Happiness for Chara and Maya

Posted on 27 March 2014

Two more lovely ladies have left the Farm for a life with their own loving families. Both ladies have been with us for too long – kind, calm, clever dogs with a single sin – to have been born without a breed in the street. Finally, their turn has come. Farewell, dear girls!

Chara came to the shelter along with her whole litter in 2012. Black and rather large, the poor angels couldn’t go home quickly – no one wanted them and Chara and her sister Arya remained under lock-down for a long time…

chara (2)

After 2 years in waiting, spent in the thrill of a wait, finally the time came for Chara to be happy. She was chosen by wonderful people – Borislav and Maria Stoilovi! We congratulate them on the wonderful choice they made, we know Chara will make them happy every day of her life.


Maya is a dog that spent 4 of 5 years of life with us. Such a calm dog, so sweet, so good, so obedient and polite – an example dog. So, when Tinka Ivanova and her family came to look for an apartment dog – Maya was taken out from her kennel to meet them.

maya (1) Maya

They hit it off immediately. Vessy spared no good words on Maya’s good qualities and merits, and finally, poor “invisible” Maya found her happiness.

A jubilee: 4 years of Bulgarian-Austrian friendship

Posted on 25 March 2014

abmer&ally sestrina adel alessandro&zolla ariel aron&jenny asterix bubbles

Have you noticed it as well? When you are doing what you love time simply races by! Before you turn around – many years have passed. We were so surprised when our friend Sandra Stibi reminded us this month makes a total of 4 years since we began working with Stibi’s Hundeparadies!

4 years… it seems like it was yesterday. And yet our work together shows the time – hundreds of dogs rehomed, hundreds of tons of donations and a bond of true friendship between our two teams – it couldn’t have been yesterday.

terry treyzimata trikrakiyachester vito yoshi zolla

We don’t know how to relate to you how much we count on Sandra, Bella and their volunteers, fosters and donors, so we will only tell you a few stories of our work together – for the dogs of Sofia.

Each of our transports – no matter if they are going to Holland or Germany, stops at the farm where Sandra and her husband live. There, our dogs and drivers can take a rest, grab a bite, stretch their legs running about (only the dogs…we haven’t heard of a running driver yet), get their strength back for the rest of the journey…

And on the way back – we always go through Sandra’s farm again – to collect the dog food they have collected, the medical equipment, blankets and even coffee and tea for the human inhabitants of the shelter.

milo mini mira remo snezhanka snow

And it’s great that we do it, because Sandra never turns a dog back. Brass went to Holland, but a few months later it was decided that he must be returned to us – he had chased after a cyclist in the park. Labeled as “aggressive” Brass remained in Austrie and he now has a wonderful home with a lovely family – a year later they have no trouble with Brass or the cyclist – it is a happy ever after story.

With Zola and Terry the situation was somewhat more complicated. The stress of the journey and sudden change of environment influenced their behavior toward people in a negative way. Both had to quickly be reassigned from Holland to Austria. Zola spent two whole years at Sandra’s home – the love and patience the Stibi family gave her helped her calm down and recently Zola finally found her right home. For Terry it is a third year at Stibi’s Hundeparadies and it seems he has no desire to leave. Which is all right for him, for his fosters and for us – knowing how happy he is there!

lara larahusky lisa luna marco maria

To commemorate our 4 year jubilee Sandra and Bella sent us photos of dogs they have long since rehomed (a few of them you see here in the post). Some of them like YoYo, Ella, Vito, Willow, Kosta, Yoshy and Chester have been in their Austrian homes for 3 or 4 years. Others – like SnowWhite and Ice have only been there for about a year. They all share a common trait – and that is happiness, we share it as well – because we see it.

Thank you, dear girls! Thank you for the love and care you have for the animals, thank you for always being there when we need you! Thank you for being real friends to the dogs of Sofia!

If you, dear friends, like what Sandra has done for our animals, please, like the Stibi’s Hundeparadies Facebook Page – your click will help them raise the next portion of dog food, or an euro or two to be turned into a vaccine or antibiotic. Thank you for your support!

enemy filu hope iri jo jo kosta

Homes for Lizzie and SnowWhite, it’s Lady’s and Chopper’s turn!

Posted on 24 March 2014

Every weekend at the PETS&U store sweethearts from our shelter have the opportunity to meet their new families in the Sofia city center. They also help their comrades by showing how lovely and sweet homeless, breedless pets can be.

