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We are happy that Spay/Neuter is becoming more and more popular with pet owners

Dear friends, as we will need time to register the new shelter and clinic after reconstruction it will take a few months before we begin to neuter animals again.

This is an updated list of the places you can use:

The Vier Pfoten clinic in Bankya works with stray cats and dogs. Address: Bankya, 37 Alexander Stamboliysky str., Number:  +359 888 40 44 47.

The “Nadejda” shelter offers free spay/neuter to stray cats and dogs. Address: Sofia, Hladilnika, 48 Luba Velichkova str, Number: +359882040143

The only place where you can neuter owned (not homeless) dogs is the Municipal shelter in Seslavci. Number: 02/9314160, 02/9314164

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It is heartbreakingly often that we have to perform last-minute life-saving surgeries on owned animals with pyometra. Please, be cautious, neuter your female cats and dogs on time (before they are 6 months old). It may be too late when you finally understand how important neutering is.

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