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We wondered which is the best post for staring the New year. Or better say – who would be the ambassador of 2019, that will bring us joy and hope in 2020?

Well, frankly, we never wondered.Because no one is better for that part than our Sharo! Our adopted Sharo!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson


We know him for a lot of years. We’ve treated him, we’ve healed him, we’ve been taking care of him, we’ve loved him.

But we have never imagined him in a home – not even in our dreams! Because no one adopts old dogs, right?

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson

We are extremely happy we were wrong! Sharo and his people send us regards!

Happy New Year! May 2020 bring homes and love to many like Sharo!

Stay with us, dear friends, because TOGETHER WE HELP!

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