The White Martins will be waiting for love this weekend – March 29-30

Two little white martins flew into our care with the Spring that has come. They are small, they are kind, they are very friendly, they are social, they are tender and beautiful, and also both of them will be small dogs when they grow up! Meet Lady and Chopper:


Little Lady is about 6 months old and she will be a small dog when she is fully grown. She is very friendly and outgoing, soft and gentle – a very sweet baby, full of love and enthusiasm!


And here is the even smaller Chopper – a dachshund mix, also about 6 months old. He is incredibly funny, cute and short-legged and has an amazing sense of humor – just like a real  dachshund!


Both puppies are flawless – we don’t know how to make them sound as good as they are – such heart-warming babies, very sweet, very playful and… at this stage very lonely as well. The pups cannot wait to get home. You’d help them greatly if you share this page with your friends.

The lucky souls from last week

And here are the darling ladies who went home on the Adoption weekend that passed – Lizzie and SnowWhite!


Yoanna Angelova and her daughter Diana opened their hearts to the lost girl Lizzie. As they say – it was love at first sight. Lizzie will be greatly loved (that is a fact) by her new family in a Sofia apartment.


Borislav Panov and his girlfriend Zhasmina went home with SnowWhite, but without the seven dwarves. This gentle creature touched the hearts of everyone she met and Borislav’s mostly. There is no question on how this lady will live her life… after all – she found her prince!

Only little Bambie remained homeless after this week’s success. She must not look as herself on photos – otherwise there is no explanation to why this amazing, tiny, healthy, kind, gentle creature is still alone. If you would like to make this injustice right – contact us.

bambi01 - Copy DSC_2915


This amazing pet shop has been doing wanders ever since it opened. They host our Adoption weekends and also have a 5% donation campaign for any brand or package of pet food, going for the animals at the Farm.

Please, if you are able to do so –  buy your pet’s food at PETS&U. This way you will also be feeding our animals when you are feeding yours!

Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK

A Saturday at the Farm

Posted on 23 March 2014

A story by doctor Polly Ilieva

It is Saturday morning, I am already at work, all our inhabitants have been examined and liik fine. We smoke up the cigarettes, grab the shovels and begin to clean and feed. As we pass on from cage to cage the sweethearts wander – whether they should be quick to munch down the food or give us a few additional morning kisses 🙂

At about 9,30 a.m. we are ready and take a short brake. The Sun shines on the Farm, everyone has a full belly and feels great, it is seemingly calm, but not completely – something is about to happen any minute and the dogs know it… THEY are coming. THE VOLUNTEERS ARE HERE!


There are so many people who’ve come for the dog walks and cage one piles up at the door. Today – there will be enough people for everyone to walk and the Farm will be a happy place.


Everyone is outside – big:


and small:


For others – this is a first – and encouragement is needed:


It is of vital importance to reach the table (under the table), things are not that scary when you look out from underneath it.


Granddaddy Seal has his own opinion as usual – he must be given a choice of activity:


Everyone must pass through the cooling spot…


All are so happy they hardly notice the reconstructions:


And here is some lovely news – do you remember Max?


After everything he has been through, and that’s a lot, Max is finally out on his first big walk, full of energy after having spent long months in confinement. He is well now and would like nothing more than to be walked every day, you are welcome to visit him!

And just as I thought there was no way this day could get better…
IT ARRIVED!!!  Our very own mobile clinic!!!


We thank Head keeper Herr Mitoff and d-r Stankova who went through quite the adventure to bring it:


Too bad not every day is Saturday!

Greetings from your rehomed girlfriends

Posted on 22 March 2014

Every day we receive lovely letters, containing stories that are even lovelier – photos and notes from the happy lives of the dogs who have found their new families through our work. We can only share a small part of them, because we don’t have the time for everyone, but we feel you need to see these photos too, they will make your days brighter, that is sure:

Linda – adopted by Ventzislav Postolov

DSC00347 DSC00355

Greetings from Linda! The girl is happy and healthy!

I am sending you a couple of pictures from a morning walk. She has been with us since January and got used to the new home and her new family very quickly. She is incredibly active, curious, energetic and all she wants to do is play, hug and cuddle.

As you can see in the pictures – she already walks without a lead, she is very obedient and playful. When we are outside she will play with anyone – no matter how big or old the dog is.

In the morning, she wouldn’t let us have a coffee before she has properly greeted each and every one of us, giving us all as many kisses as we need to finish up our morning hygiene rituals.

