Posted on 30 January 2011

Jack is a 3 year old boy whose life turned upside down one day when his elderly human friend went down with a heart attack. He stayed locked in the appartment for 3 whole weeks, starving and drinking water from the toilet, curled up by the body of his passed away owner. Time went by and neighbours alerted the police. The police broke down the door and called Ecobalance who picked Jack up and brought him to Seslavci. That is where an ARSofia volunteer and foster parent found him completely shocked and bewildered…

Jack spent quite a while in the clinic – he was starved almost to the point of extintion. Yet he survived – Jack is a friend of life. He is now fostered and is a shiny, cheerful little guy.

Jack is excellent with people and dogs. Despite his hard life he has a clever, careful nature, a gentle and friendly soul. Jack doesn’t want much, just to be allowed to love someone… We are now looking for a new home for Jack, away from harm.

This is what Jack lookied like in the beggining


Posted on 30 January 2011

Ringo was found standing alone by some trash bins on the street probably drawn by the smell of tossed out leftovers. His charm caugh the attention of some kind people passing by. They decided the pup deserved a chance of better life so they took him home with them.

Currently, Ringo lives in a foster family, constantly bugging the 6 year old family jack terrier, plays with chew toys and enjoys long walks in the park. He is 3,5 months old, dewormed and vaccinated.


Posted on 30 January 2011

Duke is a male, neutered, approx 2 years old. He is a very warm, cheerful guy who loves people, dogs and has a genuinly kind temperament. He barks very little even in the shelter environment, loves walks and human attention.

Duke lives with the pups of 7-8 months in the shelter and gives them a good example of a balanced, clever behaviour. He has a calming presence and is very smart.

You can’t see it on these photos, but he looks as if he is made of gold. We know for sure his heart is!


Posted on 30 January 2011

India is a social, playful girl of about 6 months old. She is friendly and loves attention, she is one of the favorites of our keepers in her group. India has a clever and outgoing nature and is ready to go and make her new owners very happy!

21.12 Kremikovtzi mom and 4 pups from quarantine cell 6

Posted on 30 January 2011

Do you remember this crew we picked up from Kremikovtzi in October?

Momy and her pups on the day we took them from Kremikovtzi

Here is how they are today, happily inhabiting (and making the most amazing mess of) Quarantine #6:

The whole crew spent 2 weeks in the Good Idea Vet clinic thanks to your donations – they were ill and starved, but quickly recovered! Now the babies are growing and waiting for their people at the shelter of Bogrov. See them all have fun on a regular day:


Posted on 30 January 2011

Liska is a dog you wouldn’t notice. You’d pass by her in her crowded cage and never look her way. And she wouldn’t be angry, or dissapointed – life has tought her that she is not important and that nobody caring about her is just the way things are… But if you happen to stop for a moment and put your hand on Liska’s tiny little forehead, giving her a stroke or two and just looking into her kind, lively brown eyes you’d see a whole different picture. You’d see a girl who has suffered greatly, but simply can’t stop loving people. A small kind creature who has desided that no matter what happens – she will be good and obedient.

Liska is about 1,5 years old. She weighs less than 10kg and is healthy. She was someones loving pet before she was dumped… She has suffered Distemper before, but managed to miraculously survive with no harm. Liska is very good on a lead, she is very balanced and kind, good to both people and other dogs, very gentle and increadibly loving. She is the best friend of our lovely little Rudy – they are very much alike and usually sit quietly together whatching the world go by, waiting for a miracle to happen…

Liska is made to be loved by people. She may not be striking on the outside, but is increadibly smart and willing to please. She loves any sort of attention and is just an wonderful lady.


Posted on 30 January 2011

19.10.2010, somewhere between  19-19:30 pm.
Three-lane road, a swarm of cars with busy drivers  hurrying  to their homes. High-speeds, lights and sounds resonated in the air. There, in the middle lane, a little puppy, shrank to a small ball, expected the second, fatal hit that time, that would  put the end  to the stabbing pain caused by the already broken jaw. Some of the huge metal machines passed by her, others almost ran over her. Fortunately, the puppy survived and will Live.

Kari, according to the vet – is a two-month beauty with still milk teeth. The first few days Kari needed artificial feeding because of her inability to eat on her own.  She underwent a surgery and placement of a splint, then followed the antibiotics and calcium. A week later, Kari  is a living being that is willing to give and get a lot of love and affection.

Her jaw is recovering very quickly and she has no difficulty in eating.  Recently  she entered  into the role of guardian of the house, without being aggressive. Kari is a social kind, she adapts quickly to new environments and people. She loves to cuddle, especially at night when it’s time for bed.
Kari was born in August, she is dewarmed and vaccinated.



Posted on 30 January 2011

Draga is a sweet 10 months old girl, born around November 2009. She was living all her life on the street, close to a very intense crossroad. It’s a miracle that she managed to survive there for such a long time. One day a lady took her to be neutered and it turned out that Draga is the most loving, good and friendly girl. She felt so much at home, seeks people’s attention and love all the time, so the lady couldn’t leave her back on the street – it was so obvious that Draga should be a pet, should have a warm home, good friends and people who will love her and take care of her as she deserves. Draga gets along with other dogs and likes to play. She is dewormed, vaccinated and castrated.

Loveliest Misho

Posted on 30 January 2011

Misho entered his foster home very ill.

It took him a month to feel better and start blossoming.

Today Misho is a beautiful, strong, healthy and happy boy with a great attitude! He lives together with Dobri and waits for his true people to show up.

Misho is 6 months old and has a alovely happy and kind attitude:

Ayra from Kremikovtzi

Posted on 30 January 2011

Ayra is a wonderful girl of 5 months who was taken out of Kremikovtzi in October. She had a sad life, being the last one to survive from her litter. When we picked her up Ayra was a tiny quiet pup, we coudn’t beleive she is 3 months old as her teeth showed.

Although she was so small beacause of the lack of food in Kremikovtzi upon arrival at her foster home with ARS activist Iva Zacharieva she began to show her true self. A funny, cheerful pup began to grow and grow, becoming more and more beautiful every day. Ayra has a remarcable blended colour which makes her look like a freshly-made cappucino!

Ayra loves people, dogs and cats. She is potty trained, walks on a leash and loves to cuddle. Looking for her forever home…

Reed more about Ayra as a younger puppy HERE


Posted on 18 January 2011

Gina is about 6 years old girl. She has spent her whole life on the streets of Sofia, wondering around hungy and scared. 6 months ago she was attacked by a pack of street dogs.

Fortunately, she survived, but unfortunately one of her front legs was gnawn pretty bad, so it needed to be amputated. This turned out to be a turning point in Gina’s life – good people took her home, while she recovers and ever since Gina is save and happy, waiting for her people.

She gets along with other dogs and is friendly to everyone. Deworemed, vaccinated and chipped.

Gerry in his new home!

Posted on 12 January 2011

Gerry is a 3-year old boy we transferred from Seslavci in June. He was a special favorite of volunteer Elena Vatashka and her family took him just before the hollidays.

We knew Gerry would do great, but never expected him to do SO well. He’s been perfect – perfect with the cat, perfect with people, perfectly behaved… We’re realy happy for him!