Happy update – the kittens Grey and Piebald

Posted on 03 July 2015

A month ago two sisters were adopted together by Simona and her boyfriend.
Now they are sending us some photos of the former homeless Lin and Pin:)
11714538_1167962173219122_1803216524_n (1)

They are very attached to their owners, but to each other as well – they even prefer to eat from one bowl.

Grey and Piebald love to play…


and cuddle
and even to help for work

They seem to be real gamers:)
Thank you, dear Simona, for their wonderful lives!

Vanity fair

Posted on 02 July 2015

Every time a breed dog comes in our shelter, people comment things like “But why people would abandon this dog?”…
We consider all dogs priceless and we don’t understand howcome abandoning a pure bred dog is worse than abandoning a mongrel pet, but it is time for people who breed to understand that selling your puppies for a lot of money doesn’t guarantee them good lives. These two ladies are the proof.

Molly is a 10 months old boxer.

Her life didn’t start well – chained and unwanted, she lived worse than most of the stray dogs.

Actually, coming in the shelter and going on walks with our volunteers was the best part of her life until that moment.

Chiara is a 5 months old Czehoslovakian wolfdog. She was a prom gift to a boy, who didn’t actually want a dog.


Chiara changed a few owners in a little time at at the end came in the “Farm”.


Actually, when we understood about her, the last owner was planning to release her in the forest, because “she is anyway more wolf than a dog”…
Both dogs are now happily adopted, for both of them the bad is left behind.
Please, before you adopt or buy a dog, answer yourselve:
– Do everyone in my family want it?
– The dog will live about 15 years and will need me all these years. Am I ready to dedicate it during all this time?
– The dog will need food and medical care, which cost money. Am I ready to pay it?
– Am I planning to change home or go live abroad? If yes, am I ready to take my dog with me?

If you answer with “No” to even one of these questions, please, do not take a dog! And never, ever make a “live gift”! Even if you think people want or dream for a dog, it is up to them to choose the moment and the dog, not to you!

I have learned – Max

Posted on 04 June 2015

We have started the “Teach me!” campaign with some worries – is it going to stress the dog, are there going to be enough candidates for teachers and, of course – is it going to succeed and help for finding a home for Max…

We want to thank all the people who helped Max to get used to be a pet!
We were wrong to worry – Max was delighted to go in different homes for a while, and was excited and happy when he used to come back – as he wanted to tell us all about the wonderful new places he saw!

So, what did Max Learn, thanks to you, dear teachers?

He learned that leaving the shelter is not scary! The opposite – it meant he’ll have great fun!


He learned to sleep late – thing that never happened to him in the shelter!


He learned that kids are humans, too!


He learned to sleep on a coach and even more – to share it with a cat!


He learned what “selfie” is…


Learned the smell of a barbeque!


And learned what human’s beds are made for!

And after his stay at his teachers’ homes, the only question they were asking was : “Why isn’t Max adopted? He is amazing!

Well, dear teachers, probably he was waiting for all of you, to become an unforgetable part of his life!

We know we must thank you, for changing his life and the best way to make it this:
What it this, you might ask? Just one really bad photo of Max?
And we’ll answer – No, dear teachers. This photo shows why you shared your time and love with Max.
Because, thanks to you, Max is already home! He is now a pet!

A CRY FOR HELP: Smiley Charlie and Dancing Rene

Posted on 28 May 2015

Two lovely boys ask you for a moment of attention.
Funds are needed for their treatment and the situation is really not good.
Please, don’t pass them by, dear friends.


He came to us in great pain. Covered in blood, with a badly broken jaw and pelvis, the little boy was screaming so horribly that the rest of the shelter became totally silent.


His story: Charlie is a Shih-Tzu, about 3 y.o. People saw his getting dumped by a car at a large parking lot, and later in the day people saw him get ran over by a car on the same parking lot.

End of story for some, but this little hero appeared in our shelter and then a little later at the Central Vet Clinic surgery room.

It was an urgent operation, and because of the many fractures and complicity we couldn’t estimate the surgery costs. Oh! A successful operation, how great! Thank you d-r Voychev! How nice for Charlie! How much!?!?! (Silence.)


Charlie’s bill has gone up to 820BGN (410E). We will not mention how much we owe for other animals already, but it’s a fact – this concludes our credit limit and it is now impossible to show orselves at the good doctors’ unless we pay up at least a part of our debt.

