A CRY FOR HELP: Holland – the salvation for 32 “mutts”

Posted on 22 October 2015

EDIT: 05.11.2015

The group has arrived safe and sound! More info here 🙂

EDIT: 23.10.2015

Dear donors, the funds have been raised!
We have enough to send the puppies on their way to freedom and will be making their travel documents today in a hope to have them on the road by tomorrow.
On the behalf of the happy gang, here are 5 of the babies who thank you”:

* * *
Imagine 32 dog babies. Happy, cheerful, innocent and without a breed – they are strong, healthy, chubby and shiny. 64 little stars twinkle in their eyes, full of love and enthusiasm, convinced a happy life lies ahead.

886044_10205575290007017_3782900492635129439_o 1487914_10205575284166871_2008228210268552899_o 11098247_10205575285286899_2736833106375454378_o 11246365_10205575290647033_3085277509990517653_o 12015064_10205575291407052_3509616590401142903_o 12017579_10205575284446878_8124792620904025632_o 12022474_10205575282046818_6309045514175812943_o 12029557_10205575283686859_450569509806161401_o 12029603_10205575296047168_6652107822668966335_o

Our 32 heroes have all been rescued from a horrible death, picked up in streets, woods, riverbanks, trash containers and cardboard boxes. They do not know that our compatriots only see the “mutt” in them, they believe everything will be great. And each of them dreams of a loving home, a happy family. And each and every one can have it in days – in Holland. Our colleagues have space to admit them. But the puppies need to get there first – and fast too!

12030560_10205575279806762_3263542011885216249_o 12031633_10205575293967116_5702381452051450225_o 12045533_10205575278206722_7188633254174307090_o 12065622_10205575273046593_1099839975022983492_n 12065760_10205575275486654_2905233625093813258_n 12087194_10205575278686734_508894225264858653_o 12088561_10205575276846688_4431695844050824170_n 12096579_10205575293527105_8722796226554290671_n 12105712_10205575274046618_8527474317964276709_n

390E is the obstacle between the babies and their dream come true.
This money we need for gas, vignettes, ferry and road taxes.
Because of these 390E these 32 babies risk remaining unwanted forever.
There is space for them in the Netherlands – will you help them get there?

12105839_10205575279406752_4928775278137573385_n 12108771_10205575272206572_5659859989462051942_n 12109098_10205575272566581_8744675664886115125_n 12109119_10205575275926665_8849092963352614757_n 12109130_10205575277966716_5153998050135147672_n 12111984_10205575277726710_5400675887488967144_n 12115550_10205575288366976_6350635256398279225_n 12115736_10205575272806587_1347318754860388949_n 12118743_10205575274526630_6582198627937711171_n

You can donate by bank, Еpay or PayPal at this link.
We thank you and believe you will help them out!
They deserve to sleep under the table, run on green grass and have a tiny blond kid to love each one!

12120074_10205575286446928_4611789145417664708_o 12140843_10205575271806562_6555407500317012926_n 12143262_10205575273806612_4983025245309193608_n 12122639_10205575294647133_4660121535854637919_n 12144904_10205575271486554_6464508822875191642_n

Before and After – BOGI!

Posted on 21 October 2015

People, do you remember Bogi? A young boy who received great support from you for his leg treatment this Spring???

When we introduced him to you, this is what he looked like:

BOGI bogi3

A lot of money was needed so d-r Zlatinov can put him back together. It seemed like we will not be able to provide him a pain-free life, but as usual when we are pessimistic – we were wrong. You did your magic once again and a little over 500E were collected for his surgeries and stay at the CVC.

A lot of time has passed, d-r Zlatinov and we really fought for a success, and not to mention Bogi’s efforts. The wonderful and kind-hearted boy gave his all and the results are visible. Here he is, dear friends, and the happiness you see in him is a gift he received from you!!!

The secret diary of a stray dog

Posted on 20 October 2015

2012, Autumn

They named me Dobri, because it means “Good” and I am a good dog. I used to have another name before, I also used to have a human, who told me he’ll be there for me forever… But probably forever lasts about 5 years… Or I did something wrong. Yes, must be that – my human was good, probably I did something so wrong that he had to abandon me here…


Few das later
My human hasn’t come back for me yet. I am hungry, lonely and it is so cold. I wonder – may be my human forgot he had to be there for me forever…

Few days more

Actually, it is not that bad. There are three of us – me, Sarah and Kremena. Sarah and Kremena have a human friend and she brings them food. The good thing – she gives me food as well. Bad thing – I still don’t know what have I done so my human left me…

2013, Spring

I am still here, at the parking. A lot of people come here. Some give us food, others kick us. The worst thing is you never know who is a feeder and who – a kicker.

