

What would you do if someone’s dogs mulled yours as you were walking it on a lead?
Can you imagine the horror of it?

You go out for a walk with the two adopted dogs you love so much. Quiet and sweet elderly ladies, leads in your hand. You’ve been together for over a decade – the routine is a calm joy. As you walk in the summer morning – everything seems wonderful. You haven’t walked 50 meters from your house when the huge dogs of your neighbors run from behind. One of them lashes forward… and the lead in your hand sags – with your ripped-up girl at the end of it…

This nightmare happened to Olya Nikolova less than a month ago.
After years of terrorizing the neighborhood’s dogs – in the park and on the street, 2 GSD and 2 Rottweilers finally took a victim – her dog.
Little Shirley died hours after one of the Rottweilers bit her savagely – let off the lead and in the presence of his owner.

шърли1 шърли2 шърли3

Rest in peace, Shirley…

You can read everything about the incident HERE.
You can see a report from the spot HERE.
We will only tell you that after so many witnesses and previous complaints, after so many letters to every possible institution, the only consequence for the owner of the aggressive dog will be a 50 Euro fine, by the Sofia municipality.

And for Olya… only the tears and horrid memories remain.
Many people would crawl into their shell, they would give up. They would say “I cannot have a dog anymore”. They would cling to the remaining pet as a drowning person would to a straw. They would hate the whole world. But not Olya.

Olya decided to rescue another dog.
Olya came to the Farm.
To be fully honest – her first visit was a little awkward. Everything seemed fine, the answer to each question – just as it should be… but why does this lady say so little? Why is she hiding behind her glasses? And why does she want to adopt Trudy so much? We have many better-looking, healthier, more cheerful puppies in the shelter…

Trudy. You know her well.
She is that little angel from the litter of abandoned puppies picked up in the forest who had a badly broken leg – you gave her a surgery. She was operated and the recovery was going well. Meanwhile her sisters didn’t wait for her – they left Bulgaria for new, Dutch families.

Let’s not stretch this unnecessarily.
Once you see all the ingredients it’s easy to work out the magic:
– Kind person with a huge heart – 1 pc;
– Sad puppy in trouble – 1 pc;
– A meeting in the Farm – 2pc;
No need for more explaining is there?

We’re not superstitious, but we also don’t believe in coincidence. Trudy and poor Shirley do not only look alike – the two of them also have surgeries on the back left leg.
т1 т3

Olya adopted Trudy as she was – a limpy, sticky, smelly puppy from the quarantine. With a big external fixture and surgical interventions ahead. She signed a contract, brought her home and gave her the name that worms her heart – Shirley.

Olya gave to Shirley-Trudy a new life, but even that wasn’t enough for her. She made a donation for the rest of the babies at the shelter and even decided to support us every month… What else can we say except – bless you, dearest Olya! Be happy, be healthy, let every day with Lizzie and Shirley be a joy for you! And may misfortunes stay away from you, so that happiness is a permanent resident in your home!


A hospital at the end of the city: Ronja, Mootsunka and Baby successfully treated

Posted on 03 August 2017

We are really happy to inform you that the three girls you gave orthopedic surgeries to have been operated and are already recovering nicely. They were difficult surgeries, each one had a complicated damage, but d-r Hristo Nikolov managed to fix the legs of all three of them.

IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1855 IMG_1858

The toughest one was Baby’s – because of the bad brake and her absolutely miniature size. It wasn’t sure till the last moment how it can be fixed, the sedation was really hard, but we hope Baby will grow up to be a healthy, happy puppy on four legs.


IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1861 IMG_1862

Mootsunka’s surgery was also very impressive – d-r Nikolov used a huge drill to fixate her joint in place. The poor girl’s joint was displaced completely, she is facing a long recovery, but you can already see in her eyes that the pain is gone. Hopefully in a month we’ll be seeing her run around happy and smiling like she used to be.


IMG_1809 IMG_1882 IMG_1895 IMG_1898

Ronja is recovering fastest in this group. She too had a bad brake, just over the knee joint, but just a few days after her surgery, she is feeling great and is using her leg a little. Such a cheerful and lovable girl, come see her, she will make you smile!

These here are only the orthopedic patients. Otherwise, the clinic is full and overflowing as usual. Here are our other difficult cases at this point:

The paralyzed angel Muffin

IMG_1195 IMG_1196

Muffin came to us unable to move his back legs and with a broken back. A gipsy boy had dumped him like this in a packed neighborhood. Soft, kind, gentle – he is full of life and energy, but paralyzed.

