Donations from the CBA Supermarket

Posted on 10 November 2016

Over 120kg of dry dog and cat food, pouches and cans, as well as greatly needed kitty litter arrived at the shelter thanks to the CBA supermarkets donation campaign, dear friends!


The food is already being gulped down with great speed, thanks you so much. You will find a full report HERE, at the stores FB page (in Bulgarian).

Thank you from all our hearts!!!

This kind of campaign is happening for the first time in Bulgaria and it’s a lovely sign that things are changing little by little. There is kindness and generosity in our hearts, and it’s not all the same to us if someone is ill and hungry, there are friends who will give a helping hand!


A new life for: Bella, Suria, Moorjo, Buddy and blind Othello

Posted on 09 November 2016


Dear friends,
we are currently in a situation where we cannot make doggy-transports. We are doing everything in our power, and more, to be able to restore our “life-line” to Austria, Holland and Germany, but it will take time. Perhaps more than a month.

Meanwhile, we cannot take on as many new cases as usual – we need to send 60-80 dogs for rehoming abroad in order to be able to free up space for newcomers. Currently, almost no one is leaving the shelter and many, many need to be admitted…

The number of dogs we have on the premises is growing disturbingly, the situation is growing more difficult, but we’re holding on with the patience we’ve got (and some teeth grinding, that’s for sure). Because that’s what we have to do, that’s the only thing that can be done and that’s what we always do anyway.

In the light of this situation, can you imagine how happy we are to see dogs rehomed without the need of transportation?! VEEEERY!!! Here are tha champions of last week:

Othello the Pekingese and kind boy Buddy

Steffy Neykova and Milka Stoichkova are two friends, living in Germany. They came to Bulgaria and having heard about us – decided to check out our work on the spot. How wonderful! Because this turned out to be the golden chance of two wonderful boys. The ladies didn’t want to have their photos taken or much talk about their gift, so here are a few words about the animals they chose.

IMG_9433 IMG_9504

Blind little Othello – found dumped in the street in a bad condition. Otherwise cheerful and perky – maybe he had a nice life before he ended up outside. But he cannot see anything. We thought he would be one of the sticky dogs – here for years, but it took him less than a month!


And the wonderful little guy Buddy – with a similar sad destiny, but not blind, with a skin-illness. He was found by kind people outside their apartment door. Naked, confused – most likely dumped in a remote neighborhood to fend for himself…

Since Othello needed more time to be able to travel legally (Dogs need at least 21 days from their Rabies vaccine to travel within the EU), Buddy was the first one to leave us. Milka left too, but came back – especially to bring Othello home when he’s ready. And that is yesterday!

бъди2 отело1

All the best to you boys and ladies!!!


Bella came to the shelter in the end of the summer. She had demodecosis and a bad injury on her leg, but no broken bones and the vets quickly helped her recover. Then, little Bella was wanted for adoption locally – and went home. But it didn’t work out. We took her back after a short conversation that started with “she is an unpleasant dog, I cannot learn to love her”… Sad…


But anyway, the Farm belongs to the farmers, and Bella is one of them, so she’ll always have a place here. The amazing thing here is that despite 200 dogs on the spot, there was one more family who wanted her, but they appeared at the end of her adoption procedure and we only took their number “just in case”.  And the case happened! When we called Bozhidar and Petya Kamenovi to ask if they’ve already found a dog, they told us – yes, we found our dog, but you gave it to someone else…


The mistake has been fixed! Our lovely girl is in the arms of her family, Bozhidar and Petya who find her extremely PLEASANT! We wish them long years of happiness together.


мурджан 3 мурджан мурджан1

Lovely Moorjo came here for the treatment of a severe lung infection. D-r Marincheva gave him a long course of antibiotics, and keepers Dassy, Dimka and Maria gave him all the love they could find – and results were quick. Moorjo became a good-looking, cheerful guy, wagging his tail at anyone willing to be with him.

Meanwhile, the people who brought him in – the Stoykovi family came to see him a few times. And seeing him made them fall in love with his kind and faithful heart. Such a golden soul!


Our boy is now happy in the hugs of Antoaneta and is feeling just perfect. As for his eye (that could be a trauma or birth defect), they will be visiting the ophthalmologist together, but first some time should pass for a joyful adaptation.



The awesome black panther comes from our litter of “9 little niggers” (no offence meant, it’s a tittle by Agatha Cristie). Lovely elephants! Not yet 3 months old, but already almost 10 kilos each. Very sweet, very lovable and smart – they were abandoned at the municipal shelter in a bad condition, treated and vaccinated in a foster home.

емилия цвк (2)

She was adopted by friends! Emilia Galvajanova (from the CVC administration) and her man – d-r Zlatanov (a vet at CVC)! The two of them have access to the very best dogs in the country, they can have any dog they want and still – they chose to adopt from us!!! We are so glad and proud!


