Spring depression

Posted on 24 April 2014

A person must really have a reason to be able to hate Spring. How could you not love this time when everything comes back to life around you? The plants wake up, blossom and become green, the sky is blue and light again, the animals… having felt the touch of the sun, they too begin to quickly multiply.

The Dirty days are here again. But not in a religious, in an earthly sense, quite realistically. The days of suffering and pain for the little ones comes with the sun – kittens and pups will be swamping us from all sides in the following 2 months – helpless and sad.

Currently there are 4 dog shelters in Sofia – 2 municipal and 2 private if we don’t count the Farm which is not yet registered and is not a shelter yet. Neither one of them admits puppies, except Seslavtsi which has an ever-full mother&litter cage. And for the cats – there is nothing except the tireless efforts of a few groups of people working to neuter as many as they can, save as much as possible.


Shere Khan

In the last 4 years every Spring Bogrov has taken care of between 140 and 220 puppies each season – spring and fall. Now we do not have a quarantine space and can only manage to help those who are fostered. The same goes for the kittens. If you’d like to help us out with this task – please, contact us.

Meanwhile, let us introduce you to Shere Chan and Bagira. Well not them exactly, but two brave little brats who could very well have been a tiger and a panther. They are two cat children that were saved in the last moment from a water drainage put in their path as an end to a short life.

Most people think the worst thing that happens to abandoned babies is hunger. And it is definitely no nanny. But most of the babies taken away from their mothers and dumped someplace go before the hunger can get them. It is the cold that binds them in his icy cuddle, bringing the final sleep upon them. Please, have in mind – if you find kittens or puppies (from day 01 to day 31) the first and most important thing to do is to warm them up.




So did d-r Ilieva with the poor babies. Although Khan was lively, Bagira couldn’t even get a reading from the thermometer, her temperature was below 32C. But kittens really are something! Rubbery, dying, dehydrated, starved and practically frozen, with a warm infusion in her paw and two hot bottles under her belly, little Bagira managed to keep a hold on that slippery little rope her life was hanging from. After a few critical hours and with the price of a pillow-cushion butt from injections, Bagira ate two big spoons of the best canned food and fell asleep in the healthiest way possible.

After a few more days of recovery the heroes from the drain-pipe will be ready to replace the shelter rugged environment and go into homes – foster or permanent. They may not look very well now, but with a week of love – they will shine! Besides, they are total sweethearts – they are surely the offspring of someone’s pet cat, the poor things – they love people so much.

Happiness for Rizotto at very long last!

Posted on 22 April 2014

A dog we all loved dearly has gone off to a new life last week – for those of you who don’t know him – we introduce you to Don Risotto! This wonderful black dude has been with us for years, his people left him with a very bad trauma on his leg which we never managed to completely fix. Black, with a cane instead of a back leg, Risotto unsuccessfully tried to find love and care all this time, despite his wonderful temper and kind heart.


Finally – we can put an end to his saga, and with such a great new beginning: our little Russian – because his former owners came from Russia – now found a family that speaks his language. Risotto has gone home with the wonderful Larissa Kotseva and Vladimir Pahomov – he will live in a house with a yard in the summer and change it for a warm apartment at winter! Well done, comrade!

Rizotto-male-2-years-old-neuterd Rizotto-male-2-years-old-neuterd-2

A home for Dorothy

Posted on 15 April 2014

A wonderful family stepped up to adopt Dorothy in this last weekend at PETS&U! The lucky girl will live in the home of Iva Pavlova, teaching her 6-year-old son not to be scared of doggies. We can only hope that more boys would have a mom like Iva! You know how it goes: Every child deserves to have a dog, an a mother that would let him.”


No families so far for the brother and sister of Dorothy – sweet Freya and Erik. They do not take this news too hard – after all – the world is full of kind people, only it takes some time for them to find their good dogs. The pups will be waiting for love at the Farm.

ерик (3) фрея (3)

Dear friends, this weekend is a holliday and most of you will probably be traveling. For this reason, there will be no Adoption weekend on the Saturday and Sunday to come at PETS&U. We will be welcoming prospective adopters to the sunny shop on April 26 and 27!

