Straight-up ears offer

Posted on 04 March 2013

2013-02-10 15.49.17-2 2013-02-10 15.52.04

Please meet up Roxy, who set a new record for straightening up her ears for 3 weeks!

Roxy has been abandoned in front of a large living block in a neighborhood in Sofia, in the beginning of the year, and was saved by people, who did not just walk away after they saw the trembling puppy in the snow. Since she was too young for the shelter, she spent a month in the hospital of Dobro Hrumvane. As of today, she plays with the rest of the puppies in the shelter, and she expects her good owners to appear.  And she keeps on growing. She would grow until she becomes a middle-size pet.

Attention – she is in a constant readiness for games! Very playful and full of life, her straight-up ears appreciate every embrace and in return she gives many, many kisses.

Before (1) 2013-02-10 16.03.32


Posted on 04 March 2013


Oggie is a tiny little boy, only 2 months old. He was dumped along with his siblings in front of a living block in Drujba – scared, frozen and very, very hungry.

Although he has been starved for a long time and is very skinny, sweet Oggie hasn’t lost his love and playfulness. He is a very affectionate and playful little friend, with a great appetite and perfect hygiene.

At the time Oggie is parasite-free, but not vaccinated. Still, he is completely healthy and could go to his new family now – at this age the games and fun a kitten brings to a household are unforgettable!

Oggie is a rarely good-looking cat with an amazing fire-color (his name comes from the Bulgarian word for “fire”) and a loving, energetic temperament. He is looking for his loyal friends!


Princess Richka with the many names

Posted on 03 March 2013


Kiflichka is a true princess – she knows what she wants and how she wants it. She has taken her royal throne on top of her fosters’ fridge and from there, she Royally observes her servants with grace.


Some claim she is not a cat, but a lemur, be we think those are falce accusations. The lady is about 6 months old, neutered, vaccinated and perfectly clean. She is such a joy to have around – every minute is fun with her.

IMG_20130215_224243 IMG_20130221_121031

Negarcheto is stronger than the train

Posted on 25 February 2013

We couldn’t think of a way to write his story without sounding racist. So, we hope you already know – we are not people who would judge a human or an animal by their color. To put it short – Negarcheto (coming from the word for a black person in Bulgarian “negar”) is a Gypsy dog. This is how they named him, this is how they gave him to us, this is his name.

Negarcheto met the train at Yana Station. On the tracks. Face to face. The outcome: minus a leg and a tail from Negarcheto.

Very few dogs would stand this pain and not bite or even growl…


Yes, we too were shocked and picturing all sorts of scenarios to figure out what must have happened for Negarcheto to be missing both a tail and a front leg, but the facts are indisputable. He was hit by a train. It ripped off his leg and tail in a blink. This is the truth.

The unbelievable comes after that – and Negarcheto being alive after a train is not the biggest surprise. What is most socking is his kindness. His joy of human contact. You cannot see it in these photos, because he is camera-shy, but this is a very gentle, sweet boy. A boy for the heart, not for the streets.

“Don’t bring him back” – that was the most certain part of the things we heard about our brave train-crashing new friend. Nope, we will not. Negarcheto didn’t survive this horrid ordeal to be put back on the tracks 3-legged.

DSCN5448 DSCN5450
Don’t worry, little one, we fixed you. The pain will soon be gone, be strong for a little longer…

Negarcheto is about 2-3 years old. He is a wonderful dog. He doesn’t have a tail or a front leg. But he does have a heart of gold and about 100 tons of luck.

IMG_2219 IMG_2220



You really cannot see it on the photos, because he is camera shy, but Negarcheto is one of the very best, kindest, most pleasing dogs in the shelter.

DSCN6137 DSCN6138

Story in rhymes

Posted on 20 February 2013

Don’t skip me on the street or look me with sad eyes.
Don’t feel sorry for me, just love me.
I might be a toothless granny, but I’m a faithful friend.
Give me a home and a family and I’ll be your forever friend.
For a wagging tail, give me a smile.
And when you’re not at home, you’ll be the only one I’ll wait.
I’m quiet and kind. All your treasures will keep in sight.
Don’t waste another minute, hurry up and take me.
My name is Lena,
2000th is the year of my birth.

DSC_9442 DSC_9444 548078_10151255733958933_1733814999_n

I’m Grozdan, the cutest nipper in the world.
I was born in August, 2 will be my age this year.
I love to play, to make you happy.
To run with you for me is Heaven – there’s nothing else I want more.
I’m active although sometimes a limp slightly with my leg.
If you play and jump with me, a lot of kisses you’ll have from me.

DSC_9418 DSC_9419 DSC_9405

I’m Iri, 4 years old, a year in the shelter spend waiting.
When all I want to do is have some fun.
I had a scab but now I’m fine.
I love people and would give them all.
I’m a social mollycoddle.
Will you take me or I should continue waiting?
Just come and take me and you’ll see
how wonderful our live would be.

DSC_9436 DSC_9433 DSC_9402

We are all neutered and vaccinated,
so stop waiting, come and take us.

Bones in a bag

Posted on 20 February 2013

Two dogs on the brink of starvation came to our shelter in the last week. They are Bruce the Argentinian Dogo and a breedless lady we called Skeletcheto (Sceleton) for obvious reasons.

Bruce is 8 years old. He has been systematically starved for a long time, so he is weak, feeble and distrustful at the moment.

DSCN5185 DSCN5192


Our volunteers saw him sniffing around garbage cans. The caught him and the owner showed up. He said he didn’t have money, he can’t feed them and that’s the reason the dog is so weak. But, our volunteers decided to follow the case.

