An update on our precious Momo

Posted on 12 August 2010

Momo was a tiny baby we rescued from Seslavci. She was sort of “adopted” by a mom called Lilly who after all managed to save only Momo – all of her own babies dies, unfortunately. They were rescued on December 19, it was -10 outside, really a freezing weather… Today Momo lives with Vivian in the Netherlands and she has grown so much!!!

This is Momo with Lilly and her pups while still in Seslavci:

This is Momo in her foster home:

And here she is today in her new home:

Thank you Vivian for takeng such a good care of Momo! She is such a lovely creature, we are so happy you offered her a place in your big heart!!!

To the NL and back!

Posted on 12 August 2010

Our sweethearts have successfully arrived in the hands of ARS-Nethelrands!

Thank you guys & girls for all the 1,5 food and items you loaded on the bus for the dogs of Bogrov and Seslavci!

Here it is now in the Bogrov storage room, waiting to be distributed!

Idiotcho sends regards

Posted on 11 August 2010

There is one very special boy in Bogrov – he is a strange creature indeed. Idiotcho (and take a wild guess why we call him that) was abandoned one night at the shelter. Although Idiotcho is healthy he has some small issues – it’s most likely that because his scull is small he has some  minor problems with his brain. Of course there is the much more likely reason that he was hit in the head as a youngster, but we like to make him even more special by telling the weirder version!

So, Idiotcho is a good guy. He doesn’t bark or bite, he loves people and attention. He has some small difficulty with balance, but basically his slowliness in orientation is all there is to his problem. He runs and jumps, he plays and hugs and just has that silly look, nothing more to show that he is one Idiotcho from Bogrov…

Idiotcho has a good appetite, a frendliy temperament and a funny grin. Today is exactly 3 months since he was abandoned at the shelter and no visitor has ever shown any interest in him. Meanwhile Idiotcho has helped socialize some of the most frightened pups – we put them in his enclosure and he gently helps them get used to their new environment. Idiotcho looks silly, but who doesn’t!? Whould you give him a chance? He’s really the best of all idiots…

They call me Mr Buch

Posted on 10 August 2010

Buch is a 5-year-old, 60 kg male SouthEastern Shepherd dog. He is a massive, beautiful boy and was brought to us last week after his owners obandoned him, because he had “menge”. What they classified as menge was an allergic dermatitis to all the fleas he had, but still – here he is in the shelter of Bogrov, unwanted and wandering what will be from now on.

Since he is such a giant fellow, we decided not to put him with the other dogs – he’s always lived in his own setting and we considered not to risk anyones health in experiments. He now occupies one of the outside enclosures, which actually is not so great, as we could house a mother with puppies there and he is taking their space.

Buch has to be walked 3 times a day, he is getting treament for his dermatitis, he is waiting for his Neuter operation next week and after all this – will be vaccinated accordingly.  Butch is looking for a new home, of course… It would be great if this noble fellow found a place to enjoy his life, he doesn’t belong on a chain…

Max got lucky

Posted on 09 August 2010

This little guy, who now bears the name of Max is only 2 months old. He was sitting patiently on the pavement, looking curiously at the grocery store door when a bus, parking just behind him, ran over him with one of his wheels. It was a huge shock and great pain, then some kids put little Max in a cardboard box near their appartment building and left him there. That’s how he was found – helpless, painful and terrified.

Max is now in good hands, he has a broken leg and needs special medical attention. He is fostered and will receive all the love and care he needs to grow into a strong and healthy adult!

As soon as he is better he will need a good home as well!

If you’d like to support Max ot any of the other 280 puppies under the care of ARS – please – donate a small ammount – we have very limited resources…

07.08 Off we go

Posted on 08 August 2010

Ara the pitbull mom is going to Belgium, Stella and Koko went to Austria, two buddies of Cat Friends society were taken to Bon, Germany, the little Terry has gone directly to her bulgarian family in the north of the Netherlands, and the other 9 guys and girls in the crew – Bono, Kelly, Grethel, Ginger, Klea, Phenix, Gosho and Pepa have gone to meet their new friends at ARS-Netherlands! Good luck sweethearts! Good luck and have an easy journey!

See the departure in pictures, allot of tears were whept this time: Continue Reading

The Ninja puppy!

Posted on 08 August 2010

This little one we call The Ninja. Although she is just a tiny little girl she has completely deserved her name – she keeps escaping her enclosure to be closer to people. She only does it when many volunteers are arround – she really craves human contact:

Ninja arrived with her mother and siblings from Seslavci as a suckling. Although all of her kin are small – she is the smallest.  Ninja will grow to be a small dog – no more than 5-10kg as an adult. She is just over a month old and desperately looking for a good permament home. One of our fosters has expressed the desire to take her in and she will be moved to her foster family during the week.

Ninja and as many as 280 other puppies at the Bogrov shelter are looking for a home. It would be great if you would help them with a donation

A girl from a puppy farm

Posted on 07 August 2010

A labrador female who was used for extencive puppy-farming came for surgery to ARS due to severe uterine problems that she had because of giving birth on every single season from her 6 months of age. This is Goldy – a girl who’s been used and abandoned:

Dr. Marieta Stankova perfrming sergery on Goldy in the clinic of Bogrov:

20 lucky dogs on the way to Germany

Posted on 18 July 2010

Mr.Sigurd Tembieg of shelter Kranenburg welcomes 20 dogs from Bogrov!!! Our warmest regards for his help and care for animals!

GOOD LUCK BABIES! Don’t miss this lovely photoreport: Continue Reading

Say hello, wave goodbye

Posted on 22 June 2010

20 June 2010

Yet another set of lucky and beloved ones waved goodbye to their foster families and said hello to their new homes and exciting lives in the Netherlands.

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Busload of goods from Holland and Austria

Posted on 03 June 2010

Food, blankets and desinfectants have arrived for the dogs of Bogrov and Seslavci from our partners at Animal Rescue Sofia – Holland and Mrs.Heidy Bernhart of Aktion Tiere in Not e.V.
Photos from the long waited arrival – the storage had just gotten ampty and now it is full again.

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Welcomed to Holland – photos

Posted on 02 June 2010

ARS-Netherlands welcomes our little travellers to their new life. From the streets of Sofia to running after bicycles in the Netherlands… How wonderful life can become for doomed homeless souls who found loving support in the hearts of kind humans…


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