2013, Autumn
Kremena died. A car hit her. Sarah told me not to cry – she said now Kremena is at a better place, where humans don’t lie they will love you forever and don’t pretend they’ll give you bread, but kick you instead…

2014, Spring

Sara is sick. But very, very sick, she cannot even walk any more.


Dobri and Sarah are sick

I am also sick. At least, we’ll die together and together we’ll go to the place with the nonlying humans.

Our human friend came and saw we are sick. She called another human, I think his name was Thepeoplefromtheshelter. In a while Thepeoplefromtheshelter came. He said we have distemper and must be treated. I wonder what that means.


Me and Sarah – we are at a very nice place, they call it fosterhome. This is where Thepeoplefromtheshelter lives. It is warm and nice here, but I wish I wasn’t so sick.


Sarah died…. I feel so sad and I cry, when Thepeoplefromtheshelter goes to work.

He is a human too, but when I hear him coming, my heart starts beating happily. And I told it – Stupid heart! He is a human, and humans lie! He will also abandon you! But it beats happily still. Stupid heart!

May, 2014

Wow. I am really not smart. Now I understood what “People” is, and what is “Shelter”. We are 200 dogs here! And it is nice – we have food, love, volunteers! And now I know one more thing. Those people that lie you, and kick you, and kill you – they are humans. And the ones that care and love, the good ones – they are Humans. So, there is a difference…

Dobri and Kayo (the dog behind) in “The Farm”

2014, Autumn

The people from the shelter say that they will find a Human for me. And I will have a home of my own! And toys, and even a bed! But, a bed of my own, not one I share with Kayo and he chews it all the time! It will be like everyday is weekend and it is always my turn to be with the volunteers!

2015, Spring

I am a star now! Some girls came and the people from the shelter said “Take Dobri, he is good and the geese will be safe!” and voila! I am starring in a calendar! Now the people from the shelter say I will soon have my Humans!


2015, Autumn
So, the situation now is the following. I am writing this from a strange place, they call it Holland. My Humans from the shelter came one day and said – Come on, Dobri, you are going home!” And I wondered, because my home was the “Farm” and I was already there! But it wasn’t exactly like that!


Dobri in Holland!


It is a big far away, my home. I traveled, and traveled. But when we got there – wow! It is clean and nice and perfect! And I have my own Humans!
So, if the Humans from the shelter can’t read, let them know – Dobri is well and happy! And says a huge “Thank you!”.

P.S. By the way, I do have one complaint. Kayo is also here, and he still chews my bed!
12165878_10153235462393947_408380754_n(and Kayo in Holland…)

3 out of 3 – the puppies at PETS&U have all gone home

Posted on 19 October 2015

Hurray! This week’s adoption weekend has been 100% successful!



Litlle Tony found happiness with Nathaly Nicolova and her 10-year old daughter.



Roy was adopted by an Austrian national – Philipp Schramel. They will travel all around Europe!



Jimmy found love with a lovely young couple – Ivan and Dessy.


We wish our babies and their kind new people a lot of happiness, health and looong lives!

From a mangy Shusha to the adorable Emma, the transformation of an abandoned dog

Posted on 18 October 2015

Welcome to HundeParadies, DE

Do you feel rich?
We do.
But not because we have a lot of money – we actually have too little. But because we have the biggest treasure – a mission to fight for every day. And the biggest bonus this brings is the fact we actually can see the results of our work, we manage to make good out of bad, and we know – even the saddest of dogs get their chance, as long as we are stubborn enough to keep looking for it.

DSC-0753 DSC-0757
Life without love on the streets of Sofia

And so – it our hands and before our eyes – a sad, unwanted, broken creature goes through a metamorphosis: it’s heart opens up, the eyes become bright and smiley, a tail begins to wave a flag of happiness…

11995509_10153055236843639_1975981932_n 11997474_10153055236688639_1996990387_n
Care and hope at the shelter

But the most important part of having a truly Happy End story is not ours to control. The dreamy outcome is only possible through the most important of people – the Adopter.

12067101_10153096931458639_349429549_n 12166104_10153113571563639_647603530_n
Happy and loved in her forever home!

Today all gratitude and thanks in the world go to the wonderful Anna. She is a Bulgarian, living in Germany and she’s been donating and saving lives with ARSofia for 5 years already! And now – we have our own furry ambassador in her own home.
Anna Adopted Mangy Shushie from a German shelter, after they met here in Sofia. She already has a bandit of her own to keep happy and the two of them really seem to be made for each other. Whether Emma is happy or not and how life has progressed for her, see for yourself:

Spot the difference

Posted on 14 October 2015

It is widely known that we at ARSofia are nerds. Because we don’t have a camera (do you have one you don’t need???) and we generally forget to make pictures of the dogs on arrival, only when they become rounder and more pleasant to the eye. But this way we don’t manage to show you all the miracles happening here, we thank the stars you trust us…

Here is a short presentation of a friend that we have to share with you. But don’t you even think we took these pics. No. A favorite buddy of ours: his first days in Holland and today – a few months later.

