The twist of Shoni

Posted on 13 August 2012

Shoni is a tom-cat with a strange destiny. His life has gone through quite a few twists. And animals are creatures that like to have a routine; they don’t mind doing the same every day. This actually gives them security, they don’t like change. For this tom-cat, changes have been too many and too often.

Shoni as a baby with his siblings

A litter of 4 kittens has been found tied in a bag in a garbage bin. Perhaps the only garbage in this case is the individual who has placed the bag in there. The kitties were still blind; their life was a matter of hours. But, here’s a twist – the babes  were rescued by a person who would not pass them by – someone who has hand-reared tens of little orphans.

All the kitties were later adopted – hurray, happy end. But… not for Shoni, a twist was his destiny again. He was successfully adopted but his owner is leaving for a traineeship in another country for at least a year, with often travels from here to there and back. Shoni has become truly lonely and really needs to find a new friend. Overall he’s been looked after really really well.

Shoni today, at 1 year of age

Let’s help Shoni to pass through the last twist of his life, and find the best home, where he would life happy and healthy. He is 1 year old, with all vaccines and a passport, neutered. Such a wonderful cat – social, friendly, rarely smart and breathtakingly beautiful!

Recycling of destiny

Posted on 13 August 2012

Sarah was abandoned at a metal recycling station as if she was some rusted old piece of junk. However, love never catches rust. When our youngest volunteer – Betty accidentaly heard her swueal behind the piles of iron, she found little Sarah and decided to give her a chance.

Currently Sarah is in a foster home. She is 2-3 months old, very small peanut, gentle, delicate and kind. She was vaccinated with a puppy vaccine, a second one would follow, after which she would need a permanent home, where she would be love and she would love. Dewormed, microchipped, with a brand new destiny, she awaits her real friend to find her. Maybe that’s you?

Faithful Lisa

Posted on 08 August 2012

Lisa was found with a rope hanging around  her neck in a village not far from Sofia. After giving birth to 9 puppies of  not known fate/not a good one for sure/ and due to lack of opportunities to be abandoned far from the village, she was simply tied to the village fountain by her owner. Someone did unntie her and she returned despite everything in front of the house where she used to live.There was another dog already.

And that is how we found Lisa, terribly weak as she used to starve for a long period of time and still kind and trusting people.She weighed at that time only 13 kg while now she is already 20.

She proved to be young -not more than two years old, now she is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.Lisa spent almost half an year in a clinic and now she is in a hotel as the cage is not an option for her any more.She is still looking for a home as we would never return her to a place where dog  polulation is managed simply by organized shooting.

Lisa is a dog  of a proud character that unfortunately is not fond very much of cats while  with people and dogs is simply gourgeous.


Posted on 08 August 2012

Ginger is a young female dog at the age of 9-10 months, extremely friendly and lovely.There is no tragic story to be told about her, she is just far too good hearted and has too much trust to people to simply stay on the street.


We first found her in the spring, at the crossroad of a busy intercity road where she was just sitting before an yard of a local woman, obviously receiving food there from time to time together with her mother.We started feeding them  each time when passing there and Ginger started sending us off reaching the very highway.There she was injured by a car the consequences of which were not quite successfully  healed by the lady taking care.So this is how we took her along with her mother to Sofia to be neutered and while the mother was returned to the care of the lady there we kept Ginger with the intention of trying to give a chance for a better life than the one on the road. She is already vaccinated, dewormed and proved to be one of those intelligent dogs that are quick learners especially  for  hygiene habits.Ginger is a small in size dog/12 kg/ and will not grow more, extremely social one, getting along with all dogs, now she is missing only a loving man to recognize in her his/her beloved pet forever  so that she can make him extremely happy!


Lonely abandoned gold-hearted poodles

Posted on 04 August 2012

Mookie is 4-5 years old; she came to the shelter brought by the municipal dog-catchers for neutering. Her owners had insisted that she shouldn’t be returned – they are going abroad and have no intention of taking care of Mookie’s future.

