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Summer in the city. There is a vet clinic nearby. This is “Franziska” clinic – a place, where the only chance of many stands.

Even in the hottest weather, when people think of seaside and sand, there is no stop for “Franziska” – so many animals are in need of help!


This adorable little girl is sick. She has parvovirosis. Probably that was the reason she was thrown away. Literally thrown. In a way, that she broke her paw.

Now the poor baby not only fights with the deadly virus, but with the pain of her broken leg, too.
We have waited, until her life is not endangered by the parvovirus but the bones of the puppies heal so fast, that we must make the surgery as soon as possible.

Gergana’s operation will cost about 250 BGN and the puppy will deeply appreciate your help!


Actually, Sparrow has no idea he is in a need of help. Take a look at his photos – he wants to run and play and sometimes, just sometimes, when his paws does not listen to him, he falls down and wonders what is happening.

His condition is inherited and, unfortunately, will get worse and worse while he is growing. If we don’t do anything for his legs, he will end up like Emma (see below).

Sparrow must go for corrective osteotomy in the Central Vet Clinic and it will cost not less than 500 BGN. Or may be more. 

And the worst part is – it is not going to be his only operation.

Sparrow’s paws are getting more and more curved…

…and if we don’t do something, soon he won’t be able to run – something he loves!


We heard of Emma for a first time on Facebook – she was dragging herself on the streets of Petrich.

Normally, we all have decided she was hit by a car or something. After her arrival at “Franziska” and the scanner, we found out she wasn’t – she was born with her condition and through the years it came worse and worse, until the moment she couldn’t walk any more.

She can get much better, if the golden hands of Dr. Zlatinov do their job right. But it will cost a lot.
Emma needs your financial support, dear friends! Her surgery will cost about 500 BGN…

We don’t always take cats in our dog shelter, but when we do, they are in a desperate need of help and no other chances.

No surgeries will help Malina. Her spine is broken and she will never walk again.

We have some wheel chairs here, but none of them is cat size. If you want to help Malina to live better, please donate for her wheelchair, which costs 300 BGN!

Dear friends,

Summer is anyway difficult for us, but with so many patients in our clinic – keep on working looks impossible!

Gergana, Sparrow, Emma and Malina are only a small part of the animals in need – we will soon introduce the others as well.

Please, donate  and help us help them!

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