Posted on 25 October 2016

UPDATE 03/03/2017

IMG_1738 IMG_1743

Нашата лудетина успя да си разкъса N на брой пъти оперираното оченце и премина през още 3 козметични операции за клепача. Принципно – би трябвало да продължим, но решихме, че е достатъчно красив нашият пират и така, няма да го мъчим повече.

UPDATE 14/11/2016


IMG_9850 IMG_9870 IMG_9872

UPDATE 01/11/2016

Avel has made it through two very difficult surgeries at the CVC. His scull is reshaped, the broken paw – fixed. He is now recovering at the shelter.


Thanks to you, dear friends, he is living a new life – safe and sound.

Original post: cry for help

Botevgrad. A dog with smashed head and a broken paw is roaming on the streets in agony. Day after day, week after week…

Finally someone, who cares, sees it and calls us.

„The Farm” is overcrowded. Every single day we need to say “No” for accepting tens of new dogs. Angry people shout to us or on Facebook, because we didn’t take in the shelter the one dog they found…

Our staff is angry with us, because there are dogs in every corner possible and to take care after all of them, takes 13-14 hours every day…

And yet… The head trauma is the worst we have ever seen, and we’ve seen too many. A huge ppart of the scull is missing, one can easily see the brain beneath. It is an old trauma. Avel has been in this condition for at least a month. What is left of the front bone has healed wrong, pressing the nerves of the eye.


We prefer to believe it happened after a car incident. We prefer not to believe it was on purpose. This will also explain the broken paw. It doesn’t explain, though, the fact that the trauma was made by something sharp. An axe? We prefer to think it wasn’t that. We don’t want to believe there is a human, who would hit and brake Avel’s paw and then hit again and smash his head.


Avel is with us. He is so good! So good that we can imagine him stay, after someone smashed his head with an axe. We can imagine him wagging his tail to the people who pass, while they’d feel discussed from his wounds. But we cannot imagine what comes next. He already went t the Central Vet Clinic for firs aid. He has a temporal plastine on his head and gets painkillers, but…


…Only the plastine he needs for his scull to be closed, costs the money for a month of ten dogs.

…Only the operation of his paw costs as much as 30 vaccines we anyway desperately need.


And yet… Avel is so good. And he really wants to live.
1100 levs is the amount for his operations.  We don’t have this money and we beg you:
Please, help us help Avel! He has suffered so much! And he wants to live so badly!


You can donate for him here or at Central Vet Clinic. Even the smallest donation matters so much and can change everything for Avel!

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Bound for happiness

Posted on 23 October 2016

Dear friends, in the last month we managed to send 94 of our shelter souls to new families abroad. As you know, friends and colleagues in Holland, Germany and Austria help us find homes for as many animals as possible – as the numbers of dumped animals is so much greater than the number of local adoptions.


You probably cannot imagine the insane logistics, but what matters is the result – nearly 5000 animals rehomed as of 2010, only we know how how hard we’ve had to work to make it happen. But however happy we are to be seeing our animals happy abroad, we are the happiest when we see them go to Bulgarian homes. We hope for the day when each of our dogs will have 2-3 candidates to pick from!

Meanwhile here are the lucky souls who are already living this dream come true…

After years of waiting for happiness a very special guy went home – The Jackal (supposed to be Carlos, but it just suited him). Although he was with us for a long time, he always had a problem living in the shelter – whenever we tried to get him used to live inside with everyone else he would get depressed, sad, stop eating and so on… But another winter outside??


The Jackal is today the most obedient of the colorful bunch of animals at Rosalin Schmeich’s home – an awesome friend of animals who has been doing miracles for them years now. We thank you, Rosie, and are so happy he likes cats so much!

Another adoption that makes us extremely happy and warm – Tommy. Or Tick. Or Nordic… actually depends on whom you’re asking! In four years Tommy hads had my frinds among the staff and volunteers… He was just a sweet little kid when he arrived…


Here you van see our lovely giant with Borislav Dimov – his true forever friend! It must have been really important for these two to find each other – it really took a while…


mirko (1) mirko (2)

ekaterina dragieva mirko

Another one of our big guys – amazing and kind soul Mirko – found abandoned far from civilization. The boy now has a new name – Otto and is at home with Zornitza Vakova who cannot find the words to praise his kind disposition to life, his warm eyes and good behavior. What a joy!!!

It is cold and that’s worst for the oldies and babies. We made a big rearrangement in the living quarters, so we can only heat half of the shelter for the animals that really need it (because of horrible lack of money, as you can imagine). We place all the babies, old, ill and recovering animals in the right half of the dog building. But still – from sucklings to antique oldies – each and everyone of them needs a home, not a shelter with us…


Rado Mirchev and his smiling girlfriend adopted the smallest of the puppies we had! The little duckling went under the code name “The Tiny one in cage 44” – she is very happy and playful and what is probably most important – warm and loved, in her new apartment!

Our disfigured Katy has a home!!!