Micho and Armagan

Posted on 14 April 2014

Two more animals that we had to take care of – Micho the cat and a German Shepherd named Armagan. Both of them found in the street helpless, both got help in the wrong place, but at least – at the right time.


He was in such a bad condition that there was no way for us to send him to colleagues to get help. We put him in our improvised office where has been staying for about 2 weeks now. Soon, it will be his departure time – a moment he craves for with every day passed, getting more and more angry with us people as he stares at us viciously from his cage. He was found dying at Orlov Most by some kind people who brought him to us. He had a missing eye, puss was dripping off him and he had a lesis of the bones because of the huge infection that was going on. We assume he was kicked in the face with a mighty blow.

DSC04925 DSC04928

Micho needed no invitation to fight for his life. In regard of the condition he came to us – he was not supposed to be alive at all. Instead – after two days of infusions and intravenous antibiotics the little guy began to hate us from all his heart, letting us know that we are not welcome at his side with all those needles.

DSC05041 DSC05045

He may threaten us as much as he pleases. Micho is not the first crazy cat we have met, nor will he be the last one. And when he is healthy and well – we will let him continue his free roaming lifestyle, only far from his original home and nicely neutered. We have a little secret spot in a village where friends live – it is the place to release the Cats From Hell we happen to come across from time-to-time – those, that refuse any and all contact with humans. Micho will become one of their small group when he is healthy and well – a day he cannot wait to finally come! What an ungrateful little fellow :))


Photo0004 Photo0002

People called – a dog was dumped in a ditch 2 days ago and is too old, too blind, too deaf to be able to climb out. It was Saturday, the end of the day – we knew that if we didn’t go there straight away – no one would help at least till Monday. D-r Stankova and Vessy got onto the car and thought they’d only go to help a dog that needs to climb out of a hole. Instead, they found: 1. Armagan (means gift in Turkish) – a loving, clever and friendly pet dog, about 10 years old; 2. An unbearable stench coming from him – he has begun to rot, starting from the ear and it must have been a truly painful experience…


So, the gift was loaded onto the car, although it would be more accurate to tell you he jumped in with great enthusiasm, cuddled up with Vessy, giving her a clever look: “We are all now going to a healing place, and if you let me love you – I will with all my heart.” At the Farm his treatment really went well, he is foing his best for a swift recovery and rather sooner than later we will have to tell him the horrible news – “Armagan, buddy, you are now healthy, time to go”… and then – what?

P4100595 P4100602

As you know, Armagan cannot stay at the shelter, the poor fellow. We are URGENTLY looking for a person who’d give him a roof over his head and a spot in his heart, so he can live his final years in dignity. The boy is in excellent shape for his age, he is a clever, friendly, cool guy – a true German Shepherd Dog.

At the moment he doesn’t look appealing, but in 1-2 months treatment and good food – he will be a truly lovely dog to see. He is a wonderful dog, he is a former pet and it would be hard for him to get used to living in the street at this age.

If you could offer him a safe place – please, contact us. If we don’t find a way for him – the good old guy will have to go back to the streets once he is treated and neutered.

Dogs _54

Dogs _55 Dogs _57

Regards from Max and Churchill

Posted on 09 April 2014

A few sunny smiles on a dark day from two boys who owe you their health!

Finally – freedom for Max! The sweet guy whose first knee surgery was in the summer of 2013 went through a lot of hardship before he could finally use his leg without pain. A month ago he was let free for the first time – and what a joy that was – a fly-about to compensate the long months of immobility.

DSC05017 DSC05018

The boy is now in great shape, of course, he will need some months to completely regain his stamina, but he is absolutely cheerful, smiling and happy – running, playing, having fun as if nothing ever happened to him.

Churchill can also tell you some good news. His unbelievably complicated surgery needed a correction, but the outside fixture has already been removed and now with his daily physiotherapy sessions the pretty boy has begun to step on his poor hind leg a little.

DSC05025 DSC05030

Just like Max, Churchill is in a great mood, very happy with the Spring being here and his belly being full. For now both boys are living separated and tied-up (with a few walks every day), but in a month or two they will have a more normal daily life. From them – to all of you – their saviors – a wet kiss on the nose!