You can see it even on photos – Mookie is a real sweetheart. She is good, king, gentle, lovable and good-hearted… Poor Mookie, she can’t understand why she is abandoned, why she has not gone home

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Bimbo is now adopted.

Mookie is waiting for her new friends to find her at the Bogrov shelter.

Lady Meteora

Posted on 03 August 2012

They say that beauty is more than just a pretty face… and we totally agree with this statement. This is why we present to you the sunshine of Bogrov shelter – one-eyed Meteora. Irresistibly charming with her straight ears and incredibly curious, social, playful and loving. She is from the type of dogs you always notice because she spreads goodness and naivety. And by the time you see what’s happening, the small mischief is already jumping around your feet, craving for tenderness and asking for attention. A real treasure of 3-4 months, curious, childishly playful and mischievous, very creative and energetic. Lady Meteora is vaccinated and ready to light up the life of one special person! Who would the lucky person be!?




Posted on 03 August 2012

I’m a little boy,
Just 3 months in this world,
Happy and good-hearted,
I see and hear no evil.

Maybe I was lucky,
Thrown away like trash
Just like that in the night –
at least it was not in the river.

I know the world is good,
Andpeople are the best,
But I can’t stay here long,
I’m not the only one…

I’m looking for a home,
Where I can grow in love
I leave an epilogue:
Good things come back to you!

This male pup has been thrown through the fence of the house of good people. However they already have a couple of dogs and can only take care of him temporarily. If you would like to give him a permanent home, please contact us.

Tara and Jessy

Posted on 01 August 2012

Tara is happily adopted dog with number 300 for Bulgaria and Jessy found her best friends – Veselka Gergova and her daughter Teodora.

Tara is the husky, Jessy is the little one. tara has just turned 3, Jessy will be 3 in october.

Tara is a gift-dog. “The fulfilled dream” of a lady who wanted to get a blue-eyed husky.
As every baby Tara required lots of care – training, walks, excercise… But none of this was part of the dream.

So, two months after they got her, Tara was sent off to  the province. To be a “guard”, chained and hopeless. Her legs got crooked, she became wild and unruly – her Northern energy was boiling incide her.

At some point it turned out that Tara can’t stay in the yard. All of a sudden she was taken back to the appartment. So she destroyed half of it. And from a “gift” she became trash. She was brought to the shelter, adios, Tara…

But what about Jessy? How did she arrive with us and what does she have to do with it? Well… she was the next “gift”. Yes, the same owners. And no, she didn’t do any mischief. She didn’t bite anyone, brake anything, howl, growl…

Jessy was dumped because… Tara was dumped. Since they were “getting rid of one dog”- why not the other with it. Anyway, they have a baby now, much more interesting, Jessy is not wanted anymore.
Jessy is very scared of the shelter environment. We hope to find her a loving home as soon as possible.

Don’t get angry… It’s pointless. Let’s help the dogs, they need us. Tara maybe has a problem with her stomach, she throws up too often – she will be taken for x-rays. And Jessy – she has had a cherry-eye condition ever since she was 1 yer old, but was left untreated. We will test the dogs and begin “fixing” them. What a life…

Star dust

Posted on 01 August 2012

Young Felischa is a lucky pup, but not totally. She was found together with her brother only 2 weeks old, right on time from the adopter of our Titi (Titania) before their will for life melts and disappears in July’s heat. Unfortunately her brother did not make it, but Feli sets each cell of her small body into winning destiny at her side.

At least for the moment. Because unluckily, it appears that Felischa could be blind. After a thorough examination it has been determined that she has a serious cataract. This is equal to having smoke in her eyes. The dog is still young and it is unclear whether it could go through surgery and what is the chance of success, but it is more likely to remain and grow blind. This is why Felischa needs the right people – responsible, caring, who would give her the necessary attention so she can grow confident, fearless and without obstacles, although “in the dark” if the future has destined it.