Here is Swiffer! A sweet, bearded guy we took in from the street, surely dumped there by the loyal descendants of an older person who must have had him. Swiffer spent a while in our shelter raising no interest and was lucky to have found a new life in the Netherlands. Here is what he looked like before he received the biggest present a dog could get – his own people:


You’d say – not at all bad! Even great! He is not thin, he is playful and jolly, full of enthusiasm and in a good mood, and everything seems perfect. But – you’d be wrong! Look here! Mister Swiffer in his full glory:

12064084_10205543113762631_1166436285_n 12167730_10205543113802632_1201814240_n

Oh, if only we too could be adopted in Holland!

Sarah – good as new!

Posted on 13 October 2015


Little Sarah was injured by a car. With two thy bones broken and a luxation at her hip joint she had to be operated on as soon as possible. And generally that wouldn’t be a problem – The Central Vet Clinic always waits patiently for our payments.

Except this time we owe them too much (it’s a 4-diget number unfortunately) – plus, the surgery cost the horrible 740BGN which is approximately 360E…


Oh, joy… And what would have happened if it weren’t for all of you, dear guardian angels? We know what – Sarah would now be lying by the road al a little dead rag.

Instead – the little girl is getting stronger by the hour. Generously biting anyone who’d approach her with a needle (she thinks the doctors broke her leg) and recovering just as she should. The little fool is really well, dear friends, and on her behalf and on behalf of the hundreds (we are too modest to write THOUSANDS) of animals that we have all rescued together – THANK YOU!


And don’t worry about this little grump. We’ll fix her mood in no time, just let’s first get through with the needles in her skin.
Wishing you love and luck!


For the volunteers with love

Posted on 05 September 2015

Here we usualy write about dogs. Sometimes – about cats, or pigs and horses. We rarely pick up our eyes and see the people around.

But there are so many people we apreciate!
For example – the volunteers. They are people with job, family and problems of their own. They are also the people, who spend their free time among unwanted dogs.


We wonder… do the volunteers know what they mean to us?


Do they know how the dogs expect them?


Do they know, they heal the hearts of our prisoners, with their touch?

To the people, who make the existence of the Farm significant,


To the people, who give love and happiness,


To the volunteers


we want to say:



Thank you!

Hospital at the end of the city

Posted on 02 September 2015

One more time we want to introduce to you some of our patients at  the moment and to ask for help for one of them.

The call of Pipa

This is how we found Pipa – injured, in pain and …


…with 3 puppies.


She was probably hit by a car, long time ago. Despite the pain, the fact she cannot use one of her legs, she stayed a good mother for her kids…


One of her legs is totally useless, painfull and the bones are a real mess.



The good old and cheap way of breaking the bones again and fixing them properly would not work – the leg will become too short and Pipa will not be able to use it.

Dr. Zlatinov from Central Vet Clinic has another idea to save it – by using a ring fixator, which, little by little, will make an extension of the leg.
Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

We would thinks so as well, if it wasn’t for Cleopatra – our patient a few months ago with the same diagnosis, who wore the same ring fixator and healed perfectly. Take a look:


Cleo is now perfectly healthy and happily adopted:


A surgery like this costs more than 1500 levs and we honestly told the vets we cannot afford it.

This could be the end of this story – amputaion and one more three-legged dog in our shelter, but it is not, because:

We want to express our gratitude to the managers of Central Vet Clinic, who decided the clinic will not charge us!

Huge “Thank you” to Dr.Zlatinov, who will make the surgery for free!

And yet, there is a “but” …

We have to pay  the ring fixator itself, because it is imported only with an order and costs 500 levs

Shame, but this is also an amount we cannot afford now. Can you help us? Will you?

If you want to help Pipa, please donate here  or in cash at Central Vet Clinic (just don’t forget to mention it is for Animal Rescue Sofia’s Pipa).

Thank you!

P.S. In case you have doubts what happened with her puppies – of course we took them as well! They are in a foster home and will come to us after the vaccinations are shot.

Small Marize got lucky!

This small sized sunshine had a huge luck! She was found by people who care, brought to a vet, diagnosed with ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. The treatment (all medicines needed were paid by these wonderful people!) is almost finished and we hope soon she will no longer be a patient at our hospital, but just a healthy dog, waiting for adoption!