Some time after they met, the so-called “owner” left the city. It is unknown if anyone took any care of the dog in the days while he was away. When he returned, he seeked out the volunteers and brought the dog to them, saying he is leaving the city permanently and has no interest in the dog anymore.

DSCN5299 DSCN5295

We can hardly imagine how long this dog has been starving to get to this horrid state. His years are severely infected and it is obvious he has not been treated for a very, very long time. Bruce still doesn’t trust us much, but Vessy is taking the time to work with him specially, so we believe that once he is fed and free from the pain on his years, he will become a stable and calm dog.

The other weakling that found shelter with us is a young female dog. Her condition was caused by humans as well. For some reason, she and one other animal were locked in a small booth for God knows how long. The other dog was adopted by the people who unlocked them and set them free, but poor Skeletcheto didn’t have anyone who wanted her.

DSCN4898 DSCN4892

And she is such a sweet and good dog! She comes to you carefully, and then sticks a wet nose in your hand – c’mon, give me a hug, let’s be friends… If you ignore her, she leans her side on your leg, getting as much contact as she can get. If you push her away, she freezes in her place, just happy to be close to you.

We believe we will get Skeletcheto back to a good shape in a while. But will we be able to find her the love and care she deserves?



Posted on 11 February 2013


Elsa is introduced by her foster mom Martina:

Elsa came to our neighborhood unexpectedly. There was no way for me not to notice the matted charmer near the garbage bins. She must have been bought as a husky when she was a puppy, only to be dumped as a youngster when she showed her true self.

I took her with me hoping that she will find a home where she will be loved for who she is. A home where she will get the love and care she has been craving.

Elsa is about 11 months old, a bit larger than a border collie, she only weighs 13 kilograms. She is still a baby that loves to play with people, begging anyone for attention. She is great with other dogs and with cats. She loves long walks and is excellent on a lead.

The good girl is waiting for her new family to find her soon, so she can give them all her heart and soul.

IMG_0219 IMG_0218

Valya from Voluiak

Posted on 02 February 2013


Last month we told you about Valya from Voluiak – the dog whose eye was taken over from a firecracker. A complete madness that is possible only in our country. The whole story of Valya’s admittance in the shelter you can read HERE. Now we want to tell you what a wonderful dog she is.

Valya after the operation and when she came in the shelter

DSCN4536  DSCN4189

Valya is a kind and sweet girl about a year and half – we think she was born august 2011. The volunteers who brought her say she used to be a pet. She had her own home in which she tried to make her people happy and gave them all of her love. Alas this wasn’t enough for them. They couldn’t appreciate her gentle nature and big heart. For what reasons we don’t know but we cannot understand how they were able to abandon that kind-hearted dog.

DSCN4534 DSCN4537 08.2011-Valya

In spite of all bad things Valya went through starting with her abandonment, the life on the streets and the firecracker in her eye, she is still as kind, sweet and loving as always. She didn’t give up on humans no matter all the bad she saw from them and kept her social and friendly character. She still loves people and looks for their attention. Valya is waiting for the luck to stop by her side and this time to meet her with her new people – people who will love her for who she is no matter the one missing eye. People who will see the beauty in her and all the love she has and will choose her because of this.


Posted on 31 January 2013


Orlando, or Andy for short, was hit by a car. Not too hard, as to kill him, but just enough to destroy his life forever.

His eyes popped out causing him not only blindness, but also intolerable pain. Orlando stood by the road 48 hours before people contacted us. He was brought to the shelter where we had to remove his eyes immedeately.

DSC02890 DSCN4577

Now Andy is alone in the darkness, in a little cage in our office. He is an abandoned pet and has excellent manners. He is calm, kind, loves people, but is not at all pushy.



Posted on 22 January 2013

IMG_0321 IMG_0302

Cheburashka is a playful, delicate kitty – very gentle and well mannered – a cat to have and to hold! From the way she has been acted we can tell she was a pet who took quite alot of beating before she was dumped outside. She used to panic when someone raised their voice and shrug when a hand is raised. But that doesn’t mean she is weary or shy. She just needed some time with people to find out we could be all good.


Little Cheburashka is about 5 months old. Soon she will be neutered, meanwhile she has been vaccinated and de-wormed. She is a wonderful, lovable little cat who deserves all the love of this world!


Posted on 16 January 2013


This story is about a small, fluffy kitten that cried sadly under a car. It was little Vaza who grew more and more sad whilst waiting to be found by a kind lady who would wash, feed and take her off the street.

5 7

Vaza is a very calm, sweet cat, she creates no problems, has an excellent appetite and is friendly to both other cats and dogs, whose tails she loves dearly. She is about 3-4 months old, healthy and free of parasites.

15 2

Vaza loves human company and can spend hours curled up on your knees with her “motor” on. The most favorite “command” of Vaza is “meow”, which means, I need you to love and hug me: NOW.

58240_10200396500459809_1269033098_n 13

Vaza as a skinny homeless kitten in the street on Photo 1; and as a happy little cat at her foster home on Photo 2

Bella, the lovely lady

Posted on 11 January 2013

bella home

Her name means “beautiful” and it is the truth! She is a lovely cat with the most unusual colour – a Siamese mix with the deepest blue eyes and a sweet disposition.

Bella was dumped on the street by her owners. She is a classic cat – her drill is: sleeping, begging and eating. She is not a cat who always look for company, but when there is an opportunity for tenderness – she will take it.

bella back

This lovely lady would be happier in a more quiet home – her fosters’ family is too loud for her – she doesn’t have a problem with the dogs or children, but it is obvious – she would rather if the world was a calmer place.

Here she is – in her typical moments, the lovely blue-eyed girl, just waking up:

Bella is about 1 year old, neutered and sweet, looking for the purrfect family!