HOME: Max, Evy, Chaya&Maya, Fluffy Bear, Fiffy, Ushka and Belcho

Posted on 09 October 2017

Dogs are magical creatures.
How else do they manage to find the people who need them, filling a gap they didn’t even know they had?


Golden boy Max, whose sad story touched so many people went home with Maria and Ivo Mitrevi. The boy is the second golden retriever in the family and is very, very happy with them!


Little Ushka, an amazingly sweet 3-month old angel, is now living the life of her dreams with Miren Radkov and Elena Stefanova in Sofia.


Another one of our black bears got a wonderful family. Best regards to Ana and Alexandra Nistorovi for the wonderful choice, these little balls of love are one of a kind.


Fluffy Bear (now Dara) and Fiffy (now Raya) are living the life of their dreams. They went home with Carolina and Kaloyan Kosevi and will grow together with their little boy – Georgi.


Sweet Evy is now home with Tsvetelina Stoyanova and her daughter Ivana. Evy and her siblings were raised in the foster home of another wonderful Tsvetelina – Senior volunteer at the Farm. What a lucky coincidence!


Kittens Chaya and Maya went home together – to the amazing Jean-Luke and Natalie, who have adopted 5 of our dogs from the old shelter – Sivcho, Zayo, Bear and two puppies. The amazing Belgian couple first took one kitten, and when they felt the joy of living with a cat, they quickly came back to get one more, so they can grow happily together.


But maybe the happiest moment for us was the adoption of everyone’s pal – Belcho. They boy has waited for happiness to find him since 2011. 5 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit – it’s not his fault he is such a giant…

Belcho found his best friend in Nina van der Vinne – a great Dutch lady who chose Bulgaria to be her home. She wanted to give a chance to a dog that wouldn’t otherwise have it and took our white boy with a golden heart home.

Dear adopters, we wish you all the happiness in the world!


Transports XIV and XV: 50 dogs and 5 cats with new homes abroad

Posted on 27 September 2017

Two transports with dogs and cats left the Farm to our colleagues in Holland and Germany this month!

Transport XIV/2017 – 07.09 – 25 dogs и 2 cats
Transport XV/2017 – 14.09 – 25 dogs и 3 cats

We will do everything we can to send the bus one more time, before September ends. The shelter is still overcrowded and we have so many kind hearts waiting to be admitted in foster homes…


Here are the heroes:

The puppy on the right in the first photo is your friend Baby. Thanks to you, she got the surgery she needed for her broken leg and is now well. The whole litter has found homes and sailed off!

We said goodbye to loved adults Mira and Mootsunka.


3 of our 8 black bears have gone home!

Mommy May, Webster and Jewels left for happiness too:


We hope to send 2 more of May’s kids – Pomeren and Akira to good homes with our next transport. Only Shira will remain, as she had a broken leg and her surgery requires a removal of an implant in a months time.


A littler of 3 wonderful sisters and in the last photo – our darling Pirin. This is what Pirin used to look like when we found him:

And here is a moment from Pirin’s new life in Holland:

WOW, Pirin!
And here are some more of our cuties:


But the most touching of all was our all-time-favorite Teddy.
This is how his life began in Bulgaria:

And this is how it will go on in Holland:

At home with his wonderful new mum – Ellen van Alten!

We also have lucky cats on these journeys!

The kitties from the hardware store (poor souls never got to have their own names. They will now.)

Naum and Nalla,
and also the sweetest black cat in the Universe – Milcho…

Some wonderful photos from the new lives in Holland:


Farewell, angels!
Only love and happiness from here on for you!
And THANK YOU, dear colleagues for everything you do!!! 


We thank Yvonne Henke who provided good homes for 17 of our angels, and also sent the ones who are still waiting for love at our shelter – 350 kilograms of dry food.

Hugs for our tireless doctors – d-r Marincheva, d-r Ilieva and d-r Spassov. Their good work and the fact that even the smallest of our puppies are strong and healthy, makes it possible for so many of them to find loving homes abroad.

Hats off to Nadya and Vivi for the logistic magic they have pulled through these last 2 months. Getting each dog ready, organizing its journey to our colleagues, the transport itself require huge nerves and efforts. Girls, we are proud of you!

HOME: Sarah, Archie, Zara, Ilina, Iliana, Black, Noisy and Lucky

Posted on 21 September 2017

I gave you my house
when you were alone.

