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Glady is a dog with a sad destiny. He can’t tell us his story, but the horrible wounds that covered his whole body can. He was beaten and tortuted and when it became obvious he is no use as a fighting dog – he was kicked out on the street. Nevertheless he still beleives in people and thinks they are his best friends.

Glady has the typical pitbull problem – he can’t stand other animals. So, in a shelter where 500 dogs share a little over than 20 cages he had to be locked-up in a solitary confinement. Everything was looking like we made a mistake by admitting him. His cage life could hardly be an alternative for happiness.

But – he must have been born under a lucky star! After coming to see Rocco 2 times (read here about his TWO-VISIT-CURSE) Kristi saw and immedeately loved Glady! She didn’t hesitate to take him home and he is now already experiencing his happy new life. Kristina has alot of experience with pitbulls and will be the perfect owner for Glady.

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