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Early morning on 28.08 one of our puppies – little Jessy who was ment to go to her new family this very day, was found brutally murdered and skinned at the shelter ground. What reamined of her was put out as some sick sort of a demonstation on the shelter premises – WARNINGgraphic IMAGE.

We have immedeately alerted the police and will follow the investigation closely. Information of this vile, cruel act has been aired on Nova TV, bTV, Pro-BG, BBT,, 24 chasa, Standart and CNN.

Animal Rescue Sofia and Vier Pfoten offer a 1000 lv reward to anyone who can offer sustainable information and is willing to testify for the police and in the court on the brutal murder of Jessy. This is yet another horrid animal cruelty case that shows the urgent need of changing the penalty code to incriminate cruelty to animals.What is most worrying is the demonstrative and arrogant setting of the scene of the crime. With the current laws and Penalty code the criminal may be charged as little as an administrative tax of up to no more than 500 lv (the equivalent of 250E).

Volunteers and staff of Animal Rescue Sofia have taken up a night watch at the shelter untill the matter is settled with the municipality.

Please, support our efforts in not lerring this horrid crime remain unpunished. The Bulgarian Penalty code must be changed to include acts of cruelty towards animals as a crime.

Please note, violent comments will be removed from our blog immedeately. We understand your concerns and resentment, but do not support violence in any shape or form. The police has been alerted of the comment, posted in our blog at the night of the incident stating dogs were very tasty and giving ideas on dog-skinning. We understand you are upset, but kindly ask you to keep a cool mind and show that friends of animals are different and well-organized. All our energy should go into pointing out once more changes in the Penalty code must be made. Thank you for your support.

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