When I walk through the door
It now feels like a home.

Tail wagging and waiting,
Our bond quickly grew.

Such unconditional love…
Who rescued who?

Black and Noisy

Two little brothers – Black and Noisy will stay with the people who raised them from newborns!

Alessandro and Federica saved the lives of 5 abandoned newborn puppies, taking them home for more than a month. Meanwhile, the wonderful Italians adopted chronically-ill Figaro and thought him to live in an apartment with a cat.

Parting with the little ones wasn’t easy. And since it was not possible to keep all 5, they adopted Black and Noisy! The other three are in the shelter, waiting for love to find them.


The 2-year old abandoned Jack-Russel Terrier Lucky has found his family. The little big guy has gone home with Yordanka Bogoeva, where he will be loved and exhausted by three wonderful children!


3-month old tiger Ilina has found a place in the heart of veterinaty medicine student Maria Rossolatou, from Greece. We wish them all the best together!


Ilina’s sister, Iliana is now called Rosie in her awesome new life, provided by Robert Huston and his sweet daughter! The two girl immediately hit it off and we are sure this is a life-long friendship.


Zara and Kara are two huge girls that were orphaned – the man who had kept and loved them died suddenly. We took them in after they had spent quite some time alone in the empty yard, kind and sweet, but also huge and black ladies. Two ladies that are considered difficult to place.

To our delight, 2-year old Zara is already the queen in the yard and life of Stefan Ivanov, loyally following his daughter – Ralitsa, everywhere she goes.


10-year old lady we called “Granny Pit” has a home too! Found hit by a car, after her owner abandoned her near the shelter, the veteran pitbull will spend the rest of her days with Nadia Spassova.

Nadia has known Sarah all her life. She is a neighbor of her owner. When Sarah disappeared Nadia started asking questions, and they led her to us. Here, she found Sarah, broken, but still alive and made a promise to her – to never be left alone and helpless again…


When nature was making Archie, she gave him the body of a bear, the soul of an angel and as she was about to pour a little kindness, something happened, she dropped the whole bottle and POW! Archie got to be as kind as 20 dogs could be!

100 beers – ANIMALE

To his (and ours) great happiness, Archie has found his people – on the slopes of the magnificent Alps, all the way in Austria.

Be happy, Archie, darling! We already miss your smile, dear boy. But knowing that it shines even brighter in your new home, we forge all the sadness and imagine you waving your flag-tail in the beautiful nature…

Thank you, Sandra! 

CONGRATS! Donations, not flowers

Posted on 20 September 2017

Two lovely new families made their weddings even better and more generous by raising donations for the 200 monkeys at the Farm shelter!

Velislava and Stoyan


Instead of fading flowers, Stoyan and Velislava encouraged their wedding guests to leave their bouquet in a donation box and raised 200 BGN for our dogs.

We hug them with all our hearts and wish them a long and happy family life – full of smiles, luck and love!

Mihaela and Ivan

A total of 500 BGN was raised for the shelter dogs at the beautiful wedding of Ivan and Mihaela.

We thank you, dear family, for helping us in such a difficult moment. May love shine on you forever. Shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart till world stands!

Donations not flowers

So simple – at an important event (like a wedding or a birthday, anything that includes invitations), the invite to the party carries a small message: “Please, don’t get us flowers, leave your “bouquet” in the donation box at the entrance.

This way – donations are made for a meaningful cause, instead of money being spent on tens of bouquets (that will go in a day or two). A meaningful, useful donation can be made to a good cause, they are turned into something good and lasting.

Whether it be our cause – animals in need; or something else… there is such a great need for kindness and generosity in our world – there are so many good hearts in trouble.

We salute and hug every person that has put the “Donations not flowers” idea into good use.

Hospital at the end of the city 2/IX (Warning: graphic photos!)

Posted on 18 September 2017

Thank you for your help, dear friends!

The funds for the treatment and tests of Mancho, Haska and Rocky have been raised. Now we hope they will also be lucky and recover in the best way!

The heroes are just 3 of the dogs on urgent treatments here. We introduce you to some of the other souls that found love and health under the roof of the Franzisca clinic:



Poor old homeless Valcho has a severe case of osteomyelitis. We are already treating one girl for this heavy condition – frightful Nera. The treatment is long and uncertain, and the boy is late in his life, but d-r Marincheva is doing all she can for him…


Poor little Dolma is just 4 months old, but she has already been through 3 surgeries after a car hit her.

