Betty Boop

Posted on 03 July 2013


Betty is a very sweet girl, who’s been walking around in the yards for 2-3 weeks, screaming like she’s being slaughtered. After that she appeared in the basement of the neighboring house, but she didn’t surrender easily. Her gluttony however betrayed her, and with some food, good people succeeded in taking her, so now Betty is enjoying the privilege of a foster home. In comparison to other homeless cats, she didn’t have even one flea on herself.

Currently, Betty is about 18cm big, has great hygiene, and is playful, funny and bubbly – her foster caregivers say she meows very sweetly. She gets along perfectly with the dog as well. Betty is looking for a permanent hollow to live in. Her foster caregivers love her very much and would like to have contact with the people that would adopt her, so we are looking for a home in Bulgaria only. If you would like to adopt this cutie – please contact us.



Posted on 03 July 2013

1060240_10200892890420705_1750255810_n 1063333_10200892900380954_1444199205_n

Adriana is 2 years old. She is neutered, vaccinated, healthy and FIV-negative.

Besides that, Adi is also very social, cuddly, playful, sweet, beautiful and loves dogs. We don’t know how she is with cats, but seing how she makes friends with everyone – we think she will love life with other cats too.

All this being said there is only one question to ask:
How is it even possible that this lovely lady hasn’t taken a hold of anyone’s heart yet???

1058852_10200892891500732_1974990369_n 1059203_10200892897860891_2083198987_n 1063424_10200892902581009_1202285948_n

Popeye the iron-dog

Posted on 22 June 2013

DSCN4140 DSCN4158

Those who regularly follow our page may be familiar with Popeye’s story. For those who are not, we would shortly say, that we met this wonderful Dalmatian mix in January this year. How did he live up to then, we didn’t even want to imagine, but it definitely was in pain and misery. Popeye had an old trauma on his back paw and his surgery was relatively routine. The boy did not recover well, so an amputation was necessary, but he is trying and walking on his 3 now.

Popay1-1 DSCN4150

Day after day, recovering quietly in the shelter, precious Popeye made one wish every night before going to sleep: to find a forever home and owners. His wish almost came through, when recently our friendly Popeye went to a foster home. Here is what his foster caregiver said about wonderful Popeye’s perfect disciplinе:

“When he came in, he lied down next to the door and stayed there like he was punished. I had to place his bed there. This was the place he spent most of the time in his first 3 days. This was the place I would always see him last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning, he made no sound.

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110


Popeye liked going out only when necessary and just to do his job. He might lie down on the grass, but he prefers walking on the street. He was apparently living in a house. He wasn’t familiar with the elevator and wanted to go for a wall from the balcony /this is hard since I live on the 15th floor/. He does 2 things flawlessly – eating and cuddling. If I don’t cuddle him, he makes a sad face, and when I start cuddling him, it all goes away. He is a perfect car-passenger – he knows his place and doesn’t move.

Pongo1 VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110


All in all – Popeye has a perfect discipline. I trained him to go to the balcony through the kitchen. Sunny or shady, whenever he wants. He never tried to steal food from the kitchen, although he constantly walks by it. He never crossed the doorstep of a room he was not allowed in; he never had an accident – an incredible dog.”

Popeye is looking for a permanent home and family,he dreams and craves it every night. If you think you can make his wish come true – please contact us. Popeye is like iron, he would never make any trouble.

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110 pongo10a

Cheburashka 2

Posted on 07 June 2013

This small lady was abandoned by her owners with a severe case of glaucoma. Besides blinding her it also gave Cheburashka great pain – d-r Stankova was quick to remove it when she was neutering her.


Sweet Cheburashka was lucky to be fostered in a home, full of animals. Kind Polly took her, because she is one who brings no trouble at all!

DSC_5764 DSC_5752

She is a lovely, sweet-tempered little sausage – 4 years old. Perfect with cats and other dogs, a great family pet that will bring kindness and a good vibe to your home!


Posted on 03 June 2013

20130613_172654 20130613_172802

And Floppy said: “I will go wherever I want to. I will climb wherever I feel to. I will do what I want to do.

And then Floppy said: Gimme fooooooood!

P1010014 P1010081  P1010004

Floppy is a most wonderful little beast. She sleeps like an angel sent from Heaven. She has eyes that seem like someone drew them. She is a sweet short-tailed girl who cannot wait to play with you… and you… and them too! Floppy knows no boundary, no fear. She jumps like a tiny flea. She wants the mouse, the string, the ball, the scratcher… she wants to LOVE YOU.