IMG_1806 IMG_1909

We x-rayed him and the pictures showed there is hope for him. The spinal tissue hasn’t been ruptured, there are no broken vertebrae… D-r Nikolov came to the shelter to treat him urgently – he performed a laminectomy, but the results were not as magic as we hoped they would be – the trauma turned out to be too old.

So, Muffin got to have his own wheelchair. A little by little he is getting used to it, he is cheerful and energetic, always hungry. We love him a lot, and he still has chances of walking. But he needs special care and attention, which we cannot provide in our crowded shelter. We really hope there is a Pekingese friend somewhere that would give him a helping hand. Muffin really has a chance of getting better…

Lora – ill with heartworm

IMG_1952 IMG_1951

We’ve been writing of the risks of heartworm so many times that you’ve probably already become experts. Giant Lora is here for a long treatment, we’re fighting the worms in her heart, putting on weight, resting from the horror she went through alone outside. She is a lucky girl – Lora has friends who support her with the expensive medication, the people who found her will stand by her.

One-eyed Silver Zorry

She had two eyes when she came here, but one of them was damaged beyond repair. We took her to the ophthalmologist who told us nothing can be done, and d-r Marincheva amputated the ill eye. Along with that, we also neutered her, she has been vaccinated as well.


Zory lives in a difficult environment – a tiny cage in our warehouse. She is much more trusting to people, very close to becoming a pet kitty. We will be really glad if a foster home is found for her, so she can recover and become a confident, beautiful cat. If you would give her this chance – please, get in touch!

Paralyzed Dessy

IMG_1374 IMG_1198

We’re fighting for the life of poor paralyzed Dessy. She was found in this state, completely helpless. D-r Marincheva ran all the possible tests, we even took her to a skanner, but in the end – she doesn’t have a certain diagnosis.

IMG_1805 IMG_1906

Before all – Dessy benefits from physiotherapy. By moving her limbs 6 times in a day, we managed to get her to raise her head and even step a little with her back legs. Dessy needs very special care that is nearly impossible to provide for her here. She needs a volunteer friend to help her out regularly, so she can deal with the paralysis…


IMG_1118 IMG_1120

Dumped very far into the woods (just under the highest peak in the region), old lady Heidy is a dog with a great, great luck.

IMG_1150 IMG_1207

The sweet granny is recovering her strength in our clinic right now, she needs to go to the ophthalmologist too, we are hoping it’s not too late to do something for her, so that she doesn’t lose her sight completely…

Life goes on

August has begun. Traditionally – the hardest month for the shelter. A time for smiles and a good rest, under the sunlight and if possible near loads of salt water. And this is great! We wish everyone a great restart from the mundane problems, feel happy in their bodies and sense the kiss of summer on their skin.

We will be here, the dogs and us, waiting for you – if you happen to think of us, or feel like donating, we’re here. Because in the world of dog suffering there are no holidays. In it, each day is a day for pain, so we remain here holding our grounds – with our silent friends, who wouldn’t get a vacation even if they knew what that is…

bond1 IMG_1811  IMG_1829 IMG_0046 IMG_0265 IMG_0296 IMG_0592 IMG_0593

A new life for 29 dogs and 5 cats in Holland – a gift from the people of Sofia Airport Center

Posted on 28 July 2017

The story of Transport X/2017 is somewhat magical.
Because when we were organizing the papers for it, we didn’t really have the money that were needed to carry it through. What we did know was that on the day before the planned departure – 20.07, Diana Romanova and her friends at Sofia Airport Center were doing a bake-sale for the dogs of Animal Rescue Sofa. And since we are hopeless dreamers, and Diana is a logistic wizard, we decided to risk it and hope the money will be raised. And it did!

02 05 06

A million hugs and tons of happiness for the people working in the SAC building – in just a day, and with the use of approx.20 kilos of exceptional bakery, they raised 2200 BGN for the dogs at the Farm!

This money was not only enough to pay for the whole transport, but we also bought 340 kilos of dog food for the souls that didn’t have the luck to travel to a new life.

01 03 04

We’re speechless to express our joy of how things developed. Here they are – the lucky souls already enjoying their new lives in Holand thanks to that great bake-sale at Sofia Airport Center last Wednesday:

Trudy’s sisters


We’ve already told you about them. Found deep in the woods, 4 puppies in a really desperate condition. Half-naked, walking skeletons who had half of the parasite population of the planet crawling on their backs. They were terrified and starving.

IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1485

Here they are – Serenada, Sanya and Symphonia (yes, keep the boys, abandon the girls) – all three of them now loving their new Dutch destiny. And the fourth sister – Trudy (the one that you gave a surgery to) was adopted in the most wonderful home here, in Bulgaria. But that is a different story.

