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What would you do if someone’s dogs mulled yours as you were walking it on a lead?
Can you imagine the horror of it?

You go out for a walk with the two adopted dogs you love so much. Quiet and sweet elderly ladies, leads in your hand. You’ve been together for over a decade – the routine is a calm joy. As you walk in the summer morning – everything seems wonderful. You haven’t walked 50 meters from your house when the huge dogs of your neighbors run from behind. One of them lashes forward… and the lead in your hand sags – with your ripped-up girl at the end of it…

This nightmare happened to Olya Nikolova less than a month ago.
After years of terrorizing the neighborhood’s dogs – in the park and on the street, 2 GSD and 2 Rottweilers finally took a victim – her dog.
Little Shirley died hours after one of the Rottweilers bit her savagely – let off the lead and in the presence of his owner.

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Rest in peace, Shirley…

You can read everything about the incident HERE.
You can see a report from the spot HERE.
We will only tell you that after so many witnesses and previous complaints, after so many letters to every possible institution, the only consequence for the owner of the aggressive dog will be a 50 Euro fine, by the Sofia municipality.

And for Olya… only the tears and horrid memories remain.
Many people would crawl into their shell, they would give up. They would say “I cannot have a dog anymore”. They would cling to the remaining pet as a drowning person would to a straw. They would hate the whole world. But not Olya.

Olya decided to rescue another dog.
Olya came to the Farm.
To be fully honest – her first visit was a little awkward. Everything seemed fine, the answer to each question – just as it should be… but why does this lady say so little? Why is she hiding behind her glasses? And why does she want to adopt Trudy so much? We have many better-looking, healthier, more cheerful puppies in the shelter…

Trudy. You know her well.
She is that little angel from the litter of abandoned puppies picked up in the forest who had a badly broken leg – you gave her a surgery. She was operated and the recovery was going well. Meanwhile her sisters didn’t wait for her – they left Bulgaria for new, Dutch families.

Let’s not stretch this unnecessarily.
Once you see all the ingredients it’s easy to work out the magic:
– Kind person with a huge heart – 1 pc;
– Sad puppy in trouble – 1 pc;
– A meeting in the Farm – 2pc;
No need for more explaining is there?

We’re not superstitious, but we also don’t believe in coincidence. Trudy and poor Shirley do not only look alike – the two of them also have surgeries on the back left leg.
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Olya adopted Trudy as she was – a limpy, sticky, smelly puppy from the quarantine. With a big external fixture and surgical interventions ahead. She signed a contract, brought her home and gave her the name that worms her heart – Shirley.

Olya gave to Shirley-Trudy a new life, but even that wasn’t enough for her. She made a donation for the rest of the babies at the shelter and even decided to support us every month… What else can we say except – bless you, dearest Olya! Be happy, be healthy, let every day with Lizzie and Shirley be a joy for you! And may misfortunes stay away from you, so that happiness is a permanent resident in your home!


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