At home she has no troubles – she never enters the “human rooms” without us. She prefers to stay in the doorway, when we call her, she comes, gets her hugs and then goes back to stand at the door.

DSC_0001 DSC00361

She only hasn’t made friends with our cat yet, because he is afraid of her.

She is well and sends you many, many smiles. Good luck, good people!

Arya – adopted by Yordanka Karaivanova

arya (2) arya (5)

Hello! I am writing to send you a few photos of the dog we adopted from you – Arya (although her choice of name was Kara).

She is healthy, she is happy, she makes us happy too. I could hardly wish for a better, smarter, more obedient dog.

arya (1) arya (3)

The good thing is that there is a big field near our home and she can run free with the other dogs as much as she likes. I will send you a few pictures.

She should be 7 months old today. Looks like she will be a large dog 🙂

Bamby – adopted by Angela Popova

Hello, it is my pleasure to send you some photos of a now grown-up Bamby.

IMG_0490 IMG_0519 IMG_0521

Here she is about 20 months old. As of 6 months she is enjoying a large yard where she spends her time running, digging holes, chewing sticks and chasing cats 🙂

Mika – adopted by Rumen Gavanozov

0 003 0 123

Here is Mika. She got used to her home very quickly, she is healthy, she is very playful, she quickly learnt to communicate with other dogs at ease and she is very happy. Good luck in everything you do!

Alla – adopted by the Christovi family

Regards from Alla! I am that little spotted and dirty dog who had triangular feet. I just want to tell you I am no longer small, nor am I dirty, and it even turned out bathing is one of my favorite activities. I still have my triangular legs, but that has never stopped me from having a great time.

alla (1) alla (5)

It turned out that in the short time I have been in my home I managed to become a darling favorite of the whole neighborhood, even the weirdest and grumpiest of people don’t mind me stealing a snack from their bags.

The days pass in games with dogs and people, lots of walks and tasty treats. I have to say that snacks are the best time of the day – my favorite. I am sending you some photos and hope you will excuse me that they are not that good – the trouble is – I cannot stand still for a moment.

I must say goodbye now, because I have a new toy that needs my attention. My Mom and Dad have recently began to monitor how many minutes it will take for me to destroy my new toys, I work hard. Regards to all my two- and four-legged friends at the shelter!

alla (3) alla (4)

The musketeers – dispatched to lovely homes!

Posted on 18 March 2014

DSC_5455 DSC_5559

It was another amazing Adoption weekend at the PETS&U store. All three babies found their new families, it was as always – very fun, very noisy and full of life!


Plamen Spasov came for Porthos – he had recognized his passed and dearly loved dog in the little puppy. In 25 years Plamen has had 3 dogs and cannot picture his life without a faithful companion. It was a sad life for him without his friend, Porthos will be a fresh breeze for him. We thank Plamen for the good choice he made and for the lovely life he has given our boy.


Aramis was the Chosen for Bozhidara Kаtsarova and her mother. Bozhidara is a 21-year old lady who is feeling ready for the responsibilities of owning a dog. She came to us not just to get a dog for the family, but her own special friend. Bozhidara and her mom have come to the store the weekends before, they even came to the Farm, but her boy was nowhere to be found. Until this weekend when Bozhidara finally found the dog she had been looking for – Aramis the perky, Aramis the joyful, Aramis the clever guy, who will make her smile every day of their life together.


Nikolay Stefanov and his girlfriend took Atos home. This tiny baby impressed us with an amazing character – so calm, so balanced, nothing seemed to worry him. He spent the weekend sleeping on the stairs to the yard, not paying any attention to the holiday atmosphere. Kremi was even surprised the couple noticed him at all, he was so carefully camouflaged. Thus, our little black boy is now living with the three-legged cat his owners rescued from a horrible end in the street some while ago.


The musketeers’ brothers – famous Laf and Gaf from the TV show “Lords of the broadcast” are still waiting for their special people to find them. Contact us if you would like to adopt one of the boys!

This weekend at PETS&U we have a lovely lady crew waiting for love – it is the two tiny ladies Lizzie and Bambie and Snow-White the puppy. We hope they are just as lucky as the musketeers!