Charlie’s post-op examination is supposed to be on Tuesday, please – help us cover at least part of his bill before that time, so the boy can smile, drink, eat and give us kisses…


He’s been like this for 3 years. Folded in 5 by a heavy spine trauma, with pains only imaginable to a person that broke their back, day after day our Rene wandered around the city looking and feeling like this.

Some doctor said “this is due to a vaccination”… ? And Rene couldn’t tell the people who fed him how much it hurts and how badly he suffers. He would drag about his useless legs, surviving and hour for hour.

You can see his condition for yourself, dear friends. Currently, there is no way for the shelter to spend any more money on him. We have so far performed a mielography with d-r Vasilev, it costs 200BGN (100E). It’s a lot of money for a test, but we needed to know if he has any chance to be helped or this is a permanent condition. The doctor said a lot can be done, but he needs more tests, a surgery perhaps – we haven’t even paid anything so far.

rene (1) rene (4)

You see what kind of soul Rene is. Despite the pain, despite the humiliation, despite the hunger and the thirst, he thinks it’s good to be with people and it’s bad not to be – it’s all as simple as that to him. Rene really deserves every little penny of help, on his behalf, and also ours, we ask you: please, help him live without pain, let us put him back together so he can find his people. He has deserved this so many times already…


You can donate for Rene and Charlie through PayPal or by bank following THIS LINK.

Every little help counts!!!


Currently, ARSofia is not supposed to be functioning. Presumably, we should just care for the dogs we couldn’t rehome before the closing of Bogrov shelter, whilst we struggle to make the Farm a nice place, build the clinic, struggle with reconstruction funding…

That’s if we were all only rational. And we are not. We try not to complain – The Farm is our dream come true and we will fight for it to become the best place for the dogs with all our power. But the situation is not just flowers and roses. We are in the midst of a colossal reconstruction, fighting hard for every penny, applying for every sort of funding available on the planet, nearly finished with the major works of a real clinic… Meanwhile we are still rehoming 60-70 dogs every month, taking care of the dogs we have, finding way to help others… It’s all OK and we do manage with the help of so many wonderful people who want this place to exist.

The big bumps come when there are unexpected expenses – the injured animals which we’re not supposed to be taking on. Our so-called “office” is constantly filled with poor souls to whom a “NO” from us would mean simply “DIE!”. And when their bills are so high – how to endamage all the other animals on the count of only one? To spend the money we have for food next month? Or the puppy vaccines money??? When decisions like this have to be made, the rational decisions tend to also be very cruel. But even unwanted souls like Rene and Charlie deserve their chance, don’t they? Nothing more – a chance to let you look into their eyes and decide their fate instead of us.

rene (2)

Our angels in the heart of the city! Adoption Weekend at PETS&U – May 23-24

Posted on 21 May 2015

adopt us

They say you can’t buy friends, but that’s not entirely true is it?

Many people buy their dogs and cats, often not thinking about where these little ones come from. And behind every cute face in a pet store there is a hidden terror story – one of a mother, broken by constant matings; a joyless life in cramped stinky cages at the puppy mill; one of intensive breeding for the pet industry – sort of a live meat trade.

Thus, unwillingly, the people who buy their pets at the stores become part of the bloody business. Each animal purchased makes space for the next and it’s a never-ending cycle.

The little babies you see here are three innocent souls, whose life path took them to the most dangerous place – the city streets. They weren’t even brought to life to bring profits to someone. Their breeder is called Irresponsibility and if it weren’t for people of our kind, they would probably have been gone for a while already.


Sallааy (3)

Tiny Sally is one of the gentlest, sweetest little creatures you can imagine. Her sweet heart longs for hugs and cuddles, she breathes in air and exhales love. Poor little thing – she is too young to know that she is one of the Unwanted, she does everything in her power:

“I will be good, she thinks, I will be the bestest! And then there will be no more cage, no more loneliness! I will have my own, human Mommy and she will know I love her more than any treasure or treat in this world!”

Sally (4) Sally (6) Sally (8)

Sally’s love doesn’t cost money. To receive it, you only need to make the right choice.
Come meet her at PETS&U this weekend, at 25A Cherni Vrah blvd.

Sally is a medium-sized dog, about 5 months old. She is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and has a passport. The only thing she doesn’t have is a family to love.