Floppy is a 2 month old, healthy female kitten.

20130608_180828 P1010033 P1010097

Kittens… Kittens!

Posted on 21 May 2013


It’s an incredible fact, but a fact none the less! The huge Spay/Neuter effort in the past 3 years has given its fruit – for the first time in Sofia there are more abandoned kittens then puppies. But why?

First – homeless dogs are a natural controller of the street cat population, just as cats are the natural regulator of rodent overpopulation. So, with the decrease in the number of dogs we are witnessing a gradual increase in cat numbers.

Second – whilst the street dog overpopulation is perceived as a city problem, it is not so with the cats. Unaware that we share a large count of infectious disease with them, citizens and authorities make no organized effort to decrease the number of cats in the streets. Free Spay/Neuter for all cats is only available in our center, and Four Paws have developed a system with vouchers for neutering homeless cats.

Whilst we are wandering what to do with the consecutive abandoned kitten litter, others are continuously pouring into the street. Babies of different colors and sizes find death in trash bins, boxes in the woods or directly in a river. The cycle repeats over and over – with no end in sight.

A huge number of these babies will not receive help. There simply are no such people who could replace the care and attention of a devoted cat mother. We are lucky to know and work with Teddy Kosturska – a person who has developed an expertise in raising newborns. Not because she wanted to, but because she had to.

Today Teddy will introduce you to 5 of her little mice – tiny kittens that she raised after they were found alone outside. So small, these little ones have already wasted one of their lives. We are going to let Teddy do the presentation:

“Here are my little angels! They are almost 2 months old, de-wormed and microchipped. They still need their vaccines and if we haven’t placed them till the beginning of June – that will be taken care of too. We hope to find them good homes earlier – we cannot help other babies until these have found a solution.

bebetata v nachaloto1 bebetata v nachaloto5 bebetata v nachaloto6 DSC01252

The four that came first to me were about 2 weeks old. They had a severe eye infection. The little male – Spas, refused to eat from a bottle for whole 3 days. After that was over with, things began to work out and the little ones were healed from their infection whilst becoming adjusted to their new, motherless life.

The story of Aria, Victoria, Emma and Spas goes this way: they are the babies of a cat who lived near a hotel. The personnel there love their cat colony and feed them abundantly. Unfortunately, they have not neutered any of the females, but I hope that will change now. These little ones’ mother simply disappeared one day, not showing up for 2 whole days… That’s how these babies came to me… All four are incredibly sweet, very loving and friendly.


Aria is the most confident and curious one. She is not afraid of anything, she can play by herself for hours, but also loves when her siblings join in. She loves to climb and sniff new things… she is such a curious little lady.


Ema is the charmer of the four and loves to play. She never stops. She is one that you love from the first sight. A truly vigorous little creature.


Victoria is the gentlest in the group. She lives for cuddles. She is active with her siblings too, loves to play and have fun.


Spas had simply decided – if it’s not his mother’s milk – he doesn’t want it, so he must wait. Feeding him was a little war in the first few days. Then, when he figured it’s not so bad – it was next to impossible to get him off the nursing-bottle. He is now a big kitten (with an impressive record of 800 grams) and you can see that he is the man in the family. He too has confidence, but never misses his share of games and hugs.


Nadia is a little “cardboard-box” kitten from the neighborhood. She was dumped near a trash-bin, meters away from a very busy boulevard. She had managed to exit the box when my neighbors found her. It was obvious she is used to people as the only thing that could calm her down in these difficult first days was a big hug.

Nadia was only 20 days old when I took her, but she is a fighter! She loves to get her way and if she wants to eat or cuddle in your lap – she will express this need loud and clear. She just loves people and makes sure to always be around them!”

If you would like to adopt one of these babies – write to us! If you can’t – please, share!
The little ones are in a perfect age and condition and it is important to find them a home soon enough, because people like Teddy are scarcely found, but the ones who need their help are… thousands in this city alone.