Posted on 17 October 2016

It’s been half a year since we admitted Katy to the shelter – her mouth ripped apart in a way that is hard to imagine – her teeth and jaw crushed to pieces, with a missing nose… But also with two fat, well looked after puppies – raised with such dedication and strength by our unusual girl, despite the nightmare of the pain.

pomoshh-keyti-450x366 plezla1

Thanks to your generosity and d-r Zlatinov’s amazing talent, our gentle “monster” was operated successfully and became a little lion, only without the mane. There was no way to reconstruct her missing face, but what was left of the old one was put together, and the kind doctor even managed to create a nose of some sort, and Katy didn’t lose her sense of smell.

And after that… there were months in waiting. We wrote to tens of people and organizations abroad – it is a fact that rehoming such an unusual dog would be nearly impossible in Bulgaria. But even in places where people show more kindness to animals in need – no one wanted to take her in. She is not just missing a paw or an eye. Every look at her reminds of the cruelty we are capable of, the suffering she has been through… A walking and curious example of how bad we can be.


But the world is great! And salvation is always just around the corner. Because, dear friends, Katy is now happy in her new home. Like so:

к1 к3

And so:

14483414_10207895286765486_1967125611_n Katie snooze (1)

Katy earned a place in the heart of our amazing friend Tom Chesser, in Canada. Yes, the adopter of Little Mook (the baby who came in with two paws chopped-up with scissors), Negarcheto (the gipsy dog who was hit by a train, losing a leg and his tail), Joan of Arc (who came to us cut up in hundreds of places – someone’s scalpel practice)…

But all this is in the past… today our lady is a proud and devoted Canadian! She loves the long walks with Tom and his gang in the field, fights like the little lion that she is – for every possible treat and hug, and she is smiling, no – laughing at the way things turned out!

14390878_1127500544004162_2652846954289068651_n 14518643_10207895289605557_1368261679_n

Because when you are so brave and strong, so loyal and devoted, when you know life is for living and you don’t give up – there’s no other way. No other way than to be granted happiness! Even if you are “just” a worthless dog – without a voice, without a nose, and seemingly – without a future.

Be happy, dear Katy!
Be very, very, very happy!!!
Every day of your wonderful life next to Tom and his colorful gang of lucky misfits…


Dear friends,
this month we managed to send 89 dogs and 5 cats to their new homes abroad. We are sorry for not being able to share them with you, but there is so much work to be don, we hardly can sit at the computer to tell you about them. So many lovely animals have found their happy forever homes, some of them have lived years in the shelter cages – Rado, Zabcho, Ollie, Little Ethan, Amphonia, Timmy, Yan Bibian, Big Grozdan, Spasena, Amy, Bogi (wait till you hear about him!!!), blind Prometheus and so many others – all the way to 94!

There are tens of patients in our clinic, so many neutered and operated for soft tissue-surgeries, placed in foster homes… At the same time, since we haven’t found the time to tell you all about it – there are so few donations, almost none… Currently, we are unable to even buy vaccines for the puppies we have – 47 at the shelter currently, 28 in foster care.

Please, we ask you from all our hearts, if you have any opportunity to make a donation – even a very small one, do it. Our work is beginning to stall, and there is so much to be done before the winter…

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Thank you…

untitled н2

Hospital at the end of the city (part II)

Posted on 08 September 2016

We introduced you to some of the patients treated by our doctors during the last month. D-r Marincheva and D-r Ilieva look after hundreds of animals with a sad destiny. We cannot show you all of them, but here is another group of sweet dogs that went through our clinic at the end of summer:


buddy1 buddy (3)

There once was a sweet boy, made for hugs and kindness, calm and quiet. He was the dog of an elderly lady, her friend in loneliness and old age. He wasn’t very well looked after, but he had a home and hands to hug him. One day something scary happened. And the noble successors were faced with a decision – what to do with the dog? They decided that the best option would be to dump him in another neighborhood. So Buddy found himself in the street. He wondered about the buildings until he found an open door. Went up the stairs, and sat down quietly on the door mat of an apartment he thought smelt kind.

buddy (1) buddy (4)

Buddy is a lovely pet dog. He has some problems now, because he wasn’t well looked after, but very soon, he will transform into a healthy, kind fur ball – that is who he is without all the sadness and loss.


efra (7) efra (2)

A very playful and kind little girl, hit by a car. The good news for her is the brake was clean and no complicated surgeries were necessary. Efra was put together and is now recovering perfectly in her little box, waiting for the season of love….


sugar (9) sugar (11)

Thousands of puppies have been in our care in these 6 years (no exaggeration). But Sugar definitely has his spot in our Top 10 of Sweet babies. So kind, so loving! We took him in as a walking skeleton, naked in places, hungry as hell, but very enthusiastic about meeting people who are willing to touch him. He is much better now, growing every day – a lovely character!

We also have one more boy with a similar temperament and problems – hunting guy Nero. His treatment took a long time, but the results are visible finally:

neron (6) neron


blagoy (4)

Another lovely sweetheart – we picked him up with what we taught was a broken leg, but actually turned out to be neurological damage. The little guy is being treated and is wearing a brace for quite some time now – he has begun to use his leg a little by little and that is a good sign, keep your fingers crossed!

