Babe’s complete makeover

Posted on 23 August 2010

Welcome to Animal Rescue Sofia COMPLETE MAKEOVER reality program. Today’s winner is Babe!

This is Babe as a tiny little puppy in Seslavci:

And here is happy huge Babe today:

Well done, Babe, you’re such a lovely girl!!!

Doc needs help

Posted on 22 August 2010

Some are lucky, some ar not. WHich one will be Doc, the 1-year old GSD dog depends on how we’ll manage to help him…

Doc was abandoned by his owners, because he got a skin desease. Maybe he could have managed on the street somehow if it was not for a growth in his stomach which quickly started eating him. He grew thinner and thinner, his immunity dropped and he became extremely vulnerable.

Doc needs your help – in order to find out what is wrong with him we need to do special medical tests which we can’t perform in the Bogrov clinic. He needs to be seen by a specialist and most likely have a sergery very fast, despite his skin condition that will most likely worsen.

If you can – please, donate a small amount dor Doc – he is parishing every day infront of our eyes…

Nadezhda and Kismet

Posted on 21 August 2010

No, they aren’t cloned! They are two of three hand-reared puppies who’ve found wonderful people to look after them after their mother was ran by a car on a busy Sofia street. Their third sibling has found a home with a lovely German family, but Nadezhda and Kismet still wait for their own luck to come in the shelter of Bogrov.

They are as you can see two of the sweetest puppies you could possibly find. And of course we’ve put them in the first enclosure you’ll see when you come to Bogrov. Who knows – perhaps their luck will continue to guide them through life! Cross your fingers!

A new life for a pack of sweethearts!

Posted on 21 August 2010

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and so many lives will be changed! Our bus travels to Austria and the Netherlands with a some of ther luckiest dogs in the world on board!

It’s amazing that on this trip we have 5 animals who we thought would have never find homes! Tony, who lost his front leg, Ylith who’s been suffering from a skin desiease and never managed to get her shiny look back, Bibo who is 13 years old, with a heart condition and had 0 chance at the shelter, Cheburashka who was abandoned at the shelter blind with Glaucoma and Lucky the blind kitten…

Together with them travel lucky Ayra, Payshen, Gina, Bazil, Nagra, Dora, Mecho, Sharko, Palechka and a puppy we know as Grima’s baby!

Huge grattitude to Andrea Teutch for fostering blind Cheburashka in Austria! Our warmest thanks and hugs to AnimalHope Nitra, and especially Andrea for taking Palechka and Sharko and Bri from taking Lenny and Lucky the kittens! Our warmest thanks and hugs to Carina Brunbauer for thaking Grima’s boy!

To our frends in the Netherlands who’ve once more saved so many doomed lives – than you! It’s amazing what you manage to do for so many “hopeless cases”!!!

Photos from the departure: Continue Reading

Grethel in her wonderful new home

Posted on 20 August 2010

Grethel was a young girl whose owners dumped on the street one night. She was wandering allone and completely helpless in the unknown street environment when she was found by a compassionate person… SOme months passed and through ARSofia in the Netherlands Grethel has found a dream home!

Our warmest regards to Grethel’s new owners who’ve sent photos of Grethel’s new life in the Netherlands! SEE THE GALERY

Happily left the shelter

Posted on 19 August 2010

We rarely get to take a photo of the dogs that are being adopted from Bogrov. But here are two lucky sweethearts – two lovely girls who’ve found love in the hearts of their loving new owners! We hope to have many more dogs as lucky as these two find love and care in new responcible homes.

Our dogs are given to their new ownrs neutered (if the dogs are over 6 months of age), vaccinated, de-warmed, parasite-free, mictochipped and with an EU pet passport. We have many lovely animals – please, consider an adoption for your next pet!

Beyond luck

Posted on 18 August 2010

Mercedes… A tiny little puppy who was thrown into the river with her siblings as a newborn by her mothers irrisponcible owners. She was picked up by ARSofia CEO – Nadia during her walk with the dogs in the mountain. Call it pure luck or destiny, but here is Mercedes today, happily adopted in Holland. Way to go girl! Our warmest regards to her wonderful new family!

Max got his op and he don’t like it!

Posted on 17 August 2010

Max’s front leg is better, he isn’t as badly hurt as he is pretending to be. The little brave sweetheart will be needing his hateful collar about a week more and than he can run arround as much as he wants to /and that’s ALLOT!/. Contact us if you would like to offer sweet litlle Max a home, or donate a small sum to help us help more puppies in trouble as lucky little Max:

Do you remember poor blind Boran?

Posted on 16 August 2010

Boran was a blind boy who had no chance of survival, no chance of finding a home, no future at all. That is till ARS-Nethelrands came in, of course!


Enjoy the pictures of Boran, well settled in his new home in Holland, 5 months after he was adopted by the most wonderful people:

See him on video:

Summer heat

Posted on 15 August 2010

Some of our dogs didn’t shed their winter coats on time. And it’s about 38 C today… We don’t know who feels worse in this weather – the staff or the dogs.  The concrete floor in the outside yards and the lack of any shadow forces the dogs to hide inside, but the satff has to clean and we do – no matter how hot it is – there is no time to complain…

TIME TO COMPLAIN: The steam-machine is broken… We’re back to cleaning with the hose, and it’s now been 2 weeks since we’ve ordered those parts… OMG… + we only have one hose and that means every time you switch cages you have to unhook the hose, roll it up, and drag it to the next cage. So, counting that you must do that outside and inside, that makes up a total of 40 times… + you must first pick up all the poo, than you must scrub with the brush to get it all out… Cleaning sucks.

BTW – We have too few brushes, most are really old and broken, but still – the dogs love a good brush-out, it gives them an additional scratch and releives them from the heat. If you have used, but usable brushes – please, consider donating them to the shelter. We need slicker-brushes with long teeth.

Marietta’s B-Day!

Posted on 14 August 2010

It’s our Spay/Neuter vet D-r Marietta Stankova birthday!

And she gave herself a great present – the 100th Spay/Neuter sergery at the clinic of Bogrov!

From our head keeper – Vessy Kosturska she got a t-shirt that reads “CAT PERSON” – how appropriate :)!

An update on Tara

Posted on 13 August 2010

Some of you may remember the touching story of Tara – a dog who spent 9 months in foster homes before she found the right people. But boy did she find the best home!

This is a letter from her owners:

Here some photo’s of Tara!
She is a super dog, we are realy happy with her.
She adjusts well and is very playfull with other dogs.
She defends the property very well, it seams she doesn’t realy like men. But we try to get her confidence in men back, by having them giving her nice treats and she realy likes it!
Also she is gaining some weight and she doens’t loose much hair anymore. We brush her everyday and she finds it okay.
Playing with a ball is her passion, we have to throw it a lot and far away!
It’s amazing what she can do with her behind legs!
We keep you informed and you are allways welcome to visit her. Thanks again for this super dog!