Bonnie is home!

Posted on 13 November 2019

When we found Bonnie, almost two years ago – shot, scared and lonely – we promised her something.

We promised her, that all bad things are now over. We promised to heal her, to love her and to find her the best owner ever!

Today we are finally completely happy – we have kept our promise!

Bonnie is now at her own home and she has her own person – Julia.

True – the second part of our promise took us a bit longer, but we were looking for the very best owner:)

Do you know, what did Julia answered, when we asked her why she chose exactly Bonnie?
She said:
“After I saw Bonnie, I somehow stopped seeing the other dogs.”

Farewell, dear Bonnie! Best of luck for you and your human!


Posted on 19 November 2013


If anyone had truly loved him, maybe he wouldn’t have ended up in the street – punished for a bold back. He wouldn’t spend his days trying to get very person he meets to like him – jumping and being an acrobat, licking hands and if none of that helps – by looking at you in a way that makes your heart skip a beat – shy and friendly at the same time.

We called him Barnie, because he is small and kind and always has a smile on his face. With his massive 5 kilograms he can easily fit in any human lap.

Barnie is a very young boy, he could have had a whole world ahead of him, a world full of adventures. He could be handed over from a hug to the next by the volunteers, just waiting for his new person to show up. He is such a cheerful fellow nothing can bring him down. And why should it, he is one of those dogs that see the plate half-full…

…The only sad thing remaining is his poor hearts knowledge of the fact he is not loved by anyone. No one wants him in their home.


It is too late to dream of warm evenings at home, cuddled up next to his people. It is too late to imagine a little winter coat and a walk in the park. Because Barnie has cancer. His enthusiasm will fade month after month after month and he will not know why the other dogs are chosen and go home whilst he is left alone in his cage. He will try to jump higher and lick people’s hands even more enthusiastically, but whatever he does – he will lie down in his little bed all alone in the evening. He will wander what he did wrong to deserve this. He will do his best to climb in someone’s lap begging for love with his smiley eyes. And in a year or two – he will die. His story will be yet another one of a dog unloved and unwanted, that died without ever truly living.

But what if we are wrong? What if little Barnie has someone out there waiting for him? This person could exist – someone who’s pain of losing Barnie will be an ounce smaller than the joy of giving him a happy life, someone who would not think skin cancer is disgusting. This person would feel with all their heart that Barnie shouldn’t spend his last days in this world alone…

Where are you, Bernie’s friend? He is waiting for you, all his love and gratitude packed. He is waiting every single moment. Where are you?

IMGP7561 IMGP7570

Lovely kittens

Posted on 24 September 2013

Джема 1jpg

Jemma is a wonderful young cat, who was lucky that Lily found her. The beautiful cat has grabbed the attention of her foster mom with her unique eyes and with the fact that she was pregnant. Lily took the young cat to the veterinarian clinic and before one knew it, she got in labor and that was how in the world arrived 4 tiny babies.


Hugo and Asha are two of the babies of Jemma. They are looking for homes.

Хуго 1

Hugo is the biggest in the litter and it seems that he will have long fur. He is very active, almost a trouble-maker with his braveness and curiosity. He doesn’t know rest.

Аша 1

Asha is the princess in the litter. She is very sociable, playful and beautiful.

Both babies are vaccinated, dewormed, and healthy. We are looking for the best forever homes. Jemma is a wonderful and graceful young cat that has the unique talent to give joy and happiness to the people around her.

Harvey and Reagan 2 Harvey and Reagan 3

P1100056 Reagan 2 Харви

Harvey 1 Харви и Рейгън

Reagan and Harvey are two little brothers. Reagan is a little lion as his name suggests. Harvey is a real fighter with an irresistible cute face. Both babies are little boys with big luck to be in the foster home of Stanislava. She made a little miracle with the two shaking scary little furry balls that now are sociable, loving, cuddly young cats. They play all the time together and are inseparable during the day. Their favorite things are eating, cuddling, playing and… drinking water from their foster mom’s glass. Not that they don’t have water… just it is much more delicious from the glass. The only thing they are missing is their own families.