Krivka (a.k.a. Rita)

rita krivka (1) rita krivka (2)

One of our own girls, she came a while ago with a spinal trauma, but has only been getting worse since. The sad news for Krivka are that her liver is not well and we cannot give her the pain-relief she needs. For now she is feeling relatively well in her box, on a soft pillow, we cannot offer her anything better.

Kalin and Rouska

kalin (2) kalin (3)

rouska (1) rouska (2)

D-r Mrincheva spent quite some time in the surgery room this month, we will only mention two of “our own” – blind old man Kalin and granny Rouska. Both elderly, both with us for a very long time, both with little prospect of leaving us alive. Although they are both recovering perfectly, we cannot stay away from the sad feeling they have not fulfilled their life’s purpose.

Parker and Julie

loven maj (5) lovna mama (2)

Two lovely hunting dogs – Mirko the kurzhaar and Julie the hound were someone’s dogs before they faced the reality of the streets. Julie is already well, Parker is still being treated, he will also need a surgery, but nothing scary. We hope they will find new homes soon, such kind dogs, both of them.

These, and many other dogs, find help at the Franzisca clinic every day. We are struggling to find resources to keep the help going. If you can, please donate to the shelter, every little support counts, as lives need saving:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Special regards to you from Lotte! She is getting ready for her trip to Germany!


Lotte is still as kind and cute as the first day we met her, only she is no longer scared, but happy to be here. What a surprise it will be for her when she wakes up one day in Germany and her leg doesn’t hurt anymore!

Hospital at the end of the city (part I, graphic photos)

Posted on 06 September 2016

Every day, many homeless dogs and cats with various medical issues arrive at the Farm shelter. D-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva do not only care for the 200 dogs we have here permanently, but also all of those new-comers – the Franziska clinic patients.

obshti (5)

This August was a long and difficult month, but still – we managed to look after many injured animals. We introduce you to some of the most interesting cases our doctors had to treat last month – not all, by far, but it’s impossible for us to spend such a long time at the computer, so here are a few to illustrate wat the shelter does for the homeless animals in the city:

Aya – now a tripod

The gentlest kitten in the world now has no front paw and no tail…

aya (4) aya (9)

You really cannot imagine what a loving and cuddly baby this is – a little motor-heart with an endless supply of love to give. She knows people are important to her, and even in pain and in suffering she never let go of that thought.

Aya is now recovering in the home of d-r Polina Ilieva. And we know everything will be fine for her from now on. There is no way the Universe hasn’t matched her loving heart with another, a human who will love her forever.

Once, I was a shepherd…

malyachkovci (2) malyatsi (7)

Five puppies, small in age, but not in size, arrived for an urgent treatment at the clinic. They are a 100% the puppies of someone’s large guard dog, they were torn apart from their mommy and discarded in a box somewhere far enough, once the smell from the ill skin got too bad. No exaggeration – it took Dessy and Dimi 5 days to get rid of the hundreds of fleas that had infested them.

malyatsi (2) malyatsi (8)

Two of the babies had severe dermatosis, one of them was already getting eaten alive by fly larvae… They are now much better already, loudly reminding everyone they don’t agree with life in a hospital kennel.

malyatsi (1)

Tough luck with the darn worms this month. We had 6 cases in total, 5 of which – successful, of course – the best one has to be lovely Lisko who is already like a brand new dog. We couldn’t help only one of them – an older boy, who had laid on the ground for too long after other dogs had severely bitten him:
chervei (1) chervei (4)

Otherwise, the worst worm-case, Lisko, is doing great:

lisko (5) lisko (2) lisko (4)

Endless puppies

Many different little ones with many different problems inhabit our clinic for a week, two or more.

murphy ally 6

These are the lovely Murphy and Ally – the smallest puppies we currently have here. Both are over 60 days old, but are still the size of a sparrow. As with most microns, these two had their go with stomach problems and cough, but are now well and waiting for vaccinations.

cherno-beli (2)

Two black-and-white angels keep them company, already a month into their stay at the clinic. They weren’t looking optimistic when we first got them, but are getting stronger and doing much better now, the worst is now behind them.

brownie (1)

We continue to struggle with Brownie’s skin issues, her recovery is not going as planned and there are more tests waiting for her this week.

goldy (1) vicky rona (4) vicky rona (5)

Little Goldie, Ronnah and Vicky are well too. Vicky – the puppy that looks up nervously on the background came to us about 20 days ago, completely terrified of people. She is doing better now, but she will need all the love the volunteers can give her, to get over the fear and start trusting us.

