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Can you imagine what it is like to be abandoned as a small puppy – put in a cardboard box, a sack, or somewhere on the streets on a completely unknown place? To be taken away from your mother, her cuddle and her love. With no safety, no knowledge about the world, the cars, the good and the bad. And despite all chances to be found by good People. People, who will take you under their care, will comfort and caress you, will help you. People who care. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The dogs we will tell you about went through all of this. They share similar past, the same presence and dreams for better future full with love, plays, cuddles and treats. They are all young puppies with cheerful temper – sociable, cuddling, curious, learning, looking for adventures and games. Meet Joro, Valio, Lozan, Toshko, Tsetso and Vania.


Joro was abandoned in a cardboard box in front of a building in the centre of Sofia. He spent a lot of time in our storehouse until we put him all vaccines needed to be safe for him to be put with the other dogs. Joro is one of our smaller by size puppies, very sweet, bright and curious boy. Born May 2012th.

Joro (3) Joro (2) Joro (1)


Valyo is the last dog from his litter, just another one abandoned in a cardboard box. It’s a shame such a sweet and non-conflict boy to still be in the shelter. How is it possible for anyone to resist his expecting and loving look and his good heart is a mystery for which we don’t have an answer. Born March 2012th.

Valyo (1) Valyo (5) Valyo (2)


Lozan was found in Lozen village and that is how he got his name. When he came to us he was one little puppy, kind of an ugly duck, but he grew up as a wonderful good-looking guy. He loves cuddling and walks. Born July 2012th .

IMG_7384 _VLA5970  IMG_7386


Toshko came to us last summer with a bunch of relatives. An year later only him and his brother Ventsi are still with us. Unlike Ventsi who is still a little mistrustful to people, Toshko is very sociable, kind-hearted boy. Born June 2012th.

Toshko (1) Toshko (3) Toshko (4)


When Tsetso was first noticed the people thought he’s just a little corpse on the road. When they passed him he moved and they understood that he is still alive. No time was wasted; the people took him in their car and drove him to us. Thankfully it was only a sunstroke. In the shelter Tsetso showed his wonderful temper. He loves playing with everybody – human or dog, adores being caressed and has this sweet and unique face that makes you smile. Born April 2012th .

Tsetso (1) Tsetso (2) Tsetso (4)


Vania is Nibs’ sister, who is also known as Tsar Kiro amongst our keepers. Vania unlike her brother is a lot calmer and usually stays away from the big craziness in the shelter. She loves cuddling and caressing. Born April 2012th .

Vania (2) Vania (3) Vania (1)

All of these little fellows are neutered and vaccinated and wait for you in the Bogrov shelter so you can walk together the road called “Happiness”.

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