Mimi the snowcat

Posted on 11 January 2013


As I walk to the entrance of my building and reach into my bag to get a key a little pilo of snow began moving toward me, with two green eyes peeking.

The little girl, all covered in snow walked with me, came into the building, the elevator and then into the appartment, as if she had always lived there. She ate as if she had never eaten before. I had never seen a cat eat like this. Then, she understood what had happened and got really scared.

IMG_0310 IMG_0371

I made her a small bed from a box and an old pillow, but she didn’t care about it. She just came, lay on the ground by my bed and didn’t take her eyes off me.

There are many bad things in Mimi’s story, but it all started when this pet was dumped out in the street. This is deffinitely her first winter outside and she is absolutely happy in the appartment.

She is about 1 or 2 years old. Very quiet and social. She doesn’t like being alone – she loves company. Mimi is neutered, dewormed and healthy. She is looking for her true friends.


Sweet Petko

Posted on 08 January 2013

This amazing boy is dewormed, vaccinated, healthy, loves dogs, cats and kids and is ready to go home finally after so many adventures!


He has an excellent temperament and is a home grown pet. All he needs is people to love – he has been waiting for so long… is there anybody out there who sees what a wonderful boy he is?

DSC_2887 DSC_2891

Garo and Zoya

Posted on 05 January 2013

Zoya and Garo were transferred from Seslavci. They have both learned their lessons the hard way. We don’t know how they ended up together, but the two friends are now experiencing socilaization and learning to trust and love people together.

ZOYA is between 1 and 2 years old. She is a genuinely sweet dog who still needs a little love to trust people completely. Zoya is great with other dogs. She is curious and smart, but also very pretty and elegant. She is neutered and vaccinated.

GARO is also between 1 and 2 years of age. He is a bit shy, but smart and curious. He’s seen allot of hardship and still needs a nudge to feel comfortable with people. He loves dog company. Garo is neutered and vaccinated.

Lovely Alice

Posted on 03 January 2013

Alice (1)

This is Alice – a very friendly and curious young lady with a very sweet disposition and a temperament to melt your heart. Although she is a jolly friend, she does no mischief and is an excellent pet. Alice has perfect hygiene and although she comes from the street – she feels absolutely natural in her foster parent’s apartment.

Alice (2)
First moments at her foster home – Oh, my, this place is weird!

Alice has no problem living with other cats. She loves everything and everyone and finds all around her curious and friendly. She is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and de-wormed. She is about 7 months old.

Alice (3)
10 minutes later – Aah, on a second thought – I love it!

There is something very special about Alice that words cannot describe. Her fosters are totally in love with her, but 4 cats would be too much for them, so now we have to find Alice people who as kind and caring.

P.S. Alice is so much better looking than this! She has the rarest color for a cat and is as elegant as a leopard!

Iri’s story

Posted on 31 December 2012

I am Iri – a 1 year old girl. I am young, but I have already been through a lot.

Mommy gave birth to me in the street. She took a great care of me and thought me how to find food, but when the winter came – I became sick. I was dying.


With the last strenght I had I reached a door. Behind it – worked a lady who used to give me food. I was lucky she saw me. She tried to give me some food, but I was too ill to eat. So she took me to a clinic where the doctrors fought for my life for 6 days and told my new friends I will not make it. But I decided to fight! And I did it!

Now I am with the lady who saved me, recovering. She promissed me I will not be going back to the street and we are looking for a family that may have a need for my company.

Iri1 Iri3 Iri7
Despite the bad prognosis, I gave my best and became one of the 10% of cats who manage to overcome this disease. I came back to life and found out that it can actually be a good one!

Now I live in a foster home and wait for my human to show up.

Iri 1

My days pass in games with a smaller kitten at my fosters’. I like to watch over the world through the windows.

Iri 2 Iri 3

When I get tired I like to lie down in the sun and have a nap.

Iri 4 Iri 5

I am a good girl and do no mischief. As I am delicate, I never bother people when they are eating. I have perfect hygiene manners. I know my name and come when I am called – it’s always for a good pet and a purr. I am neutered, vaccinated and healthy. I can’t wait for my people to come look for me! Could it be you?

Two tiny owl babies

Posted on 30 December 2012


Two amazing angels are looking for loving permanent homes!

jensko zaedno

These little sisters were abandoned in a box at a vet clinic in Sofia. They are the unwanted offspring of someone’s cat. The girls are less than 2 months old and have the most wonderful temperaments:

These are kittens to die for! Friendly, social, smart, playful and beautiful! They are yet to be vaccinated, but are already parasite-free and absolutely healthy! They are OK with dogs too! Hurry, before someone else sees them!

Zinty – the cinnamon tiger

Posted on 29 December 2012

5 1

This wonderful boy is the 2-month old Zinty – a cinnamon kitten! He is de-wormed, vaccinated and should be neutered soon.