In the home she currently is, the puppy has a happy company of 3 four-legged friends, who make her daily life carefree and fun, but they split the care and attention. This is actually great and is the best, but Feli’s problem required someone to devote to her, and currently, despite the protection and love she received, she needs more, just for her.


Felischa is about 2 months old, very calm and even-tempered puppy, dewormed inside and outside, with first vaccine, upcoming second one. We are looking for the person who would become the Sun in Felischa’s personal Universe. Because she is still a star dust, but she has cosmic talent!

Regie and Shoko

Posted on 30 July 2012

Hello there!

We are 2 sisters and we arrived on this planet about 9 months ago.

Regie and Shoko

Life here is very interesting, but not very easy. Well, at least from our point of view. When we appeared it was so cold, we have almost forgotten now how it happened exactly, but one day they just separated us from mommy and dumped us in the snow. We did not know where and how to snuggle so we don’t feel the cold, we didn’t know where to look for food, we were so lost…

Good people helped us survive back then, and now we occupy a foster home, but we can’t stay there long. We need owners to connect with for the rest of our Earthly journey, so our stay on this Earth is easier and more enjoyable leaving a kind memory of how nice life actually is.

We are social and loving, we have all vaccines, we are dewormed and the only think we are awaiting is to see what new adventures this world has to offer.

I, Shoko, am the more intelligent and I, Regie am legally blonde beauty. We would be the most grateful and loyal friends of our new owners!

A home for sweet Lara

Posted on 27 July 2012

This is the fith dog from our “Lara list” to leave the shelter, the second one this month – must be a lucky charm. Congrats to all sweet Laras and their great owners! This here lady was adopted by a volunteer in the shelter – Eti Bobeva:

Lara’s adoption

Eti saw Lara for the first time on her first hours in the shelter. She was absolutely terrified (as any new dog is) and spent her “walk” shaking in Eti’s hands.

Their friendship, as you may imagine, started immedeately. Eti helplessly fell in love with the little one. Naturally! She is such a sweet, loving dog. And so lucky! The shelter is full of dogs of her color – we call them “shepherides” – if Lara had lingered on with us – she would have remained stuck ion a cage for many long months.

Lara as a baby outside

But, she was obviously born under a lucky star. Her life began in a warehouse, half-homeless. A kind woman from the neighborhood fed them, but Lara’s siblings siezed to be one by one. Only this sweet lady got her vaccines and was able to be admited to the shelter where she found her new fabulous best frend on the very first day! How great is that!?

Loving her new life as “Ariel”

By the way, Lara now boasts a new name – Ariel! But we still beleive she had the lucky “Lara”star shining over her quick adoption. Perhaps we should think about naming all our 500 angels “larry”and “Lara”, we should give it a thought…

Richie – the black diamond

Posted on 27 July 2012

This black magnificence is called Richie, he is 2 years old. The fluffy sweetheart has not always been that good looking however. Found in February, laying outside at negative degrees, in a pool of blood in the snow, Richie had some long hours of pain, hunger and cold ahead, while waiting his premature death. Fate however placed him on the road of his rescuer and a volunteer of ours, who took him out of his dark future.

She took him to a vet, who found a huge wound next to the bone of his back paw. After an emergency surgery and blood transfusion, Richie started getting better, sun started to shine on his road. Not for long however – when a heartworm test was done to him, he appeared to be diseased. The treatment was expensive, painful and long. Richie proves to be a strong pup, who wants to live and win no matter what, so he jumps that obstacle as well and the treatment was successful.

Finally, he is absolutely healthy, so Richie wants to jump the last obstacle to happiness – to share his life with loving owners. Currently, he is in a foster home, but he can’t stay there for long. He is hygienically trained and promises to be the best and the most loving friend. If you would like to adopt Richie, please contact us.