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One more time we want to introduce to you some of our patients at  the moment and to ask for help for one of them.

The call of Pipa

This is how we found Pipa – injured, in pain and …


…with 3 puppies.


She was probably hit by a car, long time ago. Despite the pain, the fact she cannot use one of her legs, she stayed a good mother for her kids…


One of her legs is totally useless, painfull and the bones are a real mess.



The good old and cheap way of breaking the bones again and fixing them properly would not work – the leg will become too short and Pipa will not be able to use it.

Dr. Zlatinov from Central Vet Clinic has another idea to save it – by using a ring fixator, which, little by little, will make an extension of the leg.
Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

We would thinks so as well, if it wasn’t for Cleopatra – our patient a few months ago with the same diagnosis, who wore the same ring fixator and healed perfectly. Take a look:


Cleo is now perfectly healthy and happily adopted:


A surgery like this costs more than 1500 levs and we honestly told the vets we cannot afford it.

This could be the end of this story – amputaion and one more three-legged dog in our shelter, but it is not, because:

We want to express our gratitude to the managers of Central Vet Clinic, who decided the clinic will not charge us!

Huge “Thank you” to Dr.Zlatinov, who will make the surgery for free!

And yet, there is a “but” …

We have to pay  the ring fixator itself, because it is imported only with an order and costs 500 levs

Shame, but this is also an amount we cannot afford now. Can you help us? Will you?

If you want to help Pipa, please donate here  or in cash at Central Vet Clinic (just don’t forget to mention it is for Animal Rescue Sofia’s Pipa).

Thank you!

P.S. In case you have doubts what happened with her puppies – of course we took them as well! They are in a foster home and will come to us after the vaccinations are shot.

Small Marize got lucky!

This small sized sunshine had a huge luck! She was found by people who care, brought to a vet, diagnosed with ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. The treatment (all medicines needed were paid by these wonderful people!) is almost finished and we hope soon she will no longer be a patient at our hospital, but just a healthy dog, waiting for adoption!



The story of the name of Sixty is… well, it is a long story.
She is a typical stray dog – large, social, catsrated. We took her after a signal from the people who feeded her, that she is spitting blood.


Sixty has a heartworm – 3rd phase -and we took her in for treatment. She had already have the first dose of Immiticide, the second is to come on 6th of September.


We have already bought it, so from you we only ask for your crossed fingers!


Last, but not least for our update today is Ramzes. We don’t know what happened to him, but half of his face is missing and infected.

WARNING: The photos are with heavy content!


We already started the treatment and hope he’ll recover fast.


These are the patients you have helped through your donations lately.
Please, help us to save Pipa’s leg and raise the 500 levs needed!
You can donate for her through the link here !

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