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“There is no greater legacy to leave than a beating heart, which would not have a chance, had it not been for you…”

Abandoned mom Maya

мая 7

We admitted Maya with 5 puppies from Levski district. Abandoned with them in the night, confused and frightened. To our greatest shock – our keepers recognized her. She was the yard dog of someone from Gorni Bogrov. She gave birth to unwanted puppies and the monster found a way to rid himself from responsibility…

мая (4)

Sometimes cruel deeds can turn into real happiness. Maya was brought to the shelter by a wonderful person – Stanislava Atanasova. Stanislava decided to adopt her when she has reared her young and she stuck to her word. Today the little lady is happy and well looked-after in a real home, and her babies are waiting for luck to find them too.

мая 6

Kind Toshko

Toshko came to us in March – with a broken leg. He was hit by a car and he couldn’t walk at all. You didn’t let him stay in pain and gave him the surgery he needed to walk again. After that, Toshi became one of our sweetest monkeys – playful and kind, energetic and curious young lad.

тошко 6

There is a Universal law that applies to black dogs in shelters – no one wants them. But Toshko must have been destined for true friendship. And it came into his life thanks to Stefan Nedev.

Stefan came to the Farm looking for the dog that is his soulmate. Not by looks, but by soul. The dog had to be playful and friendly, and also – it had to get along with the young husky girl living with his cousin who is also a close friend – in the city and on journeys.

тошко (4)

After a few visits and many walked dogs, Stefan chose Toshi. We were so glad and proud to see Roshi follow Stefan around, and when his future best friend was brought for an introduction – the adoption was sealed! All the best to you, dear!!!

Tiny Joojie

Joojie and Boojie were two little sisters, dumped in the middle of nowhere near the rock-mine at Gorni Lozen village. They are most likely the offspring of a husky mom and an unknown dad – one tini-tiny Joojie and the three times larger – Boojie.

джуджи 11 (1)

Rossen Yordanov is one of the kindest people who have come to adopt a dog from us. It was an instant connection between him and the little dwarf – seeing her so tiny and thin among the tens of puppies in the cage.

джуджи (1)

Today Joojie is living a royal life with Rossen in Nadezhda district and will never again be unwanted. Instead she will be a cherished princess till her last day on Earth.

Deddy – dragged with a car

Luiza Tsvetkova found 10-year old Deddy in agony – with wounds that could only come from being dragged by car – a deep cut wound on the neck and a huge, scraped-off wound on his back legs. She immediately took him to a vet and his life was saved miraculously. The wounds were so severe that the poor guy had to remain in treatment for a whole month – and that would cost a fortune.

dedi dedi1 dedi2

We took Deddy in so his treatment can be finished, but with the shelter so overcrowded – we couldn’t provide him a permanent place. So we made a deal – to do everything we can for him, until he is ready to go home with Luiza.

деди (3)

Deddy is by far not the first and last problem on Luiza’s hands. Living with her own dog isn’t all buds and roses and she will most likely have to find another solution for the rest of his days. But he will always be able to count on her and will never more be left alone and in trouble…

Chronically-ill Figaro

Alessandro Molnaro and Federica Monticolombani are great, hearty Italians, who chose Bulgaria for to be their home. They came to the shelter last month to adopt a dog from us, but instead went home with 5 abandoned new-born puppies to look after.

We told them newborns rarely survive without a mother, even with the greatest care, that if they manage to raise even 2 out of 5 to the age of one months they would be heroes. We blessed them for their kindness and were full of gratitude, but never expected them to do so well!

фигаро (4)

Today “their” babies are already healthy and strong one-month old pups. They share the family’s apartment with one very patient cat, but we thought that after this amazing ordeal, they would never want to adopt a dog. Alessandro and Federica came to the shelter many times and got to know our buddies. But one of them stuck to them like a stamp to a letter. The chronically-ill husky Figaro.

IMG_0998 IMG_1010

We admitted Figaro in the winter early this year. He was abandoned in the deep snow of Vitosha Mountain – left to cope alone. And he wasn’t coping. Not at all. Once in the Farm it turned out he has an un-curable disease that will haunt him for the rest of his days. This is something like an anti-jackpot for a shelter dog, a guarantee for eternal imprisonment.

We told all this to Alessandro and Federica. That the boy cannot be cured, that he needs to take medication every day, that tests would need to be sent to a German laboratory every 6months to keep his drug doses to a par and keep him in shape. Just as we did for the puppies – we thought this will not work out.

фигаро (5)

We don’t know if we have become pessimists or Alex and Fede are magical people sent to us by a higher force. But the fact of the matter is that today Figaro is the happiest husky in the world – living his second life in Borovo, delicately pretending there is no cat and observing the growth of the 5 puppies…

фигаро (8) фигаро (12)

What else can we say, but to wish quietly for more people like them in this world – with tireless hands and endless hearts, which hold place for all – however hard things can be sometimes…

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