Three newborns found Vessy as a new mom…

Posted on 05 September 2010

Vessy Kostourska our Head Keeper just raised Cayenne, Felix, Grizly and Beever – and here are new three she decided to dedicate her nights to…hand-rearing puppies is not only time-consuming and difficult, it is also risky for the puppies as they get no antibodies from their mother and can easily become ill or just not make it. Wish these babies and Vessy strenght and luck in this new struggle for life that so few dumped puppies get the chance for.

Puppy dumping is a common site in Bulgaria, castration is still concidered an ugly word and so-called owners prefer to dump their bitches puppies twice a year than to take the time and have her neutered for free.

Beever, Cayenne, Felilx and Grizley

Posted on 04 September 2010

These lovely, absolutely sweet babies are 4 of the luckiest kids in the world! They were found trown away by cruel people as newborns. The puppies were doomed, we had no suitable nurcing mother to try with to in the shelter. They had one chance and took it. Head keeper Vessy Kosturska took these kids and hand reared them – feeding them every three hours, taking them home on each and every day of her hardworking week… Their survival is a miracle and Beever, Cayenne, Felilx and Grizley have Vessy to thank for their life.

You can follow their live’s hourney in this PHOTO ALBUM – don’t miss it!!!

Maya in her new home

Posted on 02 September 2010

Maya the 3-legged kat who found a loving owner in the hands of Karin sends her love to all her less-fortunate brothers and sisters on the streets of Sofia… Maya was fostered by Mila and Marto who handle adoptions in ARSofia. Contact us if you would like to foster for Animal Rescue Sofia.

Belcho from Bogrov is now happy in his new Bulgarian home

Posted on 01 September 2010

(Don’t mind the date – it’s wrong, these are fresh photos of Belcho in his new home)

Belcho was a dog who lived for 3 years outside an orphanage – he was the kids’ favorite dog. One day the director of the orphanage was changed and the dog suddenly became a huge threat for the children. She called Ecobalance and the dog was removed as an aggresive, dangerous animal. This so called aggressive animal was visited by kids from the orphanage every weekend. He was lonely and confused in the shelter. But he must have been born under a lucky star! He is now adopted in a wonderful family with a boy who came many times and chose wisely before he let his mother know which dog he liked the most: “Belcho, he is the best!”. Before we let him go Belcho was operated for a small tumor on his leg, but he is almost heald and in a good mood already! Good luck Belcho, this is the best life for you!

Ron the Baron – from Seslavci to Holland

Posted on 31 August 2010

What a dignified prisoner 50-kilogram Ron was in Seslavci! He looked as though nothing could ever harm him, the gentle giant… Quiet and calm he waited and waited to be picked up by his owners, not understanding they left him there for good… He looked strong and brave.

Nevertheless his foster parents found out that he had some serious health issues with his liver and treated him as the noble aristocrat he is should be – with care and respect. When the time came for him to travel we were all a bit confused – when Ron was adopted in Holland we used to send the dogs by plane. But a dog like Ron would have to fly in the elephant box… So Ron got on the first bus ride to ARS-Netherlands.

Ron hasn’t changed much, judging by the phos of him and his little princes, sent by his family. He is still that layed back, cool guy, who takes things seriously, but always with a touch of irony. Well done Ron, well done you big boy!!!

Life goes on…

Posted on 30 August 2010

and despite the horrible tragedy that happened this weekend in Bogrov we still had to hire a new secretary to answer all the calls…

Meet Sasha. Yes, we know she is not that good of a secretary, we did hire her for her looks only… This is one tipical specimen of the secretary tribe. All Sasha does is to sit in the office all day long and simply sleep the day off on her chair, gently snoozing while people run arround crazy and simply ask too many questions…

Caramel – the first dog adopted from Bogrov in her new home!

Posted on 29 August 2010

Caramel has a wonderful big family in Belgium! She was the first Bogrov puppy to be adopted and one of the very first who entered the shelter.

Caramel arrived with her whole litter – a colourful pack of unbeleivably different, yet samed sized puppies – all of whom very beautiful, they grew healthy and strong and became really lovely dogs!