Happiness for Tsetso

Posted on 08 April 2014

Tsetso-2 Tsetso-4 Tsetso-1

Tsetso is a good guy that came to us as a puppy – 2 months old. The man who found him thought he was hit by a car, because the little boy lay on the road bank helpless. But he actually had a heat stroke – the sun had almost killed him, who knows how long the black baby was wandering through a field where he was abandoned. Anyway, Tsetso managed to recover quickly, he left the clinic and went into his cage and then noone asked about him ever again for 2 whole years.

IMGP8257 IMGP8259

And here is his new family finally! Tsetso was adopded by Johannes van Riel и Geater Weeme and their funny dog Joop. Tsetso was chosen to be his play buddy in the house with a big garden where he now lives happily ever after!

Two black dogs

Posted on 07 April 2014

Holly and Diablo have absolutely nothing in common. Even the strange coincidence with their names is accidental – one was named 100 kilometers away from the other. One is here and happy, the other is gone… They are just 2 more black dogs who have passed through our hands this last week.


How long did she drag about like this? Who raised their hunting rifle against this 10-kilo girl? What is he doing this very moment? And what kind of people live in that area to leave her like this all this time???


Holly comes from a distant, secluded place, we learnt about her from a lady who met her on the road by chance, but wasn’t able to help. Through her story the dog was found and taken to the doctor by Pazarjik Animal Welfare and then brought over to our care – with D-r Vassilev at the Central Vet Clinic. The initial prognosis had some hope. It was impossible to leave the dog in this condition and whatever worries we had what to do with such a difficult lady were put aside. But we couldn’t help. Little Holly was put to sleep at the CVC this Sunday. With her spine broken in 2 places and kidneys that have stopped functioning.


You know we very rarely tell you our sad stories. But it would be horribly sad if Holly leaves this world without touching anyone’s heart, without getting some love before her long journey.

Farewell, little one. We’ll see you again one day.


The shelter phone is ringing, a shocked person is talking about a dog being hit in Dianabat district, but it’s hard to hear as a dog is screaming in the background. “We are not admitting new animals, please contact…” – not a chance – the people are too afraid to go near the dog and it is just squealing in pain. D-r Ilieva left right away and found a broken Diablo, suffering from a broken back leg and a pneumothorax.


Diablo arrived at the CVC where to be stabilized and prepared for an operation. After a horrid night, with the vets pumping air out of his lungs every hour, Diablo makes it. So far it all sounds familiar. But just as far.


After the successful operation (and during a “where are we going to put yet another dog?” session), the next evening a call was received from Diablo’s vet – d-r Vladi Zlatinov. He saw an ad – the boy was lost and his owners were trying to find him! D-r Ilieva contacted the woman right away, she was very upset, but not Diablo when they were finally reunited. The owners paid for his surgery, picked up their boy and went home. A lucky guy!


So, this is how the battle of the Black Dogs against the Dark Reaper went last week. 1:1. Sometimes we lose. Perhaps it’s time to get used to it, but we don’t know how.

Greetings from Phoebe

Posted on 06 April 2014

How it began:
Phoebe’s cry for help
Phoebe tests positively for parvo
Phoebe sends regards

Let’s now see who will recognize the sad little mouse you saved in January in this healthy, confident lady? We bet you wouldn’t have guessed if we hadn’t said it was her:


Baby Phoebe came to us in a difficult moment. But it was more difficult for her than it was for us. Ill with parvovirosis, demodecosis and with a torn-off front paw the bambina seemed to have no chance. But instead of taking off to the stars, she is with us – because you gave her a life to enjoy with all her might!

DSC04935 fib2

We thank Vanya (Kara) for the love she is giving Phoebe every day in her foster home. Skin-illnesses take time, but her leg is completely healed. When Phoebe is all healthy, the little angel has a safe space in Holland with Betty Koers who is already waiting for her!

