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Every dog in the shelter has different chances of adoption. It’s not the same if you’re small or large, a puppy or a veteran, fluffy or bald. And it definitely matters what color you are.

Two colors are doomed for a life behind bars by our human aesthetics. They are those brownish-gray dogs we call color “homeless” and of course – the black guys. Especially the large ones.

Shelters abroad call them “sticky cases”. The meaning comes from the fact that they seem to be stuck in the shelter. Being a large, black, homeless dog is something like a regular prescription. Pure and simple – no one wants you.

Generally, we would swear on this.
It’s just that the recent adoptions at the Farm prove it wrong!
We don’t know what kind of magic has happened so that these exact animals were chosen. But we can only hope for it to last…

Noble Berk

Berk came to us a long time ago. When we admitted him, he had already went through a month of treatment in a private clinic. Although he had improved from his initial condition, he had an unclear diagnosis, was very thin, hairless and fragile:

berk berk-19

We treated him for a long time, symptomatically. Supplements, baths, medicines…

berk (13) berk (16)

But there is no medication greater than love. And Berk started to gradually improve on it. Until he became a huge, hairy, strong dog – with a wonderful, kind temperament.

He would chase balls and sit on command. He would walk perfectly in line and look you in the eye. He would stand quietly by the fence, not to scare the adopters, giving them a paw to shake. And they would pet him “sorry, dear boy, you’re just too large”…

berk (1) Berk M (3)

Stefan and Renny Todorovi came to the shelter looking for a medium-sized female dog. But they were kind enough to ask us first – if we knew a dog that would suit their lifestyle. A dog to follow them around faithfully, sleep by the foot of their bed and love them.

We Brought Berk to the office. For a moment he hesitated at the door. And then he sat by Renny and put his huge head in her lap. And they whispered something to each other, promises were made. Although we couldn’t hear so well, the conversation was about love and loyalty, about protection and kindness, we heard “forever” and “waited for you” being spoken.

берк (5) берк (7)

Berk has only been home for a week now, and Renny and Stefan cannot stop praising him. When we talked on Friday, the three were just having tea under the pine trees. With cookies for the best boy…


Joyful Pancho

Pancho comes from School 144, he is about 1,5 years old. Little kids found him limping, but full of love and found us to help him. When he arrived, it turned out he had an old, badly recovered fracture to his tibia and couldn’t walk. Thanks to you, Pancho got the surgery he needed to be able to walk and recovered completely.

панчо2 панчо1

We were worried that Pancho might turn out to be another unwanted black Farmer. But the Petrovi family didn’t let that happen. Three generations – a grandmother, a mother and a daughter came to the Farm to choose a dog. With a very specific request – that it would be white. And these same three generations of Petrovi, liked and loved our dear black Pancho from his very first kiss.

pancho (1) pancho (6)

All the best to you, dear ladies. We know your good boy Pancho will love you from all his heart!

Poppy the prisoner

This is not the first time we’re admitting a small dog who had lived in a people-made prison cell. Blind Anton, naked Nando and now – tiny Poppy, from a car dealership. Just a tiny little girl, why did they have to isolate her? We don’t know. A quiet, calm little girl… she was put in some dark room, in a self-made confinement box, no sunlight, no people, just some food being dumped on her from time to time.


A kind person saw her by accident. And it accidentally turned out her “owners” didn’t want her. Accidentally we had space for her. And in this total accident – she was lucky to find her happiness. Poppy hadn’t left quarantine when Valentina Belkina came to look for a little baby for joy and company.

poppy (1)

The little angel went into Valentina’s lap and… became her dog right away!

Proud John Doe

джон1 джон2

The shelter’s pure-bred dog came here in the first day of winter. Well bred, well raised, the boy had started to cough and he was brought to the vet. The situation was unclear and he was left there for more tests. When the vets called to tell his owners the dog is infected with heartworm and will require a long, expensive treatment – they simply stopped answering the phone.

джон доу (3) джон доу (5)

And that’s how John came to us. You donated for his treatment which took three months, but the boy made it. And the wait began. They say GSD is one of the smartest breeds. But John never realized loud barking and ecstatic jumping isn’t the fastest route to adoption. Another three months passed.

джон4 джон6 джон7

Until Katy and Svetoslav Ivanovi came to the shelter! Today John is living happily under the reign of their daughter in Poduene!

Sweetheart Aver

Ochko’s awesome friend, the little giant we here call Utred or Nico turned out to be a loved pet dog. We too were amazed – how such a cheerful, healthy boy appeared in the street. And he was a run-away!

нико6 нико (3)

We hadn’t posted an ad for him, as this is the first time someone bothers to come looking for a lost mongrel dog. But we didn’t even have to. Zvezdan Ralev – his owner – came to look for him at the Farm. It turned out the pretty boy also has a pretty name – Aver (friend). And you cannot imagine how happy he was to see his owner again after the separation!

A Puppygarten for our puppies


You have probably heard of this already – we’re trying to raise money to build 4 baby-yards, so we can help more puppies at the same time, and also have a space in the sun where our puppies can finish their quarantine.


Please, if you can help, even very modestly, join us!

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