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Chief keeper Vessy Kostourska is as they say a living representation of that same turtle on whose back stand the two elephants that carry the earth plate… In other words she is the vital figure of the Bogrov shelter – Vessy is the heart of Bogrov. Her job is to know everything and everyone in the shelter:

  • she knows all our 500 dogs’s history and current affairs;
  • socializes the most timid and frightened ones;
  • monitors the work of the other keepers;
  • being a vet technitian she carries out the doctor’s instructions and treats the dogs;
  • she also hand-reares suckling orphan puppies;
  • she does a huge job with the paperwork of the animals;
  • she organizes the feeding and cleaning, etc…

Vessy in Seslavci, helping vet D-r Nikolova and nursing a young pup in her foster care

It’s obvious that Vessy is a multitasker. She has a university degree, but still – her heart is into helping dogs and ever since she began working with Animal Rescue Sofia as a foster parent for the toughest cases and began feeding the dogs in Seslavci voluntarely we’ve known her as the most hard-working and devoted person.

When Vessy goes by the dogs in Bogrov each and every one of them greets her with a wagging tail, they recognize her as their most favorite person – the one who somehow finds time for each one individually, who is their biggest friend. She has her favorites of course – dogs from Seslavci that have lived with her in their early, difficult start on the way to becoming pets.

Vessy was on a practice in Holland this Autumn. She is a proffecional, hard-working and responcible person. We are very proud to have her on our team.

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