Lady went home, Drama and Herby’s turn

Posted on 01 April 2014

Every weekend the PETS&U store give the dogs of our shelter an opportunity to meet their adopters in the Sofia city center! We are very grateful to the shop for this amazing opportunity: on one hand this allows more people to see that the homeless, breedless dogs make just as lovely pets as their more expensive brothers; on the other – it gives a chance for our dogs to meet adopters who are not that familiar with our activities or the Farm. So, an update at the start of a 5-th month of adoption weekends:

A home for Lady


Katina Kirilova and Iliyan Dimitrov adopted little Lady last weekend! The little girl needed no invitation to like them – as they say – it was love at first sight. Congratulations to the little girl, hopefully, little Chopper will be just as lucky in the days to come and his people will come find him.

1614050_642378629168235_620300294_o unnamed (6)

Drama and Herby

Two lolely 6-month old dogs will be expecting loving families this weekend at PETS&U! Both babies were picked up from the street in awful situations and are now fostered and doing fine. Herby and Drama are both neutered, vaccinated and healthy.

damma (1) damma (2)

Drama is a lovely lady – unfortunately these photos cannot tell how sweet, kind and people-loving the little girl us – they were made in the first evening after she was taken in from the street. Drama is an amazing creature with loads of love for humans. She needs just a pinch of confidence to become a relaxed, tail-waving dog – she is very clever and lovable.

Copy of herbie (1) herbie (2)

Herby is a shar-pei mix that looks like a shar-pei but without the endless skin-illness perspective that is otherwise typical for the breed. He is a cheerful, curious and human-oriented dog, the unwanted offspring of someone’s pet. Herby is called this, because he was so skinny when he was found. That is no longer the case – he is a shiny, happy dog!


This amazing pet shop has been doing wanders ever since it opened. They host our Adoption weekends and also have a 5% donation campaign for any brand or package of pet food, going for the animals at the Farm.

Please, if you are able to do so –  buy your pet’s food at PETS&U. This way you will also be feeding our animals when you are feeding yours!

Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK

Happiness for Chara and Maya

Posted on 27 March 2014

Two more lovely ladies have left the Farm for a life with their own loving families. Both ladies have been with us for too long – kind, calm, clever dogs with a single sin – to have been born without a breed in the street. Finally, their turn has come. Farewell, dear girls!

Chara came to the shelter along with her whole litter in 2012. Black and rather large, the poor angels couldn’t go home quickly – no one wanted them and Chara and her sister Arya remained under lock-down for a long time…

chara (2)

After 2 years in waiting, spent in the thrill of a wait, finally the time came for Chara to be happy. She was chosen by wonderful people – Borislav and Maria Stoilovi! We congratulate them on the wonderful choice they made, we know Chara will make them happy every day of her life.


Maya is a dog that spent 4 of 5 years of life with us. Such a calm dog, so sweet, so good, so obedient and polite – an example dog. So, when Tinka Ivanova and her family came to look for an apartment dog – Maya was taken out from her kennel to meet them.

maya (1) Maya

They hit it off immediately. Vessy spared no good words on Maya’s good qualities and merits, and finally, poor “invisible” Maya found her happiness.

A jubilee: 4 years of Bulgarian-Austrian friendship

Posted on 25 March 2014

abmer&ally sestrina adel alessandro&zolla ariel aron&jenny asterix bubbles

Have you noticed it as well? When you are doing what you love time simply races by! Before you turn around – many years have passed. We were so surprised when our friend Sandra Stibi reminded us this month makes a total of 4 years since we began working with Stibi’s Hundeparadies!

4 years… it seems like it was yesterday. And yet our work together shows the time – hundreds of dogs rehomed, hundreds of tons of donations and a bond of true friendship between our two teams – it couldn’t have been yesterday.

terry treyzimata trikrakiyachester vito yoshi zolla

We don’t know how to relate to you how much we count on Sandra, Bella and their volunteers, fosters and donors, so we will only tell you a few stories of our work together – for the dogs of Sofia.