Мики 2 Мики

Mickey is a sweet young boy that has a very calm character and very big heart. He is healthy, handsome and irresistible. He is already neutered and vaccinated, absolutely ready to make someone happy.


Posted on 01 September 2013

Lady River was born April 24. She is a lovely clever young lady who grew up in a foster home with many cats and a dog.


River is healthy and vaccinated, social and friendly to everyone. Still, she is not a sissy – she is a smart, curious and strong little kitty.

river3 river4

River is a wonderful friend to have, makes every minute of the day interesting and loves to play. She is not one of those cats that are always in your hands, but she will always be close to you with a soft purr and a clever look.

river1 river5


Granddad Hovis

Posted on 25 August 2013

Shar-Pei is a Chinese breed created (far from the extreme look it has today) for dog-fighting and boar-hunting. They are animals that need special efforts and good early socialization to become good pets. Today and among our fellow country-men, thanks to the careless greedy dog dealers who look for quick profit on the dogs’ expence, shar-pei is considered a curly toy. Or at least whilst they are easy-to-sell little babies…

Chinese-Shar-Pei_with_wrinkles 00322799

As “attractive” as some people might find this look – this sort of breeding, bringing whole dog populations to an extreme phisique, costs the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs globallye very year. You can learn more about the insanity proffecional dog breeders have organized if you see BBC’s documentary PEDIGREE DOGS EXPOSED.

Most dogs of this breed that we had (much like their fellow chinise friends, the Chow-chows) were dogs with difficult temperaments. Unsocial and suffering from many skin-related issues that are typical in their breed, because of the excess ammount of skin puts them at higher risk of abandonment. And once the kin problems begin, the eyes and ears start dripping, the dog grows more nervous from the pain and itching, the risk becomes more of a rule. The dog ends up in the street or chained in someone’s yard to live what is left of their lives in torture.

It is known about the Shar-pei that they are a stubborn breed, they don’t like strangers and have a strong guarding instinct. We know enough as to give them the space and respect they need to behave well. So we were quite unpleasantly surprised when Hovis got to the shelter – an old Shar-pei male with a horrendous skin infection and ears that were dripping… white worms.

DSCN9817 DSCN9820

Instead of making problems Hovis proved for yet another time that every dog deserves it’s chance and has been a perfect animal from day 1. Of course, not even Ghandi would sit still whilst larvae were being extracted en vivo from his infected ears, but for the rest of the time – Hovis has been really a flawless pet. He even waits to be taken out of the quarantine to do his things.

Hovis is not just some nice old dog. Hovis is an exceptionaly kind guy who cares for the other ill dogs at his quarantine cell, letting them have his food if they want it and even serving as a warm pillow to a little dog that has lost the skin on it’s head. He is a wonderful guy, a faithful dog who loves people and has only one fault, but it’s a major one – he is old.

It is bad enough to be a young Shar-pei at a shelter. But being an old Shar-pei at a shelter is a life sentence. So, the minute we found out what a great guy Hovis is, we began looking for an option for him to be loved and not get a lonely ending to his hard life.

We dare not say anything, as the miracle hasn’t taken place yet, but it seems that Lady Luck is deffinitely set her ming on giving Hovis a chance. If we manage to put him on his feet and get him ready, he may very well have a chance to go to a wonderful place soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed, dear friends! Keep them crossed tight!

DSCN9823 DSCN9825

Svetlio, the naked pug

Posted on 23 August 2013

DSCN9871 DSCN9875

All inclusive: his skin dry as paper, his eyes – closed with rheum, with a progressed mange infection… Tiny Svetlio is just a little pug who was dumped ill outside in Svetovrachane. Despite his horrible look, Svetlio is a true pug on the inside – kind, friendly, playful, lovable, huggable, charming, kind and friendly to every living soul!