Лизи, Снежанка и Бамби чакат своите (1)

Bambie, Snow-white and Lizzie will be expecting their adopters this weekend at PETS&U

Posted on 17 March 2014

Three lovely ladies will be praying for love this weekend at PETS&U! They are two little black doggies at about 1 year of age and a snow-white puppy who is just 2 months old. All three of them come from foster homes with other dogs and cats, all are absolutely lovely, sweet and lovable. This week they will be fighting for your attention and hopefully – for the love of adoptive families on 22-23.03!


lizzie01 lizzie02

Lizzie is a small pet, she is about 1 year old. Clean, well-mannered and very loving, the little lady couldn’t have given her owners a reason to dump her – everything conserving her is pure joy. The little one walks excellent on a lead, keeps her home clean, loves to cuddle and is a great beauty. A true angel!


Lizzie is neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and healthy, with a microchip and an EU passport.


bambi01 bambi3

Bambie too is a tiny little black girl, about 1 year old. She too has been picked up in the street. Bambie is a handful of tenderness and love, she is an exceptionally loyal and loving dog, true gold. Just like Lizzie, Bambie is a pet dog that was left in the street to fend for herself. Bambie has had a more difficult life than her sisters in arms. She is still a bit shy with strangers, but quickly loosens up, opening up her huge heart!


Bambie is neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and healthy, with a microchip and an EU passport.


snejanka01 snejanka02 snejanka03

Snow-White is a very cheerful baby, 2 months old! She is white, she is good, she is smart, she is fun, she is playful – she is just adorable! De-wormed and vaccinated once, the little angel cannot wait to be adopted and begin her life anew. Only this time, she wants to be a princess, not a dumped skinny puppy!

Little Snow-Wite will be given to her adopters with a foster contract until she is fully vaccinated and neutered.


This amazing pet shop has been doing wanders ever since it opened. They host our Adoption weekends and also have a 5% donation campaign for any brand or package of pet food, going for the animals at the Farm.

Please, if you are able to do so –  buy your pet’s food at PETS&U. This way you will also be feeding our animals when you are feeding yours!

Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK

Brownie – the little engine that could

Posted on 16 March 2014

A story by Vessy

I have started writing these lines as an adoption profile, but a day later we understood he was going abroad, so this became simply my own story with Brownie – the little dog with a crippling spinal injury who persevered.


As it was very accurately noted by Mr Petrov one day: Browny is my type – a blond, and with an issue – a spinal injury in his case. I would add that he is the biggest codger, the most stubborn, the funniest, the most loving, most special dog. Who spent one whole day trying to bury a bagel under his blanket while lying on said blanket, probably wondering why it was so hard to pull it away. But just like the little engine from the children’s book, Browny has a motto: “I think I can…”

Well, he thought he could cross the street when a car hit him and broke his spine, but what the heck; none of us makes the right decisions all the time.  For Browny`s luck, he was found by People with the same attitude to life – I think I can… help a dog in need. And he met a vet, who would tell himself – I think I can… help Browny walk again.

1483779_10202931163626735_2087566752_n DSCN9559

For 2 whole years this stubborn optimist worked his way into the hearts of the shelter staff, volunteers and into mine. Proving that he was an expert in some mysterious martial art, since I never saw how he won the place of my favorite dog in the shelter.

Maybe he achieved it because he is the dog who wanted to run when he could not even stand straight. Who used to break his crate with his teeth to get out. Who stood on his own for the first time after his surgery, relying only on his will and neck muscles.  Who, led by his motto, learned not only how to walk again, but also how to run – well, sometimes more dragging than running, but still, these are unimportant details. Browny, who we used to help  to get to  the second floor until one day he climbed the stairs on his own to claim his breakfast.

4 - Browny DSCN4640

And surely there were a few of his skills helping him on his way to my heart. Like his ability to shoot through the door out of the office where he lived and go down the stairs faster than any person – especially 5 minutes to five o’clock.

Or the sight of  him jumping on all four  when we chased around the office /only when no one was around to see us, of course, we are both so dignified and responsible/. Or him “talking” to me every time he wanted to go outside, to play or to simply get attention. And of course there is the wisdom-filled look in his eyes while he stays with his head on my knees, his tail slowly wagging.

DSCN1049 DSCN3014

But even if we overlooked all the other things, his firm refusal to be put in someone else’s idea of what is possible or not, turned Browny into my constant source of patience, inspiration and yes, a lot of laughter.

Well, my sweet and special Browny has already won a place in his foster mom’s heart in far away Holland. His new name is Matias and he most probably does not remember Bulgaria. He has swimming therapy, acupuncture and he is happy.

DSC03739 P1020669

As for me, all that’s left to say to him is: Browny, I also think you can….everything you could think of.