Her right thigh was broken, also both bones on her front left paw. D-r Nikolov did and ostheosynthesis and it will take time till she recovers, but for now the poor soul is doing very well and it seems there will be no complications.


Two siblings were abandoned in a lively neighborhood and raised outside by a kind man. He called them Bonnie and Clyde. The two angels somehow managed to survive outside, until a local monster with a shotgun decided to practice on them. Clyde was killed, and Bonnie severely injured.

Full of pellets, Bonnie suffered the worst injury on her shoulder bone and had to be operated immediately. D-r Nikolov fixed the shoulder, removed the pellets and now the good girl is recovering in the home of her good friend – Anatoly. We hope she makes it…

Heidy and Dublin

Kisses from Heidy, the little old lady. This Friday was her second exam after the eye-surgery you gave her with ophthalmologist d-r Savova. The girl is well, it will take another week to know for sure if the surgery was successful. Our hope is that she will be able to keep some vision in the healthier, right eye.

Your other old friend – Dublin can stand on his own!!! Hurray! Sadly, we will not be able to do much more for him, but he will get his pain-relief for the back condition he is suffering till he can…


If you’ve been wandering why Velichka the donkey is here again – it is because she too has managed to become ill and needs daily treatment.

D-r Ralitza and Nick were here for her hooves as well and she is very happy with the new pedicure. When the treatment is over the big girl is going back to the horse base we keep her in, as dogs really make her nervous.

Neverending story

In these last three weeks we have managed to find homes to 78 dogs, and have given shelter to another 86…

Irish and Pippa

Special regards from your Buddy – Irish, who is already starting to use his leg. He is currently residing in the walking yards with Pippa – a sweet girl who was re-homed in Holland 2 years ago. She has a hip problem and needs a surgery.

Both dogs are on leads on this photo as they like to guard their food – this way both can enjoy a meal without someone looking over their shoulder.

Lora and Lora

These are two of three patients called Lora who are currently being treated for heartworm at the shelter clinic. The treatment is long and difficult, but the girls are strong and we can already say they are winning against the parasites.


Paralyzed Dessy is finally walking after a 3-month battle! But, sadly this is not the end of her ordeal. She also has heartworm, and now the treatment for it begins, as we had put the diagnosis aside, fighting paralysis.

Luckily, the people who brought Dessy have been taking care of all her needs – Anrieta and her family. Anrieta has adopted a dog and a cat from us – tiny black Olive and brave orange Sig. The best news us that when Dessy recovers, they will take her home too…


Tom the angel is a homeless, but very noble friend. He is here for the treatment of a heavy stomach injury, after a car hit him.

5 black&white fluffies desperately hope to find foster homes. Life in a cage is very damaging to cats, especially in this early age. If you are wandering what foster care is – it is joy, smiles and life. Take two or three of these buddies home, they will fill your house with love for a month or two!

6 newborn kittens and 5 puppies were taken on by team members last week. Of the kittens, so far we have 4 survivors – 2 at Dimy’s and 2 at d-r Spassovs foster home. With the puppies we have 4 so far, they are looked after by the wonderful volunteer from the UK who is with us a second time – Nicole. Unfortunately they are not stable…


Severely beaten, this poor girl has no broken bones and should be able to physically recover completely. We will do all we can to also heal her heart…

Rayna’s hell

We can say we have met the scariest dog in the Animal Rescue Sofia history. Rayna.

Not because she is dangerous or mean, on the contrary – she is a small and very shy, tortured soul. It is just that you can physically feel the pain on your own face when you look at her and see the horrendous trauma man inflicted on her. With a shotgun. Close range.

There are still tests to do until we can give you more information about the poor little girl. So far the only thing we can say is that she is safe in our hearts and shelter.

Thank you

We thank Veneta and her daughter for the donations they keep bringing to the clinic.

The entire work of this shelter is financed through donations. Help us help them, make a small contribution to our cause, we really need you.

Hospital at the end of the city 1/IX (Warning: Graphic photos!)

Posted on 14 September 2017

UPDATE 17/08/2017
Thank you for your kindness, dear friends!

The funds for the treatment and tests of Mancho, Haska and Rocky have been raised. Now we hope they will also be lucky and recover in the best way!

We will introduce you to the rest of our patients on hospital treatment tomorrow.

Dear friends,
we are hardly managing the treatments of all the dogs that were brought here for urgent treatment. Could you help out, even by little?