DSCN9878 DSCN9872 DSCN9869

We think he must be about 4 years old, perhaps a little more. You see him ugly and hairless now, but we can give you a scout’s word that you will not be able to recognize him in a month or two. Svetlio is ill with demodicosis – it looks scary, but it’s a completely curable illness – we already have quite an improvement and he is getting sweeter every single day!

DSCN9881 DSCN9884

Svetlio hopes to greet his real friends at the shelter soon. If there is no brave folk to want him in this bad shape (this is a very hard to transmit disease, it only affects organisms with a weak immunity), then he will wait until his hair grows back. But we hope his huge load of charm provides him with the family he deserves. He really is a wonderful little dog!

Before/After: Winnie, the girl who made it (16+)

Posted on 22 August 2013

We’ve known and worked with many wonderful veterinarians – people, whose profecionalism and responsibility are something Bulgaria can be proud of. We’ve been to many clinics and we owe a lot to many specialists. But among all the doctors whose kindness and dedication have saved our animals, there is one that we can say with a light heart – we adore. That is d-r Vladislav Zlatinov from the Central Veterinary Clinic – a man who can be called a magician, not a vet. Winnie will tell you why:

3-y.o.-female-3 3-y.o.-female-5

The good girl lived in a Sofia neighborhood. According to the people who cared for her she was hit by a car intentionally, in the face. Winnie (You can get an idea of her character – her name comes from Winnie the Pooh) ran, wandered for a few days with the pain and when the infection finally took all of her strength, the maggots came…

As she arrived we were certain she is one for euthanasia. Just to be sure and not sinfully take her life away on a guess, we took her to the CVC for x-rays. There, we were astounded to learn that besides the horrifying flesh wounds on her face and the problems she has on her legs, Winnie only has a broken jaw and might just make a recovery from this horrible nightmare if she was operated by a true specialist.

Only 10 days after D-r Zlatinov performed a sergery on her, Winnie was looking like this:

DSCN8068 DSCN8089

A month and a half later she is a totally different dog:

DSCN8673 DSCN9000

Winnie is an angel in a little black body. Smart, calm, kind, gentle, and now very beautiful as well, she remains win the shelter waiting for her people to come by. We beleive that after the medical miracle D-r Vladi, the magician, performed on her, he will also bring her a dose of luck to help her go home after so much hardship…

DSCN8677 DSCN9000 DSCN9001

Winnie is about 2 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, perfect with people and other animals, medium-sized angel.



Nerry and Petya

Posted on 16 August 2013

petq2 petq3

Petya. She is the smartest and bravest, she dogs, she loves to chase flies, monitors the world from the window and is all in all a lovely, joyful and clever little one.

mama1 mama2 momche 2

Mamma Nerry. She ia very friendly and sweet cat – smart, calm, lovable… It was hard for her at first to believe that she was imprisoned along with all her offspring, and in a place with strange cats and dogs too, but she quickly understood this is a happy place to be and showed her true self. Now she is just as kind and sweet with everyone. Really, a lovely little lady, maximum 1-1,5 years old.

If you have liked a friend here – for a while, or forever – send us a message to! We will be checking every 15 minutes!

June and Julia – two little hairballs

Posted on 06 August 2013


June, Julia and their little sister were unwanted, because they had no breed. It is almost a trivial story how these helpless 2-week old babies came to be in front of Rositsa’s door. She never hesitated and despite her daily work she took her new “mother” task very seriously and raised the little sucklings, caring for them every hour of the long days. With the help of a kind neighbor Rositsa made it, and the three little hairballs came to be three lovely, bright, charming kittens. One of the little sisters was lucky to be found a home. Now it is time for Lady Luck to smile at the other two beauties and give them the loving home they dream of. Here is what Rossitsa has to say about the two lovely ladies:

I found the kittens on the 3-rd of June. They were about 10-15 days old, still needed to be nursed by their mother, so I started feeding them with a squirt. I love cats, but I already have 3 of my own and cannot afford to have more. All of my cats were adopted from the street, just like these two.