Happiness for Barry and Sachi

Posted on 11 March 2014

Vanya and Vasil Zaharievi adopted a very frightened and a little crazy 7-month-old boy from us. Little Barry comes from a litter of 3 wild, very timid and reactive puppies that were dumped on us a few months ago. The wildest of the litter – a girl – is in Vessy’s home for rehabilitation. With little results so far.

So, when Vanya and Vasil liked him – we even tried to discourage them. We explained that he is a wildling, that he is not ready, that we don’t know when he will be ready, that he is not an easy dog… That seemed to bring absolutely no worry to the family! They came for him, Barry kept looking at them with suspicion, pulling away, behaving as the idiot he can be. But they liked him so much and were so persistent, we had to realize he was really their dog.


Now Barry lives in his own hose with a garden in Pasarel, he has begun to relax a little, there are even plans for him to become a fisherman. Vasil is a very devoted fisher and he believes that as a man – Barry will learn to love this activity. What an unexpected and awesome turn of events!

Good lucky to the kind people with the silly dog! And let’s hope he also brings luck to his crazy siblings as well.


A home was found also for Sachi the dachshund! True, she was somewhat heart-broken that no one came to ask for her and so many were there for Stinky the pug, but she is not a small-minded person, she tries to put all the bad behind. More so since the very next day she got a visit from just as astounded Violeta Kuimjieva who was actually the person for her!

1926271_4053879201960_401158344_o sachi violeta kuiumjieva

Sachi is now in her new home, don’t worry about her – she is very, very happy and hopefully just as good and obedient as she ever was, that is what we hear and we are glad. As we have it here in Bulgaria – a dachshund is a grand personality and Sachi is a grand dachshund! We thank Violeta for opening her heart up to Sachi, we are sure she will not regret it and be very happy in her wonderful company!

Joey (as in One-Eyed Joe)

Posted on 11 March 2014

We share with you a lovely letter that arrived in our mailbox from Annie – the adopter of Joey (fromerky known as Pauli) – a gray cat from the bus stop in the city center. First you will find a few words from herself, and then on is a letter from Joe himself:

Joey is an amazing cat with a unique character! He is incredibly social and loves human company. He is very playful even though he is now 5 years old. He loves to cuddle, but can bite a lot too if you try it in the wrong moment. It’s a thin line, but we have learnt to respect it and all is well. This is the only cat that came to greet me at the door every day – not to get some food, but to get a hug from me! Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this lovely guy at home!

IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_1114


It’s been more than 7 cat years since I adopted my new people. This time they are cool: there is always food and water laid out for me; they let me claw everything in the house; they say nothing when I occasionally bite them, they know I do it for love! The only issue is that they leave the house every day for about 8-10 hours and are not there to constantly cuddle me. They say it is “work” which is supposed to make “money” that is needed to buy “food” – and food I like! So, when they come home I punish them with an obligatory 10-minute cuddle. There is no “I can’t”, “won’t”, “just let me use the WC first” or “I’m in a hurry” business – nope! I get in their lap and that means – it’s cuddle time! (a note by Ani: He learnt that when I make a sign he should climb on my leg up to the shoulder and not just cuddle like a regular cat, but sit on my shoulder and purr off. I thought cats couldn’t be trained, but he amazed me with quick learning.)


Did I tell you about the watchtower? I have a very cool view in the window, also a nail-scratchier. But my bestest of toys is a ball made of foil – such a party! It’s also very fun to jump on my people in the middle of the night whilst they are sleeping, but when I am finished playing I prefer to lie on their heads. Not that there isn’t space available on the bed – I have my own corner. But it’s totally different to lie on a pillow, people are not stupid, you know.

Also, I like to sit with them on the table, although I prefer when there is a chair available to have my own seat. Their food tastes horrible; I totally dislike it, but I so like to be in good company. There are only two things I ever taste from their “food”, but I only do it not to offend them – it’s fish – but only fresh-caught, not from the shops; and also veal – but only when it hasn’t been seasoned. The rest is disgusting.

One time they took me to see some other people – in white robes. It was very scary! Not the people in robes, but the road, leading to them. Horror! I screamed as loudly as I could, but no one helped me. In the end I lay down in my humans lap, she claimed it was no way to drive, but I didn’t care. When we got there, the people in ropes took long looks at me, said I was fat (only 6 kilos!) and sent me back on the awful road.

But this was a long time ago anyway, I am now home. And actually… it’s nap time!



