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When your job is your mission, there is no day off. Summer holidays are something for the other people – the vets and the dog carers in “Franziska” clinic are needed here.
At the moment we only accept patients in life-threatening conditions, but even though there are 36 dog and 12 cat patients.
You know part of them. We will introduce another part. And a third part will not even mentioned, before they are fully recovered (or pass away) and their places are taken by the new ones…


Whose heart didn’t tremble and abandoned this sweet girl and her puppies on the street – we don’t know.

What we know is that Beba is a young and sweet pekingese, abandoned after she gave birth to her non-Pekingese puppies. Small size pet with puppies wasn’t going to last long on the street…

She has one eye that may be is blind forever. But yet, we prefer to consult the ophtalmologist d-r Maria Savova, before we say more.


Foxy is an amazing girl. Beautiful like a doll, she came to us with a broken paw.

X-rays proved she was shot. There was no time to wait – the bone has already started to heal and we wanted to avoid the need of breaking it again. So, today she was operated. We still need to pay 250 BGN for her operation.


Bonny and Clyde recently came in our neighborhood after castration, although we have never seen them before that.

Soon after that we received a call for an injured dog. The story is long, and we don’t know for sure any part of it – the police though promised to give us details later.
For now we know someone shot Bonnie and started beating her with a metal pipe. Thank God, people saw it and called the police. We will keep you updated on any information about the case.

Meanwhile, we must take care of Bonnie – her shoulder was broken into pieces and nothing would be worse than waiting more…Which means 250 unpaid levs more…


Emma is unusually nice, small size girl. We saw a video of her on FB few days ago – a small paralized doggie, crawling on the streets of Petrich on her front paws. We knew we have no money or place for a dog like her, so we waited, hoping someone else will help her. On the third day she was still on the streets and our hearts were broken, so she came to us. The X-ray didn’t give us answers – we must invest 200 levs into a scanner to know if there is something that can be done for her.

No doubts, Emma is a difficult case and will only stand a chance to stand up, if the best of the bests operates her – Dr Vladislav Zlatinov from the Central Vet clinic. A place, where we are too ashamed to step – with or without Emma – because the amount we must pay for Xrays and examinations is over 3 500 levs…


Brooklyn is only one of the many skin patients we take care of.

They all will very much appreciate some special food for skin ill dogs.


There are too many puppies in need. The blind one from the above doesn’t even have a name – we call it just “one of 8 from a school”… It also needs to visit Dr.Savova…

Dear friends,
We know this post is too long and probably – too heavy to bear.
But, trust us – if it is too heavy for us to write it and too heavy for you to read it – they must live it!

Please, help us help them! We don’t even want to sum the amount we need, but if you think they deserve it, please donate:

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Thank you!

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