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Grum, the boy from the power substation

They were brought by two electric-workers. Grum and Malnia (thunder and lightning), two tiny gray mice someone had managed to squeeze into a tight opening of a working power substation. They were dehydrated and very frightened, but nevertheless – alive. We needed about two months to get them ready for adoption and they even got people who wanted to have them in Holland. But it so happened, that just before take-off, Grum started to limp and had to skip the journey, his sister left alone. It was almost immediately after that we realized it’s a tiny problem on his paw, but it was too late and no one was waiting for him at the other end of our Life-Line.

гръм Grum (10)

We were very pissed, but it was for the best. Some months later Grum was found by his people here, at the Farm. They are Radostina Georgieva and Georgy Varbenov – two kind-hearted young doctors who devoted a lot of time to choose the right dog to be their best friend in the years to come. And they did:

“We really want to thank you for the care you provided for Grum! We have no difficulty walking him – he is wonderful with people, dogs and even cats. He doesn’t pull on his lead, does all of his business outside and is even quickly getting rid of the fear he had of stairs.

We never expected things to be so easy and problem-free. We will be forever grateful to you for giving us this great happiness!”

Grum (1) Grum (2) Grum (3) Grum (5) Grum (6) Grum (8)

Peaty – mommy was a Pitbull

A wise puppy, nothing less, such a stable and balanced guy! Peaty lived with us for 2 months – and he had plenty of reasons to feel abandoned and confused. Not Peaty! Quarantine, vaccinations, neutering, new cages and cage-mates, volunteers, doctors… nothing can shake-up clever Peaty.

пити9 пити10

Today the Cleverman is the pride and joy of Joro Ivanov, his wife and daughter at their home in Mirkovo village. It worked out great for Peaty, he now has a dog of his own as well – a tiny sweetheart who takes turns to play the pillow in their amazing friendship. Best of luck to you!

пити2 пити4 пити8

Jekyll Junior

Sweetheart Jeckyll spent his whole quarantine time peeking out of a vary-kennel in the hallway. He might be a tiny little fly, but there was literally – no space available. Minding his small size and the way he appeared, it’s most likely someone got him for a pet and then decided they do not want him. Weighing 3kg, “making it” alone outside was out of the question…

джекил джуниър IMG_0989

Altunnay Boshnakova and her family came to the shelter several times. We always have plenty of puppies, but no one was right for them. Until this tiny fellow was released from quarantine. As soon as they met – it was clear they were made for each other. And now our sweet guy is a loved family dog in Tserovishte!

Roshka, who had heartworm

Abandoned outside for no apparent reason, Roshka found support in the dog-people of her new neighborhood. She was not coping, they started to feed and protect her, looking for a way to get her off the streets. This is how Roshka reached the Farm, and on entering – we gave her something of her own. A diagnose, one of the worst, heart-worm.

roshi1 roshi2

Thanks to the great help of the donors, we managed to purchase the expensive medicine she needed. She went through a month of pre-medication and was already in the small box we have for dogs with heartworm (they need to be immobilized for quite a while after the shots), when Irina Giocheva and Rumelin Marinov came to the shelter. We don’t know how they managed to see Roshka in her dark corner, but they saw her right through!

рошка (1)

Irina and Rumelin have always had rescued dogs. Their last lady – Roza, just passed of old age and they decided to give happiness to another soul in need from our shelter. This way Roshka got the most wonderful family and a chance to finish her treatment in a loving home environment.

Sweet Simonyc

The two kids of Borislava and Georgi Nedelchevi are now the proud owners of a rare black pearl! They made no mistake by choosing Simonyc for their best friend – such a gentle and clever little girl of 3 months.


The big family waited for Simonyc to be all ready for adoption and all headed off to their summer home. They will stay there until it’s time for school again and then they will come back to their Sofia apartment for the cold months. We wish them many sunny and happy summers together!

Dalmy, 5 years in a cage

It was in the cold beginning of 2013 when we admitted Dalmy barely alive to our old shelter. He had a severe urinary infection and was heading to the place of no return. Back then he was a stong guy, at his prime – strong and good-looking. And back then we were the naïve volunteers who were sure his resemblance to a Dalmatian will bring him home.

dalmi8 dalmi7

As you can guess – it didn’t. What is more, he basically set roots in his cage. Thank god for his best friend Jeckyll who helped him by sharing the burden of boredom by barking and always being there. Day after day and month after month… Until October last year when a special person entered Dalmy’s life – Jilly from the UK. She didn’t know him, but she did something great for him – pubishing his profile in the British Dalmatian rescue website.

dalmi1 dalmi3

And through that website Dalmy was noticed by Karen Agate-Hilton – a wonderful person who has given happiness to many Dalmatians in need through the years. Many emails were sent in both directions, but to be sure – Karen decided it would be best to come meet him. And she did! And when she came – it was love at first sight! So it was decided – Dalmy is going to the UK!

dalmi4 dalmi5

We will not burden you with long stories of logistic mayhem. The important thing is that now our boy has his place under the sun. On the black couch by the TV in Karen’s living room, alongside her, her husband and their other Dalmatian – Meg! Dalmy is happy, Karen is happy and we are thrilled!!!

dalmi1 dalmi2 dalmi3

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