– – – – –

we are still struggling to create a convenient database of our animals online – that’s why you cannot see many of our dogs and cats on the website yet.
Besides the many dogs at the shelter, we also have many cats in foster homes – all patiently waiting for adoption families to approach.
If you would like to adopt a cat – send us a message at – we will introduce you.

Stinky went home

Posted on 10 March 2014

A permanent address in the city of Botevgrad – this is what Stinky the Pug found after another loud and cheerful Adoption weekend at PETS&U! As expected – Mr.Pug had a whole line of people who wanted him and choosing among them was rather difficult. In the end – the little hooligan chose to go home with the Panteleevi family – sent by their children to adopt Stinky or never return.


Stinky is now in his forever home where he is enjoying the company of sweet Sara – a cocker spaniel who is 2 years old and has the most kind temperament. We talked about it for quite a while and the Panteleevi family now know that neutering your dog in time saves a lot of pain and trouble. So, Sarah would soon have a short unpleasant experience with great results to follow. Congratulations to both lucky doggies in this family – there aren’t many animals that are so pampered and so loved!

And Sachi? How is it that Sachi was not wanted by any of the people who came for Stinky? The kind, the smart, the brilliant Sachi? It is simple! She had to wait another day or two, so that her true friend makes the decision for real. You just cross your fingers and you will see Sachi quickly going home!


This amazing pet shop has been doing wanders ever since it opened. They host our Adoption weekends and also have a 5% donation campaign for any brand or package of pet food, going for the animals at the Farm.

Please, if you are able to do so –  buy your pet’s food at PETS&U. This way you will also be feeding our animals when you are feeding yours!

Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK

Ruby’s chance

Posted on 09 March 2014

There were 8 of them – the puppies of the skinny, toothless, skin-diseased, but very devoted mom Granny Pitty (formerly known as Momma Pitty). Eight fat little mice and a walking skeleton that would not stop feeding, washing and warming them. Such was their family 3 years ago.

As 8 drops of water Pitty’s babies grew up in the shelter – shiny, good-looking yellow dogs with a royal profile. Almost all of them found love and happiness in the very beginning of their lives. We remained with the now healthy, but still unwanted Granny Pitty and her only shy baby – the quiet, worried Ruby.


She must know something more than the other dogs do – without ever coming across a bad human in her life she knew up-start she couldn’t trust us. The very stubborn volunteers needed 2 years of work to be able to say that the dog has become somewhat social, but just as far as that. Ruby agreed to trust her closest friends, but how to be noticed by new people – by prospective adopters? How would anyone want her when in the shelter racket she becomes completely transparent and invisible, when she is one who doesn’t want to be seen?

To tell you straight – there is no way. In the three years that Ruby was offered to different people and partner organizations, with so many people-friendly animals looking for homes, she couldn’t catch anyone’s attention. Three years is a long time to be unwanted. Sooner or later you will learn that you are the unwanted homeless dog you always felt you were. Ruby never had much confidence, and in time she decided to let go of it completely.

DSC_8336 DSC_8341

Bogrov was shut down, we moved to the Farm with 250 dogs. Among them – all sorts of different souls, but all of them – dogs that have long remained in our care. It so happened that among the 500 dogs at Bogrov, there were about 200 dogs who always changed, came and went away to start better lives. The rest were somehow subscribed to our care permanently, a life that was supposed to be temporary became a life sentence. There is no happiness in a cage – whatever we or the hard-working volunteers might do – happiness looks, tastes and feels differently – there is no lying to the dogs. This is not a real home. And the unwanted dogs like Ruby know it just as well as the wanted ones.

We are happy that we can tell you more than good news about Ruby – our girl is now making her first steps to happiness in a wonderful home far from here. Thanks to our amazing friends at Blind Dog Rescue UK, Ruby is now in her new home in Britain with Mo Neil and her new brother – Stormy!

1926632_356657991138901_2019761580_n 1654216_10202694518078411_726646267_n

Although it is hard for her, only a week in her new environment Ruby has already shown a great improvement! Taking small steps in the right direction – the scared, unsure Ruby is slowly becoming the curious, loving young lady who could not show her quality bound by a shelter existence. Taking long walks in the green of her new Farm, with the help of the calm presence of her new brother Stormy, with every day passed that the calmness and kindness of her new owners comfort her broken heart – Ruby is slowly beginning to feel that joy she was missing out on: life is great and nothing is scary when you are with your people!

Ruby and Mo have a long way to go until she too becomes a happy, calm creature. But the change has already started; she only needs to stay on her path. And every next step she makes will be more confident than the latter.


Congratulations, Ruby!