8 7 3

Zinty is a friendly, clever little cat who loves human company and is the typical friendly and curious boy. He has purrrfect hygiene and is all in all – a wonderful creature to be around!

6 5

Plamen – a shepherd from the sewers

Posted on 27 December 2012

We all know that the famous Sofia “sewer” (which is another name for the Perlovska river) is a home to crocodiles. What we didn’t know is that these crocodiles sometimes come in white and with the kindest of hearts. At least that is what we found out a couple of days ago when worried people called us – some dog has fallen into the sewer and has no chance of getting out on his own.

Just out of the sewer

We had no one to send, the shelter was a mess, but the people rang and rang – they couldn’t to it themselves… Miro and Valko dropped everything and went to see what’s going on at the Orlov Most sewer. When they arrived – holy-moly what a surprise! A 60-kilogram middle-asian shepherd was waiting for them down there – with the cut ears, tail and “terrifying” gaze…

When they went down to it – what a sweet guy! A wonderful dog – very confused and worried obviously, covered in mud, hungry and extremely glad to see our boys. We will not be telling you about the crazy white crocodile rescue up the steep slope. The three boys came back covered in mud, but very satisfied with the outcome!

DSC02629 DSC02630
Miro and Plamen

Miro, who often likes to say “there, I’ve saved another dog” named his new buddy Plamen and put him in his own enclosure in hope some of you may recognize him. We don’t know how Plamko has lived – he lays down scared the moment you lift your hand. But he is otherwise a most wonderful dog. We haven’t tested him with other animals yet, we will let him settle down first.

Hopefully this crocodile is not a dumped one. But if he is – we will be looking for his new friends in two weeks.

Meet some lovely ladies

Posted on 20 December 2012

From all the dogs we published in this add, we thought Vihra would be the first to go! Such a precious girl, and small, and with a lovely temperament… It is a mystery to us how she has not found a home yet. She must be waiting for someone very special!

Vihra is 1 year old. She is an exceptionally sweet and clever dog, very friendly and obedient. She is a medium size lightweight dog.

The lovely Franciscans – Franco

Posted on 18 December 2012

These here are Francesco and Francesca. A brother and sister dumped on the street by a heartless villain. The two were trying to go home with every person that passed them by and were very lost and confused. This is how Irina found them. She took them home and named them after the kind saint St. Francis of Assisi – the patron of all animals, because she found them on the eve of the World Animal Day. Now Francesca has a loving home, it is her brother’s turn!

Francesco as a younger boy

Francesco (or Fnanco or Francio) is a small black-and-white hooligan with an angel heart. He is incredibly friendly and social. At the moment he lives with two cat “aunties” who aren’t interested in playing with him, a fact which makes him very sad.

Francesco today

Франко е палав и игрив, но все пак още е малко момченце, така че е разбираемо. Единственото, което му трябва са много внимание и обич, на които да отговори подобаващо с цялото си вярно и благодарно сърчице.

Franco is a playful, naughty cat, but he is still too young to be tired. The only thing he needs is attention and love, which he will give back 10 times the larger!

The little Franciscan was born in the middle of August. He is dewormed and vaccinated and will be neutered soon.

The unique Grizzly is looking for a home

Posted on 18 December 2012


Grizzly. A scary name for the most gentle and calm dog! She used to live on a tram stop, where she met one of our volunteers. She waited for food but didn’t jump eagerly for it, rather lied down and waited to be petted first. Our volunteer started to feed her day by day, when one day, on their regular meeting, Grizzly started walking in front of her, turning around constantly to be sure that our volunteer is following her where Grizzly wanted to take her. Smart Grizzly showed the volunteer 3 small puppies whose mom had died. Grizzley speechlessly just took care that the volunteer would know about the puppies so she can feed them as well.

Тwo illnesses follow for Grizzley – heartworm and scabies. Our volunteer however did not abandon Grizzley, but helped her fight with them Grizzley is now healthy. She has a small sign of passing though Canine distemper – a slight, almost invisible tic of her paw. Very obedient, calm and goodhearted. And pretty. But a little bit sad… She knows that she doesn’t have her own person. She is waiting for him with great hope in her pretty green eyes! Around 3 years old.

If you would like to make one pure and innocent Christmas wish come true, you can grant Grizzly a home by contacting us. This caring and gentle doggy would be grateful to you for life.



Posted on 13 December 2012

Zlatka is a charming, lively cat saved from the horrors of street life as a baby, a 100% lovable pet, full of love and hugs to give.

Today “mamasgoldengirl” (“Zlatka” means “Golden” in Bulgarian) is one year old. She is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, has her own passport and is a fun young female with a kitten’s attitude. She loves to play and chase flies, she always keeps her people company – even if it’s just for doing the dishes and she is a super friend altogether.

Zlatka is waiting for her loving people to find her!