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Annie, formerly “Joan of Dark”, is home at last!
The little sweetie fills out my trio of Bulgarian bowsers with Jeff (Negarcheto) and Louie (Little Mook) !
“Joan of Dark” was a very good name for her past. 
I’m going to call her “Annie” to wish her a bright and happy future.


I owe so much to everyone who brought Annie to me, from whoever first brought her to ARS, those who cared for her, the veterinarians, her foster mom, to Jochen and Suzann who got her to me, and of course, all the staff and volunteers who make sure ARS is there and ready for little tykes like Annie. I can’t thank you enough for this precious little one.
Please find and thank anyone I missed or don’t know about.
Annie is *very* special, very courageous and very intelligent.

This is what Tom Chesser, the new owner of Joan of Dark wrote, a while after little Joan arrived in her home in Canada!
Amazing turn for the unwanted puppy, which some human monster had cut with a knife 12 times! Now Annie will become part of Tom’s pack of friends, which already includes our two-legged Little Mook-Louie and 3-legged Negarcheto-Jeff.
Thank you, dear Tom, for the happiness you give!


  • Susan in NH
    Posted 04/11/2014 01:12 0Likes

    Thom – relieved to read this wonderful news about little Annie. Hope you and all of your pack are well.

  • Rossi
    Posted 03/11/2014 17:49 0Likes

    Dear Tom,, you are an amazing person. Thank you. Wishing you lots of happiness with Anni.

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