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Every adoption is a magic, born in a kind heart. A miracle made possible by the generous thought: “I want to save my best friend’s life”.

Dogs come into the shelter in every possible way – some from a ditch and others from a box, but whether they are injured or abused, they are in the Farm, because they’re unwanted. And despite all our efforts to turn them into healthy and loving pets, their true salvation lies with the adopters.

We wish you good luck, dear kids. Stay loyal to your people, they are the ones who changed your story from a horror to a happy new beginning…

Babies Foxy and Fitz

Although we really cannot look after nursing babies, a litter of 4 new-bourns was dumped at the shelter grounds. Keeper Dimka made a choice to become their mother for a month – sacrificing her sleep and bringing them to work every day. A huge effort, but with a great result – four lives saved. Two of the babies found homes in Holland, and the other 2 were rehomed locally:

foxy (3)

Foxy went home with Victoria Georgieva and is now called Raya.

Фриц (3)

Fritz is now Alexandra Alexandrova’s loved boy and lives in Tarnovo.

We wish you long years of happiness together, dear ladies!

Shy Rossen


Alexander Blagoev and his wife Maria came to the Farm looking for a small-sized puppy to fill their days with joy. They looked into every cage at the shelter and opened their hearts to the melancholic Rossen, one of the puppies that came with mommy Rayna, a female we took in with a severe bite wound.

Alexander and Maria worked hard with Rossen and he is now a different dog. When trainer Elena visited them at home, she found him walking well on a lead and having a great connection with his new owners.


We wish them a continued progress – with the way they are going, soon the little guy will have no memory of his sad past. He also got a fabulous new name to suit his new life – Krum!

Playful Serena

Sweetheart Serena is a little baby that found itself abandoned one night at the Post Office at Bogrov, along with her 2 siblings. The two found families in Holland, but she didn’t have to travel so far:

serena (3) serena (5)

She was chosen to be the companion of Stanimir Peev, and the two are already taking long walks in the Western Park here in Sofia. She also has a lovely new name – Amara, which means “loved”, and that is exactly who she is…

Mommy Moyra

Abandoned in the cold at the end of this winter, little Moyra found shelter in the home of a lady who had already taken in 3 ill street dogs. Without noticing her pregnancy, a few days later she found Moyra had given birth and the dogs in need at her place were already 8…

IMG_9679 IMG_9847

We admitted Moyra to the shelter nursing, at the beginning of Spring, and it was a long fight to prepare the colorful family for adoption. Today Moyra’s babies are in the hands of their Dutch families, and she is in her cozy home here in Bulgaria, but with a lovely German family!


Irmina Wendling and her children waited 2 months until Moyra reared her babies, got all her vaccinations and was neutered. During this time they came to visit her every week, brought her good food and took her on walks, and she came to love them even before they started their life together!

Playful Ayra

The new home of cheerful Ayra is in Nadezhda district, in a big, happy family where she is treated like a princess!

ayra (8)

Ayra’s adopter – Mariella Georgieva works in the Municipality, and when we said goodbye to them we all had the same thought: “If more people like Mariella worked at our municipalities, we’d be living in a better place”. We wish them both to keep smiling always!

Billy, doomed to live

We’ve known Billy for a while now. He was the live door-bell of an empty warehouse right next to our Farm. Tied up to a worn-down wooden house through winters and summers, he spent his days barking, hungry and thirsty, but always on guard. Until the security guy was fired, and Billy was set lose. This way, he became one of the dogs living in front of the shelter.

IMG_0056 IMG_0057

We do our best to keep the homeless dogs around us vaccinated and dewormed. But before vaccinating Buddy, d-r Ilieva decided to take his blood for testing. Sadly, the good bear turned out to be infected with the worst of parasites, the heart-worm. And so Billy came to the Farm – one more patient with a horrible diagnosis.

Thanks to you the boy began his treatment immediately. And although he is not young and attractive, the good bear won the heart of his human – Svilen Stoykov from the first moment they met.


Billy stayed with us for his pre-medication and Immiticide shots, and then Svilen brought him home for the final month of recovery – the time necessary for the parasites to be absorbed into the blood flow, without clogging the heart. It takes a month and the dog has to be as calm and quiet as possible. And what better place to be immobilized than on your own couch with people who love you?

Be happy, Svilen and Billy!

Greetings from Bubka

Where would be sweet Bubka today if Dimka Stoeva hadn’t appeared in her life like a magician? Most likely she wouldn’t be able to send you these gentle regards from her warm bed in Belgium…

z bubka

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