These are all patients that cannot wait, and we have literally used up all our possible resources and there is a risk that we will not be able to finish their treatments…

Rocky – abandoned

Rocky is a 3 y.o. Labrador. He was abandoned by his so-called “owners”, but they are not worthy of this title. They just had a baby, cannot look after him – you know how this song goes. Only Rocky has not been neglected recently or 9 months ago. He is a dog no one ever loved.

When they brought him, Rocky smelled of death. A quick inspection showed he has necrosis in the tail region, there were white worms falling out from the holes of the infection. It took us 3 hours only to remove the larvae from his skin.

Rocky doesn’t know how to communicate with people. He doesn’t know how to walk on a lead and finds human touch hard to bear. He needs many tests to figure out how far the necrosis has spread and if an amputation is necessary.

To be able to continue Rocky’s treatment we need 280 BGN.
Please, help him if you can, even by very little. He deserves kindness from people after all this suffering.

Haska-Gaska – ill with heartworm

A small-sized abandoned little lady came round the shelter in the beginning of this year. “Our” strays chased her initially, but then she became part of the group. A little by little the keepers managed to win her trust, until we could finally catch her to make some blood tests and see what’s going on with her.

Sadly, Haska turned out to be infected with heartworm. You already know this disease – it runs quietly until the parasites grow so big that the heart bursts open, killing the dog. She is such a young girl, at the start of her life and finally beginning to trust people.

The only treatment for heart-worm is long and expensive. To save Haska’s life we need a special drug – immiticide, which we cannot purchase without your help.

The money needed for the treatment of Haska total at 430BGN.
Without it – she has no chance.

Mancho – with pyoderma

It has been 6 months now since Mancho began the battle with pyoderma. We have failed to cure him from bacteria that is eating him alive. The boy simply has no immunity – whatever gets a hold of him, makes him sick.

After several unsuccessful treatments, the doctors want to have Mancho tested for specific problems, and also give him immune-stimulating drugs. The whole amount that he needs to stand a chance in this battle he is losing is 340BGN.

Would you support a poor, naked Mancho? He is still a baby, but his whole life was spent in the clinic, waiting for a cure…

Could you help?

With so many patients – we simply cannot find the means for the more expensive treatments of the three tortured heroes. And they have been through so much already, they deserve to know a man is a dogs best friend.

Please, make a donation if you can, however small it may be. There are many of us, and if we get together again – we will rescue these souls as well…

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

HOME: Toby, Murray, Zlaty, Bucky, Mark, Stevie and Borry

Posted on 13 September 2017

We are happy to share our greatest joy with you – the lucky souls adopted here in Bulgaria.

It is such an amazing thing. To see your once unwanted friend being chosen for a life of love and care by good people. To be the witness of those precious first moments when the spark shines – a little look, a wagging tail, warm hugs, smiles, tears…

We love you, dear adopters!


She was brought to us in April – hit by a car and completely paralyzed. A scary sight. Zlaty lay immobilized for a whole month, she couldn’t even manage to drink by herself. After weeks of physiotherapy and treatment with corticosteroids our brave girl won the battle and stood on all fours:

To our horror, Zlaty was one of the dogs in the quarantine department where we had an outbreak of Distemper in May. With her immunity weakened by the long treatment, she became the first dog to become infected from the puppy that brought the illness to us – Benjamin. And although it was crucial for her to move freely and use her muscles, Zlaty had to remain caged another month – whilst we fought for her life.

Zlaty is a true fighter and loves life like no one else. Despite all the odds being against her, she managed to win the battle with Distemper with no permanent damage to her health. Zlaty took all the hardships with an open heart and when she was finally healthy and vaccinated, we moved her to the dog’s building, alongside funny guy Ruben.

And today… Today Zlati’s life is completely different. And that is thanks to Rossen and Julia Gajinski who made her the biggest gift – a family of her own. Rossen and Julia weren’t completely sure about the adoption and initially took Zlato on a foster’s contract – to have her for a while and see if they can manage. That happened on Friday. We were thrilled when they called us on Monday to say: “Zlaty is our dog and we are her people!”


One of our 7 black bears – Borry got a wonderful family too! He was adopted by Steve Hoborough – to the joy of his three wonderful, kind daughters.