The story of the name of Sixty is… well, it is a long story.
She is a typical stray dog – large, social, catsrated. We took her after a signal from the people who feeded her, that she is spitting blood.


Sixty has a heartworm – 3rd phase -and we took her in for treatment. She had already have the first dose of Immiticide, the second is to come on 6th of September.


We have already bought it, so from you we only ask for your crossed fingers!


Last, but not least for our update today is Ramzes. We don’t know what happened to him, but half of his face is missing and infected.

WARNING: The photos are with heavy content!


We already started the treatment and hope he’ll recover fast.


These are the patients you have helped through your donations lately.
Please, help us to save Pipa’s leg and raise the 500 levs needed!
You can donate for her through the link here !

Friends, enrichment and sunshine!

Posted on 30 August 2015

It has been a great week!
We were a bit worried, while expecting it to come, but now we can say the visit of Andrew and Donna from Dogs trust, was not only useful for our dogs and staff, but also a great pleasure and time, spent with friends!

Dogs trust is the largest animal welfare charity in UK, founded in 1891 (can you imagine?). Each year they care for around 16 000 dogs in their 20 rehoming centres.
Last year Dogs trust found new homes for 14 895 dogs!


Andrew and Donna are dog carers. Unlike the dog carers in Bulgaria, who mainly clean and feed the dogs, their job is mostly to communicate with the dogs and to make their stay in the shelter better.

During their week here, they showed us the importance of the enrichment and how to make the dogs’ lives better, without spending money or waste time.


The dogs were extremely happy to stay busy! Even old cardboxes kept them entertained for hours…


All dogs enjoyed the “ice-cream” Donna and Andrew made for them!


Every time when a human enters into the puppy kennels, all puppies  jump over him… Can you believe the results of only few minutes of encouraging the good behaviour?
The only thing they did was giving treats to puppies that don’t jump. Very soon the puppies understood and just sat there, waiting for their treat…

Plastic bottle, full of dry food? Even the old dogs played for hours, while taking out the food from the bottles! And it was not, because they were hungry – you can see the exact same food in the bowls. They just wanted to play!

We must admit it – we do everything to keep the dogs healthy and well fed, but we sometimes forget to ask ourselves a very important question – are our dogs happy? Do they have something new and interesting in their lives?

Thank you, dear Donna and Andrew, for this wonderful week!
Thank you for the lessons and for the fact you made 200 dogs so happy! And we promise – from now on, we will ask this question every day!

And we truly hope to welcome you here again!

New life for Rina and Idi!

Posted on 19 August 2015

They both were wonderful, 2-3 years old ladies, when we took them from the Municipal dog pond in Seslavtzi in 2010…


We never thought they will stay with us for long – such good, young, lovable and adorable dogs should be adopted very fast.

Yet now, in 2015 they were still here – still good, lovable and adorable, but no longer very young.

Rina, 7-8 years old. Five of them she spent with us, in a shelter…



And Idi, 7-8 years old, five of them she spent with us, in a shelter…




Similar fate, isn’t it? Even more, than you think, because today was the very first day of the “Farm”, without them…

After so many years of waiting, they finally left for good!
Farewell, girls! We know Germany will be better mother country for you!

Cry for help: Baby Cheetah and Tiger

Posted on 05 August 2015

We really tried hard not to bother you, dear friends, with our financial dramas during the summer.
When we took Tiger a month ago, we knew he needs two operations for his crippled legs, but he had no other chances. He has torn ligatures of the knees of both rear legs.
At that time we had the money needed for the first leg and Dr. Zlatinov made the operation.
Tiger is much better now, the recovery time has passed and it is now to make the second operation.

Tiger needs 600 levs for a normal painfree life…

Cheetah was found limping on the streets, without an owner. Strange, for a rottweiler puppy, but on a second sight we understood why…

She has a neurologic problem and cannot use her leg.


Dr. Zlatinov says he can try fixing the muscle (as it is now acreted to the bone) and try saving the leg. The other option is amputation, but, being a rottweiler,  Cheetah will grow too big and it will be very hard for her with 3 legs…
For this operation we need about 450 levs.

Both dogs are not urgent in the life-saving matter we usualy have. But they both are urgent, if we want to save their legs, because every day decreases their chances for full recovery.

We hate asking you for money at a moment everyone thinks of holidays, not animals, but we cannot make it without you this time.

Please, donate and help us not only raise 1050 levs, but to change Tiger and Cheetah’s lives!
pizap.com14387699412191You can donate via bank, paypal and epay from here or on spot in  Cenral Vet Clinic (just don’t forget to mention it is for Animal Rescue Sofia’s  Tiger and Cheetah).