Krachun and Malcho

Sally (3ааа)

They are two beautiful, playful and cuddly babies, about 2 months old. Krachun and Malcho might not have families yet, but they trust in the better future.

We heard them whispering to each other after lights out:

-Hey, Malcho, you sleepin? – Krachun asked.
-Nope, Malcho answered.
-I am a little scared… Because I’m black… Do you think we have a chance, brother?
-Being black, doesn’t mean you have a blacfk future! – Malcho responded – look at you, you are such a good guy and handsome, too! Black cats bring luck, any kid can tell you.
-Hm… And you? You aren’t black? What if they take me and no one comes for you???
-Chill out, brother, can’t you see Fortuna is protecting us? Everything is just the way it should be. We have already payed the price, now it’s our turn to be happy. Just a few weeks ago we were on death row and look at us now! Go to sleep, silly, and don’t forget to call your people when you’re sleeping. I do it every night and am sure they’re coming for me. Do you get it? Hey?
-Z-z-z-z… Krachun was asleep, purring away in the hands of his Human. With a capital H.

Krachun (2) Krachun (5) Malcho (3)

What did you dream about last night? Was there a little kitten in your sleep?
Come see if you can recognize it this weekend at PETS&U, they will be there, hoping for a dream fulfillment. It’s up to you if they succeed.

The lucky souls last week

100% success last weekend at PETS&U, Maya and Lea are happy in the hand of their loving owners.


Clever Maya has a home! The good girl will shine in the life of Margaritta Sabeva, Vladimir Iliev and their daughter Ellie. The family also has a cat, and they’re really close to a park, so Maya is sure to have a very happy childhood!


Lea too went to a wonderful home! Vessy was in awe to see how she and Tsvetomira Alexandrova got along from the first second they encountered each other. Tsvety’s big experience with cats can’t hurt, but this was really love of first sight!

Dear Mommy

Posted on 20 May 2015


This is a story you won’t see in the headlines.

No paper would publish in huge letters:

– SENSATIONAL! Stray dog saves baby and becomes paralyzed!

– READ ALL ABOUT IT! Sunny, the hero-mother speaks!

– VIDEO! Amazing Sunny makes her first steps in a wheelchair!

No way.

Sunny and her only surviving baby – Bibi

And yet, we recommend you to spare a couple of minutes for a short lesson in valor with an unusual teacher – a small homeless dachshund mix. Little Sunny.

1.  Point  one – always know what is most important to you.

I am not what you would call a brave dog. Not at all, I was scared to death when the Alien let his dog off the leash to attack us.

I think I’ve never been as scared in my life. Only I felt that the biggest fear I had is that the Alien might destroy my children.

Yes, he did crush me, and I will never walk again… he did take my other babies, but I still have Bibi, don’t I? If my daughter is alive and breathing in this world – than it was all worth it, then I won.

2. Point two – trust your friends.

When Master threw me out of the car I couldn’t get it, but one time a boy gave me his sandwich! The whole of it! And I knew – this is what real people are like!

I can recognize them instantly. There are two kinds:
– the kind that will give you their sandwich;
– and the kind that doesn’t know how to do it yet.

The ones that haven’t learned yet shouldn’t be bothered, because they think you are making fun of them by asking – they haven’t learnt how to be kind yet and get very offended, some even scream and kick!

But when I saw the shelter people I could immediately smell the sandwich – right away I recognized them! In the beginning it hurt a little and now I am still getting used to the bike, but I can tell they are The Good Kind, not the Alien one. I can tell by the sandwich.



Sunny on her new bicycle

3. Point three – trust in the Good Force.

I heard my sandwich people talking. The Smart told the Good that she doesn’t know how they will find me a Fosterhom (?), because I am on a bike and will never be able to walk again.

Now, it’s the easiest thing for me to start thinking that I am the most pathetic, ugly, looser, cripple dog, right? And it will sort of become true if I start believing it, won’t it?

But here’s how I see things. Many sandwich people will read this. Some are with cheese, others with ham, some are toasted, others come in bites… But they are all The Good kind of humans. I can’t believe there isn’t even one Sandwich with a Fosterhom reading… Could it be you???


Little Sunny now has her wheelchair. She is doing her best and she can have a future. But only if the circumstances are right.

Currently the shelter cannot offer Sunny a normal life. So, whilst we are desperately looking for a home where this gentle soul will finally receive the love she deserves, we need a good foster family to care for her.

call +359 879 022 675 or come to the Farm directly.

