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Hedy is Dutch. She is the proud owner of our sweet guy Patch, whose new name is Bor. Bor survived the horror of Seslavci and is happily rehomed with Hedy in Holland where Hedy gave him a whole new life and Bor remembers nothing of his tragic past.

This weekend angel-lady Hedy came to Sofia. And the visit had one purpose – to unite Hedy with one more dog from Sofia – it is the wondeful girl Era who had this amazing chance of happiness. Hedy had seen Era on our website and decided to give her the great life she deserves.

Era is an amazingly sweet dog, but we have had her since she was a litlle baby. Why?! Because of her common color that prevented people of seing her inner beauty. Thanks to Hedy, Era will no longer be one of those many unwanted dogs – she will have a wonderful happy life with her new buddy Bor.

Hedy flew to Sofia to meet and take Era home. We are very, very happy to see Era go off to a life of happiness. But happiest of all is Vessy – our Chief keeper who has been a foster parent to both Bor and Era. Vessy has met Hedy and Bor when she was for at her training in Holland and feels Era couldn’t have found a better owner!

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