Julia2 Julia3
Julia – 2 months old female, healthy, vaccinated and de-wormed

Their story is a trivial one. Someone dumped them at my doorstep, because my neighbors know I love cats and care for them. I don’t even know who did this, I don’t even care, although this person obviously thinks it’s OK not to neuter their cat and this is not a first. There were 3 babies in the beginning, but one was lucky to find a home quick. Now I have two little gray tigers. Both are female, kind, gentle, and playful. They all have perfect hygiene and know what the scratcher is for. I don’t have a dog, so I can’t get them used to one, but if they go home soon, I am sure it will be no problem.

The two really love each other. They play, they eat and drink from one plate, they use the same toilet, although there are two available to them. They always keep things clean and have become excellent pets meant to be with people. They feel fine in my apartment and aren’t spoiled. I don’t buy them expensive food, because they might be adopted by someone who has less…

June2 June4
June – 2 months old female, healthy, vaccinated and de-wormed

Julia is a little bit bigger and her hair is a bit longer. She is also one tiny bit more delicate then her sister. June loves to hug and cuddle, to play and approach even total strangers.

Daisy’s reward

Posted on 29 July 2013

Daisy has a very touching story… no, actually, it would have been touching a year ago. After these past few months when so many cats and kittens are being abandoned recklessly – we better say that Daisy’s story is an ordinary one…

DSCN9414 DSCN9423

Before she was dumped outside, Daisy was a pet cat. Amazingly friendly, cuddly, calm, clean and also very pregnant, she just showed up at the neighborhood pet-store one day. The people working there quickly saw that she was not fit for street life and took her in. Daisy thanked them for their kindness generously – by giving birth to 4 kittens that same evening. That was in the end of May.

Her rescuers took a good care of the quickly growing babies. They look after them in a small confined area, but at least the babies and caring mom are well provided for. The 4 little boys grew up fast, enjoying their life with mamma and learning everything quickly. Somehow, they know not to do any single mischief, they don’t want to cause their human friends any trouble.

DSCN9400 DSCN9434 snimki galaxy s4 1215

Three babies have been successfully rehomed thanks to the the pet-store staff. And the little baby that is still looking for a home is Lucky. He is a handsome little tiger of 2 months and will be the pride and joy of his new owners. After all – it was mom Daisy that raised him.

Daisy is a young cat, perhaps no more than 2 years old. She has lived somewhere in a home and she was probably loved there, she was probably well taken care of until she became a burden for one reason or another. But she is actually a happy cat. Thanks to her rescuers, she had her babies in a safe place, raised them all till they were strong and independent, unlike so many other cats whose babies were stolen and dumped to die by cruel people.

DSCN9394 DSCN9403

It was a gift from Faith to Daisy – she came to the right place at the right time. But now it is time for her to find a new solution, as this one is only temporary. She is looking for her family and home where she would be allowed to gladden the hearts of her people till her last breath. Who will be the lucky one to offer home to one or both of these angels?



Posted on 29 July 2013

 image001 image002

Name: Kimba
Sex: F, neutered
Age: 1,5 y.o.
Health status: vaccinated, FIV-negative, healthy
Compatibility with other animals
: good with cats, shy with dogs
Story: She is a pet who was dumped outside when she got ill with pyometra. Very friendly and sweet.

The golden bunch

Posted on 25 July 2013

Two golden dogs await their people at the shelter.

DSCN9273 DSCN9276

The boy has one more week to spend in the shelter, as every owner has 14 days to look for their dogs after a shelter finds them. He is 3 years old, he was found in Krasna Polyana and so far we haven’t found any missing dog ads for him.

1070041_574484042590493_1976662407_n jenska2

The other dog is a lady – we haven’t been able to turn her into a glamour-girl yet, she too is a golden retriever mix. Poor girl was in such a bad state that we don’t expect anyone to come looking for her, this is exactly what dumped pets look like.

jenska1 jenska5