If you can help Sunny – do it.
She is a true little hero, no matter how insignificant a dog’s life in the village of Doganovo is to the world…


Saturday rescue team on fire

Posted on 19 May 2015

What do you think happens, if you see an animal in danger and you call 112? We know the answer – they give you our number. It happened twice this Saturday.

The first call we received in the morning – someone heard a kitten, crying for help from a pipe.
When on spot, our team(Svetlio and the volunteers Kalin and Eva) found out the pipe was too narrow, even for a hand.

The kitten was crying loud from inside, two other kittens were near the pipe, panicked.


Svetlio borrowed this gadget – a wire with a camera at the end, to locate the kitten.

Once he found out where exactly the kitten was


he managed to take it out with a rope:



Finally, the small hero is saved!

We took all three of them – leaving them there wasn’t an option.


While we were looking for a foster home for the three sweethearts, another signal was received – this time for puppies.

The kitten has probably fell by itself. But the puppies… They were put in this hole on purpose – there was a cover over it…


Svetlio entered inside:

And took out 7 puppies…
But it was not over – there was another one, who got scared and escaped deeper. So, Svetlio had to crawl more than 20 meters in this hole with hot water pipes, where was narrow and terribly hot…
But at the end, the fugitive was also caught!
Good job, rescuers!

Hospital at the end of the city

Posted on 14 May 2015

In a month or so, we’ll finally have our clinic ready! It will be the biggest relief for us – to start working in normal conditions again, to have quarantine, to stop spending money on reconstructions…
Well, you know – we have never stopped working and taking in patients. Because sometimes “No” from us means “Death” for the animal.
We took these dogs, because they had no other options to receive medical care. But right now it is very hard time for us – taking care for the dogs in the shelter and and the reconstructions at the same time, was killing us slowly in the last year. The cabinet and the fridge with the medicines are empty – no medicines, not even one vaccine or microchip, and no money to buy new…

This is Rita. She is 9-10 years old and her skin condition got worse and worse during the years on the street while noone noticed her.

baba gonche predi (1)

Harry has diabetus. He needs his insulin injections and pills every day – his place is not on the street.


Ylithka (named after a dog with similar disease and look) came from Pernik. You can see why we couldn’t send her back on the street:

Ilit sega (5)

Maya has heartworm. Her treatment is almost finished, but if we stop now, everything already done will be in vane.

Maya (1)


Masha was found on the highway. She has been starving for so long, that now can’t eat normally. We make her liguid food and give her vitamins and immune stimulators. One day we’ll have to think of her probably broken paw, but in her condition it is too early for future plans.


To continue their treatment in the next month we’ll need at least 500 levs for medicines. But we don’t have it. Can you help?

Please, donate if you want to support our rescue work – for these patients and for others, which will come and the lack of money could mean death for them…
Help us to help them!

Mama Rosa and her 7 children – Happy end!

Posted on 12 May 2015

The long journey home for Rosa and her 7 babies started in Plovdiv, where they were found on the street.
Here, in Sofia, we placed them in foster home and the fun has started!

They were growing and playing:


Surrounded by the love of their mom and foster parents:


But the time has come, they were fully vaccinated and all waved “Goodbye” not only to their fosters, but to all Bulgaria.
Hello from Holland!





And now they are growing and playing:


Surrounded by the love of their mom and fosters parents:


And waiting for the time to come when they will leave once again – but this time, to their forever home! We know them well, so we have no doubts it won’t take long!

Happy end – Marley

Posted on 05 May 2015


Marley was six months old when we first met him. A woman left him in the shelter, because she didn’t want to take care of him anymre. We agreed completely that she cannot take care of him – he was extremely slim and looked very unhappy.
Few days after that a young man came and explained – he was abroad and left Marley at his grandmother’s until he comes back… He also said he is terrified of Marley’s look. He showed us the passport and proved Marley was his dog, not the woman’s who abandoned him… So, Marley went home with the man, who promised never to leave him to other people again…


Two months later, he came again, but this time he was the one who abandoned poor Marley. And, frankly speaking, Marley with even slimmer…


And this is precisely where Marley’s bad luck ended. He was adopted in Holland after a short stay in the shelter and now lives the way he had to from the very beginning – loved and surrounded with a lot of attention from his new owners. We took these photos from his personal facebook page, where his owners update daily.