Tiny Stevie was brought to us by a gentleman and his daughter. They had watched him roam about the neighborhood for a few days. Dogs like him cannot manage outside, but we literally had no space. We tried to convince the people to take him back vaccinated, just until he builds an immunity, but the father didn’t want to hear of it. In the end, the little girl cried so hard that one of our keepers – Joro, took Stevie home, despite already being full of shelter animals…

But, these are the last adventures of the little hero. Now 10-month old Stevie is the most loved dog in the home of Nicolay Genov – cuddling on his own sofa and being spoiled just as he likes!


Another happy and loved little baby – sweetheart Toby has a home! He is now the greatest pride and joy in the home of Joanna and Ivan Alexovi in their apartment in Banishora district.


Darling Mark was abandoned alone outside as a tiny baby. But – he was lucky to be picked up by a kind man, who raised him hoping to find a good home among his friends. Unfortunately, Mark grew up and never met his people in the process, until it was no longer possible to stay at his fosters and he had to come to us.

And just in time! Because Mark had the chance to stand in front of Toma Vasev and his wife. They loved Mark from the very first moment and decided to give him a home, a bunny and… a wonderful boy – so they can grow and enjoy their lives together!


Murray has already been abandoned twice. The first time he was brought to us as a puppy – they had bought him for a toy and never expected the damage he made in their home. As you can guess there were plenty of people who wanted him and we chose a good family where we thought he would be trained and well cared for. A year later Murray was returned to us – nervous and biting. We were both desperate and angry to hear how “he is like this, because he is from a shelter” and put him back in the cage.

This time, he had really lost his marbles. Little Murray had become a strong, dominant male with no respect for people – one of those that remain behind bars forever. But, as we have already made clear, Murray is Distiny’s favorite and she sent him Sofia Kalinova.

Sofia recognized our nut from their very first meeting. She and her mother had a crazy Dobermann until recently and the faith of our unwanted hooligan touched them deeply. Things became certain when Murray tried to bite Sofy’s mom and she made such a calm and timely correction, we were filled with hope. How hard we prayed for them to come back for a second visit…

Today Murray is living the life of his dreams alongside a person who truly understands him. He is still trying to show his temperament, but he gets the right guidance from Sofia (and occasionally her horse’s hooves) and is getting better every day.

Thank you Sofia for giving him this unique chance to be your obedient dog!


Just as there is nothing better for children than to grow up with a dog – so they can become kind, caring and responsible people, there is nothing better for puppies to grow up with children – so they can become loving, patient, good animals.

Maya Baltajieva did the best thing for two creatures – her lovely daughter and the little angel Bucky. The two are inseparable in their games and quiet moments. What a happiness…

All the best!

NEW LIFE: Dushan, Rosie, Ruby, Laura, Bo, Oriana, Lassy, Buddy and Rita-Krivka

Posted on 11 September 2017

We showed you the lives you gave to 43 puppies from the Farm in the past weeks. To our great joy, despite the huge effort to rehome a maximum number of youngsters, we were also able to send some adults to their new families.

We thank Yvonne for finding homes for them, and you – the people who support Animal Rescue Sofia for caring. Our heroes from the cages are now enjoying their lives as pets, running about the amazing nature of Westphalia…

Rosie and Ruby

Two lovely sisters, abandoned in the snow in the middle of winter got the biggest gift they could get from their foster parents – a life. Raised at home from the age of 1 day, these little ladies do not know about hunger and pain, as they would have if they’d lived in the street.

The sisters waited for a long time for luck to smile at them, but finding good homes for breddless dogs in Bulgaria is a hard task. After 10 months of waiting for a Bulgarian to see them for what they are – clever, pretty, good girls; they swapped the motherland and became Germans.

Laura, Bo and Oriana

Lucy Irvine is an English writer and adventurer, who has chosen Bulgaria to be her home. What a mistake to make if you love animals. Some years after Lucy began rescuing desperate, ill and abandoned dogs in Strupets and its surroundings, our dear fellow country folk turned against her.

Neutered, vaccinated and looked after in a rented plot outside the village, Lucy’s dog became the biggest problem of the mayor and villagers. Administrative terror was unleashed on her and Lucy decided to give up her work. She had to quickly find solutions for her 60 animals. Bo, Laura and Oriana are three of them.

It would take 3 days to tell you all about this campaign against Lucy. The most important now is that the girls are at home in a totally different reality. As Bulgarians – we are ashamed.


