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Watching your beloved child spreading wings and fly away from the nest, brings much pride, but also much sadness.

Today we say “Goodbye” to Dr Michaela Kanovska and Dr Kalin Spasov, who continue their way – forward and upward!

They have been an important part of our clinic for a long time, after they started as shy interns and used to come for a few hours, between their studies.

Under the supervision of our head vets, they grew in the profession and there is not a sign left from the interns, that came few years ago!

Dr Spasov specialized in orthopedic surgery. He has started modestly, by assisting our vets. Soon his abilities outgrew theirs and his teacher became the best orthopedist in Bulgaria – Dr Vladislav Zlatinov (to whom we are forever grateful!).

During the last year with us, Dr Spasov operated all simple orthopedic cases we had and assisted to Dr Zlatinov for the more complicated ones.

Dr Kanovska specialized emergency medicine and soft tissue surgery. There is no need to mention, that during her stay she has saved lives of hundreds of poisoned, sick or injured dogs and cats on a daily basis!

Dr Kanovska opens her heart for every patient, but even in the most critical situations she didn’t loose her nerves!

They were a couple of kids when they came. Now a family of real doctors is leaving!

Dear Kalin and Michi,
We have no doubts you’ll succeed in the UK, because you are extraordinary in every possible way!
(and in case you don’t like it there, you are always more than welcome in “The Farm”!)

It was an honor to work with you! Farewell!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson за Stardust Pictures

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