Sonja’s babies

Sonja was brought to us very pregnant for urgent neutering in the beginning of April. She arrived in the evening and we left her hungry overnight – to perform the surgery in the morning. But as we opened the shelter and checked on Sonja, there was not one, but six dogs waiting for us. Something happened that had only happened before – puppies were born under our roof!

girl 01 (5) girl 02 (4)

Sansa and Daenerys

boy 02 (2) boy 01 (3) boy 03 (5)

Drogo, Davos and Stark

Our babies grew up as giants! Sweet and lovable black pearls. But as smart and as playful as they were, the truth of the matter is they would be very difficult to rehome here, if it weren’t for the chance they got in Holland, they would be stuck in the cage for ages…

Deidre and Nicky

They aren’t siblings although they look so much alike. Nicky is the last of Moyra’s babies and Deidre is Simonique’s twin-sister.

IMG_1400 IMG_1469

Deidre and Nicky

It so happened that the two sweeties couldn’t travel with their families and we’re now really happy to see them get the happiness they deserve.

The highway kittnes

Dumped on a highway stop-pit still with their umbilical cords on, 6 new-born kittens found salvation in the heart of Lubo – the man who raised them like their own mother couldn’t.

IMG_1701 IMG_1710 IMG_1090

Carry, Lusta, Griz, 
Blacky and Orange Tobie

IMG_1092 IMG_1707

One of them – Leo (Messy) will stay with him forever, and the other 5 angels left for their new Dutch homes with the help of our awesome friend Selma.

Maxy and Mopsy

20180460_10210371562470831_1863322400_o 20216406_10210371564670886_596639520_o

Two adorable abandoned puppies – found in the street, grown up in a foster home and absolutely lovely. They didn’t stay here long, although they are big babies. No wonder! Their eyes have a magic ability to look straight into your heart.

The Tail sisters

We call them that, because some nutcase must have practiced on them – to try to make them look like pintchers so that can be sold at the market. One has a low-cut tail, the other is cut in the middle, and the third is just as it were. The sadist with the scissors must have had enough with the first two.

deva IMG_1458 IMG_1467

Ava, Ada and Deva are lovely souls, with a kind and delicate temperament. We found them on the highway, and yes – they too are the unwanted girls of a litter. And in Holland – they will be cherished and loved pets!

Daro and Dara

These two angels (and another two who found a home in Bulgaria) were raised from a week of age with the huge efforts of a someone who never had a dog – Marinetka Todorova.

IMG_1403 IMG_1408

We are inspired by her effort and cares, and also really happy this story got to have a happy ending. Daro and Dara are lovely puppies and will become awesome dogs, no doubt about it.

El Quarantineros

5 babies who came to us in the same day – 2 larger and 3 smaller, not older than 10-14 days old, we raised them as a litter that we called El Quarantineros. Unfortunately it happened that these babies spent almost 3 months in isolation.

First time had to past until their first vaccine, then it was the shelter lock-down of May. We opened in July, but these guys were in the same ward with Benjamin, who died of distemper – pow! Three more weeks of quarantine – just in case. In the end we put them in one of the walking yards, it was just too much for them to be kept locked-up like this.

IMG_1656 IMG_1676

Layla and Dalila

IMG_1660 IMG_1683 IMG_1671

Roxana, Paul and Ringo

As soon as they grew stronger and felt better they sailed off to Holland – to be loved, hugged and spoiled the way they should have been all this time.

Mona and Lisa

Can you tell one from the other? We can barely! Mona and Lisa are two sisters, found abandoned in the street and raised beautifully in a foster home.

20134572_10155690567154653_239415047_n 20136421_10155690567214653_1201791036_n

Angels like them find homes abroad easily and become the pride and joy of their owners. We often get e-mails from Dutch owners of Bulgarian dogs asking what their breed is. And when we tell them there is no breed, they are always surprised.

Mathilda’s babies

4 of 7 abandoned pups were saved by the gentle Rottweiler Mathilda before distemper took her from us. Although she had lost her puppies, she nursed and saved the lives of:

IMG_1487 IMG_1495

Mateo and Matis

IMG_1490 IMG_1491

Mathilda and Mistique

You can see for yourself – they are the sweetest creatures. Dogs that really know how to smile. Soft, gentle, kind… the four lucky babies sailed off together to the same foster home. Click HERE to see how they’re enjoying themselves with their foster’s dog (along with Davos, a boy from Sonja’s litter).

In Holland!

And look at them now – our unwanted babies from the pit, our mutts from the trash cans – happiness suits them best, they were born for it:

We hug you all – donors and volunteers, foster parents and helpful colleagues, we’re really happy to put a big fat HAPPY END to this story of 29 dogs and 5 kittens, who were sad and unwanted once upon a time in Bulgaria…


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