Such a dear girl! Lassy came to the Farm from her fosters in April. Together with her sister Katy they were found by kind people and raised at home for their vaccinations. Katy found her people just two weeks after we admitted them, but Lassy didn’t share her luck.

Several adoptive families were choosing between her and another puppy, but she remained here for 6 months. We are really glad we managed to send her home, she is awesome and will make her family proud. A dog like her doesn’t deserve to spend her youth behind bars.


It took Buddy 5 months to fight off a very stubborn case of demodecosis, but he made it. Such a funny enthusiast – full of energy and curiosity. Buddy was the saddest puppy when we took him in, what a pleasure it is to send him off so good looking and shiny!


The best. It’s as simple as that. A dog you would rarely meet, he took our hearts with him. Every person who ever met him has come to love Dushan. He really has a golden soul.

He spent a whole year with us and no one wanted him. We will never get this. No matter how big and black he was, it was obvious to anyone Dushan is the best guy in the world. How is it possible no one would want him in a year? But must have been for the best.

We are sending loads of love to the German family that adopted him and thank Yvonne for giving him this amazing chance to show his quality.

Rita Krivka – now at Dierenthuis

Rita won nothing less than the Jackpot. After months of efforts and thanks to Julia, she was admitted to the best animal refuge we have ever seen or heard of. The Dierenthuis shelter in Holland.

Rita Krivka who had no chance of recovery and lived years in a cage, crippled by her pain. Rita who has spinal hernia, a damaged liver, broken pelvis, life-long severe pains that would make her bite anyone trying to touch her.

Now our tortured old lady has her own physiotherapist and gets acupuncture. She swims in a warmed-up pool, sleeps in a special bed and feels well for the first time in years… What can we say? There aren’t such words to describe how we feel about this…

We only hope she has years ahead of her, to be able to enjoy Heaven in Dierenthuis. The shelter is also home to other dogs we have loved together, her is a little “HI” from some of them:

Granny Alma – still incontinent, but walking and full of love…

Our donkey Zverski who is no longer biting and has become a spoiled little meatball…

And of course – Bolt, the amazing puppy with 5 legs – the most loved boy in the shelter – with a million friends, both people and dogs…

CELEBRATING: 1000 dogs adopted in Bulgaria! The story of Vashko-Rocky

Posted on 07 September 2017

We have a counter we really love at ARSofia – the one that counts the number of dogs we managed to rehome (in the upper right corner of this page). For us, it is something like the beating heart of the shelter – we started at 0000 in 2010 and just went over 5000 a few days ago!

This is the total number of dogs we have rehomed in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany and Holland. And the ratio of dogs who found homes in Bulgaria to dogs rehomed abroad is 1:4.

For the dogs who were adopted locally, we have another separate counter – the numbers on our adoption contracts.

We are proud to introduce you to our Bulgarian dog #1000!

How it all began

He came to us in April. A tragic, starving puppy, full of kisses and parasites. He had so many lice, we started calling him Vashko (“vashka” is the Bulgarian word for lice).

We took off what was left of his matted fur, started to treat and feed him, freed him of parasites and the boy became one of us. Unfortunately – his treatment postponed the vaccinations, but we thought the quarantine was safe enough for him.

Vashko and Distemper

In May, there was an outbreak of Distemper in quarantine 1. A puppy similar to Vashko (Benjamin, who was also immune-suppressed and with a skin condition) had the virus and became ill. The weakest dogs in the ward – Mommy Mathilda, Zlati and poor Vashko quickly followed.

So, the boy who was already quarantined for two weeks, had to go into quarantine for another month, whilst we are treating him for distemper – far from the other dogs, alone and isolated. No other way…

The foster home

We managed to cure him, he was a true hero. But not because he was so strong or healthy, poor guy had additional infections to fight, but because he is so lively and kind, that life didn’t want to leave him, no matter how hard illnesses tried.

Distemper is a tricky thing. The dogs that had it can still spread the virus through urine months after they have been healed. So our vets had to make a tough decision – to keep him isolated for another month.

But keeping a puppy in a box for 3 months is a crime. Even if it weren’t an angel like Vashko. So, when an opportunity came for a foster home – we were ecstatic. In the beginning of July a wonderful family took him home temporarily – so he can recuperate, gain some strength, learn to run again and get better in the sun.

The adoption

And so, August rolled by and the time came for the girls to go to school and for Vashko to come back to the shelter. But when they came to leave him we couldn’t find any Vashko. A new dog called Rocky was standing in the shelter yard!