Berk, abandoned at the edge of life

berk 19 berk

A really lovely boy – noble and caring, with a good and cheerful heart, Berk came to us after he had passed through hell and fire at a private clinic. Despite his long stay at the hospital, Berk has been hungry for so long, it will take months for him to recover his weight.

berk (13) berk (16)

We are washing him regularly with medical shampoos, but he too, just like Brownie, isn’t getting better as planned. If we’re able to spare some money for him, he will be tested for hypothyroidism this week, keep your fingers crossed.


The story of Erika is one typical Bulgarian madness. It only unfolded before us thanks to the fact that many people shared her “cocker found” appeal on Facebook.

erika (2) erika (9)

In short, it is as follows: Erika’s owner left Bulgaria to live abroad. She found her dog a new family – a couple with two daughters who swore to look after the dog with great care. Then, Erika was 8. We don’t know what happened in the meantime. What we know is she came here as a 10-year old lady, after she was given to a puppy mill – to breed cockers that they would then sell for 50-100 Euros.

When she first arrived, Erika had a severe ear infection and pyometra. She is already neutered and we’re treating her, but the different arrangements we tried to make with her former and current owners all failed, so she’s staying with us. It would be really good to find a good home for her, she is a loving, spoilt pet and very lively too. It would be great if she could find a new home to live out her life, after all she went through…

Barry and Veneta, with their necks cut

IMG_7494 shiya (3)

Tying dogs with all sorts of ropes, collars and chains, so that they cannot move away from the junk they are supposed to guard often has a fatal ending. The forgotten doggy-alarms grow up, their neckties embed into the growing flesh, until the skin is pierced and large, deep wounds emerge.

IMG_7837 shiya (1)

Once it starts to smell like death, the faith of dogs like them is to be dumped as far as possible. If they are lucky – a kind person will help them out in the street. If not – they become worm food. These two are Barry and Veneta, two of the lucky ones…

shiya (5)

Regards from Dushan and Leeoolly

Best regards and loads of love from your grateful friends Leeoolly and Dushko. Both are recovering more than well, they are already using the operated legs, feeling great and behaving even better.

dushan IMG_7230

We will introduce you to part II of our short presentation tomorrow. Again – we thank the donors who make our work possible. If you would like to be a guardian angel for our dogs, you can find every way to donate at this link. Every help matters – even the smallest ones, our work is funded by voluntary donations only. We wish you a happy week!

berk (7)

31 little heroes now in Austria and Holland!

Posted on 26 August 2016

We report yet another doggy transport that happened just this week, carrying a huge gang of lovely babies and one kitty to their new homes. We are gradually managing to decrease the numbers of “surplus” puppies that had occupied our walking yards. In July we managed to push through two puppy transports (thank you for your help Maria and Stefan!!!), sorry for not writing about them, there was no time. This makes a total of almost 100 babies that have been prepared and sent to their new homes in just a month. If we manage to make one more transport, we will have handled the puppy crisis. Keep your fingers crossed, donate if you are able, we have many angels to rescue.

When we say “100 puppies” it’s hard to imagine what they are. Here is a video so you can get an idea – there are only 20 puppies in this kennel:

So, who are the lucky babies this week?

кучило С (3) кучило С (5) кучило С (10)

image029 image031 image033

Smiley, Sofie and Steve must be the puppies with the best childhood ever. They were found and raised by a family with two wonderful boys before we admitted them. It was very hard for them to part and they often write to ask how the puppies are doing. We are glad to inform them, the puppies are doing great and Steve and Smiley even have their own families!

галфони (1) галфони (2)
Esmeralda and Jorje I Galfon

галфони (3) галфони (4)
Casillas and Enrique Iglesias I Galfon

The last of our “I Galfon” puppies left for their new homeland – a group of wildlings who came frightened and shy, but managed to become normal puppies with double doses of love and loads of patience.

нокчета (1) нокчета (2)
Tatyana and Dimiter

нокчета (3) нокчета (4)
Dimcho and Tamara

A litter of sweethearts – four German shepherd mix babies. They were lucky to be found by kind people in the street, so the four of them stayed in the foster home till they were vaccinated and it became safe to move them here. At first, they were quiet and shy, but just a few days in their stay – they became the most playful of the bunch.

image003 image011 image037 image035

Atanas, Strahil, Genadi and Gergana – lovely babies, kind and calm – we never heard them bark, we never saw them in a fight for a toy. Quiet and kind creatures, we are sure they will make their new owners very proud.

14111642_10207635138501942_818622793_n 14159781_10207635138741948_1196113968_n

Two beautiful (well, not on these photos) brothers – Sashko and Dimcho found their lucky road. In the same foster home there are still three sisters waiting, when they are ready, they will also come this way.

image009 image013 image007

Dimana, Stoyan and Georgi, three amazingly kind angels, taken from their mother and abandoned at an early age, such sweet and gentle kids! Only little Miroluba has stayed behind from this litter, but we are sure she will be very happy too, soon enough.

carrie image027 mr big

Three larger sweethearts were the biggest animals in this transport. Samantha, Carrie and Mr.Big (we watch too many series it seems) – lovely, kind, playful, clever kids, about 6 m.o. When the puppies reach this size it gets much harder to find a home for them, we are really glad that these guys got this chance to go to Austria.

image039 image043 image045

Sweethearts Helga, Bojura and Michael are siblings. Little Bojura had some stomach problems, so she spent quite the time in our clinic, but she did great. It’s interesting that “bearded” puppies are rarely sought after here in Bulgaria. But when they travel West, usually they are amongst the first to go home.

