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Help! Dirofilariasis! (Part II – Richie and Mom Elena)

Yesterday we got you introduced to two of our heartworm patients – Mila and Evelyn. Today we present you the other two.

Richie is about two – two and a half years old. For being tiny, he is at high risk of caval syndrome (caval syndrome: at a higher number of parasites, there is a risk of blood vessel clogging, stopping blood flow to the heart, and cardiovascular collapse).

In such cases, surgical extraction of all available heartworms is recommended. Cardiologist Dr. Ranko Georgiev already saved Jack in such a way. The cost of the operation is about 800 BGN. Only then, with the risk of caval syndrome already reduced, melarsomine is administered.

We picked up Elena and her puppies from the municipal shelter in Seslavtsi a few days ago.
Elena’s problems are so many we don’t even know where to start.

Elena suffers not only from dirofilariasis but also anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, giardia, and demodicosis. To top it off, she can’t use one of her rear legs.

This bouquet of diseases, in addition to the exhaustion of the body from pregnancy and breastfeeding, has brought her to a severe condition. We are currently attempting to stabilize her.

Fundraising for Elena’s treatment for heartworm is still on hold – the risk of her not living to it is great. However, echocardiography is necessary, not only to see the size of the enemy but also to prescribe the medications needed in the meantime.

These are the animals needing your help in the fight against heartworm. Grandpa Forrest has also tested positive for the disease, but another protocol of treatment was prescribed and we’re coping with its cost for now.

Evelyn, Mila, Richie, and Elena are asking you to donate for their lives!
We thank you on their behalf!

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