Leaving Rocky at the shelter wasn’t easy. However hard we tried to persuade them that they saved his life, that they did the best for him – hearts want what they want. His people didn’t want to part with him, nor he with them.

And so: our warmest congratulations to Rocky, Salzitza Galabova and their whole family! Rocky will remain forever theirs and they are the bearers of our Medal of Honor:

Adopters of Animal Rescue Sofia’s dog #1000 in Bulgaria!

We thank you, dear family and wish you health and happiness. May the world always be gentle and giving to you, as you have been for Rocky (former Vashko)…


August report: Homes for 43 babies from the Farm in Holland!

Posted on 06 September 2017

August was astonishing for many reasons. The overcrowding and the problems at the shelter were so hard, we wish we weren’t born. We admitted 100 abandoned puppies in July, and then 50 more were admitted or abandoned at the shelter in August. You can imagine how that is, more so knowing that we also have a full waiting list…

Despite all this, or maybe because of it, we are thrilled to inform you that we managed to pull of three transports in August – with dogs who found loving homes in Holland and Germany!

Transport ХI/2017 – 02.08
Transport ХII/2017 – 27.08
Transport ХIII/2017 – 31.08

The bus took 18 adults and 43 puppies (and 7 cats) to their new homes.

Unfortunately we do not have the time to tell you each of these 43 puppies’ story.

So, we have another idea, at least as far as the puppies go. We invite you to take a look for yourself how their lives are going in the new motherland. This is what our puppies from the trash will live like from now on:

All the best to you, dear kids!

Hugs and gratitude to our amazing colleagues, who have been working tirelessly so that the abandoned puppies of Sofia can find love and care with Dutch owners.

We will try to find the time to tell you more about the 18 adult dogs that left Bulgaria for Germany later on this week.

Food Fundraiser

Posted on 01 September 2017

UPDATE 12/09/2017


Thank you, dear friends!!!

Your help has provided good food for 200 puppies and adults at the Farm for a whole month to come!


UPDATE 05/09/2017

Dear friends, WE DID IT!
The funds needed for a whole month of good food have been raised! We will be making the order right away and write to you when the food arrives. Our food containers are already waiting like soldiers – to be filled:

Right now we have a horrid number of puppies – 1/3 of our dogs are under 6 months of age. Thanks to you, there will be good food for all of our babies and this really is health for them.

You are amazing, thank you for your support…
Our dogs are lucky to have you!!!

Original post

Dear friends,
our warehouse is empty, but the shelter is full. There is no food and the money we have will not be enough to make a purchase at good prices.

Please, help us deal with this crisis, make a donation for food for the dogs of the Farm, if we get together and make a large order, the price will be cheaper and no dog will go to sleep on an empty stomach for a whole month.


We have the opportunity to buy 500 kilograms of high quality food for the tens of puppies we have at the shelter. To get it at a good price we need 1350 BGN. Give them this present of health, we have been feeding them garbage the whole summer and it is starting to show…

If you prefer to buy puppy food yourself:
The best option would be to order from Richter Pharma. Our contact there is K.Bossilkova. You can pay directly by bank and then the puppy food can be delivered directly to the shelter. The bags are 15 kilos at a price of 61 BGN.


We can buy 2000 kilograms of good food at the price of 1,60 BGN.
Unfortunately we are short of 1200 BGN from the 2 200 we need to be able to purchase the food at this price.

If you prefer to get food for the adults yourself:
We always look for the better quality, but anything you get will make the hungry dogs happy. If you decide to donate soft, canned food the oldest of the dogs will be really happy, as we feed it to those who have no teeth left.


2 550 BGN are missing from the equation.

It is a large sum, but if every 30-th person on our Facebook page decides to donate just 1 lev, there will be plenty of food for the puppies and adults for the whole month to come.

Please, help if you can:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

If you’ve never been at the Farm, you will find our address here.

We believe our babies will not go hungry till they have you.

HOME: Strong, Tana, Petty, Topsy, Bella, Era, Rana and Johnny!

Posted on 25 August 2017

It’s not the breed that makes a dog and this is not just propaganda. Loyalty, friendship, the desire to please are a dog’s essence, no matter if it was bred to bring us birds, guard sheep, protect us, or simply by accident. The gentle hearts of the shelter angels beat as warmly for their owners as their pure-bred friends.