This same transport also carried little Tequila, playful Blecka and Matzi the kitten to their happy destination. But we forgot to make photos, sorry for that, but sending animals abroad is a hell of a job, we had no time among the many other tasks.

And here are the most wonderful of our photos to be shared – they have arrived just now, from the foster home of our colleague Moreen in Holland – the first puppies to have gone home:

михаел тамара
Michael and Tamara


Farewell, sweeties!
If you can help us send another group of 30 puppies to new homes next week, please do – it’s the end of a very hard and hungry summer, we are hardly managing. These are all the ways to donate. Even the smallest donation helps:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


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The legs of Lotte and Leeoolly

Posted on 23 August 2016

UPDATE 26/08/2016

Leeoolly’s surgery has taken place!


D-r Nikolov did a resection of the hip joint – so that the worn-out bones don’t touch each other and she can move without all the pain. In a week or two she should start using her leg more often. A fibrosis capsule will form to replace the joint and keep the femur attached to the pelvis, providing support and a more even weight distribution.

Leeoolly now needs to start moving and stop associating the use of this leg with pain – with animals who have not received urgent care for trauma like hers – the memory of pain in the limb can actually be a big issue. Hopefully, in the matter of months, this lovely lady will be able to move freely, and continue to do so for many years to come – as long as she stays in shape and keeps the weight down.

Update 24/08/2016


Dear donors,
the funds needed for both surgeries have been raised!
We thank you very much, please read the text below,

Just now, following this post about Lotte, we were contacted by Mrs Susann Langkait, who has been a friend to our dogs many years now, adopter, donor and great helper.

Some of you probably remember Moritz – a drathaar with a similar condition to Lotte’s, but also with bad nerve damages and permanent pains. Here Moritz was destined for an amputation, but with Susann’s help, he went to Germany, to be treated in one of the most renown orthopedic clinics in Europe. After surgeries, physiotherapy and long months of hard work, Moritz made an amazing recovery, to the extent that he now runs like the wind with Susann – in Canada.

The truth is we were skeptical back then. We even had a thought that money is wasted on a hopeless case. But Moritz’ results were really something impossible in our environment, they were hard to believe.

Today Susann is offering the same support to Lotte. A treatment that costs thousands, in a place where the chances to save her leg are real.

But at the same time – the funds for her amputation have been raised.
Donated – by you.

We think that having a chance to keep her leg and a kind person who would really see to her best recovery, it would be a sin for Lotte not to take this opportunity.

But as these are specific donations (for Lotte and Leeoolly), not general donations for the shelter, WE ASK THE PEOPLE WHO DONATED FOR LOTTE AND DO NOT WANT THEIR DONATION TO BE USED FOR OTHER DOGS IN NEED, to send us a short e-mail on office[at], so we can send their donation back.

In case that we don’t receive a letter from you by the end of the week (till 28.08), we will redirect your donation for the shelter clinic. Currently, we have 16 dogs for stationary treatment, we take in outside patients brought by people every day, and of course – we care for the shelter dogs, many of whom have illnesses.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the two good girls. We hope we’re not unnerving you with this new situation, but this is a true opportunity for Lotte, she wouldn’t have this chance here, and this is really a great expense.

Kindest regards, the humans at ARS

P.S. Leeoolly’s surgery will take place by the end of the week, keep your fingers crossed! We will write more about Lotte when we have an idea about her journey to the German clinic.

Original post. A CRY FOR HELP: The legs of Lotte and Leeoolly

Dear friends, we turn to you on behalf of two sweet girls in trouble – Lotte and Leeoolly, who need urgen orthopedic surgeries for their bad injuries. Please, if you can – spare a moment of your time to get to know them – they have no one else to turn to for the help they need so badly today…

We introduce you to Lotte, a Bobtail mix; and Leeoolly a German Shepherd mix, yours truly:


IMG_7026 IMG_7077

This lovely creature is under a year old, and she already spent at least half of it in horrible pain – because of a badly damaged leg. She was found abandoned on a remote bus stop – limping, shaking, confused and full of parasites.

Lotte’s x-rays showed an old fracture in the wrist. Left to heal without medical help, and in the time of active growth, the old trauma has damaged the leg irreversibly all the way up to the elbow, causing strong, permanent pains to our gentle giant.

IMG_7279 IMG_7281

To be released from the pain, Lotte needs an amputation of the damaged limb, and that is including the elbow and scapula, as there are arthritic changes to the elbow joint – there is no way to even leave a bit for future prosthetics.