To you may look that now he is too slim. But everyone who have seen him a month ago, when he came in the shelter, would say Marley looks much more better!

This is it – no more neglection and bad surprises for Marley! He is now a happy Dutch pet!



Teach me! MAX

Posted on 28 April 2015

It is not a secret that the adopted dogs over the age of one year old, are ten times less than the adopted puppies. And if we take out from the number of the adopted adults (not old dogs, just not-babies) with a breed, it is an appalling statistics.

Adopting an adult dog has many advantages. Here are only few of them:
1. There are no surprises in growth: When you adopt a puppy you have no idea how big will it grow and how it will look. When we adopt an adult dog, we know all about it.


2. You can not mess things much: Inexperienced adopters too often somehow manage to take a social 3 months old puppy baby and after a couple of years they give us back a biting sociopath, convinced that the fault is not theirs. Actually, a puppy becomes the dog you make. When taking an adult with a complete character, it is much easier.

Max (9) (1)

3. Adult dogs don’t chew the furniture and pee on the carpet – even when they have spent their entire life on the street or in a shelter, they learn to keep clean in the house in a day or two (compared with the months, needed for the puppies).

4. The risk of bad surprises of genetic diseases decreases – most of them develop before the second year of the dog. Also, the risk of infectious disease, such as parvovirus, decrease dramatically.


5. Adult dogs are grateful. Yes, it is a fact. A puppy won’t remember anything of its life on the street (and thank God for this), but for the adopted adult you will always be a superhero, more than Batman!


But in this case, why the rate of adoptions of adult dogs is so low? Here are some (and again, not all) reasons:

  1. Most people think an adult won’t love them as much as a puppy. But, as we saw above, it is not true.
    And why shall we be something else, if we can be Batman?
  2. Most people think a dog that lived only on the streets or in a shelter cannot get used to be a pet.
    Also not true. Adopted adults are great pets!
  3. Adult dogs cannot be as sweet as a puppy.
    Are you sure?11173463_10203950967756573_33006025_n

In “The Farm” at all the time we have about 170 adult dogs. About 20 of them are older than 10 years and we have already accepted they will never be adopted. About 20 are dogs with behavior problems and are not ready to go in a home yet. About 50 are the ones that will not spend a lot with us – small sized, breed dogs or very attractive dogs that will be adopted as soon as their quarantine time passes.

And what about the other 80 dogs?
The other 80 are wonderful, social and lovable dogs which spend year after year under the bars…


This is the reason we decided to ask for your help in our campaign “Teach me!”.

Teach me to be loved, teach me to live in a home, teach me to do different “pet”things! Make sweet photos of me on your coach or in the park, where I have never been! Take me on a walk on the mountains, check if I can travel by car or I get sick! Teach me to be a pet, and the people from “The Farm” will use everything you tell them about me, and find my forever friend!


We are looking for our teachers!
People, who would take the campaign dog at home for a day or two. People willing to communicate with the dog in a way impossible for us in a shelter.

It doesn’t sound much, but this is the only way for some dogs to stop being one of the many anf to turn into personalities, in which the adopters will see their very best friend!

The first dog in our “Teach me!” campaign is Max (all photos in this article are of Max). You may know him, he was a star in our wonderful calendar this year.


He came in the shelter 3 years ago, and at that time he was only 20 days old!

Max loves people, loves other dogs, loves goats and sheep and pigs! Max loves life!

Please, become one of the teachers of Max! Write us at or call 0879022675!
Dear friends, you are the best chance of Max! Teach him!


Jorje and Stephan – a happy update

Posted on 23 April 2015

It all started like this:

Stephan was in need of operation of his paws to walk normal and without pain.
Jorje was shot and kicked – as a result needed surgery for his broken spine and leg.

Stephan was successfully operated, and now you can’t even say he was once almost disabled!
And the better news – he is no longer with us! He was adopted by Lora Ivanova and Anton Terziyski.

And here he is at home!

During the walks – playful and healthy doggy!

Well, this is from where everything good follows!

His friend in the troubles, the cat Jorje gets better after the surgery as well!
He is still waiting for his people to come, but at least waits in a foster home!

It all happened, because of the good people, who donated for the happiness of Stephen and Jorje!
Thank you!
If you want to help us helping animals like them, please, donate! Funds are desperately needed!