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Dear friends,

you can now get your dog microchipped for free if you Spay/Neuter it at the cilnic of Bogrov! Free microchipping is also available for dogs that have already been neutered.

As you know, with new Sofia Municipal regulation all pet dogs must be microchipped and registrered – there will be many check-ups by Sofia Inspectorate in parks and gardens, so make sure you have all your papers in order. This is a limited opportunity, Sofia Municipality has provided us with 200 microchips to destribute.

To make an appointment for neutering, please call: 0884125670; 02/4837015

(Have in mind we can’t afford a secretary and colleagues answer when they are near the phone)


1. Call us and make an appointment;

2. Make sure you don’t feed your pet 24h before the sergery;

3. Bring your dog at the appointed time;

4. When d-r Stankova has finished the sergery, take your neutered and microchipped pet home;

5. Recovery is quick and neutering is beneficial for your dogs health.

D-r Stankova is one of the most experienced Spay/Neuter surgeons in the region, having neutered nearly 2 000 dogs and cats in her medical practice. She is not only good at her work, but at her heart also – she has helped hundreds of dogs – both as a doctor and as a foster parent; she has been a volunteeer in Seslavci for years; she has been feeding and healing in Kremikovtzi through the many months we’ve been there. You can trust Marietta to take a good care of your dog – she is a true dog-person.

You are wellcome! Please, spread the word.

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