Rana and her sister – Tana were born in someone’s home and abandoned to die outside. To their great luck they were found by kind people who gave them shelter for a month, whilst they were vaccinated. It is so important for puppies to be close to people in this early age!

Dessislava Genova came to the shelter with a happy daughter in each hand. She said: “I read something on your page. That every child should have a dog and a mother that would allow it, so I decided to come here and adopt.” Wow!

With over 60 puppies on the shelter grounds the kids didn’t know which way to look. But when they stopped at Rana’s cage, it was love at first sight.

A detail will tell you all you want to know: when we brought Rana out to meet her new family, the smaller of the girls who was hiding behind a big stuffed rabbit threw it aside, said “no more artificial rabbits!” and hugged Rana with all her heart….

Topsy and Bella

As with the most puppies that find their way to us – Topsy and Bella were found by kind people. They got in touch with us looking for a shelter and home for the little ones and had to keep them a month, until they have two vaccines and can come to the Farm.

A month isn’t a short time for loving. And when the day came for Topsy and Bella to stay with us, Ivona and Andrey could no longer imagine their lives without the babies. We tried to persuade them to keep fostering, but luck was on the puppies’ side.

Happy Topsy and Bella continue to live their lives with the people who rescued them and saved their lives. There is a Bulgarian saying “throw me in the trash if I am born lucky” – completely counts with these two!


The story of 5-month old Petty is hard to believe. In short – she entered the Farm after a month’s stay in a dog hotel, where she had been put a by a foreigner who had rescued Petty from a group of Gipsy boys that taken her by force from a young Gipsy girl a week earlier…

Ghetto dogs are the best. We will not speculate how this amazing selection has happened, but the truth is – only the kindest dogs make it out there. No exaggeration – Petty was the shelter’s perfect puppy. Noble, gentle, smart, delicate… and by the law of Murphy also grey, bearded and huge…

The Universe doesn’t make dogs like Petty for nothing. And when Veronica Solakova came to the shelter looking to adopt her first dog with the words “can you recommend a puppy to me?” we knew we are going to show her Petty right away.

We thank Veronica for allowing us to introduce her to Petty, we are 100% sure she will be happy with the decision to adopt her every single day of their lives together!


Kaylie Argirova and her mother are Australian, but have already lived in Bulgaria several years. They came to the Farm to find the best friend for their other dog – Daisy. So the two can have the best life, spent in games and joy at the family house in Rudartsi village.

Little guy Strong (formerly – Max, an abandoned and unwanted baby) is enjoying his new life as if he was born for it. And so are we, seeing him happy and safe in such wonderful hands!

Stiliana’s list

Stiliana Ravelska is a Bulgarian violin player who lives and works in Finland. This year she devoted her entire Bulgarian vacation to organizing the adoptions of 3 dogs to her Finnish friends.

Funny Johnny (on the left below) came to us with his sister Liska – abandoned by their mother’s owners. He was a step away from Death with Pneumonia, but survived. And what an attitude! Even in the days when he couldn’t stand – he would wag his tail at everyone. Today the boy is sharing his days with Johanna Anikki – in green fields and a whole other, wonderful way of life…

Dumped by the garbage cans in Dragalevtsi, sweetheart Era (right) had a destiny to fulfill. To wander lonely and lost in the streets, freeze and starve outside for a winter or two, give birth to 30+ babies outside, die alone and in pain… Destiny – cancelled! Instead, she will live happily ever after with Hilja Heiskanen in the land of Santa…

Tana is the sister of Rana – also an incredibly kind animal – no doubt made of love and sweets. We wander what the cruel person who abandoned them was thinking of their future? Most certainly he would have never imagined that Tana will end up in Finland with Ria Rantanen. We find comfort in the thought that Tana will most likely have a much better life than the monster who abandoned her once…

This isn’t the first dog Stiliana has helped rehome perfectly. Last year she came to the shelter with another friend – Mina Huttunen, who adopted our tiny epileptic old boy – Hercules. Do you remember him? This is his life today in Finland, he is doing great, drinking his meds, and feeling truly loved:

Although the organization of the journey was tough and through the effort of many people, documents and nerve-wracking logistics, Stiliana succeeded in uniting Johnny, Era and Tana with their new owners. On their way to the airport Stiliana promised the Farmers she will not forget them and will come back for them next year.

Three lives saved at once… We’re speechless, Stilliana!!!