The price for her surgery is BGN200.
There is no way the shelter can spare these for one single dog at this time.
According to Lotte’s orthopedician this surgery is the only way she will be pain-free.


IMG_7079 IMG_7241

This clever girl came to us from Liulin district, after a close encounter with an automobile. The damaged hair on her neck and her gentle, frightful approach to people tells us she is just out of a chained life.

Leeoolly was hit in the back, both legs are damaged, but one of them – more severely. The femur head is broken beyond repair. In cases like this there are many options, but even the cheapest – resection of the femur joint – is out of our reach.

IMG_7240 IMG_7236

The surgery Leeoolly needs, costs between 250 and 350BGN (the exact amount will be clear once the surgery is performed). The doctor wants to remove the femur head permanently, with the idea that a fibrosis tissue will form and the dog will be able to use the leg pain-free in the future.

If that is done – Leeoolly will not be able to become a ballerina, she will limp a little all her life. But she will be walking painlessly, keep her leg, even run! As long as the surgery takes place.


Can you help them? Even by little – there are many of us here – if only 5% of the people who will read this, decide to make a small donation – the girls will get rid of the pain and make their first steps to a new life.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

We thank the people who will not pass them by.
Your help means everything to Lotte and Leeoolly, kind Humans.


Wanted migrants: 18 homeless Bulgarians now with German and Dutch residencies!

Posted on 22 August 2016

A fabulous animal transport rolled away in the beginning of the month, carrying a precious load – 12 lovely youngsters; 5 adults and a lovely cat. We are overjoyed to introduce them to you.

Our Dutch group

It is very important to us that no puppy grows up in the shelter. To find them owners before they have become adults, because their chances of adoption shrink to an invisible size. Nothing hurts worse than to say goodbye to a dog in the shelter – without being able to provide it at least some days of love in a real home. There is nothing more heart-braking than the sight of a dog who has given up hope in waiting for love – a quiet, sad shadow, a little prisoner.

These are our largest “babies” this season – dogs under 1 year old, left without options or candidates in the heat of the summer. We thank Astrid from the bottom of our hearts for giving them this chance to meet their adopters in Holland – where being 1 year old is not a sin.

13580540_10157086268875335_2624763191244102992_o 13664738_1834928413407987_2034787572_n (1)

There is no way to start with anyone else than Hensel and Grethel – our two amazing twins, who came with skin-illness from the municipal Bogrov shelter. Just three months after we took over for them, they became really lovely, gentle, healthy babies, 40 kilos each.

хензел и гретел 1 хензел и гретел 2

Once in Holland with Astrid, Grethel was one of the first to be adopted from this group. We even have her photo for a dear memory. Farewell:

осиновяване гретел


06 Ж Хилде - ЗА ДОСИЕ 07 Ж Хариет - ЗА ДОСИЕ 08 М Хенри - ЗА ДОСИЕ

Also in a new homeland – smiley Hilde, Henry and Harriet – a lovable litter of little horses – three of those brown sweeties who cannot seem to grasp an adopters gaze.


04 Ж Маргарита без чип некастр - ЗА ДОСИЕ 05 Ж Виктория без чип некастр - ЗА ДОСИЕ

And also Victoria and Margarita – two sweet sisters, one looking like mommy, the other like daddy. In Bulgaria, the first to be adopted would be the girl that looks like a beagle – Margarita. But in Holland – the first to be adopted is smiling yellow Victoria.


02 Ж Дейзи - ЗА ДОСИЕ 03 Ж Клара без пръсти - ЗА ДОСИЕ

Clara and Daisy – two lookalikes who have nothing in common. Clara came to us with a crushed paw as a tiny baby, Daisy – from a foster home in a totally different area. Girls of this color often have something lovely in common – a great temperament – friendly and outgoing. These two ladies are no exception, everyone here loved them dearly.


01 М Теди (1) teddy

A lovely little guy joined his friends – Teddy, who is only 5 months old, but is already 20cm above all his cage-mates of the same age. The kind giant wasn’t chosen to travel along with the rest of his buddies, his large size was a major stop for his adoption. We are very happy he got this chance, such a golden heart, of a true teddy-bear.

blacky rocky

Two lovely brothers, raised by an elderly couple, lived in our cages for quite a while before the Golden ticket – Rocky and Blacky. Two very gentle, kind boys, loving and dear, but – dark in color.

