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Besides all the animal-related work at ARS – rehoming, treatments, neutering and caring for the 200 heroes at the Farm, despite the madness and difficulty to find funding for the reconstructions, we also do other things at ARS – trying to connect people to dogs outside our immediate reach. Please excuse us for not being able to tell you everything that has happened straight away, here are– in short – some of the things that have happened these last few weeks.

60K awesome paint job


A huge group of volunteers from 60K (in case you don’t remember – 60K call centers were the biggest corporate sponsor for the purchasing of the Farm and made the most successful  Shared Giving donation campaign) came to the Farm for walks and painting.

60K 60k2 60k4

The warehouse became surprisingly fresh-looking and all the dogs were walked, hugged, treated and cared for – just like it happens in their best dreams. Huge thanks to the young and enthusiastic team at 60K, they really are an inspirational group of people!

Kremi and Max at the PR Trursday

PR Thursday: What is bigger in corporate social responsibility – the cause or publicity? – this is a question that was answered by experts under the watchful eye and thanks to the assistance of lovely sweetheart Max – the shelter’s most favoritest of dogs.

max1 max2

The meeting was at the Sofia University Aula and this is the second time a dog was allowed to enter – the first was also one of ours, Grado was a guest at THE KEY forum last year.

Thanks to the organizers at the M3 College and greetings to Kremi and Max who did wonderful in sharing the cause with “our kind” of people!

Finishing the yards outside

With the laying out of the last “huge concrete” we have finished the most difficult work at the dog building at the Farm. The outside yards are covered, the inside rooms floors are finished too. We only have the special flooring to lay out, along with the windows and bars.

remont2 remont3

Sadly, the wonderful person who was making all the iron-work for us free of charge has suffered injury in an accident – we wish him a swift recovery! For now he was able to finish half, for the rest we are still to find funding. It is approx. 380E missing to be able to finish each of the 36 cages and get the building to operate, we are working to find this money every single day. Next are the cess pits, the water pump and pipes.

Gifts from the American college

The dogs received food and donations for medications from the students at the American College in Sofia!

kolej1 kolej2

Students and teachers brought a total of 463,60 and almost 40 kilograms of kibble to the dogs. On behalf of all our animals – many thanks! Unexpected gifts are always the most fulfilling.

Stella and Hans with the NBU kiddies

With sweet Hans in one hand and booklets from our educational program in the other Stella went to visit the pupils at the New Bulgarian Children’s University.

hans1 hans2 hans3

This week the children learn about animals in art and Hans came to also tell them about the animals in the streets. The little people were very unhappy to hear about his sad destiny and were certain there will be no more of this when they grow up and take things into their own hands.

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