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De-worming is one of the most important aspects of a dog’s health, the health of the people around as well. And when so many animals are at one place, and they all come from different backgrounds like it is here – de-worming becomes a Nr.1 priority.

00 lucy
Sweet Lucy is ready to swallow 3 liters of bitter Ivermectine, just to have someone around, to be touched with kindness on a lonely day…

De-worming 250 dogs is no easy task, but it’s not impossible. We make it happen every month – everyone gets a treatment, except the new arrivals who have a different schedule. We treat for flat and roundworms, and also for prevention of heartworm. The social dogs are easy, the shy ones – not so much. Everyone gets their pills, and separately a bitter solution – there are no fans of this process, but there’s no way around it as well.


01 02
Ivermectine is precious to us – we use it to treat our many mangy dogs, also to prevent heartworm among the many animals we host. As far as the pills –  the brands of de-wormer used need to be changed regularly. This way you make sure there is a better coverage in the many kinds of internal parasites.


Do you deworm your pets on time? Please do, it’s important.
Make up a schedule, change the brands, treat your dog on time, make sure you prevent a heartworm infestation. Parasites are everywhere around us, an effort is needed to make sure they do not come INTO us.
Note: whatever the instructions are, always treat your dog on an empty stomach, this way you can be sure of the results.


03 amam 03 gorchi
Lucky getting his pills and solution from Dimie: “Disgusting, but I still love you!”


Please, have a look HERE. We’ve tried to make a systematic review of the possibilities you have fighting parasites as a pet owner, it could be useful to you.

People say – better to have worms, than be completely deprived of an internal life 🙂
No thanks! Parasites – GO AWAY!


Dear friends, the next time you are overwhelmed with tasks and work, and you decide you can skip your pet’s de-worming this time… DON’T! Think of us – if a bunch of girls can de-worm 250 donkeys, it’s 250% sure, you can handle de-worming your loving pet.

Best regards from Lucky and his friends at the Farm!

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