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“At first I was afraid. I was afraid they might be ill, that some may die. I was afraid that it will be too hard. And most of all – I feared the time of separation would bring suffering both to them and to me. I thought their little hearts would be broken if I brought them to the shelter after a month at home.

And finally, I realized, it is my heart I am worried for, not theirs. They were happy – exploring the world with their new owners, playing all day in their new homes, spreading love. And me, I was alone with my eaten-up furniture and a sadness in me…

It sounds selfish, but I kept on with my foster parenting for the joy of the fact – all of them, each and every one of these angels is happy because of me. They are playing, because I thought them how to. They’re exploring the world, and I am the reason they are still in it. They are spreading love, because I gave it to them.

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And I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s not. And every time I’m at the “Farm”, I feel like telling them “that’s it, this puppy is my ultimate and only friend and I’m keeping it forever!” They just smile at me and answer:

“Yes, of course you can keep it. And you will be its rescuer and you’ll be happy. But, the truth is you have already saved it, and it can be happy elsewhere too, it will forget you in a week or two.”

And so I cry and send my beloved puppy off to its new home. And then I take on the next litter of helpless babies. And I teach them to play, to explore and to love.

It’s only been two years since I first met the Farmers. And I always take breaks for a month or two after fostering a litter. And still, today I can proudly and happily tell everyone that I am the reason 86 puppies are still alive and healthy, loving and loved.

And I am not writing this to boast. I am writing it, because I rescued 86 puppies. What would happen if 9 more of us would join?

And so I invite you: dear friends, have no fear, become foster parents!“


We are posting the letter from I.Z. with a hope: not even 9, it would be enough if 3 people tried, even if only 1 of them decides to remain with us… then tens of abandoned babies that we wouldn’t be able to help otherwise could get the chance of life and health they deserve.

The duration of stay for the puppies is about 30-45 days, which is the time between their first and third vaccine. The time to build an immunity and a connection with people. The vaccines and de-worming are done freely at the shelter, if necessary, we can also help with the food.

Sadly, we have to turn back abandoned puppies every day – we do not have enough space in our quarantine ward for all of them. A single foster parent can save hundreds of lives. But even if it is only one life – it is still priceless. If you would like to help, please, send us your contacts by mail or on Facebook, so we can get in touch with you.

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