Small body with a big heart

Posted on 07 May 2013

Meet the smallest inhabitants of Bogrov’s shelter to whom we may post a note: Against theft. They are so tiny, cute, good-hearted, playful, loving and charming that if a thief enters into your house, he will get so distracted playing with them that he will forgot what he came about. They make you fall in love with them the second you see them and blinking with your eyes you say to your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa/boy (girl) friend/husband/wife that this is ’your dog’. You make another round in the shelter because there are so many other dogs and you should see them all, but all you can think about is how to make the person with you take home this exactly dog. It’s hard to resist their charm! Even people who prefer big dogs stop in front of their pen. This should mean something, right? 🙂 It is human nature to try to protect something that looks so defenseless. They are teeny-weenies with big loving hearts! So meet:



DSCN7065 DSCN7071 DSCN7073

Kamelia is a 1,5 year old little angel – a very friendly and outgoing girl. She only wants to play and cuddle, she loves everyone and can’t wait to go home!

DSCN7056 DSCN7059



Roger is born May 2012th. She was returned by her adopters – the old lady that took care of her couldn’t manage with her growing and typically childish temperament. Roger gets well with everybody; she is very playful, active, brave and curious. She needs a patient owner who will learn her how to behave calm and obedient – she’s still a little puppy full with energy. Neutered and vaccinated.


_VLA5895 IMG_4978 _VLA5860


male 1 year (1) male 1 year (2) male 1 year (3)

Another little terrier from the street. He is such a funny sweet guy! Friendly, calm and very touching, he is like a little koala bear. He is about 1 year old.


male 1 year (4)


male 2 years (2) male 2 years (3)

This tiny Bolognese was found on the street in Sofia. So far no one has called to look for him and we have found no ads for him. No matter how sweet and lovely – we don’t think anyone will come looking for him. He is about 2 or 3 years old.

DSC03467 DSC03482

Children of the north

Posted on 31 March 2013

Fashion in dogs is something terrible: We have seen this happen before – with German shepherds, then with Dobermans and Rottweilers, then with Cockers, then Dalmatians…

It always happens the same way. A breed becomes very popular, petshops and puppymills begin overproducing, people buy and buy dogs without knowing the responsibilities and a few years later – many dogs of this breed are being dumped on the street.  Goldens and labradors are next. But now – it is huskies.

We are sad to introduce you to the northern team of the Bogrov shelter:

Kristo is very sweet, lively, fun and kind. He is about 3 years old. He’s been with us for quite a while, we rehomed him once, but he had to come back to us. It’s very sad to see such a people-loving dog lonely and caged. Hope he finds his real people soon.

– – – – –

We also have your friend Rex – whose life you saved on two occasions. After long months of recovery and two heavy surgeries, Rex is finally healthy and ready to go in his own home. His only issue is that from time to time he cries while he has a bowel movement but it is more of a affectation and will soon go out. Otherwise Rex is a lover boy and a typical north dog. Read all about him HERE.

We also have quite a few husky-mixes at the shelter – blue-eyed, energetic animals with a free spirit, locked away until god knows when…

391535_10151366444019498_1505385136_n 907738_10200410773746325_1485638528_n 907078_10200410773786326_1627721830_n


Dear friends, the Bogrov shelter is funded through donations only. To be able to shelter, feed and care for the dogs – we need your support. To help us help them – please, BECOME A DONOR for Animal Rescue Sofia.

Terry, kicked in the face

Posted on 19 March 2013

Tiny Terry is just a baby that somehow got stranded lonely and helpless in the street at Ovcha Kupel district. Kind people found her with her head all swollen up and blood, running from her nose. She was hit in the face badly – probably with a strong kick.

DSCN5198 DSCN5201

When we admitted her Terry was hardly managing to breathe. We made her a huge drug cocktail and in time the swelling began to go down. To her great luck there was nothing broken and she just needed some time to get rid of the pain, the swelling to go down and the eyes to clear.

After a few weeks with us – Terry grew up, managed to recover and became just a really lovely little puppy! Terry is 4 months old – kind, smart and incredibly sweet.

Teri veche dobre (1) Teri veche dobre (2)


Posted on 16 March 2013

Tray is an amazing, sweet dog that we have had ever since he was a little baby. He came in a vegetable tray with his siblings, all different in their looks – Meteora who had a problem with one of her eyes and the sweet Blue who was recently adopted.

Tray-2  Tray Tray (4)

Since he is such a sweetheart – kind, playful, delicate and gentle we offered him for rehoming in Holland. People there liked him and he was supposed to travel this week. But when the time came for a final examination… Why is Tray limping all of a sudden!?