13580471_10157062884470335_7279399313904310796_o rocky1

We are overjoyed to inform you that Rocky (the largest boy on this transport) is the very first to be adopted from the whole gang. We received his first photos with his new owner, enjoy:


And the last new Dutch in this group is a kitten – sweet Doby, who was returned from adopters once, and we have sworn to her, this will never happen again:

добранка1 добранка2


German group


We have to start with a lady who has been here since a small puppy- Emma. It has been 4 years since Emma started to greet every visitor jumping loudly behind the bars: pick me! Pick me! But no adopter ever stopped by her, no one noticed her a second time. We are really happy she got this chance to go to Germany – she only needed a few days to charm her people and after 4 years on the concrete floor, she can finally fall asleep like this:

ема афония
Seems like she’s smiling at the person under the sheets, doesn’t it?


bo sofia

Sofia and Bo are two kind dogs, picked up in the street and cared for by kind people at home. But circumstances can change quickly and the two friends had nowhere to go. Luckily, they found their way to the Farm. And although no one wanted them here, days after his arrival in Germany, Bo was adopted by a kind family, and dear Sofia – she will not wait long either, we are sure of it!


beor beor1

Beor, you darling bear! This absolutely irresistible soft guy spent months in a cage with all sorts of tiny dogs whom he looked after like a devoted nanny. One by one, they all found homes, and he stayed behind. Whether for his size, or because of his color – Beor didn’t find his people here. He is now home, loved by his new German family. Stay kind and sweet, you dear boy, we know you are with people who will value your good heart.


13510993_1166277790070981_2164739925463979972_n 13575745_10207214994395625_7806227588809491778_o roshko

Roshko came to us from a house of hoarders. The boy had spent many long months in his own excrement, but still, he didn’t lose his love for people. He was feeling great here in the shelter, and what he loved most was when the volunteers came and he could jump into the water we put out for the walkers, for a much needed bath he likes so much. Roshko too is in his home already.

See our cheerful German migrants playing in their temporary home:

Here you see them at the second day in the shelter. Today, two weeks later, all of them (except Sofie, who is still waiting to choose her people), they are all in the arms of loving families. We thank our colleagues for giving them a chance of a lifetime!

And in the end a special note of gratitude: this transport was made possible by Stanislava, who covered all the expenses for the dogs to reach their new destinations. Without her timely donation, this journey wouldn’t have been possible and all these little angels would be still looking at us from behind the bars. Thank you, Stassi!

Lisko after the guy with the wire (Warning: Graphic photos)

Posted on 18 August 2016

UPDATE 07/12/2016

лиско (1)

Lisko went home with Demira Teneva!!!

UPDATE 25/08/2016

Untitled design

Today Lisko sends his special regards to the friends of the Farm! True, he is no longer that fluffy guy, but at least he isn’t getting eaten alive by the worms, his recovery is advancing at a great pace!

Original post 18/08/2016

Lisko is a homeless dog. He lived a normal life, well fed and taken care of, by the house of kind people who loved him. One day – he was gone. And then another one passed, and another… the boy must have wandered off after a female in season. They weren’t expecting to see him again, until he returned. In an unthinkable state.

14045143_1845955542305274_1412784762_o 14060249_1845955515638610_306188810_o

He was found well wrapped in wire. Through the body, the neck, but mostly the legs. A well tied wire, rupturing his skin and meat, leaving Lisko half-dead of pain and infection. But we probably wouldn’t be so shocked with the sight of him, if it weren’t for the hundreds of larvae, eating him alive right in front of us.

14037414_1845955522305276_1855640162_o 14087220_1845955532305275_1438167506_o

Dessy and Dimka spent hours removing the larvae from his wounds, so he can be shaved and cleaned. For now the good guy is only sleeping. During the short walks and procedures, he is calm, as much as someone who has suffered so badly can be.

14012770_1845955538971941_1075605476_o 14074561_1845955528971942_1282286319_o

We hope he will make a full recovery under the care of d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva. And to the monster who did this to him – we wish a quick mental health recovery, we pray these “games” are stopped. If it weren’t for a stroke of luck, this would have been a horrible, agonizing death.


You’re a lucky guy, Lisko.
No more agony. You’re with us now. No more.

The Farm shelter exists and works for the animals in need only thanks to the kind donations, made by regular people. We aren’t an international organization, we have no government support, no EU funding or anything of the sort…

We are a small group of friends who love animals and work together for a simple goal – to have a place where the unwanted, the forgotten, the abandoned, would find the help they need. If you would like to help us help them, please support the shelter, make a small monthly donation. Dogs like Lisko have nowhere else to go and we are really struggling. Thank you!

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


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(VIDEO) The life of two Bulgarian puppies in Canada

Posted on 16 August 2016

We received two lovely videos from our friend Tom Chesser – all the way from Canada! He made them himself and you can clearly see how well his Bulgarian tutors have taught him – no spelling or grammar mistakes, well done.

Tom adopted two puppies with a similar faith from us – both found with chopped-up legs. Annie (who was Joan of Ark here) and Louie (Little Mook here).

Both have colorful stories, tens of people have taken part in their rescues, hundreds have donated – Tom has worked hard to include everyone he knows and the films are so sweet. We want to share them with you, because you are also part of their magic, because goodness and kindness are all around us: good thoughts, good deeds, good people.

The story of Little Mook becoming Louie:

The story of Joan of Ark becoming Annie:

Thank you, dear Tom, for everything you do for the dogs. We are happy to know you.
And say “hi!” to Jeff for us (known here as Negarcheto) – we are sure he is the best tripod in your funny gang!