Caramel and her brother Curry who is now adopted in Germany were puppies everyone at the shelter were simply in love with. Curry’s siblings Coffee and Croisant are still waiting for their luck in the shelter.

Mad Max!

Posted on 28 August 2010

Our little brave Max (whom you know from before) tries to make a new aquaintance. Not very popular though…

27.08. BORED

Posted on 27 August 2010

Shelter life can be SO BORING!!!

Laying arround all day with nothing to do… Eat, sleep, bark somewhat, pick a few fights and… that’s all. Living in the shelter of Bogrov sure is easy. No need to scramp for food or run for your life all the time. Noone to harrass you, beat you, threaten you or just chase you away. But still – living in a cage is not what dogs are made for. Dogs are born to live with humans and enjoy their company, sniff grass and go on long walks… And here they are – 500 of them, sitting arround with pretty much nothing to do…

Sometimes even getting a hold of a bunch of weeds can make the difference between a day when all you can do is pick fights with your roommates and a day when you can actually play with them:

Although we get wonderful help from the volunteers who come to walk the dogs on weekends – it’s really not enough to keep the dogs happy. We’ve tried giving them the regular toys, but it’s not the best idea. A few balls were accidentaly washed into the canal and caused a sewer blocage, and the rubber toys they got were an object of envy and scandals in the few hours before they were simply chewed away.We’ve com up to a simple notion:


So, the first thing we can do is find something the dogs can safely chew on… Something that is not too tasty, because fights are easy to brake in a confined area. Something like simple burning wood for example. Also we need very strong rope – we have an idea – to tie some motorcycle tires to the cage walls, so the dogs would be able to chew and pull on them without making a mess everywhere.

Do you have any ideas how to make our dogs lives more interesting? Why don’t you share them with us, or help us accomplish them – A Few Good Men can help allot in our mainly female team. The dogs would surely benefit allot!

We need the following items:

  • old tires;
  • strong rope;
  • chewing wood.

If you can help us get them and bring them to the shelter – we’d really appreciate it!

Once more – Betty needs your support

Posted on 27 August 2010

A little old lady – Mrs Betty is a 9 year old cocker spaniel who has been abandoned at the Bogrov shelter. Her owner has passed away a year ago and now his son, who had kept her is going to live abroad and will not bring Betty along.

Little Betty has a tumor on her back that needs surgery. The surgery can be performed at Good Idea clinic, but it will cost about 120 lv alltogether. Betty may be lucky – if she is operated a foster parent has come up for her. Give this granny a hand if you can – she is absolutely shocked by shelter life – it would be great if she could stay in a home while we look for owners for her…


Posted on 26 August 2010

Thanks tou to you and your generousity, as well as the work of our devoted volunteers and foster families and of course the wonderful people who choose to adopt dogs from Animal Rescue Sofia, we can change lives and make dogs as happy as they deserve to be. Here are three tiny snowflakes, who were in Seslavci and are now living happily in Switzerland:

Above you can see 9 year old Ritchy, who spent some time in a foster home and from being a sad miserable creature became the funniest, sweetest furball.

And below are Masha and Dasha, who are also from Seslavci – always together, they were fostered as a couple and even found adoptive parents who tock them both!

Please, consider becoming a foster parent or a regular sponsor of Animal Rescue Sofia – we are counting on your support to be able to help so many animals in need…

Do you remember Joya – the star?

Posted on 24 August 2010

As you may remember – one of our pitbull puppies starred in the Vier Pfoten campaign for the incrimination of animal cruelty:

Joya, her mom and siblings were fostered in Bulgaria for quite a while, before Joya, Guilda and their mom Ara were taken on by our friends Rescue Dogs Europe in Belgium; their third sister Jenny went to our friends ARS-Netherlands .

You can find more lovely photos of Joya and her siblings as tiny little puppies HERE in their fosters gallery.

We have photos from Belgium! And look how Joya has grown!!!!

This is Guilda as a pup and today – she hasn’t changed that much:

And Ara – their mom who is now very happy in her new family – we never thought she could become more beautiful, but she’s just shining!

What a happy outcome for this pitbull family! We hope many more are as lucky as these four are!