Tray (2) Tray (3) Tray (1)

Sadly, when we had him x-rayed it turned out he has a very complicated bone fracture that needs immediate assistance. We can only guess how it happened. He must have been playing vigorously and hit himself, or perhaps jumped and fell on the concrete floor… In any case, the fracture goes through the bone and up to the joint. It was a very complicated fracture. And just like that Tray’s life turn out completely different – he was operated, his bone didn’t grow back, his front leg had to be amputated.

Tray-1 Tray (5) Tray (6)

Today Tray is on three legs but he hasn’t changed at all. He is still as loving, sweet and adoring people boy. He greets every person who approaches his pen, gives away tons of kisses and enjoys every caress he can get. He plays with his buddies in the pen – Chocho is his best friend, and awaits his happy ending. Once he missed hi chance for adoption when his leg got bad. Now he has a second chance to be loved and to find his piece of heaven on earth – a loving home all for himself. Born 3.4.2012, neutered and vaccinated.

Whatch how Tray plays in the next video:

And here he is with his best friend Chocho:

Shark’s case

Posted on 16 March 2013

Shark is 5 months old. He is probably a puppy of a Bulgarian Shepherd dog. And he is as big as (perhaps it would be more correct to say he is as little) as a large cat. Shark looks a little bizarre, but that is not surprising, as everything about Shark’s case is bizarre.

shark navan2 shark navan


We first heard of him when some concerned people saw him and wrote to us. He had sprung out of nowhere in their area. Unfortunately, they cut off contact with us when they realized we would need their help as well. After that – we found him ourselves one day – he just crossed the road infront of the bus when we were coming back from the CVC one day with a bunch of ill doggies.

Shark is an impossibly weak boy – something you can’t see under his fluffy coat. His absolutely unbelievable front paws are bent at an 90 degrees angle and his hind legs are just as impossibly crooked. He has been deprived of food for many, many long months to get this bad.

DSCN5423 DSCN5435

The other strange thing about Shark is his bite – the boy came with 2 rows of crooked teeth. His puppy teeth hadn’t come out and the new ones were growing in a tangled web around them – that is where he gets his name from, the good boy.

It is amazing what dogs can learn to cope with, remaining just as kind. This sweet boy is absolutely friendly, lively, full of curiosity and love to give. Now he has to wait at the Bogrov shelter for a person who wants to receive this love!



A day in the life of Santra

Posted on 13 March 2013

Just another day. The Good dog is jumping around her owner, happy and excited. Hurray! A walk! Where are we going? She jumps into the car, thrilled to be going somewhere new and interesting. The car stops and the trunk flies open – Great! Where are we? Oh, how fresh and interesting everything smells! What… Hey! WAIT!!!! What’s going on!? Wait, open the car, quick, I didn’t manage to get back in! Stop! Heeey! Have you forgotten me?! Why are you  not taking me!? Please, wait, I am right here, behind you! Hey!!! Can’t you see me in the rear-view mirror, wait!!! Please, take me, please, don’t go!! Please… stop… stop… And the car disappears down the road, and before anyone knows it the Good Dog has become a Stray Dog, doomed to hurt and wander alone in despair.

2013-01-24 09.58.14 Изображение119


Meet Santra – a kind-hearted and kind Rottweiler, dumped in the street by her heartless owners in the middle of the winter. In the first weeks outside Santra was hopping around on 3 legs, in time, she begun to use her front paw as a walking stick. Animals like her rarely make it outside. The other dogs sense their weakness and push them out of the Food Chain until they slowly, but certainly find their way Beyond.

Such was the future of our little Santra too. We admitted her to the shelter only skin and bones, with a strangely crooked leg and just before a season – a full set of misery, so to speak. We were really hoping to be able to fix her front leg, but unfortunately – her condition has proven to be untreatable. Her body has reacted to the break by forming a false joint, causing her great discomfort and permanent pain, according to the kind doctors at the Central Vet Clinic.

DSCN6130 DSCN6135

Thus, Santra became yet another 3-legged girl at the Bogrov shelter. Another one of those wonderful, kind, perfectly lovable cripples that will have to wait long months, or even years until we manage to find her a Human. The evil that was caused by irresponsibility, laziness and a heart of stone bit off Santra’s front leg, but was unable to swallow her heart. Santra remains as kind, loving and faithful as she was. Because even without a home a Good Dog is a good dog. Now all we have to do is wait for the Good Human to come along.

сантра 2 сантра1