A dalmatian veteran

Posted on 08 September 2011

This dalmatian boy was found wandering in Ivanyane village near Sofia – he is in a very bad state.  He is a very calm dog, has one blue eye and would really be better off in a foster home as all pet dogs would. But the best would be if we could make a miracle for him and find a home and love for him till the end of his life!

He is a 8-year old male with a wonderful attitude.

How we found him:

How he is today:

Hurricane Irene

Posted on 01 September 2011

Just as the cyclone she is named after, our little Irene came out of nowhere, with alot of noise and braking our everyday life. Just as any hurricane there was no force strong enough to crush Irene’s will to live and change everything arround her.

The only difference is that our Irene is… a kitten. Not just a kitten, but a baby that has just opened it’s eyes. DOn’t go off imagining some helpless quiet being! Nooo, you should be thinking of hurricanes!

Noone knows how Irene got into a restaurant ventilation pipe, but she shurely didn’t think it was a nice way to leave this world. She spent 3 days making the loudest noise in the neighbourhood, demanding her right to live. For whole 3 days without food, water, mother’s warmth or any defecation, the little fighter got her way.

Thanks to two concerned ladies, who got in touch with us and of course Svetlio’s famous mirror fishing rod for cats she was saved. That didn’t stop her from yelling at our faces the whole journey to the shelter.

Irene is now under the foster care of our fabulous kitty mom – Teddy Kosturska! We truly appreciate her efforts after a night of no sleep, thanks to the little boomblaster. Irene is astounding everyone with her amazing temperament – even at this age and size she is so independant… Her style really explains the saying: “dogs have masters, cats have staff”…

With her being so fast to grow, it will soon be time to find a home for Irene. And that home is somewhere amongst the people reading this post.

Kira – now Raina in her new home!

Posted on 31 August 2011

Rayna was one of the VIVACOM puppies, only then you knew her as Kira! She was very lucky to be adopted by Silvy Alexandrova and her family.

Raina has been with her loving new family for a month now and is growing fast as a little mushroom! Her new owners write to us that she is very muched loved and loving and has made many friends. Her best friend is Nero the Bulldog who gives her the runarround for now, but will soon not be able to reach her, she is such a foxy lady.

Our kind regards to Silvy for taking such a good care of her, she is so happy and well taken care of!


Posted on 31 August 2011

Kind people found little Bella abandoned and paralysed. She could only stand on her front legs and had severe decubital wounds on her hind legs.

The x-rays showed Bella didn’t have a fracture, but her spinal nerves were damaged. A treatment was started immedeately. Some sencitivity was recovered, but Bella still can only walk on her fromt paws.

Bella is an extraordinary, lively and positive puppy – she is vere friendly and playful. She has no aggresion in her, but loves to “talk” to people with small funny barks.Enyone that has seen Bella has learnt to love her and appreciate her golden heart.

Bella is about 5 months old. She will not grow to be a big dog.

Lori – happy in her home!

Posted on 28 August 2011

Lori in her new home

Do you remember the poor little chow-chow girl that came to us in the most horrible shape – all naked and very ill?

Today sweet little Lori has her own home and is feeling happy and secure with the family of Angelica Djibrova here in Sofia! We are very happy to see Lori so well placed, she even has a chow-friend – Leo to play with. Good luck to Lori and her wonderful new family!

Lori – a couple of weeks after she was addmitted at Bogrov


Posted on 25 August 2011

Sahara is a wondeful 2 years old lady who has been abandoned at the shelter. She is a sweet tempered girl, who has lived in a yeard, she is curious and fun, loves people and enjoys games and walks and hugs and all there is to life with people.

As you know – there is no space at the shelter. So Sahara is stuffed in a tiny cage in the corridore. We need to find her a good home fast! She is neutered, vaccinated and healthy.

Noni the ridge girl

Posted on 24 August 2011

This wonderful girl is 1,5 year old Noni. She is a Rhodesian ridgeback cross with the sweetest and most friendly temperament.

Noni came to us after being dumped on the street, she had suffered injuries and needed much medical help. She was only a small girl back then, but in time grew up to be an absolutely beautiful big lady.

Noni is a wonderful, well-behaved sweet dog, who loves people, kids and animals. She is neutered, vaccinated and healthy, knows to walk on a lead and easy to train. She has a beaustiful ridge on her back and can’t wait to go home to her new people!


Posted on 13 August 2011

Focker is a 4 month old boy. He was saved seconds before being hit by a truck on a highway. Svetlio noticed him whilst driving – layed down on the pavement between the cars without any reaction to what happens arround him. Svetlio ran like hell when he saw a huge truck approaching and saved the puppy just seconds before an accident.

To everyones big surprise it only took a minute or two in Svetlio’s hands for the pup to start jumping playfuly and licking cheeks. What a little Focker 🙂

He is a playful, energetic, active puppy who loves games and attention. He bosses arround even dogs that are big enough for him to walk under with his non-stop excitement and good mood.


Posted on 08 August 2011

Browny is a very kind and loving 3 month old puppy girl. She is very smart and people-loving, lives in a foster home and is used to an appartment life.

Browny knows to walk on a lead, she is well socialized with dogs and people and is in love with children. She is young, but is almost fully potty-trained and is great on walks.

Such a loving and friendly sweet girl – she really deserves a home of her own. Browny is crazy about human company and there is nothing she enjoyes more in life than to be with people. Nevertheless she knows how to behave at home and only plays with her own toys when she is alone.

Browny is a wonderful girl and she will not grow much. She will be a medium-sized chockolate brown lady who will bring great joy and much hapiness to the people who chose to adopt her.

Cocker spaniel Fluke needs your help urgently

Posted on 18 July 2011

Fluke is a wonderful, sweet, well behaved, smart, loving, gentle pet whose life turned around when his owner got ill. He has lived a happy appartment life for 10 years. He has all the vaccines, deworming and health checks in his happy life. He’s perfect at home – clean and quiet, gentle and loving… But still – the owners’ relatives have decided he is not important and dumped him at the shelter…

Fluke is shocked about shelter life. The hundreds of dogs, the smell, the noise… he is really afraid and klings to people, hoping they will take him home.

Fluke needs a home and fast! He is such a sweet guy – he’s only seen the good side of life so far, let us not dissapoint him! Help us find Fluke new owners or at least a foster home – he is living his biggest nightmare in the shelter – abandoned, confused and lonely…

Bruno the rottweiler

Posted on 07 July 2011

Bruno is a wonderful young rottweiler boy. He is about 1,5 years old, very friednly, loving and loyal. He is a large good-looking guy with a friendly attitude. There are some males in Bogrov that have not been kind to Bruno, so he has to live separated from them. Bruno hopes to find a permanent or foster home real soon – he really needs people to be happy.


Posted on 06 July 2011

Rocco is a 3-year old boxer mix. His owner died and he was neglected for quite a while.

Rocco came to us with a wound from his harness, very malnourished, but happy to see caring people.

He is an easy-going well-behaved guy, friendly, clever and obedient.

This is what poor Rocco looked like when he came to us: