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Marley was six months old when we first met him. A woman left him in the shelter, because she didn’t want to take care of him anymre. We agreed completely that she cannot take care of him – he was extremely slim and looked very unhappy.
Few days after that a young man came and explained – he was abroad and left Marley at his grandmother’s until he comes back… He also said he is terrified of Marley’s look. He showed us the passport and proved Marley was his dog, not the woman’s who abandoned him… So, Marley went home with the man, who promised never to leave him to other people again…


Two months later, he came again, but this time he was the one who abandoned poor Marley. And, frankly speaking, Marley with even slimmer…


And this is precisely where Marley’s bad luck ended. He was adopted in Holland after a short stay in the shelter and now lives the way he had to from the very beginning – loved and surrounded with a lot of attention from his new owners. We took these photos from his personal facebook page, where his owners update daily.


To you may look that now he is too slim. But everyone who have seen him a month ago, when he came in the shelter, would say Marley looks much more better!

This is it – no more neglection and bad surprises for Marley! He is now a happy Dutch pet!



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