Each of our transports – no matter if they are going to Holland or Germany, stops at the farm where Sandra and her husband live. There, our dogs and drivers can take a rest, grab a bite, stretch their legs running about (only the dogs…we haven’t heard of a running driver yet), get their strength back for the rest of the journey…

And on the way back – we always go through Sandra’s farm again – to collect the dog food they have collected, the medical equipment, blankets and even coffee and tea for the human inhabitants of the shelter.

milo mini mira remo snezhanka snow

And it’s great that we do it, because Sandra never turns a dog back. Brass went to Holland, but a few months later it was decided that he must be returned to us – he had chased after a cyclist in the park. Labeled as “aggressive” Brass remained in Austrie and he now has a wonderful home with a lovely family – a year later they have no trouble with Brass or the cyclist – it is a happy ever after story.

With Zola and Terry the situation was somewhat more complicated. The stress of the journey and sudden change of environment influenced their behavior toward people in a negative way. Both had to quickly be reassigned from Holland to Austria. Zola spent two whole years at Sandra’s home – the love and patience the Stibi family gave her helped her calm down and recently Zola finally found her right home. For Terry it is a third year at Stibi’s Hundeparadies and it seems he has no desire to leave. Which is all right for him, for his fosters and for us – knowing how happy he is there!

lara larahusky lisa luna marco maria

To commemorate our 4 year jubilee Sandra and Bella sent us photos of dogs they have long since rehomed (a few of them you see here in the post). Some of them like YoYo, Ella, Vito, Willow, Kosta, Yoshy and Chester have been in their Austrian homes for 3 or 4 years. Others – like SnowWhite and Ice have only been there for about a year. They all share a common trait – and that is happiness, we share it as well – because we see it.

Thank you, dear girls! Thank you for the love and care you have for the animals, thank you for always being there when we need you! Thank you for being real friends to the dogs of Sofia!

If you, dear friends, like what Sandra has done for our animals, please, like the Stibi’s Hundeparadies Facebook Page – your click will help them raise the next portion of dog food, or an euro or two to be turned into a vaccine or antibiotic. Thank you for your support!

enemy filu hope iri jo jo kosta

Homes for Lizzie and SnowWhite, it’s Lady’s and Chopper’s turn!

Posted on 24 March 2014

Every weekend at the PETS&U store sweethearts from our shelter have the opportunity to meet their new families in the Sofia city center. They also help their comrades by showing how lovely and sweet homeless, breedless pets can be.

The White Martins will be waiting for love this weekend – March 29-30

Two little white martins flew into our care with the Spring that has come. They are small, they are kind, they are very friendly, they are social, they are tender and beautiful, and also both of them will be small dogs when they grow up! Meet Lady and Chopper:


Little Lady is about 6 months old and she will be a small dog when she is fully grown. She is very friendly and outgoing, soft and gentle – a very sweet baby, full of love and enthusiasm!


And here is the even smaller Chopper – a dachshund mix, also about 6 months old. He is incredibly funny, cute and short-legged and has an amazing sense of humor – just like a real  dachshund!


Both puppies are flawless – we don’t know how to make them sound as good as they are – such heart-warming babies, very sweet, very playful and… at this stage very lonely as well. The pups cannot wait to get home. You’d help them greatly if you share this page with your friends.

The lucky souls from last week

And here are the darling ladies who went home on the Adoption weekend that passed – Lizzie and SnowWhite!


Yoanna Angelova and her daughter Diana opened their hearts to the lost girl Lizzie. As they say – it was love at first sight. Lizzie will be greatly loved (that is a fact) by her new family in a Sofia apartment.


Borislav Panov and his girlfriend Zhasmina went home with SnowWhite, but without the seven dwarves. This gentle creature touched the hearts of everyone she met and Borislav’s mostly. There is no question on how this lady will live her life… after all – she found her prince!

Only little Bambie remained homeless after this week’s success. She must not look as herself on photos – otherwise there is no explanation to why this amazing, tiny, healthy, kind, gentle creature is still alone. If you would like to make this injustice right – contact us.

bambi01 - Copy DSC_2915


This amazing pet shop has been doing wanders ever since it opened. They host our Adoption weekends and also have a 5% donation campaign for any brand or package of pet food, going for the animals at the Farm.

Please, if you are able to do so –  buy your pet’s food at PETS&U. This way you will also be feeding our animals when you are feeding yours!

Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK